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my s£norita episode 15 & 16


Authoress FG….



“Wow something smells good. Angelo did you learn how to cook?” Mum asked as she [email protected]£ to the dinning table.

“Good morning Mum” I greeted and she took her seat.

“Morning love, your skills have improved. I love what am seeing but I hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you were preparing breakfast?” Mum panicked as she [email protected]£d my two hands, checking out if I had any injuries.

“Mum you don’t like cooking so why would you think I will love it myself. I didn’t make this, s£norita did” I corrected and s£norita [email protected]£ out of the kitchen, swiftly left my hands.

“The girl from last night. Young lady what’s your relationsh!pwith Angelo?” Mum asked seriously as she stared at s£norita.

“Angelo haven’t told me yet what kind of relationsh!pwe’re in but I’m certain about one thing and that’s he’s my guardian” s£norita said softly and Mum scoffed.

“Guardian? Angelo what do you plan on doing with this pretty girl?” Mum asked staring at me then I stood up and took her with me to the sitting room.

“Mum, you’re not planning on ruining things for me right?” I asked seriously.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Why do you keep insisting on the type of relationsh!pI’m in with s£norita? I’m an adult and don’t you think it will sound weird that a young lady is living with me and I have no ro-mantic feelings for her. Mum you know I don’t harbor ladies in my house” I gro-an ed silently.

“Are you admitting you have ro-mantic feelings towards her?” Mum asked curiously.

“I’m not sure about that yet but I think I do so plea-se Mum can you just be nice to her. s£norita is a very good girl and can be plea-sed easily, she’s very easygoing” I emphasized and she smiled.

“It’s lovely seeing you act this way but I like her alre-ady too bad and that’s why I’m been curious. You should work out on yourself son, you shouldn’t let such a beautiful girl sl!pyour f!ngers. You know your Mum gets whatever she wants so copy that. Now we’re on ladies t©pic what about [email protected]? I haven’t seen her around. Her parents told me, how you dumped their daughter. How could you do such a thing son” Mum scolded and I looked away.

“I didn’t dump her, [email protected] and I were never in any sort of ro-mantic relationsh!p. We were best friends and that’s all” I explained and Mum chuckled.

“Of course I knew that, you know they like you a lot and they really wish you would be their son in law, I would have helped out but I was so busy going after my heartbroken daughter and I always support your decisions” Mum uttered as she st©pped smiling.

“Why do you have to worry so much about her, she’s an adult and she chose that path and that’s why I don’t feel sorry for her” I [email protected] seriously.

“For how long have you known?” Mum asked staring at me and I looked away.

“I’ve known right from the moment he dumped her and not to worry too much, they didn’t push throu-gh with the marriage when they left for the states. What am I even saying right now? Mum let’s go have breakfast, it’s getting cold” I reminded and we went back to the dinning table.

“Ivy is back from the states and she’s waiting for you. You can’t keep enmity with her forever. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s time you give her a second chance, I will really love it if you forgive her after all you’re the only ones I have” Mum advised in a low tone.

“Mum whenever we talk about her, I feel so upset. I tried forgiving her but it’s so [email protected] so can we just eat before I lose my appetite” I cut in and sat down on my seat.

“I’m also upset but she’s still my daughter and it’s better to have her back home. Ivy will be turning 22 this year, she’s still my baby” Mum said sadly.

“Come on mum, are you trying to ruin the breakfast with your sad face. She will be fine and she has been doing great for the past years” I cut in swiftly.

Angelo is everything okay? s£norita texted me from the kitchen.

Everything’s fine but what are you doing in the kitchen, you should come have breakfast with us. You beautiful breakfast will get cold. I replied and I smiled.

I think you and your mum needs some space to talk. Are you done? She texted and I smiled.

I can’t ruin my morning because of Ivy. Mum really feels sad about her but I really hate it when I think of feeling sorry for that [email protected]ûghty child. She made us go throu-gh so much. I muttered in my mind and hissed at the thought.

“s£norita!”Mum called like she noticed s£norita wasn’t coming out because of our conversation.

s£norita [email protected]£ out of the kitchen with a very cute look on her face. I got lost for a moment as I stared at her.

“Angelo st©p staring, you will dig a hole in her face” Mum said jovially and s£norita laughed.


“Drake don’t tell me you also asked for a leave just like Angelo and myself” [email protected] asked over the phone.

“Of course I did, I wouldn’t be left out. I want to spend some quality time with my s£norita” I said over the phone with a smile as I put on my jacket.

“Do you think you will get any chance when Angelo is there as well” [email protected] asked and I frowned.

“Let the best man win. Angelo won’t let me have my way but I’m not letting that discourage me. s£norita is so lovely and beautiful, I can’t st©p thinking of her. I think of her every minute and this is so unlike me” I said slowly and [email protected] chuckled.

“I’m not giving you any ti-ps but I will wish you luck” She said.

“Are you sure you don’t have feelings for Angelo? Don’t you sometimes think of seeing him at your house with roses in his hand and he proposes to you? And your parents will love that don’t you think” I inquired.

“What are you implying? You know so well that such a thing would never happen between Angelo and I, we’re best friends” She protested swiftly.

“You didn’t answer my question though” I reminded.

“Bye, don’t you want to go somewhere. I’m hanging up” She said sarcastically and hung up.

“Ha! She definitely wished for something like that but why do girls always find a way to hide their feelings” I chuckled then head out of my building as I left for Angelo’s house.

I got to his house and rang the doorbell, luckily s£norita was the one who opened the door for me.

“Hi Drake” s£norita said jovially as I went inside.

“How are you s£norita? Are you going out today?” I asked as we walked to the sitting room.

“Maybe but why do you ask?” She asked just then someone appeared Infront of me.

“Who are you?” She asked seriously.

“I’m Drake, Angelo’s friend and colleague at work” I introduced and she glared at me.

“Ain’t you going to the office today?” She asked rudely.

Why do I have the feeling,she doesn’t like me alre-ady. I thought looking around.

“I’m on leave but ma’am you must be Angelo’s mum right? I thought you were outside the country, when did you return?” I asked with a smile and she sat down.

“I’m Angelo’s mum but I don’t like your vibes. Why do I feel like you’re here to cause trouble” She said seriously and s£norita smiled.

She has such a beautiful smile. I thought mesmerized as I stared at her.

“Such a per-vert” Angelo’s mum snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Now I see where Angelo gets his traits from” I murmured with a smile.

But wait a minute, why do they keep calling me a per-vert and she was so blunt about it. I thought suddenly feeling upset about it.

“Don’t even think about ma-king any hints on s£norita. Don’t even dare!” She warned in my ears as she walked to me.

“Why would you even warn me? You don’t own her, she has the right to make decisions for herself” I uttered seriously and she sm-irked.

“I really don’t like it when people starts fighting for what’s not theirs so back off” She said seriously then walked out.


Authoress FG….



After getting dressed I [email protected]£ out of the sitting room and to my surprise, it’s Drake.

“Like what the hell are you doing here?” I asked sarcastically as I sat down on same couch with Drake.

“Why do you think I’m here? Of course I [email protected]£ visiting because I miss you” He replied sarcastically and s£norita chuckled.

“I couldn’t say much last night when I saw the both of you hvgging because I was with my client but is there something going on between you two?” s£norita tea-sed and we both stared at each other with grimace.

“Not at all!” Drake and I exclaimed in grimace.

“That was [email protected], I can’t believe Angelo did that to me in public” Drake gro-an ed.

“I really hate myself for doing that so don’t even think you’re the only one who feel disgusting” I cut in and Mum walked into the sitting room.

“Mum when are you going back home?” I asked curiously and she sat down on a rocking chair at the balcony.

“Not anytime soon” She said slowly.

“But mum it’s a bit inconvenient for you here and I like the idea of you slee-ping on the sofa. You’ve got a beautiful mansion in namsan” I reminded and she scoffed then I walked to her.

“Mum it’s so unlike you to put up with inconvenience so what’s going on? OK fine you can take my be-droom but you have to go back to work. You’ve been gone for too long”I reminded.

“Angelo we haven’t been together for years and I’ve only stayed for a night and you’re chasing me away. Why’s that? If you’re worried about my business you shouldn’t be because my secretary is taking care of that” Mum said calmly and I placed my hands on my [email protected]!st.

“I’m not trying to chase you away, I’ve missed you so much as well but I’m not comfortable with you compromising with my small flat when I know you have a very nice place that suits you without inconveniences” I explained.

“Is that all your reasons or you don’t want me to keep reminding you of your sister” mum uttered coldly.

“Not her again mum. Ivy and I will settle our scores when the right time comes but for now, I really want you to be fine. After all that’s my priority” I [email protected]

“Angelo it’s so lonely at home without the both of you. I feel even more lonelier whenever I think you and your sister aren’t in good terms. Angelo can you move back in with me?” Mum requested in a low tone and I kept mute for some minutes.

“I will move my books out of the other room so you can stay for as long as you want but I really find it unfair when you side with Ivy. I’m her elder brother so she should be the one speaking for herself although I wouldn’t give her listening ears. That spoilt [email protected] totally disrespected me” I blurted and my phone started ringing.

“As long as you’re allowing me to stay, that’s fine with me. Take your call” Mum said with a smile then I walked to the other side of the balcony as I took the call.

“Angelo you’re heading here right?” [email protected] reminded over the phone and I flung my mouth open.

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about that. [email protected] will freak out if I tell her I forgot. I muttered in my head.

“Of course [email protected], I’m on my way. I’m just packing few things because I don’t think I will be coming back home tonight. I will be there in an hour time” I said swiftly.

“Thank you so much Angelo. I will be waiting so be fast” She uttered excitedly then hung up.

“I can’t believe I will be leaving for Incheon right now” I [email protected] in a low tone staring at s£norita throu-gh the [email protected] sliding door.

And I can’t leave her here. I have no idea what Drake is planning on doing to win her over. I should be very cautious. I muttered in my mind then went into the sitting room.

“s£norita go pack some few clothes, we’re going on a vacation in Incheon” I said seriously then sat down.

“Today?” She asked curiously.

“Of course today and right now so Drake can you leave now. You can see we’re heading somewhere” I sneered and he glared at me.

“You’re going on a vacation and fortunately I’m also on leave so I would tag along” He cut in swiftly and mum walked in.

“Of course you can’t tag along, you would be ruining the vacation to Incheon” Mum protested.

She’s definitely my mum. I [email protected] in my head with a smile.

“Wait a minute Incheon” Mum repeated staring at me.

“s£norita go start packing” I ch!pped in before mum would utter another word.

“OK but how long are we staying there?” She asked curiously.

“Few days so just pack up few clothes” I said and she left for the be-droom.

“Angelo, your mum definitely doesn’t like me but what’s wrong with tagging along. For the past month we’ve been doing things together” Drake whined.

“Angelo are you sure you’re going for a vacation or you’re visiting [email protected]?” Mum asked curiously.

“I guess both. [email protected] called for me and I really need to go and I can’t leave s£norita at home alone” I explained glaring at Drake.

“Of course you can’t leave her here but I think Drake will have to tag along. It’s only right if the three of you go together” mum said with a smile.

“Mum why did you change your mind? I thought you didn’t want Drake to come along and I think your first suggestion was a good idea” I muttered out.

“If [email protected]’s parents see you with s£norita, they won’t welcome her in with a smile so don’t risk that” Mum forewarned.

“Listen to your mother, Angelo. She’s right so take me with you” Drake cut in with a silly smile.

“You always ruin my plans at the last minute. Whatever, tag along. After all it’s s£norita’s feelings that matters” I gro-an ed then went into my be-droom.

[email protected]’S POV

“I can’t wait to see Angelo. I should go freshen up before he gets here” I [email protected] out excitedly as I stood up from my be-d but Maryanne walked into my room without even knocking.

[email protected] do you want to freshen up again? You did that two hours ago. Why are you wasting water?” Maryanne nagged with her hands on her [email protected]!st.

Like seriously, how did I end up with a baby sister like her. Maryanne is just six years old but she acts like she’s thirty. Always nagging me around.

“Can you go out, knock the door then come back inside. I told you so times to always knock before coming into my room. I’m way older than you so you should respect my privacy” I said seriously and she scoffed.

“Too bad I’m in alre-ady so can you st©p wasting water. You may take your bath ten times a day but you still can’t get yourself a good looking b©yfri£nd. Ha! I’m wondering what she uses her looks for” Maryanne sighed tiredly then went out of my room. I couldn’t help it but fall on my be-d in shock.

“Like, did she just indirectly tell me the piece of her mind. Even Maryanne thinks I’m frustrated” I [email protected] out in shock.

Few hours later….

Maryanne knocked on my door then [email protected]£ in without waiting for my response.

“You didn’t take your shower just like I expected but what to do, your beautiful friends are here alre-ady” She smiled and I stood up immediately.

“What do you mean friends?” I asked curiously.

“Are you trying to say you had no idea those three beautiful people were visiting today?” She asked then I rushed out of my room to the sitting room and to my surprise it’s Angelo, Drake and s£norita.

“What are the both of them doing here?” I murmured and mum turned around.

[email protected] come here. What took you so long to get here. Come say hello to your friends” Mum said with a smile.

[email protected] who’s your b©yfri£ndamong the both of them? They’re so good looking” Maryanne mesmerized as she stood in front of Drake.

[email protected] your little sister is so cute and she looks just like your Mum” Drake complimented and Mum held her cheeks.

“Such a good looking young man, he’s so full of compliment. What did you guys say was your names again?” Mum asked with a wi-de smile.

Drake really got Mum. She’s a hvge fan of pouring praises on herself. I muttered in my head then smiled.

“Come on Mum, this is Angelo, my childhood friend and this is Drake. My colleague at work and s£norita, Angelo’s friend and my friend” I explained.

“It’s nice to meet you ma’am. You have a very beautiful house” s£norita said softly.

“Thank you s£norita. What am I even doing, I should go get you some refreshments. [email protected] come help me in the kitchen” Mum said with a smile.

“Alright” I said and went with her to the kitchen.

“You silly child, why didn’t you tell me you found someone alre-ady. He’s so handsome and cooperate” Mum scolded as she hit my @ss.

“What are you saying Mum? Found who?” I asked a bit confused.

“You plan on ma-king it a surprise to your Dad and I. It’s okay I un-derstand but you chose a good one” Mum said with a wi-de smile.

“Mum are you talking about Angelo?” I asked curiously and she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t ruin your surprise for us and of course it’s not Angelo. Be fast about the refreshments” Mum smiled then went out of the kitchen.

“I hope it’s not what I’m thinking” I [email protected] out as my eyes wi-de-ned in shock.

[email protected] I don’t think you will be coming out of this misun-derstanding anytime soon 😆😆…

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