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My s£norita episode 1

💘😻…..My s£norita……😻💘

Authoress FG..

GENRE – [email protected]ç£, fantasy, drama, thri-ller.


Angelo had a bird who always stays at his balcony the birdie later turned out to be a beautiful girl. She witnessed her owner make love to different types of girls daily.

“What is he doing? He seems to be enjoying this because he does it daily” Birdie [email protected] peeping at the keyhole, she didn’t realize when the door cracked open and she fell on the ground. She was totally nûd£.

“Oh my goodness, how did I transform” Birdie [email protected] in shock staring at her b©dy.

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Angelo and birdie had to live together because birdie(Angel) doesn’t have a home and she doesn’t know her family. The heavens had pity on the poor birdie then made her transform into human.

Angelo is 29years old and the eye candy of every young lady he comes across with. He doesn’t believe in love but he’s secretly known for his other name the national pla-yboy and s-x god.

The only s£ntence Angelo can make about womem is that they’re good in be-d but fate pla-yed it role and turned his little birdie visitor into a beautiful young lady at her early twenties(22years old).
They both had a h0t [email protected]ç£and their chemistry broke the record.

But Do you think Angelo would accept birdie for who she is?
Would Birdie transform back into a bird in the future?

💘😻……MY s£nORITA…….😻💘
(You and Me)

Authoress FG…


A young man at his late thirties, steal the heart of his fellow female colleagues at the office.
Angelo secretly known for his speciality, he’s the national pla-yboy.

Angelo woke up in the morning having an heavy headache because he drank so much last night.

“Princess get up, you have to leave it’s morning alre-ady” Fidel uttered sarcastically holding his head.

“Should I make breakfast for you” princess asked softly as she woke up and Fidel glared at her.

“I don’t take breakfast and you don’t have to feel burdened, it was only a one night stand. You’re not allowed to come back here” Angelo said rudely and went into the bathroom.

“I don’t want to see you on my be-d when I get out of here” He warned.

“He’s so rude. No s-en-se of care at all” Princess gro-an ed as she wore her clothes then went out.

Angelo [email protected]£ out of the bathroom then went to the sitting room and took a [email protected] of water.

He noticed a bird laying on the ground at the balcony, maybe it got hit by the rain.

“The rain can be cruel sometimes but that’s the perfect moment to make love” Angelo [email protected] out with a silly smile as he walked to the balcony.

“Birdie, I’m sorry you got hit by the rain but been weak like this is what I call spoilt. When next you see it wants to rain you should look for a shady place and hide” Angelo advised like the bird can hear him.

But wait a minute, this bird always visits me. This isn’t the first time I’m seeing you. Angelo muttered in his mind staring at the bird then he brou-ght it in.

Angelo used the hand dryer to dry the bird up because the bird was draining.

“Thank goodness you made it” Angelo smiled and placed the bird at the balcony.

“Time to go to work” Angelo yawned and went into the bathroom.

Angelo works in CJ industry. They produce cars and other machineries.

“Good morning Angelo” Some workers greeted.

“Good morning all, looks like I [email protected]£ earlier than I expected” Angelo scoffed and went into his office.

“Angelo you’re late again. Do you think these are one of your club house, where you come in whenever you want” Drake uttered sarcastically as he walked into Angelo’s office.

“You would never know my movement unless you’re also a member. You’re not my boss so st©p acting like one, your attitude su-cks” Angelo shrugged and sat down.

“You haven’t submitted your pres£ntation on the new project we’re working on” Drake reminded.

“I did that immediately before I [email protected]£ into my office. Cam you leave now, I really have so much on my plate alre-ady” Angelo said rudely and Drake went out.

Swiftly Angelo picked up his phone and texted the chief supervisor.

“Anthony plea-se, usual response if Drake comes around” Angelo texted and sm-irked.

“Drake you have no idea who you’re messing with” Angelo thought with a smile.

Drake is in his thirties and Angelo’s rival at the office although Angelo doesn’t see him as one.

Princess walked into Angelo’s office then he took the cottons down.

“Princess what are you doing here? You can see I’m very busy right now” Angelo uttered bluntly.

“I didn’t get enough of you last night. How about we go for one round right here and now” princess said s£dûçt!velyas she placed Angelo’s hands on her bo-obs then sat on his [email protected]


Now this is my weakness, her bo-obs are damn soft.

“Are you trying to s£dûç£me?” I [email protected] as I pressed her bo-obs gently.

“Isn’t it working?” She asked softly and she slowly un-bu-ttoned her shi-t.

“It’s sure working on me” I uttered s£dûçt!velyand placed my ton-gue in between her bo-obs as I ca-ressed it gently and she mo-aned silently.

“Princess for fvçk sake, we’re at the office” I mumbled suddenly ruining the mood and she bu-ttoned her shi-t.

“You ruined the atmosphere, I’m leaving but I can’t promise you I won’t return” She whispered and left my office.

“I’m sorry but I can’t make out with you again” I murmured and raised my cottons.

“Oh no, I totally forgot. I haven’t s£nt my pres£ntation and new ideas to Anthony” I [email protected] in my head and swiftly went back to my computer.

Hours later I was done with my pres£ntation then I emailed it to Anthony.

“Drake now tell me, who’s the smartest among us. I didn’t become this smart to come compete with you” I sm-irked and someone knocked at my door.

“Come in” I said staring at the door then [email protected] walked in.

“You’re done right?” She asked with a smile and I nodded.

“Let’s go have lunch” She added and I stood up.

“Don’t you think, female colleagues now troops in and out of your office like that of a celebrity” She nagged and I chuckled.

“Are you jealous?” I tea-sed her, putting on my jacket.

“Why would I be jealous? I wouldn’t even [email protected]£ you for free if you were on sale. Any girl who ever have such a ridiculous dream is so foolish” [email protected] said defiantly.

“You’re breaking my heart, are you sure you’re my best friend” I pouted and she kicked me.

“I would have loved to break your heart but you don’t have one” She scoffed and I laughed.

[email protected] and I have been friends from high school. It worked out well for us because we had same dream when were growing up and that’s becoming creators and inventors of cars and machineries. One thing I couldn’t achieve is going to be-d with her, I couldn’t put myself to do that.

We got to the restaurant and placed our orders.

“Angelo!” Maga called waving at me.

“What is she doing here?” I mumbled covering my face with my hands.

“Maga” [email protected] called waving to her and she ran to our table.

“Angelo luckily I made it early today, I knew you love having lunch here” Maga said with a wi-de smile.

“How have you been?” I asked with a fake smile.

“I’ve been good, I missed you so much Angelo. I had no idea, you left the country to continue your studies” Maga hinted grinning from ear to ear.

“Looks like I’m now invisible” [email protected] gro-an ed.

“So sorry [email protected] How’ve you been [email protected]” Maga asked with a smile.

“I’ve been good. All thanks to you I had a wonderful reminisce on our college life” [email protected] said jovially.

“What’s wonderful about my most [email protected] moment. Maga really marked a record in my memory” I said with a fake smile.

“I’m so sorry Angelo. I should put it this way, I was childish and I had no idea what it was to have such a handsome young man like yourself pursuing me” Maga said softly.

Maga is the first girl that rejected me and she rejected me in public, the whole college turned me into a laughing stock. All thanks to her I traveled to the US to continue my studies without letting anyone know.

“It’s all in the past now so let’s not talk about it” I giggled.

“Excuse me, I will be right back” [email protected] cut in and left our table to the washroom.

“Where do you work? I think we have a lot to catch up on” She smiled and I had a sip from my cup of coffee.

“Well, nothing changed much in my life but looking at you, alot changed” I mentioned.

“Maybe because I traveled around the world after I graduated. I modeled in so many shows and I won so many awards, I looked everywhere for you didn’t know you [email protected]£ back to Korea” Maga emphasized.

She must have really felt bad after what she did to me, lucky her I don’t hold grudges but why the sudden clingy attitude. I thought looking at her suspiciously.

“Angelo would you want to hang out sometimes” Maga asked curiously and I hesitated before answering.

“Give me your number” I [email protected] giving her my phone and she flung her mouth open in shock.

“Okay if you don’t mind” She uttered excitedly.

I knew that was what you were waiting for. I thought with a sm-irk.

“Of course I don’t mind, I will call you” I added after she gave me my phone with a wi-de smile.

“Okay guys, what did I miss” [email protected] asked as she [email protected]£ back to our table.

“Nothing much” I murmured and she smiled.


Angelo got off work, on his way going home he picked Maga up by the restaurant and took her to his house.

“You don’t regret coming with me right?” Angelo asked flir-tatiously as he stared at herl-ips se-ductively.

“No I don’t” Maga [email protected] breathing heavily. She obviously prepared for what will happen.

“Then I can’t apologize later” Angelo uttered and placed hisl-ips on Maga.

The [email protected]£ dee-per as they progress to devouring theirl-ips. Angelo pressed her bo-obs gently and Maga crossed her legs behind his back as she mo-aned silently.

They progressed to the room without their clothes on.
Angelo [email protected] on his be-d and gently went into her, he increased his thrû-st as she mo-aned in ecstasy.

“What are they doing” Birdie [email protected] as she peeped throu-gh the key hole but the door went wi-de open and Angelo stared at her.

She was completely nûd£ and Maga fumed at the sight.

How did I transform? Birdie [email protected] in her mind looking at her ba-re b©dy.

“Who’s she” Maga asked seriously and Angelo gave her a confused look.

“I have no idea” Angelo said bluntly and she pushed him away then picked her clothes from the floor.

“Move it” Maga yelled then rubbe-d shoulders with Birdie angrily.

“Who are you” Angelo asked confused.

flir-tatious Angelo 😆…

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