My secret angel Episode 2

My secret Angel
Episode 2
Kim’s POV continues
I stood up again to look at him but he wasn’t there but at the stairs climbing up to meet me.
He was damn angry.
“um I… I’m very sorry it was a mistake” I said shaking.
“let me help you to clean it” I said and tried tou-ching his clothe but he yanked my hands off.
“don’t you dare l@yyour filthy hands on me” he yelled and I flin-ched.
I watched him as he took off his clothe and threw it at me.
“give it to your b©yfri£nd, it’s my gift to him coz I know none of your family can afford this and that’s even if you have a b©yfri£ndcoz with the way your are now, no one would take second look at you ” he seethed and tears alre-ady started streaming down my cheeks.
He turned to go but st©pped on his track and turned.
“one more thing Kim, my name is too expensive and special to be called by you so don’t even dare calling not looking at me coz you aren’t worth it” he said and left.
“Ty…. Tyler ” I called and took two more steps but he alre-ady climbe-d down.
“my angel is upset with me now, he said I’m not worth calling him nor looking at him” I said and cried more.
It hurts so much that the person I’m looking up to is the one telling me all this.
I better st©p this foolishness and focus more on my studies.
My dad has really tried enough and the money he used in enrolling me here is hvge so I must not fail him again.
I wipesy tears and went home with the bus.
I reached my house and sighted Mr king with my dad.
I quic-kly hid at a corner and watched Mr king go out throu-gh the gate.
He must have come for the money of the vase I broke in the morning.
“ah come out Kim ” my dad said.
I slowly c@m£ out from my hide and walked to him.
“biané appa ( I’m sorry dad)” I said and he hvgged me.
“so do you like your new school” he asked and I remembered my incident with Tyler, then the old man.
“yes” I said and smiled.
He nodded and I went to my room to freshen up.
I freshened up, ate dinner with dad then went back to my room a d la-id on my be-d.
“I’m sorry Tyler, for ma-king you upset, I will try not to look at you again” I said and closed my eyes then drifted to dream land.
Tyler’s POV
I reached home, greeted my mom and went up to my room.
I took a shower and la-id down to think of the small concert we are having in the school the day after tomorrow.
My thoughts drifted to that clumsy girl
I shouldn’t feel guilty for the way I talked to her cuz that’s the only way she will learn to focus.
Not looking at me and not calling my name is the only way she won’t make a fool of herself.
She’s kinda beautiful though but clumsy.
I closed my eyes and sle-pt off.
Kim’s POV
I woke up early the next day thanks to my dad who sl@pped me from my sleep.
“appa! It hurts ” I said ru-bbing my cheek.
“go and bath, I don’t want you to run to school again ” he said and I smiled.
“don’t worry dad, I’m a strong girl, even if I run a hundred times I won’t get tired.
I said and he smiled then left.
I took my bathe , dressed up and took a glance at Tyler’s picture that was in my room.
“ah I’ve promised myself not to look at him again”
I went to the sitting room and ate breakfast with dad. He gave me some pocket money then I left to catch the box so I won’t break any of Mr King’s materials.
I reached school and went straight to the clas-s and of course there were murmurings everywhere as soon as I stepped my feet in the School’s compound.
I went to my seat and sat down. Tyler is yet to come.
“hey pig I mean Kim, you are nee-ded in the principal’s office ” a girl said then glared and walked away.
I brou-ght out my map to locate the principal’s office.
I reached there, peeped in then went in fully.
I almost ran away when I saw that bald head, wrinkled face old man
He’s the principal
I’m in h0t soup.
“good morning bald he….i mean sir ” I said and bowed down.
bald head and wrinkled face huh ” the man sm-irked.
“here” a teacher that was in the office said handing me a paper.
I took it and re-ad it.
A suspension letter for three weeks!
My dad is gonna kill me.
“ah” I winced in pain and held my che-st like someone having an heart attack.
“what’s wrong” the teacher asked.
“aaaah ” I screamed louder and fell to the floor.
“what’s wrong with you” the bald head principal asked.
He’s now worried, exactly what I wanted.
“I’m…. Allergic to the word suspension and suspended ” I struggled to say like someone g@sping for air.
“ah” I screamed again.
“what do we do now, let’s call the doctor ” the teacher suggested and the bald head principal nodded.
“no, the solution is…. is simple” I said.
“then what’s it” the principal asked.
“aaah, just take the suspension letter and tear it aaah….. Then take a… A scholarsh!psl!pand sign it for me” I said, breathing heavily.
“what” the principal yelled.
“that’s the only solution aaaah ” I screamed louder.
“I think we better do it sir, after all it’s just one” the teacher said.
“bring a scholarsh!psl!pnow ” the principal said and the teacher took one from the cu-pboard and gave it to him.
The teacher took the suspension letter and to-re it.
“here it is ” the principal said giving me the scholarsh!psli-p.
I looked at it and my name was written there, with his signature.
“stamp it” I said and he did it ra-pidly.
“are you okay now ” the principal asked.
“the pain is reducing but I don’t guarantee you that I won’t die in your hands oh” I said and his eyes wi-de-ned.
“what do we do again” he asked.
“fr.. Free food for today ” I said and he nodded.
Ah such a fool, they are too gullible.
Me? Die? Even if death come, I will fight it and make sure I win.
The teacher helped me to the school’s cafeteria and told me to eat whatever I want.
She told the chef to give me anything I want.
She left and I ate and ate till I was full.
I even packaged some and put it in my backpack for dinner at home.
“I can’t wait to see Tyler at the concert tomorrow ” a girl said.
“they’ve alre-ady started selling the tickets” the other one said and they smiled.
a concert tomorrow, Tyler will be singing I guess, I can’t miss this no matter what.
But how will I afford the ticket.
I will find a way, I must not miss this concert.