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my s£norita episode 19 & 20


Authoress FG…

EPISODE 19…..🥺


“Come on s£norita, what are you implying? Don’t [email protected] with me” I giggled as I moved away from her.

“I’m not pla-ying dirty, I just don’t want to regret it. I don’t think I will be opportune to do this some other time” She murmured.

“It’s so unlike you to be straightforward. I don’t take advantage of pretty girls so what were you thinking? Put on some clothes, you may catch a cold” I swallowed [email protected] looking away and she picked her towel from the side hanger.

“Why did you come here in the first place? You know I was taking my bath? Were you trying to s£dûç£me?” She uttered feeling a bit [email protected]

“About that…. Emm I [email protected]£ to check if everything was working fine. Yeah, it’s been a while since I [email protected]£ here so I [email protected]£ to check” I stammered and she walked out of the bathroom, I went after her.

I definitely did hurt her pride. So foolish of me, I should have just gone with the flow. It’s not like I’m totally against it and she’s so damn attrac-tive. St©p thinking about such, it’s not in your personality to let a girl ask you out. I have feelings for her but what’s st©pping me from asking her out myself, she’s trying so [email protected] as it is. I thought tiredly.

“s£norita…” I called but she cut in.

“Go take your shower, I will be outside receiving some air so don’t look for me” She uttered coldly.

“OK” I said in a low tone.

She sounds upset, what did I just do. I thought frustratedly and my phone started. I walked to the be-d and picked it up.

“Hello Mum” I said slowly over the phone.

“Why do you sound so down? Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking” Mum shouted.

“What are you thinking Mum?” I asked sarcastically.

“You silly boy, don’t tell me you still haven’t told s£norita how you feel about her. How can you be so dense even at this age I can do better than you. Angelo you used to be a total pla-yboy so what’s with your slow motion” Mum scolded.

“Come on Mum, I also find this new. I’m usually not like this, I haven’t made up my mind yet to confess to her” I pouted and Mum hit her hand on something.

“You’re so lucky I’m not there right now. Do you want my help? I’m thinking you will take forever ma-king up your mind so do you need some help” Mum suggested and I rolled my eyes.

“Of course not Mum. You shouldn’t bother yourself about that, I think I can handle this myself so don’t worry okay” I rebuked.

“If you don’t do nothing, Drake may end up approaching her first. It’s so obvious he has feelings for her” Mum reminded and my eyes went wi-de open.

“I would never allow that happen so leave it to me. Thinking about it alone makes me so upset, I must confess to her tonight no matter what” I said seriously and Mum giggled.

“That’s more like it so get your act together and again have you seen your Dad?” Mum asked slowly.

“I haven’t seen him since I arrived but I’m pretty sure he would show up before midnight” I replied.

“I’m not asking because I care so don’t think otherwise, I’m just thinking about your well being. I will hang up now so good night and you better work on your confession to s£norita” Mum advised.

“Of course Mum, rest @ssured” I said with a smile and she hung up.

“She doesn’t even say bye before hanging up” I sm-irked.

“How can you be so heartless, you couldn’t even drop me a message” Dad muttered at the door.

“How’ve you been oldie” I tea-sed as I walked to him.

“I look so young and handsome how can you call me an oldie, so many young girls still give me flying k!sses when I walk on the streets” Dad [email protected] with a smile.

“Of course, they do that because they haven’t seen your son although I took after you. How’ve you been Dad? I missed you” I said smiling as he gave me a hvg.

“If you missed me why didn’t you text me you were coming but I un-derstand you have a beautiful guest” Dad smiled and we sat down on my be-d.

“Yeah, her name’s s£norita” I introduced.

“She’s pretty, I saw her outside. You never fail to disappoint me but how can you bring such a beautiful lady to your dad’s house by doing that you’re ma-king it difficult for me to reject her” Dad tea-sed and I laughed.

“You never say no to any of my requests so I don’t think you would reject s£norita, I always make best decisions although I’m still having issues ma-king important decisions” I [email protected] in a low tone.

“How can you be so slow witted? It’s so unlike you to hesitate on such things. What happened to my lover boy son” Dad tea-sed.

“Dad you’re beginning to sound like Mum. Why do you know me so much, I can’t believe my parents know I’m a pla-yboy like for real” I pouted and dad placed his hand on my shoulders.

“When it comes to decisions like this, you should follow your heart. It’s difficult to meet the right one twice so don’t take all your time thinking about what to do just follow your heart” Dad advised and I sm-irked.

“Dad when you made decisions in the past, did you use your heart or your head?” I asked out of the blue.

“Of course I used my heart because I never regret my decisions when I use my heart” He replied with a smile.

“Don’t you regret divorcing Mum? It would have been great if we’re all together” I said slowly.

“I never divorced your mum, she divorced me instead and I had difficulties ma-king up my mind on what to do but at that moment her happiness mattered most so I used my heart instead” Dad explained and I smiled.

“It’s quite un-derstandable, it’s difficult to un-derstand what women want at times” I [email protected]

I should let s£norita cool down first before I tell her how I feel, this is not a good timing. What if Drake shows up tomorrow before I even wake up. That’s not good. I thought seriously.

“Go freshen up first before you let your thoughts go wi-de” Dad reminded and I stood up.

After freshening up, I went outside to have a conversation with s£norita but she wasn’t outside.

Where could she possibly be at this time of the night? I thought looking around and I saw her seated at Grandma Nana’s rooft©p.

“How did she get there” I uttered and went up.

“s£norita!” I called and she turned around.

“Angelo hi” She said politely.

Looks like her anger have subsided. I thought excitedly as I sat next to her.

“I sounded a bit off at the bathroom earlier” I apologized.

“What bathroom?” She asked curiously.

Is she pretending to have forgotten. I thought confused.

“Nevermind. Anyways have you gotten a call from Drake, I guess they’re out alre-ady” I inquired and s£norita stared at me curiously.

“Out of where? I don’t think it’s right for Drake to call me, we’re not that close” She replied.

“That’s true but I was talking about the storeroom plan by [email protected]’s parents. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about that” I inquired and she looked away.

Something doesn’t feel right, why do I feel like something’s right about s£norita. I thought staring at her.

“s£norita do you remember what you said to me at the washroom in [email protected]’s house today?” I asked curiously and she looked at me.

“Did I say anything to you?” She asked curiously.

Why can’t she remember about that? What’s this feeling? I thought curiously.


Authoress FG…


[email protected]’S POV

“I’m leaving this house no matter what you tell me” I shouted fuming.

“Why are you overreacting? You just spent the night at the storeroom so why are you overreacting” Mum stuttered and I di-pped my chopsticks into the boiled pork.

“We had nothing to eat all throu-gh the night. How can you call yourself my mother when you didn’t even care about your daughter’s whereabout” I shouted then threw the pork in my mouth and chewed it furiously.

“We had our hopes up that’s why no one showed up but thank goodness at least we’re eating something now. I almost lost my mind, I’ve never been this famished my whole life” Drake [email protected] as he gulped down the piece of food in his mouth.

“Sorry about Drake. Have some meat to gain back your strength” I uttered placing some slice of pork on his plate.

“Drake I’m sorry, you had to go throu-gh that. This is the first time you’re visiting us yet we couldn’t give you enough hospitality, our hospitality su-cks” Mum said slowly feeling remorseful.

“It wasn’t that bad of an experience. We got rid of our fears all thanks to last night’s experience” Drake uttered as he had a spoonful of rice.

FLASHBACK*** On last night at the store room.

“It’s suddenly freezing in here. I remember telling mum to get a heater for all the rooms” I complained ru-bbing my palms together.

“I don’t think that’s the issue right now” Drake stuttered staring at the bulbs.

“What do you mean” I asked curiously and he pointed at the bulbs.

“It’s about get busted” He [email protected] and the bulbs burnt.

“I hate being in an enclosed space and now we will be staying in here in darkness. [email protected] turn on your torchlight” Drake instructed but I kept mute, shivering.

[email protected]!” Drake called out.

[email protected] are you still there?” He asked slowly as he moved a little bit. Swiftly he turned on his torchlight.

[email protected] it’s okay, I’m here with you. You can do this” Drake comforted and I ran into his [email protected]

“Why do I have to remember that of all things. Anyways, all thanks to Drake I’m still here so Mum get the door and the lights fixed. My heart almost jumped out of my che-st last night” I reminded.

“Don’t you think something’s not right. Where’s Angelo and s£norita? I can’t find them around” Drake hinted.

“I can’t believe he left me here without bothering to check on me. Is he still slee-ping by this time of the day” I uttered seriously as I di-pped my chopsticks into the last piece of pork meat.

He will regret leaving me all alone here. I muttered in my mind seriously and Drake stood up out of the blue.

“I can’t just seat here. What if Angelo left with s£norita to Seoul alre-ady? Why would he leave without taking us with him. [email protected] go pack your things we’re going back to Seoul” He said seriously and Mum smiled.

“But can I finish my food first?” I stuttered and Mum hit me.

“Silly girl, what are you waiting for? Drake is telling you to go pack your things so why are you still sitting go to your room now” Mum scolded and I dropped my chopsticks slowly on the table.

That was so [email protected] of you Drake but you did that in a wrong timing. I had nothing to eat all night,. I’m ma-king up for that. I thought sadly staring at the food on the table as I stood up sluggishly.

“You can pack up your things when you’re done eating” Drake cut in and I sat down swiftly as I went back to my food.

“But Drake are you done eating?” Mum asked curiously.

“Yes Mrs Susan, the meal was delicious. I really enjoyed it because it tastes similar to my mum’s” Drake smiled.

“Okay I’m glad you enjoyed it but what does your mum looks like? She must be a very beautiful lady to have similar cooking skills as me but why don’t you eat much?” Mum asked so many questions at a time.

“Mum that’s so many questions, you don’t expect Drake to give you the answer to all your questions” I gro-an ed eating quietly.

“I don’t think she asked so many questions. My mum is beautiful and very considerate, she loves meeting new people. I don’t eat much because I kinda grew up that way, when I moved out of my parent’s house I think that was when I st©pped eating much” Drake explained sadly.

“Oh okay but why did you move out of your parent’s house?” Mum asked curiously and I dropped my chopsticks angrily.

“Mum enough with the questions, you’re putting him in an uncomfortable position. You’re been too inquisitive. Drake I’m done eating, come and help me pack up” I ordered then stood up seriously.

“I’m so sorry Drake. Don’t mind my inquisitive attitude, plea-se go and help her with her packing” Mum cut in.


After waking up, I freshened up and we had breakfast.

“s£norita right?” Angelo’s dad asked with a smile and I nodded.

“Yes sir. Sorry I couldn’t say much last night, I wasn’t feeling too well. How was your trip sir? Angelo told me you flied back here” I asked smiling.

“It’s okay, I also feel same way sometimes so it’s un-derstandable” He said with a half smile.

“Why don’t you remember what happened few hours ago” Angelo asked curiously.

“What do you mean? Of course I remembered what happened” I lied and Angelo gave me a closer look.

“Do you mind telling me what…..”

“Angelo won’t you introduce me to your beautiful friend” Angelo’s dad shouted as he stood at the entrance door.

“Will be right there Dad”

“Let’s go say hello to my Dad. Lucky you, my parent like you even by seeing you from afar” Angelo said with a smile.

“Of course I’m lucky, my existence alone is a miracle so I’ve got lucky stars” I muttered with a half smile.

We got down from the roof t©p but I suddenly felt like my head was about to fall off.

“s£norita meet my dad, dad meet s£norita” Angelo introduced and I bowed to him with great struggle.

“So respectful, I like her alre-ady” Angelo’s dad complimented.

“I’m sorry sir but I need to use the washroom, it’s nice to meet you” I cut in swiftly and ran into the be-droom then fell on the be-d and dozed off.


I also have no idea what’s wrong with me. I lost memory of just [email protected]’s place what if it wors£n and I lose all my memory of Angelo. I can’t let that happen that’s the least things I will let happen to me. I have to go back to my nest immediately. I thought seriously.

“So s£norita where are you parents right now?” Angelo’s dad asked.

“Emm… I don’t have any sir. I’m an orphan, I can’t believe they brou-ght me into this lonely world to live alone” I [email protected] sadly.

“s£norita you wanted to see me earlier” Angelo reminded as he [email protected]£ downstairs.

“Yes, Angelo I’ve got some important business to take care of in Seoul so plea-se can we go back today?” I requested and he placed his hands on his [email protected]!st.

“Can’t we leave it till tomorrow?” He asked.

“Come on Angelo, she requested for such a thing means it’s really important so take her back to Seoul” Angelo’s dad ordered and I smiled.

“Thank you sir” I smiled.

“Even dad got your back so I guess we have to go back then” Angelo pouted and he went back upstairs.

Minutes later Angelo [email protected]£ down dressed up.

“I’m re-ady, can we go now” Angelo uttered sluggishly and the door cracked open.

[email protected] and Drake walked in with serious looks on their faces.

“Angelo!” [email protected] and Drake shouted.

Oh my goodness, this conversation is going to take long but I need to get to Seoul before sunset. I thought anxiously.

“Everyone st©p!” I shouted as I stood up from where I’m sitting.

I may act a bit unlike myself right now but that doesn’t matter as long as I get to Seoul today.

I can’t lose Angelo not yet, this love story isn’t over yet. I [email protected] in my head then I walked majestically to where they are standing.

“Where are your manners, you little rats!” I shouted with my hands on my [email protected]!st.

A new phase 🤧

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