My secretary final Episodes

😜(When crazy meets arrogant)😜
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
•••Episode 17•••
Elsa’s Pov:
I was about to drink the glas-s of milk when Natasha stormed into the room.
“Elsa don’t!” She screamed as I quic-kly kept the glas-s on the stool beside me.
Edna bec@m£ visibly scared as I turned to look at her.
“Tasha… What are you saying?” I asked with my arched eyebrow.
“Edna… Pick up that glas-s and drink the milk right now” Natasha said angrily.
Tears welled down Edna’s eyes.
“What’s going on here? Can someb©dy plea-se tell me?” I asked in confusion
“I said pick that glas-s of milk and drink it right now” Natasha yelled as she dragged Edna’s hair and she cried aloud.
“I can’t ma’am….plea-se forgive me!” Edna cried as she fell on her knees.
“What do you mean?” I asked
“Now go on tell her what you added to the milk in the kitchen?” Natasha shouted
“It… It was… Am really sorry ma’am. plea-se have mercy on me” Edna wailed.
“Am not getting something here… What did you add to that milk?” I pointed at the glas-s on the stool.
“You won’t believe this Elsa… I was going to get some snacks for us when I saw this good for nothing house help of yours adding a substance to your glas-s of milk” Natasha said as my eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
“What?” I yelped as my jaw dropped in surprise.
Jeremy landed a thun-derous sl@p on Edna’s cheek as h0t tears dropped down her face.
Jeremy sat on the couch holding me close to himself while Edna sat on the ba-re ground.
Her face was bruised and swollen while her hair was very messy.
She looked extremely dirty as Natasha who was sitting on the other cushion eyed her with hatred.
“I said what did you add to my Elsa’s glas-s of milk you traitor?” Jeremy yelled at her but she kept mute.
“What wrong have I done to you Edna?” I cried as Jeremy k!$$£d my forehead.
“That’s enough Elsa! I don’t want you to cry…that’s not good for your condition” Jeremy said.
Jeremy quic-kly stood up and took off his belt about to thrash Edna with it.
“Now tell me what you added to her milk?” He asked as he landed the belt on her back.
“That’s enough..” I said in tears as Natasha hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“I’ll tell you sir plea-se don’t thrash me again” Edna wailed.
“Talk now!” Jeremy screamed as she flin-ched.
“It’s an ab-ortion pill” She said as we g@sped.
“What? You planned to ab-ort my child?” Jeremy stared at her with hatred as he kicked her r0ûghly.
“Am so sorry sir and ma’am Elsa” She cried.
Some minutes later….
The police c@m£ and took her away.
“Am so scared honey” I cried as Jeremy carried me and cu-mddled me.
“You don’t have to be sweetheart… Am right here beside you” He said as I held him ti-ght.
Jocelyn’s Pov:
“What? Your house help added an ab-ortion pill to your glas-s of milk?” I half yelled as I sipped my wine.
“Jocey am so confused and scared… I mean she’s yet to confess who told her to do such” Elsa said worried.
“You have to be very careful from now henceforth Elsa.. I mean with what just happened, you should know that you have a lot of enemies” I said
“You’re right Jocelyn… I have to be vigilant” She shook her head.
“All thanks to God almighty that Edna’s wicked plans didn’t push throu-gh” I said
“Seriously Jocey….if not for Natasha, I would have lost my baby by now” Elsa said as we continued chatting.
Jeremy’s Pov:
I walked into the mansion and headed straight to my room as my phone rang aloud
I quic-kly picked it up.
It was the police.
“Hello Mr DPO” I said
“What? You mean Edna is yet to tell you who she’s working for?” I yelped
“That useless lady must tell us who’s accomplice she is… Continue tormenting her” I screamed as I hung up.
“What the…. Edna is such an as-s…useless bit-ch” I said as i rushed into the bathroom.
Miranda’s Pov:
I rushed into my room p@n-ting.
I eavesdropped as Jeremy took the call from the police.
“No way! I can’t let them find out that I am behind this… I can’t trust that Edna, who knows! She might just tell on me once she’s being tormented by the police” I gnashed my teeth.
I quic-kly reached for my cell phone and dialed the number.
“Hello Jack… I want you to go to the central police station, finish Edna. I mean kill her…. Don’t worry I’ll talk to one of the officers so you would be let in, she can’t live to call my name” I said
“Consider it done boss” His voice echoed
“Good!” I smiled as I hung up and laughed heartily.
“Haha…. No-one dares me and as for Jeremy’s baby, am done yet” I laughed wickedly…
•••Episode 18•••
Edna’s Pov:
I sat on the ba-re ground with my legs and hands chained together.
Tears kept running down my cheeks…
The prison was so dark.
“I wish I hadn’t collided with ma’am Miranda in the first place…now she left me here to rot in jail, by tomorrow morning.. I will tell the police the truth” I said
Suddenly, the prison gate threw open and a hefty man entered.
Before I could say a word he alre-ady held me by my n£¢k.
He kept pressing my n£¢k and I fell on the ground.
I tried screaming but I couldn’t, he overpowered me.
I continued struggling but I was alre-ady losing my breath.
I gave up.
Elsa’s Pov:
“What? You mean she was found dead this morning?” I asked in shock
“Yes baby! The police found her dead this morning…” Jeremy said slicing some cu¢v-mbers for me.
“I don’t think she died a natural death… Something is fishy…” I said.
“We don’t know yet” Jeremy said
“J plea-se I don’t stay here anymore… I don’t feel safe at all” I cried
“Oh come on sweetheart.. You have nothing to worry about” Jeremy said and I scoffed.
“Like seriously? I almost lost my life and that of my baby and you are saying i have nothing to worry about?” I half yelled
“Oh baby! You’re just being paranoid” Jeremy said and I flin-ched.
“Call it whatever you like J but I am not going to stay here in this ap@rtment anymore… In fact I want you to fire all the maids… I don’t know to trust any longer” I cried
“No Elsa… I don’t want you to suffer” Jeremy said as I picked up some slices of cu¢v-mber and ate.
“Jeremy I prefer Natasha your sister and my friend Jocelyn… They can take good care of me” I said as Jeremy pe-cked me.
“That’s enough baby! Anything for my queen” He said as we hvgged each other ti-ghtly.
“Nurse how is my daughter?” I asked as I slowly opened my weak eyes.
“Am sorry ma’am but it’s a baby boy” The nurse said as I furrowed my eyebrows.
“What? So Jeremy won…” I smiled as the nurse handed the cute looking little baby to me.
“Oh my baby! You look extremely handsome” I said tou-ching his chubby cheeks as I pe-cked him.
He looks really handsome…
Just like Jeremy…
“I just hope you won’t be as arrogant as your dad” I said as the nurse giggled.
Just then, I heard skrie-king screams from outside as the ward’s door throw open.
Jeremy, Jocelyn, Natasha and Clark rushed in with excitement.
“Love! We are now a parent” Jeremy said as he k!$$£d me.
“Yes baby” I smiled
“Aww.. He’s so cute and adorable” Jocelyn t©uçhed his f!nger.
“Of course his dad is super handsome” Jeremy eyed me.
“Yeah right…” I snorted
“My sweet little nephew… Baby Monte’s” Natasha jumped for joy.
“My dude” Clark smiled as we laughed happily.
“Have you guys thought of a name for the little man?” Jocelyn asked
“Yeah! I’ll name him…” I said as Jeremy cut me off.
“No way! I won the bet so I’ll get to name our son” He smiled.
“Whatever!” I rolled my eyes smiling.
“His name is Jeremy Junior.. That is Baby J.J” He said as we kept chatting and merrrying.
Baby J.J kept growing very handsome and smart.
And in just eight months, he could crawl alre-ady.
Jeremy and I loved him so much.
I dried his we-t b©dy with a towel after bathing him and placed him on the baby.
“You lie down here son” I said as he chuckled kicking his legs.
I quic-kly opened the wardrobe and brou-ght out his clothes and cream.
I applied the cream on his b©dy and wore him his clothes.
“You look super handsome son… We have to go to the mall” I smiled and pe-cked him.
“Ta….ta…” He said giggling as I k!$$£d him.
“n@ûghty you” I smiled.
I placed him in his baby buggy and pushed him outside with it.
I turned to to lock the door…
Suddenly, I felt a strong hand holding me…
A handkerchief was placed on my nose and I blacked out.
👀 👀
“Elsa! Elsa!! Get up” someone shook me vigorously as I gently opened my eyes.
“Jocelyn” I said as I stood up.
“Why are you lying here? That’s Baby J.J’s buggy, it’s empty where’s he?” She asked as tears rolled down my cheeks.
“Baby J! Where’s my baby?” I yelled…..
•••Episode 19•••
💦Semi final💦
Miranda’s Pov:
“You are so annoying just like your mother and father you little pest” I yelled as the little baby kept crying.
“Just shut up… Your mom and I who is more better?” I said as tears rolled down the baby’s cheeks.
He st©pped crying and chuckled softly as I smiled.
“Probably… The baby is growing to like me alre-ady” I smiled and t©uçhed the cute baby’s chubby cheeks.
“Ma’am Miranda… Here is the phone, I want to dial the number” Thelma said as I smiled.
“Dial it then” I rolled my eyes.
We dialed the number…
📲Hello… 📲 Jeremy’s worried voice echoed as I laughed cruely.
📲How are you doing Jeremy Montes”📲 I asked as I laughed again
📲Miranda? 📲 He said shocked
📲Well Jeremy, I have your son baby J.J here with me 📲 I mocked as he screamed.
📲Miranda what have my little boy done to you? plea-se don’t hurt my son… Return him to us📲 He skrie-ked
📲You know what? Don’t you dare tell the police about this else I will have your son killed 📲 I said
📲No plea-se… I won’t report to the police!📲 He said quic-kly
📲plea-se don’t hurt my baby📲 I heard Elsa’s wailing voice.
I laughed as I pinched J.J and he started crying.
📲plea-se… No… Baby J! Baby!! 📲Elsa screamed and I giggled.
📲What do you want Miranda? I will give you whatever you want, plea-se give me back my son📲 Jeremy said
📲A payback to your stupid father and family… A ransom of three hundred million bucks📲 I said happily
📲OK…. You will get it!📲He said
📲Good! I will tell you what to do, I repeat myself don’t you dare involve the police📲 I said and hung up.
I laughed heartily as Thelma my colleague smiled and we high five.
Elsa’s Pov:
I kept wailing uncontrollably as Natasha and Jocelyn sat beside me crying and trying to console me.
“Oh my God! Why my little son? J who have you wronged?” I cried
“Calm down Elsa! Your child will be back” Jocelyn said
“Jocelyn you don’t un-derstand… My son is starving! Jocelyn my son nee-ds brea-stmilk! Jeremy plea-se tell her to come and take me instead of my baby” I wailed as Jeremy hvgged me.
“It’s OK love… Baby J will be here! I promise you that” He said as I held him ti-ght.
“Why is life so cruel to me? Whenever I think am living a happy life, something bad happens? First it was my parents, now it is my precious little baby” I cried
Just then, the doorbell rang, Clark quic-kly opened the door and Mr Montes… Jeremy’s dad walked in and I flin-ched.
“Dad plea-se… If you are here to bully my Elsa then don’t! She’s in the worst mood alre-ady!” Jeremy said
Mr Montes shook his head.
“Am sorry son for everything that happened between you and I in the past… Now I realized that Miranda is nothing but a gold digger” He said
“How do you mean dad?” Natasha asked
“She extorted almost 25 million bucks from the company and she’s nowhere to be found” Mr Montes said as everyone g@sped.
,”She didn’t st©p there dad, she kidnapped my son and is asking for a ransom of three hundred million dollars” Jeremy said
“WHAT?” Mr Montes screamed.
“Is this the directions she gave you over the phone?” I asked Jeremy as we drove along with the money.
“Yes….” He said
I can’t wait to hold and k!ssmy little son…its been four days alre-ady.
I just wonder why Miranda said she wants only Jeremy and I to come.
Some minutes later, we got to the lonely path and pu-ll-ed over and started trekking into the jungle.
We kept the bag of money in the place she told us and walked to the other side to wait for her.
Miranda’s Pov:
“There is no way am giving the baby back to Jeremy and Elsa… I’ve grown to love him. I will take him with me and take the money as well” I thought.
I packed my bags as fast as I could as Thelma walked in with the bag of money.
“Ma’am Miranda! Why do you have a pas-sport? Are you traveling out?” Thelma asked.
“Am sorry Thelma but I can’t afford to share the money with you or to let you tell on me” I said as I sh0t her with a gun.
She fell in the pool of blood.
I quic-kly carried the bag of money and luggage together with baby J and off I went…..
•••Episode 20•••
Elsa’s Pov:
We heard a loud gunsh0t and I quic-kly covered my ears with my palms.
“Love did you hear that? Oh my goodness! Baby J” I cried as Jeremy held me and we ran along.
We got to a thatched house in the middle of the jungle.
We ran into the house…..
To our greatest surprise, it was a young lady lying in the pool of her blood.
I looked around and there was no sight of baby J.
I saw his ban-gle lying on the ground and I started crying.
“Jeremy! This is baby J’s….” I cried.
Suddenly, the lady’s f!nger shake and we bec@m£ alarmed.
She weakly opened her eyes.
“Hi… ” I waved at her as she tried to get up but her leg was badly sh0t.
“Go after that traitor…. She’s with your son, she’s heading to the airport…” She managed to say as we flin-ched.
“Airport?” our eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
“Drive fas-ter Jeremy! I can’t bear it if I loose my son” I cried.
“That will never happen Elsa… Baby J.J has come to stay” Jeremy said.
Some minutes later 🕒
We pu-ll-ed over in front of the airport.
Miranda’s Pov:
I hurriedly waited in the queue tapping my feet on the ground.
“Don’t worry baby! Am your new mommy…. You and I will live happily in New York” I grinned.
Just then, my cell phone rang aloud.
📲Hello Mira.. Are you alre-ady at the airport sister? 📲 my sister Veronica’s voice echoed.
📲Yes sis….am actually coming over to New York with my baby 📲 I smiled
📲Baby? Which baby? I thought the doctors confirmed that you won’t be able to bear any child 📲 Veronica said.
📲Tch! Oh come on Veronica… I now have a son, his name is Xander📲 I laughed
📲Are you insane Miranda? I just hope it’s not what am thinking?📲 Veronica blurted
📲Yes Vero! It’s Jeremy and Elsa’s son but am never gonna let them have the child cos his now mine📲 I snorted
📲What the…. Isn’t it enough that you extorted money from them? 📲 Veronica said
📲Don’t worry Vero… You will get to see my son soon… Bye and love you… Xander loves you too! Am sure of that!📲 I said and hung up.
I don’t care what anyone thinks…
Or even feel….
I rolled my eyes as I kept hurrying along with my luggage and baby.
“Miranda st©p!” I heard Jeremy’s voice from behind.
“Dammit! Who the fu-ck told this idiot that am at the airport? No way! I can’t let them have my son!” I yelled as I turned around pointing a gun directly at wailing Elsa.
“Put that gun down Miranda plea-se” Jeremy said now close to me.
“Stay the hell away from me… Get lost!” I screamed at them.
“plea-se give me back my son!” Elsa cried
“Shut up! He’s not your son, he’s mine” I yelped
“Baby J! Son…” Elsa cried
“He is Xander not baby J you moron!” I said in annoyance.
“I have given you the ransom you asked for Miranda so let me have my son” Jeremy said as I laughed loudly.
“Never! What made you think you will have him back?” I scoffed.
I fired a gun into the air and everyone bec@m£ scared.
Suddenly, the police surrounded the airport.
I placed the gun on the baby’s head.
“If you do anything funny, I will shoot him” I shouted
“plea-se don’t harm my child” Elsa weep
Immediately, one of the officers held me from behind and I fired the gun.
It sh0t Jeremy….
“No! I can’t let the police take me” I screamed as I quic-kly picked up a gun and shoot it into my head.
I fell on the ground in the pool of my own blood.
Elsa’s Pov:
I cu-mddled baby J as I ran along with the nurses and Jeremy was placed on a stretcher.
“plea-se save him! Don’t let him die… Jeremy you have to keep fighting for your life” I cried
“Baby J and I nee-d you” I wailed
“Am sorry ma’am but you are not allowed to cross here” the nurse said as I kept crying and walking restlessly.
Few minutes later, Jocelyn, Natasha, Clark and Mr Montes arrived.
The emergency room was opened and the doctor c@m£ out.
“Doctor! How is he?” We asked in unison
“Congratulations! The surgery was successful” He said as we jumped for joy.

“plea-se forgive me Elsa and help my daughter Gina, she’s lying helplessly at the hospital and I have no money” my step mother cried on her knees.
Such is life!
What goes around comes around…
The rejected stone is now the corner stone.
“Get up Ma! I will have her transferred to a better hospital and I will get a better ap@rtment for you guys” I said as she hvgged me.
“Forgive me Elsa!” She cried
“You have been long forgiven” I smiled
The door was opened as I walked to the aisle in my wedding go-wn.
“I never thought or even imagined that the arrogant guy Mr CEO was actually meant for me…. Life is a puzzle” I smiled.
“Miss Elsa Cruz! Do you take Mr Jeremy Montes as your lawfully wedded husband to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer till death do you p@rt?” the priest asked
“I do” I said as tears of joy streamed down my cheeks.
“Mr Jeremy Montes! Do you take Miss Elsa Cruz as your lawfully wedded husband to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer till death do you p@rt?” the priest asked.
“I do” He said as we smiled as he sli-pped the ring throu-gh my f!ngers.
“You may k!ssthe bride” the priest said as ourl-ips hungrily met. 💋 💋
“I love you miss Cruz” he whispered
“I love you too Mr CEO” I said as we hvgged each other ti-ghtly.
“Ta… ta” Baby J chuckled softly as I bath him.
“I missed that word so much baby” I smiled
I placed him on his cradle and patted his head.
“Baby!” I heard Jeremy’s voice as he walked into the room.
“Am sorry love! Just have to put baby J to sleep” I yawned
“Oh plea-se…. Let him be sweetheart! Let’s make another baby and this time not by mistake” he tea-sed as he tickled me.
“You n@ûghty guy” I hit him pla-yfully.
“But it’s true” He laughed as he carried me in a bridestyle.
“Put me down!” I yelled as we ran out of the room…….
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