My secret angel Episode 15 & 16

Episode 15
By Jennifer Owens
Christina’s POV
I glanced at my clock again and it says 10:12.
I took my silver purse that matched my silver shoes.
I was wearing a dinner go-wn and everything is intact.
I have to meet with all the minister’s children and even the
presidents daughter.
The person I’m really eager to see is Cleo Bennett and her new
mysterious sister.
It was said in the news some months ago that Mr Bennett the
vice president of South Korea adopted a girl called Rikki but
they didn’t put her picture and that’s why I’m eager to see her.
I wanna make friends with them cause they are clas-sy and
higher than me.
I got out and entered my car and drove to the embas-sy suite
where everything is taking place.
Rikki’s POV
“This flight was tiring ” I seethed and Cleo rolled her eyes.
“that’s because you are not used to it but I am so this flight
was wow ” she said and I tilted my head and looked away.
Just then a car arrived and I smiled.
“the car’s here” I said and we head towards it.
We got in and the driver zoomed off.
After some mins, we arrived at our motel.
It belongs to dad.
I got down lazily and went in straight.
The receptionist handed me a key without me asking and I
went straight to the number written on the key.
I got in and fell on the be-d.
“get your lazy bu-tt off that be-d, we still have to meet the
ministers” Cleo said and I sighed.
We had our bathe together and chose matching outfits.
I wore a short indigo go-wn, white hills and white purse while
Cleo wore the same go-wn but blue and white purse and white
We styled our hair and head out in the car.
We arrived at the embas-sy were the ministers hold their
Gosh, the press and paparazzi are alre-ady here.
Cleo got down from the car and pictures of her were being
I was damn shy so Cleo was wi-nking at me to come out but I
The press and paparazzi c@m£ to my door side.
“it’s time to see the new daughter of Mr Bennett ” a reporter
I opened my car door and brou-ght out a leg.
I c@m£ out fully and everyone was wow.
Pictures of me were being taken.
Cleo and I walked in together.
The ministers were having some meeting so we had to wait.
After what seemed like hours, the ministers children were ask
to come in.
Cleo and I got up and went in.
Christina’s POV
I got up and went in and so did many boys and girls.
Some were in suites and the Two people that caught my
attention were two girls who were dressed in short go-wn.
They were so wow, I’m sure I’m no match for them so I’ll just
make friends with them.
“good day everyone ” the vice president Mr Bennett said on
stage with a glas-s of wine in his hand.
“I’m very honored today that you all c@m£ here, this is a
surprise to someone ” he said and everyone were smiling.
“today is specially dedicated to my precious daughter, my
jewel” he said and I was alre-ady looking around for Cleo to be
called out.
“my gold, Rikki Bennett ” he called and everyone cl@pped.
“oh Rikki sweetie plea-se come out, daddy is so proud of you”
he said.
That must be the mysterious daughter.
Rikki’s POV
Dad made this day for me?
I looked at Cleo with a teary eye and she nudged me a little
telling me to go up stage.
I stood up and walked to the stage.
Everyone were cl@pping that I could turn deaf from the
Christina’s POV
My mouth dropped open when I saw Kim walked up stage.
OMG! is that…. Is that Kim?
No no no it can’t be.
She’s dead.
Maybe they just look alike.
That girl is too clas-s to be Kim, I mean Kim’s clumsy but this
Rikki is the opposite.
“you are indeed a blessing dear” the vice president said
referring to Rikki or should I say Kim.
“let’s toast to my precious daughter ” he said and raised the
wine up and so did everyone.
Is Kim twin or what?
Episode 16
By Jennifer Owens
Christina’s POV continues
She majestically walked down the stage with her father.
She took a seat beside the president’s daughter.
All the minister’s children were seated round a table but I wasn’t.
I sluggishly went to seat with them.
All the while I kept staring at Kim or Rikki.
“excuse me, is there something on my face” Rikki asked.
“um I um” I stuttered.
“or you can’t take your eyes off her because she’s the goddess of beauty ” Cleo chirped in and they both laughed.
“weren’t you the one who sang on my birthday ” the president’s daughter asked Rikki.
“nope, I’ve never sang anywhere ” she said and Cleo nodded.
This is definitely not Kim, she dos£n’t know me and she hasn’t sing.
She’s just a look alike of Kim.
The conference was finally over.
Rikki and Cleo got up and went out.
I followed them. I nee-d to talk to Rikki or at least make friends with her.
“hi Rikki ” I shouted behind them.
“yes” she st©pped beside her car.
“um I was wondering if we could be friends” I blurted out.
She looked me up and down and shook her head in disgust.
“I’m sorry I don’t make friends with lowlifes like you, can’t you see I’m clas-sy ” she said like a question and Cleo laughed out loud.
“let’s go sweetie ” Rikki said and they drove off.
“lowlife ” I muttered un-der my breath.
I went home in my car, freshened up and la-id on my be-d.
I know for sure that Rikki isn’t Kim.
I closed my eyes and sle-pt off.
Tyler’s POV
I took one last glance at Kim’s picture that was in my room then went down stairs.
I ate breakfast while mom just kept staring at me.
“Tyler you ”
“don’t start mom” I said and got up.
I got in my car and drove off to school.
Rikki’s POV
“Cleo wake up ” I hit her on the cheek and she sprung up.
“Rikki that hurts ” she said, ru-bbing her cheek.
I don’t know but it’s like I’ve heard that s£ntence before.
Cleo freshened up cos I alre-ady have.
We wore our uniforms, ate breakfast and got in our car.
We drove off to courageous high.
We got down when we’ve reached there.
We went straight to the principal’s office.
“Kim ” the principal yelled and stood up immediately we got in.
We looked back and forth then at each other.
“I’m sorry ” I said.
He looked at me confused.
“these are our papers so plea-se show us to our clas-s ” Cleo stated rudely.
He handed us a map still staring at me.
We took it and went out.
We found our clas-s.
The door to the clas-s was glas-s so we could see from the outside.
A guy, a very cute guy was at the board trying to solve something.
I looked at Cleo and she was alre-ady drooling.
“another crush right ” I said and we smiled then went in.
50% of the students stood up, while some fell off their chair and some were with opened mouth and wi-de eyes.
Even the teacher’s mouth was wi-de opened and the cutie at the board was like a statue.
Are we really that beautiful?
Tyler’s POV
Kim just walked in.
OMG it’s Kim and I’m standing here like a statue.
I ran to her and hvgged her ti-ght with tears sliding down my cheeks.
I held her like she was gonna leave me again.
“what the heck is wrong with you ” she yelled and pushed me off her.
I was surprised and shocked that my mouth was opened like I wanna say something but no words were coming out.
“excuse me” she said and brushed past me.
While the other one, Cleo Bennett smiled at me.
Wait, is Kim acting like she doesn’t know me?
But I said I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
The whole clas-s seemed to be in coma.
“are we here to look at me or learn ” Kim stated rudely.
“ah Tyler continue solving the math” the teacher said and swallowed ha-rd .
I looked at Kim with tears in my eyes then I went out.
I went to the garden and let out all my pains.
I fell on my knees and cried my pains out.
I didn’t realise I stayed at the garden till it was time to go home.
I sighted Cleo and Kim going out.
I stood up and trailed behind them.
They got in their cat and I got in mine.
I trailed behind them until they reached a motel.
They got down and went in.
I revised and drove to Kim’s house.
I met the dad still sitting with a picture of Kim in his hand.
“appa ” I called and rushed to him.
“appa I found kim” I said and he looked at me.
“what, where” he asked ra-pidly.
“come ” I helped him stand up and we got in my car.
I drove to the motel and went to the receptionist.
“plea-se we are here to see Cleo Bennett ” I said and she smiled.
“Tyler I’m one of your fans ” she said, smiling.
“yea and you are my favorite so which room ” I asked.
“room 305” she said and I took Kim’s dad along.
We took the elevator and went to 305.
We reached there and we stood at the door with ra-pid heart beat.
I breathed in and out then pressed the bell bu-tton.
Cleo Bennett opened the door and her eyes wi-de-ned.
“oh come in” she said and stepped aside and we went in.
Rikki c@m£ out from the bathroom and st©pped immediately she saw us.
“kim” the father called and ran to her.
They were like that for some seconds then Kim slowly dis£ngaged from the hvg.
“ah kim” the father cried.
“I’m sorry do I know you ” Kim said and her father was surprised.
Just then Kim’s phone rang.
“yep, huhun, OK dad we’ll be there love you ” she said and hung up.
“I’m sorry sir and mister, you have to leave coz we are going out ” Kim said and her father held his heart.
Rikki’s POV
I have a warm feeling that I’ve seen this old man before.
He looks very familiar but I don’t know how and where I’ve seen him.
Could he be the man in my dreams?
“I’m sorry sir and mister, you have to leave coz we are going out ” I lied coz I nee-d a time alone to think.
I nee-d to refresh my br@in.
“Kim ah kim” the old man cried holding his che-sts.
I was starting to cry alre-ady so I just ran out of the room.
⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
She ran out despite the cry of her father.
This can’t be Kim.
I wanted to ask Cleo how she knew Kim but Kim’s dad was holding his che-st in pain.
OMG, he’s having an heart attack.
Cleo helped me carry him up and we took him down stairs.
We got in the car and drove him to the hospital.
T. B. C.