Episode 9




Tyler’s POV continues

No it can’t be Persia Gold.

Persia Gold is a well known singer and if she was in the party then the media would have captured her but no sign of her so she’s not the one.

Or is Christina really telling the truth?

The party doesn’t want to come to an end so I decided to go home and rest.

I came out of the hotel and headed to my car.

I felt a very hard pain in my abdomen.

A very severe pain that I stopped walking and held my abdomen.

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“aaah” I winced in pain.

I decided to take another step to get to my car but I couldn’t move.

I fell on my knees and cried for help.

Even if it’s my time to die at least let me see my mom.

The paparazzi and some people already surrounded me.

“oh my God what’s wrong with Tyler ” on of the reporter said.

“Tyler ” I heard Christina call.

She ran to me with my friends and principal.

I laid flat on the floor gasping for air then slowly everywhere turned dark.

I woke up in the hospital, it’s definitely an hospital coz something was fixed in my nose, my hand and some part of my body.

I looked around but no one was in the ward so I closed my eyes tight to endure the pain that I was still feeling.



Christina’s POV

“what” I yelled.

“yeah and if he doesn’t get a kidney donor or transplant then he has few days to live ” the doctor said.

I’m in the doc’s office right now, I’m representing Tyler’s guardian.

I’ve called his mother but she’s not picking so I just sent her a text message.

Where do we get a donor from now?

I definitely can’t donate mine.

What if I end up having problems like him or worse DIE!

No no I have to find a donor I can’t give him mine.

I love Tyler but what if I die during the surgery, how will I be with him forever.

“OK doc, we will find a donor as soon as possible ” I said, bowed and left the office.

The main door to the hospital burst open and Kim came in.

Her eyes were red and puffy.

“where is Tyler ” she asked as tears trickled down her cheeks.

“what do you care” I asked

“I care so where is he”

“well he’s fighting for his life in there, he needs a kidney donor” I said and she doesn’t seem surprised.

Does she know before?

Are they in a relationship or what?

I watched her as she walked out of the hospital and slammed the door behind her



Kim’s POV

I was seated on the couch watching TV then I saw on the news.: Tyler was on the floor wincing in pain.

I didn’t waste any second, I took on my hills until I reached the hospital.

I wasn’t surprised when Christina told me he needs a kidney donor.

Should I give him one of mine?

What if I die in the process?

I’m the only one dad has?

Mom already left him and he loves me so much.


But what about Tyler?

If he dies, I won’t be able to live.

I shouldn’t think negatively.

Help the need and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

I wiped my tears and went back inside the hospital.

I didn’t even notice Tyler friends and the principal were there.

They got up to leave as it was already dark.

They promised to come tomorrow to visit him.

I went to Christina.

“where’s the doc ” I asked sniffing.

“what do you need him for ”

“I’m ready to donate my kidney for Tyler ” I said and her eyes widened.

“come with me” she said and I followed her.

We reached the doc’s office and she told me to wait at the door then she went in.



Christina’s POV

I’m very sure Kim loves Tyler very much.

If Tyler get to know she’s the one who sang and also the one who donated her kidney for him then I know they might be together coz Tyler is already in love with the singer.

I met the doc and told him that I’ve found a donor that they are gonna take one of her kidney but my name will be the donor.

That is, Kim will be risking her life to donate her kidney to her dearest Tyler but I’ll be known as the donor in the eyes of everyone just like I did with the song.

I threatened the doc that if he disagrees, then someone very closed to him is gonna receive the punishment.

His face made me laugh coz he was really scared then he agreed to put my name as the donor.

Haha haha, I’m so smart.

Tyler will forever be grateful to me for saving his life.

I opened the door and told Kim to came in but she pulled me out.

“what do you think huh, that I’m clumsy doesn’t mean I have no brain, my name alone will be written and signed as the donor, I won’t let you take my glory like you did with the song” she seethed.

“well well well, look who’s talking, the girl who lives in the slums, the girl who her father sells just to provide her needs but is too clumsy to appreciate her father” I said smiling.

“do you think you can double cross me, try to argue on this or tell anyone that you are the real donor and I’ll make your life miserable, starting with your father” I said and I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Kim Sertori, don’t you dare play dirty with me cause you don’t know what I’m capable of doing ” I said and she went dumb.

” donate the kidney to Tyler and get far away from him coz he’ll never love you and I would never allow that”


Episode 10


Kim’s POV

Should I go on with the surgery?

But Christina will be the one to take all the glory.

I don’t care about the compliments, Tyler’s life is more

important and I have to save him.

If I try to argue, she might hurt my dad and even the doc coz I

heard her threatening him.

I slightly nodded and she smiled wryly.

I was taken to the ICU and Tyler was brought too.

He was still unconscious or maybe they’ve given him


The doc injected me with anesthesia and soon everywhere

was dark, I slept off.



Christina’s POV

Tyler and Kim are in the ICU right now.

I just pray Tyler survives.

If that Kim dies then it’s good.

After what seems like months, the doc came out.

“it was a success ” he said and I smiled.

“I’ll get someone to take the girl home and I’ll dress as the

donor and I’ll be on the bed like I was operated on” I said and

he nodded.

“but please make sure the girl is well taken care of coz she’s

not supposed to go home now” he said and I nodded.


I called two of our guards and told them to take her home. I

gave them her address and they left.

Well since the day I knew that Kim had a golden voice, I did

some research about her.

I wore a patient gown and laid down in the bed in a ward

close to Tyler’s.

I heard sniffing and then someone yelling

“where’s my son”

Oh Tyler’s mom is here.


The door to my ward flew open and Tyler’s mom came in.

I breathed slowly like someone who’s in pain.

“oh Christina, thank you so much for saving my son’s life, I’ll

forever be indebted to you” she said holding my hand.

I just smiled like talking was difficult for me.

“recover soon so you, me and Tyler can have a get together

soon OK ” she said and I nodded then she left.



Kim’s POV

I felt a very sharp pain in my abdomen as I slightly blinked my

eyes open.

I looked around and I was in a car.

OMG are they kidnapping me? Did Christina send them?

I wanted to sit up and talk but I could find the strength to do


I didn’t even get to see Tyler.

The car stopped at our frontage and two guys came to the

back seat and carried me out.

They put me on the floor but my leg couldn’t carry me so I sat

on the bare floor.

I glared at them and they just hopped in their car and drove


I held the gate and slowly got up.

I opened the gate and went in.

My dad rushed to me immediately he saw me.

” my Kim, dad was worried ” he said holding me in his arms.

“but what happened to you” he asked but I didn’t say anything

as he led me inside.

I laid on my bed and told dad everything that happened.

“what if I’d lost you” he yelled.

“ah appa, this is me here, I’m not dead ” I said and smiled.

” aigoo, we gave to pack out of here, maybe after a week when

you’ve recovered ” he said and I nodded.

I might love Tyler but that doesn’t mean I’ll involve my dear


He’s the best dad ever and I can’t afford to loose him.

I felt sleepy so I let sleep overtake me.



Christina’s POV

Because of this pretense, I can’t know if Tyler is conscious or


I have to act like someone who’s been operated on.

Once I get outta here, I’ll give Kim and her poor father some

money so they can relocate so Kim don’t get to attend the

same school with Tyler.



Tyler’s POV

My eyes still felt heavy as I slowly opened them.

My mom was beside me and she smiled when I opened my


“thank God sweetie, you’re finally awake ” she said smiling.

“who is the donor” I asked coz I know I was operated on.

“it’s Christina ” she said still smiling.

Christina? That’s impossible.

I know how Christina loves herself and she can’t risk her life

for anybody, I mean nobody so how is it possible.

“are you sure ” I asked still doubting.

“yes and she’s in her ward” she said and I nodded slightly.

Whoever it is, even if it’s Christina, the person just gave me a

second chance to live.

All I want now is to recover and find my goddess.

I must find the person who sang with me coz I know for sure

it’s not Christina.

I know exactly who I’ll ask..

My principal of course and if he doesn’t tell me the real singer

then I’m gonna use a forceful way coz I feel like they are

making me a fool.

I wonder what they are hiding.



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