My Secretary Episode 4 & 5

😜(When crazy meets arrogant)😜
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
•••Episode 04•••
Jeremy’s Pov:
Ourl-ips were still glued to each others as Joanna angrily picked up her handbag and stormed out of my office.
I smiled and dis£ngage the k!ss….
Elsa looked at me very stunned.
“fu-ck off!” I said arrogantly as she looked at me with so much hatred.
“You animal” She yelled and landed a thun-derous sl@p on my cheek.
She quic-kly ran out of my office in tears 😭
“WTF…. She sl@pped me? Does she know who am I?” I half yelled at no-one in p@rticular.
Just then, one of the workers c@m£ into my office.
“Excuse me sir! There’s a do¢v-ment you nee-d to sign” She said as she kept it on my table.
“You bit-ch! Did I invite you to my office? You’re fired!” I screamed at her.
“Sir plea-se…” She pleaded
“I said get the hell outta here” I shouted as I throw a mug at her but she dodged it and rushed out.
“I hate you all bit-ches” I said fuming with anger.
My cheeks are so reddened….
That crazy secretary of mine is surely gonna pay.
Elsa’s Pov:
I rushed into my office with tears streaming down my face.
“He’s such a j£rk!” I yelled angrily
“He k!$$£d me only because he wants to get his b*ch jealous…. Gosh! I don’t think there’s anyone as arrogant as this CEO of mine” I said
I was still sulking when my phone beeped…. It was a message.
“From who?” I asked myself
It was from the j£rk… Mr CEO.
“Miss Cruz! Get your fu-cking self to the garage I have a meeting with one of the clients and you are coming with me” I re-ad aloud
“Miserable clown!” I rolled my eyes as I picked up my handbag.
I quic-kly headed straight to the garage.
He was alre-ady inside his flashy expensive car.
I was about to hop in when he halted me.
“What are you trying to do Miss Cruz?” He asked as I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.
I don’t even want to see his good for nothing face so I didn’t look at him and he also did not look at me.
“Am getting into the car…isn’t it obvious?” I said
“In your entire life have you ever entered such an expensive car… I can’t ride in my car with a clown”He scoffed.
“And your sight irritates me… I don’t even want to ride with you” I said
He quic-kly rolled down the car louvers and threw some money on me.
“Use that for transportation… City h0tels and sixth floor… Don’t you dare be late” He said as I rolled my eyes.
He quic-kly speeded off as I picked up the money.
“I so much hate this arrogant guy” I said in annoyance.
Some minutes later…. 🕒 🕒
We were alre-ady discussing with the clients.
“You know what Mr Montes…i don’t think that with what you just said, there’s any benefits for us if we p@rtner with your company” the clients said.
“Uhmm… Mr George what I was saying is that you will buy the shares before p@rtnering with….” CEO said with a shaky voice.
“Am sorry Mr Montes but I wouldn’t want to lose or get into something that’s not beneficiary to my company so am really sorry but…” The client said as I cut him off.
“Excuse me sir! You see buying shares from our company will give you a lot of profit and most of all p@rtnering with the Montes group of companies is gonna be a great help to your company… Think about the gain and profits you will make Mr George, it’s quite perfect for you” I said convincingly as Mr CEO stared at me stunned.
“Wow! You are super good… I love that and you know what? I just realized that buying the shares and p@rtnering with the Montes group of companies is not a bad idea” He said as I smiled broadly.
“Of course sir!” I said
“Alright.. It’s a deal and I will sign the do¢v-ments next week and buy the shares” He said as Mr CEO smiled happily.
“I never knew he could smile” I thought
We shook hands with each other and Mr George left.
“You must be feeling like a hero alre-ady…” Mr CEO said as we headed out of the h0tel.
“He’s such an ingrate!” I snorted
“Don’t feel too happy silly! It’s just luck…” He said
“At least I have a good luck unlike some people” I laughed
He quic-kly frowned his face.
Jeremy’s Pov :
I felt so insulted.
Am gonna humiliate this silly girl in the public.
I caught a glimpse of her shoe… It was such a dog bite.
“She’s gonna go home on ba-refoot” I laughed within myself.
And the place was crowded so it’s gonna be a great humiliation and embarras-sment for her.
I quic-kly stepped on her shoe r0ûghly.
“Ouchh” She screamed as she fell on her face heavily into the muddy water.
And jeez! Her face and hair bec@m£ very dirty and ugly… Muddy.
That drew everyone’s attention as they roared in laughter.
“Oh my gosh! You are so clumsy… And jeez! Try to change your dog bite shoe” I said aloud.
👥Oh look at that shoe👥
👥It looks so old 👥
👥She looks like a clown 👥
👥And her face is so dirty 👥
People kept saying and mocking her as I smiled happily.
🎶 She’s so dirty 🎶
🎶 Just like a pig 🎶
🎶 Her shoes are terrible 🎶
They kept cl@pping and ma-king fun of her.
Tears rolled down her cheeks in humiliation as I sm-irked at her.
People kept taking pictures of her and jeering her.
“I QUIT! I QUIT…..” She screamed angrily as she ran along the street….
•••Episode 05•••
Elsa’s Pov:
I ran as fast as I could….
Flagged down a cab and hopped in quic-kly…
“I hate you so much Jeremy” I said as I kept sulking.
The cab driver pu-ll-ed over and I gave him some money and got down from the taxi.
I looked like a total mess….
Very dirty!
I yawned hungrily as I walked along.
I got close to the house and to my greatest surprise I saw my bags and clothes outside the house.
It was alre-ady very dark!
“What’s happening?” I asked myself as I knocked on the door.
The door throw open as Regina stared at me with so much disgust.
“Why are my things outside? What’s going on?” I asked in surprise as my step mother walked out.
“Isn’t it obvious? You are such an idiot” Regina scoffed
“Well just in case you don’t know, you are leaving this house right now” my step mother said as tears circulated in my eyes.
“No! Mother plea-se…. Gina plea-se help me talk to her ” I cried on my knees
“Get your disgusting self out of this house… You are no longer nee-ded here.. Mother and I heard that you quitted your job so what use will you be for us” Regina said rolling her eyes.
“Mother plea-se I don’t have anywhere else to go” I cried
“Who cares? You should have thought of that before quitting your job… Now get out” my step mother screamed at me as she and Regina pushed me out of the house and locked the door.
I fell on the ha-rd floor weeping bitterly.
“Mother plea-se open the door… I have no where else to go to plea-se” I cried bitterly
I kept knocking and pleading but they fell on deaf ears.
“Where do I go from here? What do I do?” I said in tears as I picked up my cell phone and dialed Jocelyn’s number.
“Hello girl” Her voice echoed
“Jocey am in trouble” I cried
“What happened Elsa? Are you OK? Why are you crying?” She asked anxiously
“My stepmother threw out of the house and I have no where else to go to” I cried.
“What? Where are you?” She asked
I walked into the well furnished ap@rtment where Jocelyn lives.
“Wow! You have a very beautiful house” I said looking around in astonishment.
“Oh thank you Elsa… Feel free! This is gonna be our new house” Jocelyn said as I sat on the soft couch.
“Uhmm… I will move your luggage to the guest room upstairs” She said as she carried one of the bags while I held the other one.
I quic-kly got up and followed her.
“Thank you so much Jocey! I don’t know what I would have done without you” I smiled
“It’s nothing Elsa” Jocelyn said as she pushed the door open and we walked into the room.
I looked around in excitement.
The room was very nice…. A soft be-d, a small sofa, a television set, a closet….😇
I smiled broadly…
“Freshen up then you can come downstairs for dinner” Jocelyn said as she closed the door and left.
I jumped for joy…..
“The be-d is so soft” I exclaimed happily.
Jeremy’s Pov:
I jumped on the soft be-d tiredly.
“It has been a long day” I exhaled heavily.
Just then, I heard a knock on my door.
“Come in! ” I said brutally as the maid walked in.
“Sir J your dad said you should come downstairs for dinner” She said scared.
“I don’t wanna eat! Tell him that” I said angrily
“Sir he said it’s an order not a request and…” She said
“Get lost your filthy animal…” I yelled at her as she quic-kly rushed out of my room.
I rolled my eyes in annoyance.
“What the….” I said as I heard a knock on my door again.
“I said am not hungry” I shouted as the door opened and my sister Natasha walked in.
“Hey bro… Why are you screaming?” She said tea-singly
“I thought it was dad or maybe the annoying maid or even that stupid Miranda” I rolled my eyes.
“Well it isn’t! It’s just me” She smiled
“Yeah” I said
“So tell me Jeremy.. How did you do it?” Natasha asked as she sat on my large be-d.
“Do what?” I asked confused
“How did you convince Mr George to p@rtner with the company?” Natasha asked
“How did you find out?” I asked
“Dad and Miranda were talking about it and I overheard… Dad was so proud of you” She smiled
“If only he knew that it wasn’t me who convinced Mr George” I said almost audibly
“Say what?” Natasha asked
“My secretary helped me out with that” I said
“Wow… Your girlfriend right?” She nudged me happily
“Oh plea-se Tasha… Enough alre-ady! She resigned” I said
“What? Why? What happened?” She asked
“Natasha am really exhausted and I nee-d to rest so plea-se let me” I said
“Whatever! Am going alre-ady” She said angrily
“Hey! Wait… Don’t get angry princess” I said but she eyed me and walked out ban-ging the door.
“I don’t care” Her voice echoed from outside
“My little trouble” I smiled
Just then, my mind flashed back to what happened between Elsa and I.
I t©uçhed myl-ips and smiled excitedly.
“The k!ss💋…. Why can’t I st©p thinking of that?” I asked myself
“She alre-ady resigned” I said as I remembered how crazy she is.
“I kinda like her though… Trying to be tough! Why am I even talking about Miss Cruz?” I smiled
“Come back to your s-en-ses Jeremy! She’s just your secretary” I said as I smiled mischievously.
I walked into my office with my suitcase.
I sat on my chair re-ady for work.
I saw some files on my table.
I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.
“Hello Elsa….” I yelled
“Sorry sir! Am your new secretary Miss Jayne not Elsa” an unfamiliar voice said.
“Come here now” I ordered and hung up.
Thoughts of Elsa filled my mind.
“Why did I call her Elsa?” I asked myself as suddenly the new secretary c@m£ in.
“Am very sorry sir!” She said humbly
“Jeez! She’s not like Elsa at all… She’s too quiet unlike Elsa who is always re-ady for argument” I thought
“You’re fired!” I yelled at her
“What? Sir I….” She said in tears
“Miss Cruz will never shed tears in front of me” I shrugged
“Get out of my office right now!” I ordered as she quic-kly rushed out.
I dung my f!ngersinto my hair as I closed my eyes in annoyance.
“Miss Cruz! What’s so special about you? Why do I keep thinking of you? What have you done to me Elsa?” I kept thinking.
The day went by so fast and I fired three of my secretaries…
“What a boring day without Miss Cruz!” I said rolling my eyes.
I headed straight to the h0tel to meet Mr George for the signing of the do¢v-ments.
“Good evening Mr George!” I greeted as we shook hands and I sat down.
“Same here Mr Montes” He smiled still looking around as if he was looking for someone.
“Let’s go straight to the point.. Here are the do¢v-ments you nee-d to sign” I said
“Where’s the lady with you?” He asked
My heart skipped 💓
“Elsa… Miss Cruz why can’t you leave my mind” I thought
“She’s not here with me” I managed to say
“Then I won’t sign those papers” He said as my eyes popped out in shock.
“What?” I asked
“You heard me Mr Montes… I can’t sign the papers if she’s not here” He said as I g@sped……
😂😂Issorite! Mr CEO has been given an as-signment 😂😂
😀He have to look for Elsa 😁
Serves him right 💃