Episode 3




Kim’s POV continues

I must not miss the concert.

We did lectures and during lunch time I ate for free again.

Tyler was not in school, I guess he’s preparing for the concert.

School closed and I went home.

” Appa ” I called and ran into the house.

“aigoo, my daughter is very happy today what happened ” my dad asked smiling.

“appa, you know that you’ve not finish paying my school fees” I asked and he nodded.

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“you don’t have to pay again


“why” he asked with his eyes wide opened .

“did they expel you or suspend you” he asked.

I brought out the scholarship slip and showed it to him.

“tada ” I said and gave it to him.

“aigoo, my heart, give me water I want to die” he said holding his chest.

“appa ” I yelled and he stopped.

“what did you do that made them gave you scholarship anyway you did something good today, thank you for reducing daddy’s stress ” he said and I smiled.


“buy what if you keep repeating the same class as you’ve always repeated in all your school coz your brain is dull, won’t they withdraw the scholarship ” he asked and I hit him in the arm.

“appa, I’m a changed girl” I said sternly.

“arasto ” he said and smiled.

“um appa, since I’ve done something good today, why don’t you reward me” I asked.

“OK what do you want” he asked and I smiled and tapped my index finger together.


“OK when you are ready come and take it” he said.

“kumorwor appa ” I said and went to my room.

I did everything, ate and went to sleep without looking at Tyler’s picture.

OK I did but just a glance.



Tyler’s POV

Today is the concert, I have to look my best. Christina is coming today, she will be at the concert.

Christina is my childhood friend, she went to Canada to study but I remained here because I wanted to.

I wore my clothes, looked at myself in the mirror then headed downstairs for breakfast.

I ate breakfast with mom then went to school with my car.

I reached school but didn’t go to class but at the hall where the concert will be held.

I brought out my guitar and started practicing.

Soon my friends arrived and we practiced together.



Kim’s POV

I reached school, got to class early and we did lectures but Tyler was still not in school.

“OMG is he sick” I yelled and held my cheeks with my hands.

Everyone at the cafeteria looked at me like I’ve gone bunkers.

I took my head down and faced my food.

Soon a boy ran into the cafeteria.


“the concert is ready and Tyler and the band are already there” he said and everyone cheered.

Some left their food and ran to the hall.

I won’t miss this concert but I can’t also miss my food.

I hurriedly ate my food and went to the hall too.

There was a girl and a boy at the entrance taking tickets .

The girl is selling why the boy is stamping it.

I went to the girl.

“um hi” I said and waved at her.

She looked at me and smiled.

“I want a ticket ” I said and she smiled then handed me one.

“how much” I asked

“3 $” she replied.

“whaaat” I yelled and she smiled.

“I could use that money to eat for a whole year” I said and she laughed.

“but since it’s for Tyler then I’ll pay”

I paid her and went in.


The hall was already filled so I got a seat at the back.

Soon the light was off and the stage light came on.

I could see Tyler, he’s with a guitar and a standing microphone at his front.

They were other three guys.


Two with guitar and the other one the drummer.

Everyone clapped and cheered the whole hall was noisy so I covered my ear with my hands. “School has not even closed they’ve started” I said and girl sitting beside me turned to face me.

“hey, Kim or what, whenever there’s a concert we don’t have to close school before doing it, it’s always after lunch or in the night and the teachers are okay with it” she glared and turned away.


Soon they started playing the guitar and Tyler started singing.

OMG his voice is to die for.

*i met you as a stranger but never knew you meant something in my life”

*I pushed you away but realised I couldn’t live without you so I want you back*

* come back to me and I’ll make up for all the times that I hurt you”


He continued singing and everyone were cheering, some where even dancing .

After some hours they ended the song and everyone cheered.

They said they will still sing again.

Tyler started the guitar but then a girl, a very beautiful one climbed the stage.

“Christina ” Tyler called smiling

She smiled then ran to him and hugged him.

I was already jealous.

OMG! Is she Tyler’s girlfriend?



Episode 4



Tyler’s POV

I was so happy to see Christina after so many years.

She ran to me and I hugged her tight.

She surprised me by kissing me, I didn’t wanna make her feel bad so I just let her have it.

We disengaged from the kiss and continued the concert.

I eye searched for Kim but didn’t find her.

She didn’t come, good.

It’s better she focus on her studies cuz I don’t want any pest in my life.

We finished the concert and I went home with Christina.


Mom was so happy to see her.

We ate dinner together and she decided to spend the night in my house which I allowed.

I woke up the next day, freshened up and went downstairs to meet Christina and mom at the dinning.

We ate breakfast and went to school together cuz Christina already had her paperwork for school.

We reached school and got down from the car.

I saw Kim coming towards our direction.

What does she wants this time?

I was already expecting her to call me but to my greatest surprise she walked past me without taking a glance at me.

What the heck.

I turned to watch her going.



Kim’s POV

I saw that girl, what’s her name again?

Christina and Tyler coming, I walked past them without a word and I know Tyler must be surprised.

I know they are looking at me as I’m going. I felt shy and my legs started shaking so I stepped on my shoe lace and fell flat on my tummy.

Everyone started laughing and I heard Tyler chuckling too.

My nose is already bleeding, my kneel and elbow hit the floor so hard that it hurts.

I stood up and ran away.

I went to a corner and sat still.

I took a paper towel and cleaned my nose.

remembered what my dad told me when I got home yesterday with a sad face.

“Kim you are a strong girl that make people laugh cuz that’s your specialty and no one is worthy of making you sad”.



They laughed when I fell down coz I’m good at making people laugh so they could forget their sadness and I’ll be the one to take it after making them laugh.

I wiped the tears that kept falling down my cheeks and sniffed then breathed in and out.

I went to the washroom, tidied up and went to class for lecture.

We were having maths, my worse enemy.

“so Miss Kim, what will we get when we add a+b,it’s simple but it’s obvious you aren’t paying attention so what’s the answer ” the teacher asked and everyone’s gaze turned to ME.

Am I the only one in this class?

I slowly stood up and looked at everyone and then at Tyler.

I got an ideal when I looked at Tyler.

“wow, what if we add Tyler +Kim, what will we get, Tykim, no Kimty, no kimy, yes Kimy sounds good, Tyler and I make a perfect couple” I heard everyone laughing so I jolted back to reality.

OMG! All what I’ve been imagining, I’ve been saying it out loud .

I turned to look at her and he just shook his head negatively.

“miss Kim or kimy, kindly walk out of my class coz its obvious you are not needed here” the teacher said and I sighed.

“aiish ” I sighed and went out of the class.

Once again, I’ve made a fool out of myself .

Why can’t I forget about Tyler and concentrate?

I went to the school’s garden and sat there with my eyes closed.



Tyler’s POV

That Kim’s life is such a mess.

I felt a slight pain in my chest and stomach so I started coughing.

“um excuse me sir ” I said and winced in pain.

I got up and headed out.

I went to the washroom and splashed some water on my face.

I cleaned and went to the School’s garden to take some fresh air.

I sat at a corner and rested my head on the chair.

A tear slid down my cheek and I quickly wiped it.

I miss my sister a lot and I kinda killed her.

” when will I die and be free, I’ve had kidney problem since I was young so isn’t it time for me to die ” I said as a tear slid down my cheek.

“I’m sorry Kate, I shouldn’t have accepted when you agreed to donate your kidney for me, I should have declined and now you’d still be alive, please forgive me” I said and a tear slid down then more and more.

“omma biyané, I have to leave you, you’ll be left all alone in this world coz dad and Kate already left and I’ll soon leave too ” I said as my tears kept pouring down.



Kim’s POV

I was still at the garden when I heard footsteps.

I peeped from the flower that divided the garden and saw Tyler.

I kept staring at him, admiring his cuteness.

My heart already stopped and my tears were already uncontrollable when I heard :

“my….. M…. My angel has kidney problem ”



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