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My secret angel final Episode

Episode 21
By Jennifer Owens
Kim’s POV continues
Where the hell is Tyler?
“but my honor, I think the punishment is too much for my client ” Christina’s lawyer said.
“I don’t think it’s even enough but to be fair, the victim is still alive that’s why I s£ntence her to life imprisonment ” the judge said
“exactly your honor, the victim is still alive so why life imprisonment ” Christina’s lawyer asked.
“because she doesn’t regret what she did to Kim Sertori, she even said in the recorder that had she known, she would have made Kim suffer more before s£nding her boys to kill her and that only means that if we give her a time to spend in prison and she returns, revenge will be the next thing on her list and such people should not be allowed to roam free in the world” the judge explained and everyone nodded in agreement even Christina’s lawyer was dumbfounded for a while.
“but your honor”
“court dismissed ” the judge interrupted Christy’s lawyer before he could say anything.
The judge stood up and left and so did everyone.
“I need to use the restroom I’ll be back ” Cleo said and left.
I wonder where TY is.
It’s been 10 mins and Cleo’s not yet back.
It’s now 30 mins what’s she doing in there.
I went to the washroom but couldn’t find Cleo.
OMG this people are ma-king me freak out.
Do they want me to have an heart attack?
I searched everywhere but couldn’t find her.
Did she leave or what?
But how can she live without me?
I brou-ght my phone out and called her but she isn’t picking.
I went out and even her car wasn’t outside.
I hailed a cab and went home
I entered the house and it was dead quiet.
“appa ” I called but got no response.
“appa ” I called again and went to his room but he wasn’t there.
I searched all the house but appa was no where to be found.
Why are this people doing this to me?
Do they want me to die young?
OMG did Christina abduct them?. Hell no, Christina’s in prison.
Unless…… Unless she has a twin.
Oh st©p thinking negatively Kim.
“aiish I’m frustrated ” I scratched my head and sat on the floor crying.
“appa, Tyler, Cleo ” I called and cried.. My phone beeped and I picked up immediately.
It was a message from an unknown number.
“come to this place now” the message re-ad with an address at the bo-ttomend.
Why should I go when I don’t know who it is.
I’m so scared now, where’s Ty, dad and then Cleo?
I better go to the address maybe I’ll see them there.
Should I inform the police?
I called the cops and they [email protected]£.
We took a cab together and we went to the address given.
We got down and entered the place.
It was damn dark that I [email protected]£d one of the cop’s arm.
We walked in further and a light appeared on a stage with a white paper like letter designed with red ribbon and a rose beside it.
I looked at the cops and then headed to the paper while they waited there.
I slowly picked the paper and tore it open.
*my secret angel, I never knew what you meant to me until I lost you*
*you were so close to me yet so far away*
*i never knew you are my angel in disguise until you gave me a second chance to live*
*I never knew the true you until you sacrificed your pride and sang backstage just to make sure my practice wasn’t in vain*
*this angel is the funniest yet the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen and [email protected]£ across *
* you’ve been the one saving my rude @ss, my secret angel*
*do you know who that secret angel
* it’s none other than Kim Sertori the beautiful clumsy angel who stayed by my side even though I pushed her away, who never lost hope that I could be happy one day*
* I love you my angel *
I re-ad the paper as tears kept streaming down my cheeks.
I picked the rose and just then the lights turned on revea-ling everyone.
There was Cleo, dad, my principal, my teachers and even students.
I felt someone behind me so I turned and saw Tyler smiling.
I smiled as tears of joy [email protected]£ rushing down.
He [email protected]£ closer to me, looked in my eyes and went down on one knee.
“I never wanna loose this angel cos I don’t think I’m someone without you, so will you marry me and make me someone ” he asked with a diamond ring in a locket.
“yes… Yes I will ” I nodded and brou-ght out my hand and he slid the ring in and it fitted perfectly well.
Everyone [email protected] and he stood up and hvgged me ti-ght.
“isn’t she the funniest angel, she even invited the cops to witness this” he said and everyone laughed even the cops and then there were applauds.
I waved my hand to everyone showing them my sparkling ring especially dad.
“I’m so happy for you ” Cleo said.
“thanks ” I replied
“so any new crush ” I asked and she laughed.
“not yet since the new one’s been taken by you ” she said and we giggled.
People congratulated me, even my bald head…. Wrinkled face principal.
Even Tyler mom couldn’t st©p smiling and tou-ching my cheeks.
We went home after everything.
Cleo went home to see her dad and the vice president called me to congratulate me and said he’ll always be a father to me and I shouldn’t hesitate to ask anything from him and I could come stay in his house whenever I want
That’s a second dad for me.
“huh I feel so tired ” I said and fell on my be-d.
“yeah you have to ” Tyler said and la-id beside me.
We looked at each other for a while until he ca-ressed my cheek with his thumb.
He gently k!$$£d me and I de-epened the k!ss.
Soon he was on t©p of me and his hands [email protected]£ss!ngall [email protected] of my b©dy.
He dis£ngaged from the k!ssand placed k!sses on my n£¢k and su-cked on my collar bone.
He pushed my hair aside and gently raised my t©p up and then placed k!sses on my tommy.
“what! what are the two crazy teens doing in my house not yet married ” we sprung up immediately we heard an angry appa yelling at the door.
We looked at each other shaking.
I sprung up and ran to the bathroom.
I heaved a sigh of relief.
I heard dad yelling “bi cho so ( are you crazy )” and I chuckled.
Seconds later the door slammed and Tyler cane to the bathroom and we laughed.
“like to take a shower together ” he asked and I bit my lower l!pgently.
He pu-ll-ed me closer and off my t©p revea-ling my black laced [email protected]
He looked at me and smiled..
He off my clothes and off his then we got in the bath tub together.
Our wedding will be a week after we graduate .
We finished bathing without doing anything, I repeat nothing coz we both agreed after the wedding is the best.
I changed into my pajamas and Tyler wore his singlet and his short.
We la-id on the be-d with my head on his che-st and his hands on my [email protected]!st and we drifted to dream land.
Episode 22
Kim’s POV
I feel proud to say you belong to me
You’re the sunshine and the star in my life.
Yeah it’s good to tie you to me for the rest of my life.
I walked majestically with my hand in dad’s arm as the cool song pla-yed in the background.
I wore a stra-pless white go-wn with flower in my other hand.
Dad walked me to the alter where Tyler stood with the father ( bishop ).
I smiled as Tyler took my hand and helped me climb the alter.
We stood facing each other smiling.
“Tyler Chadwick, do you take Kim Sertori as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for better or worse till death do u [email protected]
“I do” Tyler said smiling.
“do you Kim Sertori take Tyler Chadwick as your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for better or worse till death do you [email protected]
“I do”.
We slid the rings into each other’s f!ngers.
“you may now k!ssthe bride ”
Tyler carefully re-moved the veil and planted a light k!sson myl-ips.
Everyone [email protected] and cheered.
I’m so happy I’m finally married to Tyler, my first love and the love of my life.
Everyone congratulated us, including the vice president, Cleo, my dad, principal, teachers and students.
We were given a lot of pres£nts.
We graduated a week ago and we are now MARRIED.
Mr Bennett gave us a ticket to Paris to spend our honey moon and we gladly took it.
Fast forward……………
“I’m so damn tired” I sighed and la-id in the be-d.
We are alre-ady in Paris and in our beautiful room.
“let’s go freshen up together ” I said and Tyler nodded negatively.
“nope I’ll go first ” he said and sprung up.
He ran to the bathroom and locked it.
“freak” I muttered un-der my breath.
Some mins later, he was out with a short but shi-tless.
I never noticed he had six pack.
I couldn’t help but drool over him.
“don’t drool too much angel, I’m all yours ” he said and we laughed.
“go freshen up ” he said it like an order and I went to freshen up.
I was done some mins later.
I [email protected]£ out of the bathroom and was wow at what I saw.
The room was well decorated, there were roses on the floor and on the be-d.
I looked at Tyler and saw him staring at me with his mouth open.
His phone fell off his hand while staring at me.
I looked at myself and noticed I was in my fancy red [email protected] and [email protected]
Cleo gave it to me as my wedding pres£nt, she said to wear it on our special night.
“don’t drool too much angel, I’m all yours ” I said repeating his words from earlier.
He smiled and walked up to me.
He slowly ca-ressed my th!gh to my [email protected]!st then to my Tommy then to my che-st.
Our faces were just inches away.
“I love you ” he whispered.
“I love you too ” I whispered back.
He gently k!$$£d me, teasing my ton-gue.
“you taste good ” he whispered and I smiled.
He gently carried me in a bridal style and la-id me gently on the be-d.
He looked at me head to toe for a while and then brou-ght his head to my n£¢k.
He li-cked my n£¢k, su-cked on my collar bone with his hand untying my [email protected]
I [email protected] ed softly and that turned him on more.
I raised my hand above my head and switched off the lights then everywhere was dark.
I’m so happy that after everything, we still ended up together and all my sacrifices weren’t in vain.
Thank you all for re-ading this story

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