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my s£norita episode 17 & 18


Authoress FG…



After placing the refreshments on the table, [email protected] took Angelo out of the sitting room.

Silly girl she should be spending time with her new b©yfri£ndnot Angelo. Susan [email protected]’s mum muttered in her mind with a frown as [email protected] went out with Angelo then she head to her be-droom.

“Angelo what’s going on? Why did you bring Drake and s£norita with you? What were you thinking?” [email protected] complained.

“Does it really matter. I’m here now okay and Drake insisted he was coming along” Angelo said sluggishly.

“He wouldn’t have insisted if you didn’t agree on bringing s£norita with you. You will be creating a bigger misun-derstanding by doing this” [email protected] hinted.

“What do you mean? Don’t worry, s£norita, Drake and I will be staying in our old house down the street so you need not to worry about our accommodation” Angelo mentioned.

“What’s the use of talking when you still can’t get me” [email protected] mumbled tiredly.

“Let’s get back inside” Angelo reminded.

I can’t leave Drake alone with s£norita for a second. I didn’t plan for this vacation but now we’re here, I will spend every bit of it with my s£norita. I [email protected] in my head as we went back to the sitting room.

“What did we miss” [email protected] asked with a smile.

“Nothing much, your little sister was keeping us company. She’s so cute and smart” s£norita complimented and Maryanne walked to [email protected]

“You should learn some of those words from her” Maryanne whispered to [email protected] and [email protected] scoffed.

s£norita have no idea what kind of a [email protected]ûghty girl you are that’s why she’s pouring you with compliments even Angelo wasn’t spared the last time he [email protected]£ visiting. [email protected] thought staring at her little sister who was busy looking at Drake.

“Handsome do you have a girlfriend?” Maryanne asked with a wi-de smile.

“Oh okay, I didn’t see that coming. I don’t have a girlfriend but why are you asking” Drake uttered obviously impressed with her boldness.

“Just asking but it’s good you don’t have one” She said and they all laughed.

“Maryanne won’t you ask me if I have a girlfriend or you’re still upset with me because of our last encounter?” Angelo uttered with a cute smile.

“I don’t think it’s necessary because it’s obvious you don’t have a girlfriend but it’s obvious you like someone. I don’t hold grudges although you haven’t fulfilled your promise yet” Maryanne reminded then left for her be-droom.

She definitely hold grudges. [email protected] and Angelo thought then sighed together.

“Looks like Angelo you have history with Maryanne” s£norita said slowly.

“Yeah, she took the soup grandma Nana made for me and I caught her taking it so I spilled the rest of the soup. Maryanne cried for days and requested for more soup” Angelo explained.

“Oh okay but it would have been great if you got her another soup” Drake cut in and Angelo glared at him.

“That was the last time we saw grandma Nana, she made me that soup before going to the hospital. We had no idea that was the last time we were going to see her” Angelo [email protected] sadly.

“Grandma Nana always gave Angelo and I snacks when we were going to school back in the days. Can’t believe she’s gone” [email protected] uttered in a low tone.

“Hello everyone. Angelo when did you guys arrive? I dropped by an old friend’s place to say hello but when Susan called, I had to rush back home” Lucky explained and Susan [email protected]£ back to the sitting room.

“Welcome back sir” They all greeted in chorus.

[email protected] your parents are so good looking and your dad is looking so young, if I were told outside he’s your dad I don’t think I will buy it. Sir your tie is so [email protected] and fashionable, you have such a good taste sir” Drake complimented and [email protected] stepped on his toes.

“Would you st©p talking alre-ady. You’re going to get into trouble for saying all that” [email protected] whispered to Drake seriously.

This is going to be fun. Angelo thought as he noticed the beautiful smiles on the folk’s faces.

“Such a loving young man. You have a good s-en-se of humor. What’s your name?” Lucky asked with a smile.

“My name’s Drake” Drake answered and Lucky stared at his wife.

“He must be the one right” Lucky whispered to Susan and she nodded.

“Drake what do you do for a living and if you don’t mind what do your parents do as well?” Lucky asked curiously.

Why do I feel like I’m being interrogated, anyways I should use this opportunity to talk a little about myself. I guess s£norita is also curious about that. Drake thought.

“I work in Rolves industry with Angelo and [email protected] And about my parents, my dad’s the foun-der of Rollex industry while my mum owns MI five star h0tel in Seoul” Drake explained and everyone flung their mouths open.

Damn! Drake [email protected]£ from wealth, I can’t believe this. He acted like a total j£rk. Angelo [email protected] in his head in shock.

Rollex industry happens to be one of the best car producing company in the whole of Asia. MI have so many [email protected] in south Korea, I had no idea Drake [email protected]£ from wealth. s£norita thought obviously impressed.

“Drake you’re lying right? How come none of us knew of this? If your dad owns a car producing company why do you bother stressing yourself with us?” [email protected] asked curiously.

“I want to own a name of my own. I don’t usually tell people about my background so it’s not surprising that you all had no idea” Drake emphasized.

“Prove it” [email protected] requested and Drake scoffed as he picked up his phone from the table.

“What’s wrong with you [email protected]? Why would Drake lie about such a thing” Susan cut in swiftly.

I can’t believe the heavens decided to bless us in such a beautiful way. Come what may, [email protected] must get married to Drake. Lucky muttered in his head with all determination.

Was s£norita impressed about what Drake said? What if she falls for him because of that. Angelo thought in jealousy as he stared at s£norita who was smiling at Drake.

“Ma’am plea-se where’s your washroom?” s£norita asked politely.

“It’s right after the hallway. Don’t miss your way back okay” Susan said with a smile as s£norita stood up.

“I won’t ma’am because Angelo will show me the way” s£norita [email protected]

“Of course” Angelo said swiftly with a smile as he stood up but [email protected] stood up as well.

“I will go with her. It’s inappropriate for a guy to take a lady to the washroom” [email protected] rebuked and Susan glared at her.

Silly girl, I can’t believe she still has a thing for Angelo when she got herself a better b©yfri£nd. Susan thought with a frown.

[email protected] don’t worry about that. It’s not like Angelo is going into the washroom with her so let him show her the way” Susan said and Angelo left with s£norita.

They got to the washroom.

“Here’s it” Angelo said pointing at the door then s£norita went in and locked the door without uttering a word but suddenly opened the door and dragged Angelo into the washroom with her, closing the door swiftly.

“What are ….you doing?” Angelo stuttered.

“Gelo my cheeks are itching me” s£norita uttered softly.

“Let me have a look” Angelo [email protected] as he went closer to her and ca-ressed the cheeks, b!owing air on it.

“Gelo” s£norita called and their eyes locked. Angelo’s eyes went straight to s£norita’s beautifull-ips, he swallowed [email protected] staring at it just then s£norita placed herl-ips on his. He couldn’t help it but [email protected] hands on her n£¢k as he made the k!ssdee-per.

They had a [email protected] k!ssfor some minutes and Angelo broke the k!ss.

“Were you impressed with what Drake said about his parents?” Angelo asked slowly.

“Of course I was impressed” s£norita concurred and Angelo moved backwards feeling so jealous.

“I see” He [email protected] and s£norita ran into his arms.

“Everyone was impressed so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed but that doesn’t change anything, I would still choose you” s£norita said [email protected] and Angelo’s heartbeat skipped.

“You would still choose me?” Angelo repeated excitedly and s£norita walked away.

“I didn’t say anything” s£norita lied and Angelo ran behind her.

“You definitely said something” Angelo uttered with a wi-de smile and s£norita st©pped walking same with Angelo.

“I said I choose you” s£norita said softly.


Authoress FG…

EPISODE 18…..🤔


“Mrs Susan, we will be heading out now. I hope you don’t mind us taking [email protected] with us?” Angelo asked as they [email protected]£ back from the washroom.

“Emm….” Mrs Susan hesitated and Angelo stepped on my foot, signaling me to say something.

“Mrs Susan we’ve been away from [email protected] for so long and we will love to hang out with her again” I added and she smiled at me.

“Of course [email protected] can go with you guys but before that I would really like it if you get me something from the storeroom before going out” Mrs Susan requested.

“Come on Mum, you can get that yourself. After all you don’t like anyone getting into the storeroom. You strictly told me not to get in as well” [email protected] protested.

“Your mum has the right to restrict you from going into anywhere so st©p whining. Mrs Susan what are we getting for you at the storeroom?” I asked and [email protected] glared at me.

[email protected]’s albu-m. It has lots of her childhood ph0tos of her when she was little. plea-se can you get that for me” Mrs Susan requested softly.

“Mum you mean my albu-m? Oh my goodness, I’ve been dying to have a look at my albu-m once again but Mum hide it so well. What are you waiting for Drake? Let’s get going” [email protected] cut in excitedly as she stood up.

“The albu-m wouldn’t be difficult to find so I don’t think it will be necessary for s£norita and I coming along. We will wait for the both of you here” Angelo uttered.

“OK fine. Let’s go Drake” [email protected] cut in as she lead the way to the store room.

“If you knew the way to the storeroom, why do you bother taking me with you” I said sarcastically as we got to the storeroom.

“If mum wanted me to come alone, she wouldn’t have requested that in front of everyone” She muttered out.

Something doesn’t feel right. Why did Angelo make excuses not to come along? This storeroom is big as it is and Mrs Susan didn’t bother convincing them to come along. I thought suspiciously and the door locked in a blink of an eye.

“What’s going on?” I [email protected] out in shock and we both ran to the door, hitting it so [email protected]

“Help!” I shouted hitting the door but [email protected] sighed frustratedly.

“Why are you doing nothing? Call for help with me” I exclaimed.

“It’s no use. No one will hear us, this room is soundproofed” She [email protected] tiredly.


“Who soundproof their storeroom? Like what the hell” I freaked out and swiftly brou-ght out my phone from my pocket.

“Not just this storeroom but every room in this building is soundproofed except for my little sister’s room. And I totally forgot my mum once told me the door isn’t working. I guess we just have too stay in here till they notice we’ve been gone for too long” She suggested and I hissed.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about but I can’t just seat back and do nothing, I will try calling for help. You should put a call across to your mum as well” I suggested and [email protected] walked in tiredly.

I tried calling Angelo but there wasn’t any signal.

[email protected] what’s going on? Even the signal su-cks as well” I exclaimed and she switched on the lights of the storeroom.

“There’s no signal in here, Sorry. Let’s just look for my albu-m, I’m pretty sure someone would come for our rescue” She said and started looking around.

“I hate being in an enclosed place for too long” I muttered in a low tone.

“Me too” [email protected] said sadly.

“We’re two here so there’s no need to be scared. We’ve got each other’s back. Let’s look for your albu-m but this is one hvge storeroom, did your parents planned on giving birth to so many kids?” I asked and [email protected] laughed.

“I guess so and that’s why they gave birth to my sister regardless of their age… I found it” She shouted excitedly as she brou-ght out the albu-m from a basket.

“You’re really one weird girl. Other girls would freak out if their mum talk about their childhood albu-m in front their friends but I can’t believe you’re not nervous about watching it with me” I said grinning.

“And who said I was going to watch it with you” She uttered cutely.

“It’s obvious you don’t mind watching it with me” I tea-sed.

“Let’s seat over there” [email protected] added and we walked to a bunk, she re-moved the wra-ps on the down bunk and we sat down.

She fl!pthe first page of the albu-m.

“You look very beautiful in that Cinderella’s dress” I complimented with a smile as I stare at the picture.

“You’re the first to…. Ahhhhhhh!” She screamed and jumped on me, giving me a ti-ght hvg.

A rat ran [email protected] us and I shrinked seeing it.


Angelo and I eavesdrop on [email protected]’s parents conversation.

“Darling don’t you think we’re being a bit too [email protected] [email protected] hates enclosed spaces” Mrs Susan said worriedly.

“And that’s why she’s with Drake. revea-ling your weakness in front of a loved one makes your bond grow stronger. They will be fine” Mr Lucky @ssured and Angelo stared at me.

“Let’s not ruin their plans so come with me. I think they like Drake alre-ady” Angelo whispered as he held my hand and we sneaked out of the house.

I smell [email protected]ç£between them and of course they’re compatible. We should only support this growing flame, I also want [email protected] to st©p having feelings for Angelo. I [email protected] in my head staring at Angelo as we ran down the street holding each other’s hand.

Why do I feel like these are one of my last memories with Angelo. I thought sadly and we got to a beautiful building then st©pped running.

“Here is it. My dad’s beloved house” Angelo introduced opening the door.

“Your dad? You don’t talk about him” I inquired as Angelo brou-ght out bunch of keys from his pocket.

“Yeah that’s because my parents got divorced when I graduated from college” Angelo explained and opened the door.

“It’s a beautiful house, it’s so kept. Does someone stay here?” I asked looking around.

“I guess my Dad is the reason everywhere is so kept, he never fails to pay the cleaner” Angelo uttered with a faint smile.

“Don’t you miss him?” I asked.

“We [email protected] speak on the phone but whenever I come here, we spend quality time together. I didn’t tell him I was coming this time so it’s just you and me” Angelo said [email protected] with a cute smile.

“What about out bags? They’re in the car and we left your car at [email protected]’s place” I reminded and Angelo sighed tiredly.

“If we get back there, they may think we’re interrupting so there’s just leave it for now. I still have some clothes in my wardrobe, we will manage that for now” He suggested and I nodded.

Later at night, I was in the bathtub.

A feather appeared on my left palm and this time around it had a bold s£ntence on it.

“un-der YOUR NEST”

The bathroom door slide open and Angelo [email protected]£ in with his towel on. I swiftly hide the feather in the water.

This may be my last chance to make up for what I didn’t do. I thought and [email protected]£ out of the bathtub completely nûd£.

Angelo looked away but I walked to him and placed his hands around my ba-re [email protected]!st. He stared at me with so much [email protected]

“I want to do what you do with those girls at night” I [email protected] with my heartbeat racing and Angelo smiled se-ductively.

s£norita this new message does it mean good or bad? But I don’t have a good feeling about it🤔

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