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my s£norita episode 13 & 14


Authoress FG…..

EPISODE 13…..🤧


s£norita walked around in the streets, wondering what’s happening to her.

I can’t even tell what my aim for living is. I keep losing feathers when Angelo and I seem to be in an argument, I just have to quit being in an argument with Angelo. s£norita thought seated at a bench on the street.

s£norita stood up angrily.

“What do you want from me? Why would you make me a human without letting me know the exact reason why you did so? Aren’t you tired of the suspense, I’m tired if you’re not so go ahead and tell me why I am here” s£norita shouted looking at the sky as she kicked the bench.

“Will you keep questioning yourself like that?” Angelo asked with a smile as he drove to where s£norita is.

“Angelo leave me alone” s£norita [email protected] seriously looking away.

“Why are you still upset with me? I thought you were upset with me because of my suggestion of you quitting your job so what now? You can’t stay angry with me for too long, I’m doing this for your own good” Angelo shouted as he [email protected]£ out of his car and s£norita looked away.

“Don’t stay quiet, s£norita talk to me. You have to talk to me” Angelo said softly as he held her hand .

“Why did you lie to me about Angela? You told me she’s your business [email protected] but I saw the both of you k!ss!ngthe other day. You stood me up because of her didn’t you?” s£norita blurted and Angelo chuckled.

“Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?” s£norita asked seriously.

“s£norita if you were upset with me because of Angela, you could have just said so. I will never lie to you. Angela is my business [email protected] and she happened to be my ex, she f0rç£d herself on me the other day” Angelo explained.

“Thank you for the ride Angela. You shouldn’t have bothered” Angelo said politely as Angela dropped him at home the other day.

“Angelo I’m sorry for all the things I did to you in the past but I’m changed now. I [email protected]£ back for the better” Angela said slowly.

“It’s all in the past Angela and I no longer hold any grudges against you, you know me I don’t hold grudges. Take care okay, I will head up now” Angelo uttered about to take a step but Angela held his hand.

“I may sound very foolish and shameless right now but I really don’t care. All I care about right now is what I feel for you, Angelo I still have feelings for you” Angela confessed and swiftly k!$$£d Angelo.

“Angela I’m sorry but my feelings for you died a long time ago. I no longer feel anything for you, I will take my leave now. Drive safe” Angelo said coldly as he broke the k!ssthen went into his building. ***FLASHBACK ENDS.

I have no idea why all the girls who treated me as trash in the past keeps coming back to apologize to me, did I change much or they realized what they lost. Angelo [email protected] in his head staring at s£norita.

“Do you still not believe me?” Angelo asked and s£norita placed her hands on her [email protected]!st.

“You explained yourself so why would I still be upset with you” s£norita said slowly and sat back on the bench.

“Now back to your personal issue. We can’t just seat around and wait for you to lose all your feathers before we do something” Angelo [email protected] putting his thoughts together.

“So what are you suggesting?” s£norita asked curiously.

“We can’t ruin the rest of the evening and we can’t keep su-cking up because of your lost feathers so let’s go have some fun, it’s way too early to go to be-d” Angelo suggested and s£norita smiled.

“So what kind of fun?” s£norita asked with a smile and Angelo helped her up from the bench.

“It’s a surprise and every problem got to have a solution. s£norita I’m not changing my mind about you quitting your job, you have to quit” Angelo insisted and s£norita looked away.

I wasn’t happy when you told me to earn a living for myself either, I chose this line of job to piss you off. s£norita muttered in her mind.

“I’m only insisting because of my personal experience” Angelo uttered as he opened the car door for s£norita and she went in, he got into his car as well.

“Personal experience?” s£norita repeated.

“Yeah, my kid sister once had a job like yours and she got [email protected] so many times. My Mum was doing great, I was also doing well financially but I have no idea why Ivy would choose such line of business. Every girl in her shoes would be so lucky to be born into a wealthy family” Angelo uttered as he [email protected]£ emotional.

“You have a sister?” s£norita asked curiously.

“Yes her name is Ivy” Angelo replied.

“I’ve never seen you call her or even go visit her” s£norita inquired and Angelo smiled.

“I cut ties with her four years ago when she decided to get married to some white man she met on the internet” Angelo said with a half smile.

“You must feel terrible talking about it so let’s not go any further. So take me to the fun place” s£norita said smiling wi-dely.

“Let’s go” Angelo shouted in excitement as he drove off.

Angelo drove to a bar house.

“Let’s drink away all our worries and always stick to me, this can be a really crazy place” Angelo said smiling and s£norita held his hand.

Angelo’s heartbeat skipped as s£norita obeyed his instructions.

“You’re quite a good listener, good girl” Angelo murmured with a smile.

“Angelo I watched it on movies, how people get drun!kand lose their s-en-se of speech. Sometimes they end up speaking out their real thoughts when they’re ti-psy” s£norita said as they got into the bar and sat at a pri-vate table.

“You should be careful, you might end up saying you love me” Angelo tea-sed.

“What! Why would I even say that” s£norita said laughing.

“Waiter” Angelo called and the waiter [email protected]£ to their table.

“Get us two bottles of soju” Angelo ordered and he nodded then went to get their order.

“Angelo I don’t think I can be able take alcohol. Is it okay for me to take in alcohol? What if something happens to me” s£norita stuttered and Angelo placed his palms on hers.

“I won’t let anything happen to you and again alcohol doesn’t kill, you just have to try it maybe we will be able to get an idea on what to do when you’re ti-psy” Angelo emphasized.

“What if alcohol doesn’t work out in my case” s£norita asked curiously and Angelo smiled.

“Here’s your order sir” The waiter said as he kept the bottles of soju on the table then left.

“There’s no harm in trying, after all we [email protected]£ here to drink away our worries so cheers” Angelo uttered as he unc0cked one of the bottles then poured in two sh0ts.

“Exactly” s£norita said and gulped down one sh0t.

“Ahh!” s£norita sighed as she felt the alcohol go throu-gh her b©dy.

We will overcome all obstacles together s£norita, I started this journey without thinking twice and I’ve become so used to having you around. I hope you put a little trust on me. Angelo thought with a smile as he poured another sh0t.

Angelo and s£norita drank for two hours straight and surprisingly Angelo doesn’t get drun!keasily but s£norita [email protected]£ so drun!kafter her third bottle.

They went back home.

“Angelo can I ask you a question” s£norita uttered drun!kenly as they got into the elevator.

“Of course s£norita, you can ask me anything” Angelo said smiling as he ca-ressed her hair to the back of her ear.

“Gelo what do you like about me?” s£norita asked drun!kenly and Angelo smiled.

“I like a lot of things about you. To make matters worst I don’t know what I like about you, I like you because you’re you” Angelo [email protected] without realizing what he said.

They got to their floor and [email protected]£ out of elevator.

Angelo opened the door but the lights were turned on.

“What’s going on here? Why are the lights on?” Angelo muttered looking around as he took s£norita to the sitting room and he saw a shadow at the balcony.

“s£norita stay put okay” Angelo instructed as he la-id her on the couch.

Angelo walked slowly to the balcony with a vase on his hand.

“Who are you and how did you get into my house?” Angelo asked seriously as he took the pose to attack the stranger.

“I said who are you?” Angelo shouted and a lady catwalked into the sitting room from the balcony.

Angelo couldn’t see her face probably because of the cottons. She turned around and Angelo dropped the vase in his hand.

“I’m back Angelo, did you miss me?” She uttered with a smile and Angelo’s jaw dropped.

“What are you doing here?” Angelo asked seriously and she laughed.


Authoress FG….

EPISODE 14…..💘


“What are you doing here?” I asked curiously.

“You’re being so rude Angelo. I’m back son, come give mum a hvg” Mum said with a smile.

“Mum!” I shouted in excitement then ran into her [email protected]

“How’ve you been Gelo?” She asked [email protected]£ss!ngmy hair.

“I’ve been good Mum. I missed you so much, I thought you wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon” I [email protected] with a smile as I hvgged her even more.

“I will never stay away from my baby boy for too long and you know that. I only left the country to look for your sister Ivy” Mum explained and I broke the hvg.

“Ain’t you going to ask me about your sister?” Mum uttered and I sm-irked.

“I really don’t care Mum. I’m being honest, she has been away for five years but Mum how did you get into my place” I asked curiously and she smiled as we walked to the sitting room.

“You always use my [email protected]£ for your [email protected] and luckily that’s stuck in my memory” Mum smiled and s£norita woke up.

“Angelo who’s she?” s£norita asked in a sleepy tone and Mum stared at her.

“s£norita meet my mum, mum meet s£norita” I introduced swiftly and mum glared at me.

“Angelo your mum is beautiful” s£norita complimented with a wi-de smile and Mum walked closer to her.

“Angelo who’s she to you? Is she your girlfriend?” Mum asked curiously.

“No Mum, she’s not my girlfriend” I replied.

“Then why is she here? Is she pregnant for you? Angelo I warned you to be always careful. Getting married to some country girl isn’t something easy, why did you go to the extent of putting her in a family way. Oh my goodness, there’s a lot of work to do. Have she started her anti natal check up?” Mum panicked as she placed s£norita’s palm on hers.

“Mum it’s not what you think” I cut in sharply.

“What do you mean it’s not what I think, a young girl is at your place looking so beautiful and eye catching and you think I will believe you if you say the both of you are not in any kind of relationsh!p” Mum said staring at me.

“Your mum is cute, she speaks so well” s£norita uttered smoothly in her sleepy tone.

“Mum, s£norita isn’t pregnant. She’s only drun!k” I [email protected] out seriously as I suddenly began to feel h0t.

“Angelo I feel wu….” s£norita uttered as she stood up quic-kly, losing her balance and she fell on me then puked.

“Ah…. Better” She muttered with a smile.

“Eww… That’s gross” Mum grimaced and s£norita [email protected] my che-st ma-king it more gross.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t take this anylonger” I [email protected] feeling so disgusting and I carried her in my arm.

I took s£norita into the bathroom.

“Angelo I’m sorry I can’t help you with that just help clean her up” Mum instructed and I frowned.

“s£norita why did you have to throw up on me” I uttered frustratedly as I placed her in the bathtub and I slowly re-moved my shi-t.

“You have such a nice b©dy Angelo” s£norita said with a smile as she stared at me in her sleepy eyes which made her look cute.

“I get it now, alcohol isn’t for you. I’m sorry I will not take you out drinking again, I was hoping for fruitful results but too bad what we were expecting didn’t go as planned” I mumbled staring at her and she dragged me into the bathtub with her.

“s£norita what are you doing” I asked confused looking at her and she k!$$£d my cheeks.

Why’s she suddenly acting drun!k? Is she trying to take advantage of me. I thought and covered my che-st with my two hands.

“You’re reason why I transformed so don’t even think about letting me go” s£norita whispered in my ears and k!$$£d my cheeks again.

My heartbeat began to race as she showered me with k!sses all over my cheeks.

“s£norita put it together, you shouldn’t be acting this way towards me” I forewarned trying to control my heartbeat that was racing but she turned on the shower.

“Gelo, what do you see me as? A woman, a sister or a stranger” s£norita asked s£dûçt!velyas she sat on my joystick and we got drained in the shower.

“s£norita why are acting this way? You’re scaring me. I’m a gentleman and I really don’t want to ruin that” I [email protected] as my heartbeat raced.

“You haven’t answered my question” She repeated and k!$$£d me on myl-ips.

When she placed herl-ips on mine, it felt like I got a drop of honey on myl-ips. I st©pped breathing for a moment as bu-tterflies filled my stomach.

“Do you see me as a woman?” She asked with a beautiful smile.

“I don’t know okay so plea-se can you st©p asking me” I uttered pretending to be okay after the k!ssbut she k!$$£d me again and this time around she made it dee-per, I couldn’t resist anylonger so I reciprocated and I felt the sweetness of herl-ips go straight into my [email protected]

I wish this never ends. I [email protected] in my head as we exchange ton-gues but s£norita broke the k!ss.

“I will give you some time to think about what I asked you and you must give me an answer when I ask again” She muttered with a smile then [email protected]£ out of the bathtub.

“Won’t you take off your clothes, you may catch a cold” I reminded and she smiled.

“I will go get changed in the changing room so take your time” She said slowly and went out of the bathroom.

“Why did she have to keep me hanging like that, was it necessary for her to break the k!ssjust that moment. She would have stayed a little longer” I complained and [email protected]£ out of the bathtub, re-moved my clothes then put on my towel.

She’s probably done changing. I thought then walked into the changing room but s£norita was on the floor fast asleep.

“Such a sleepy head” I smiled and carried her on my arms then to my be-d.

It will be super awkward if she wakes up tomorrow morning, that’s if she remembers what happened. I thought then smiled.

“What! So she wouldn’t remember what happened” I [email protected] out suddenly feeling upset about the thought.

I got changed then went to the sitting room but surprisingly Mum was fast asleep alre-ady.

She falls asleep so fast. I muttered in my mind and smiled then covered her with the duvet close to the couch.

It’s pretty late, I should go to be-d also. Wait a minute, something’s missing. I haven’t heard from [email protected] for some while now. I thought and swiftly picked up my phone from the table.

“Will she be asleep alre-ady” I whispered and dialed [email protected]’s number.

“Hello airhead” [email protected] said sarcastically over the phone and I smiled.

“I’ve missed you [email protected], you’ve refused to reach out to me ever since you traveled to your hometown” I whined and she scoffed.

“And who’s fault is that. I don’t want to be the villian in your love story and my parents have made it their priority to set me up on different [email protected]£s, I’m so sick of it. I feel suffocated here” She complained and I felt a bit bad.

“Should I come rescue you tomorrow” I suggested and I heard her scream.

“Yes!” She screamed and I smiled.

“Now you’re acting like my best friend, plea-se when you’re coming can you come with some city side dish, I’m so tired of having grannies dishes” She complained and I chuckled.

[email protected] you’re being grounded right?” I asked laughing silently.

“You always got your ways of getting me. If they don’t ground me, I would have ran away long time ago” She hissed.

“I can’t believe they’re doing this to me, I’m 26 years old and they don’t seem to realize that”

[email protected] and I spoke all throu-gh the night, I didn’t realize when I dozed off.

NEXT morning….

I woke up because a delicious aroma swept my nose.

“Is mum preparing something delicious but mum doesn’t like cooking” I [email protected] out yawning then left for the kitchen.

“Good morning Angelo” s£norita greeted as she dishes the meals.

“Wow this looks delicious” I complimented as I took my seat.

She’s acting all sweet, does that mean she reminded everything that happened last night. I thought with a smile.

“Angelo I’m sorry, I might have made some silly mistakes last night because I was drun!kso this dishes are my way of apologizing” She said softly and I frowned.

“You don’t remember anything that happened last night?” I asked curiously.

“I don’t, did I really make a mistake?” She asked curiously and I ruffled my hair in frustration.

“That was probably your first k!ssand you don’t remember” I mumbled with a frown.

“Why won’t I remember what happened? That was my first k!ssand there’s no way I won’t remember that. I have very sharp [email protected] even when I’m drun!k” She whispered in my ears then win-ked at me.

What does she mean? I thought in excitement as my heartbeat skipped.

I go love o 😂💘

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