My secret angel Episode 11 & 12

Episode 11
Tyler’s POV
It’s been a week that Christina and I have been in the hospital
and today we get to go home.
I alre-ady dressed up in the clothes mom brou-ght for me.
Christina, mom and I went home together.
I just want tomorrow to reach so I can spill the beans out of
my principal.
Mom decorated the house for our welcome, we ate dinner
together and I went upstairs to my room to rest.
I la-id on my be-d imagining how the girl with the sweet voice
would look like.
I nee-d to find her.
Kim’s POV
We are at the frontage of our house right now.
Saying good bye to this house kinda hurts.
I looked at dad and he smiled and held my shoulder.
I smiled back at him and we hailed a cab to the new house we
We did all the packing yesterday and today is the day we said
good bye to the old house.
Dad used almost all his savings to buy this house though it’s
small but it’s comfortable.
Dad spoke with my aunt, my mom’s only sister that lives in
I would be traveling to Seoul tomorrow to live with her.
Dad insisted I stay there coz he doesn’t wanna loose me so I
I’ve done enough for Tyler anyway so let me not be the one to
tear he and Christina ap@rt.
I can leave knowing fully that my Tyler is safe.
I love you Tyler.
We reached out new house which is far away from our former
We entered the house and I head straight to my room.
I started unpacking my stuffs and I saw Tyler’s picture.
I looked at it for a while and remembered what he said.
“his name is too expensive and special to be called by me cuz
I ain’t worth it and no guy would take a second look at me ” I
remembered those words and laughed to myself as tears kept
streaming down my cheeks.
I’m not worth calling your name but I’m in love with you.
I’ve been so stupid you know?
Falling in love with someone who will never take a second
look at me.
Going to Seoul is the best thing.
I’ll find someone better than you Tyler.
“haha haha, who am I kidding, I can never find someone better
than you coz you are my first love ” I said referring to the
But don’t worry, I’ll find a way to get over this feelings.
I wiped my tears and la-id flat on my be-d looking upward at the
I just kept on smiling to myself knowing that I did something
good in my life
* saving someone’s life and not just anyone but my first Love’s
I kept smiling until I finally drifted to sleep.
Tyler’s POV
I woke up the next day, freshened up, wore my clothes and
went downstairs.
I was surprised to see Christina downstairs.
“hey” I said smiling.
“hi, I c@m£ so we could go to school together” she said
I took a seat and ate my breakfast then Christina and I drove
to school.
“thanks ” I said as we got down from the car.
“for what ” she asked.
“for giving me a second chance ” I said and she was “oh it’s
nothing ”
“yeah it’s something, seeing that you couldn’t transfer just
blood to your mother when she was sick but you donated your
kidney to me” I said sarcastically.
“Tyler you are different, I love you and that’s why I’m re-ady to
risk anything for you ” she said holding my left arm.
“oh and you don’t love your mom” I said and laughed.
“Tyler it’s not like that I ”
“it’s OK Christina, you and I know how much you love yourself
and I know you aren’t my donor, how can someone who
couldn’t transfer blood to her mother when she nee-ded it
donate a kidney to someone who’s not related to her” I said
“Tyler ”
“it’s OK Christina, no grudges but thanks ” I said and left.
Christina is my childhood friend and I know everything about
She’s selfish and only thinks about her well being alone.
When her mom was sick, the doc asked Christina to transfer
blood to her mother but she refused saying she doesn’t have a
lot of blood and that she might die.
They had to buy the blood transfused to the mother whereas
their daughter has the blood nee-ded.
So tell me, how can that person that refused to help her own
mother risk her life for me.
I headed straight to the principal’s office.
Christina’s POV
Tyler didn’t believe anything I did or say.
I have to make sure Kim lives the town before Tyler finds out.
I called my guards, you know my dad is the minister of
education right?
So he’s got guards.
I called two of them that dropped Kim home the day she was
operated on.
I s£nt them to kidnap both Kim and the father.
Tyler’s POV
I barged into the principal’s office without knocking.
“Tyler ” he said smiling.
“who was the person who sang with me at the president
daughter’s birthday ” I asked and hit my palm on his desk.
“Christina of course ” he said.
“don’t you dare lie to me, who is it” I yelled.
“it’s Christina ” he said again.
“oh really ” I asked.
I went out and dragged one of the teachers to his office.
He seems close to this p@rticular teacher.
I held the teacher by her throat and she was g@sping for air.
“tell me the singer and I’ll let her go but if you don’t, she dies
and you die too and I’ll find another means to find the real
singer ” I said breathing heavily.
“le… Let me….. go” the teacher struggled hitting my hand.
I looked at the principal and ti-ght£ñed my grip on her n£¢k.
“OK OK let her go I’ll tell you ” he said but I nodded negatively.
“tell me first ” I said.
“it’s… It’s Kim, Kim Sertori ” he blurted out.
I was shocked at the name and didn’t even know when I let go
of the teacher.
“why do you keep on lying to me ” I yelled.
“he’s not lying Tyler, it was Kim who sang backstage ” the
teacher said coughing and holding her n£¢k.
“yes Christina threatened me and told me not to let anyone
know ” the principal said and I ran out of the office.
So Kim was the goddess I’ve been looking for?
How could I’ve been so blind?
The person I was looking for was close to me all along.
But do I really love Kim?
I get worried if I don’t see her in school, I steal glances at her
in clas-s and I’m always happy when she’s around.
That’s love, I love her.
I’ve seen her cry so many times and some of the tears she
shed were caused by me.
How do I face the person I humiliated and told she’s not worth
calling my name that I love her, will she even listen to me?
I sighted Christina and walked up to her.
I held her by the arm and dragged her by the arm to the hall.
The hall is the only place the whole school will watch.
I wanna humiliate Christina like I did to Kim.
Christina is so evil.
I pushed her and she fell to the floor and everyone g@sped.
” I should have known Christina that you are a devil in sheep
clothing, how can you claim someone else’s voice to be yours
” I asked loud enough to everyone’s hearing.
“you made everyone believe you sang with me on stage
whereas Kim Sertori was the real singer backstage ” I said and
everyone g@sped again then there were murmurings.
” you didn’t give her the chance to show the world her
beautiful voice instead you took all the compliments ” I said
and dragged her up.
I dug my f!ngersde-eply into her arms and she flin-ched.
” I curse the day I ever met you and took you as a friend, you
are not worth being called a friend nor a daughter, you are
shameless ” I said and left.
I entered my car and drove to the hospital where I was
operated on.
I just hope Kim is not my donor cause if she is then I don’t
know what I’ll do to myself.
I’ve really hurt Kim a lot.
I reached the hospital and went straight to the doc’s office.
“who is my donor ” I asked and he stood up from his seat.
” it it’s Christina Perri ” he said and I j£rked him by the collar
” I’ll call the cops and file a case against you and Christina
alre-ady told me” I yelled and shaked him vigorously.
“But Christina was the one who told me to put her name as
the donor” he said.
“it’s good you confessed coz I’ve got a recorder in my pocket
so just finish the confessions and I’ll spare you ” I lied.
“well the real donor is Kim Sertori ” he said and I slowly let go
of him.
I let the tears pour down my cheeks coz I couldn’t keep them
in anymore.
I ignored the people asking me if I was okay as I walked to my
I got in and sat down.
“why Christina why” I cried and hit my palm on the seat.
Kim has been saving me, protecting me but I was too selfish
to realise it.
How do I get to Kim now.
Kim I’m really sorry plea-se forgive me, I nee-d you now.
Kim’s POV
I’m alre-ady at the train station and I’m just waiting for them to
move then I’ll say good bye to everything including Tyler
except my dad who will always be in my heart.
Episode 12
Tyler’s POV
How do I get to Kim?
I don’t have her number nor do I know where she lives.
I just can’t help but let the tears pour freely.
She risked her life just to save me.
How do I get to her.
Yes, she’s attending the same school with me and the school must have her number and address.
I called the principal and took Kim’s number and address from him.
I called the number but she’s not picking.
I drove straight to the address given to me.
I knocked on the gate then a woman c@m£ out.
“um good day ma’am, I’m looking for Kim”
“sorry there’s no one name Kim here ”
“but this is her home address, she lives here” I said with an hoarse voice.
“maybe they are the one who moved out before we moved in ” she said.
“they they moved out” I asked as a tear slid down my cheek.
I got in my car and dialed the number again.
Kim plea-se pick, I don’t wanna have an heart attack and die wasting the kidney you gave me without using it.
plea-se pick or else I’ll die.
I drove home and went up to my room and la-id in my be-d still dealing Kim’s number.
Kim’s POV
I fell off the chair I la-id on and hit my back ha-rd in the floor.
OMG I was slee-ping and my phone is ringing.
I brou-ght out my phone to answer the call but then I saw the train leaving.
I ran after the train.
“hey train, st©p, how can you leave without a special pas-s£nger ” I screamed as I ran after it.
“I said st©p and come back, if you aren’t gonna take me with you then return back my money and take your useless ticket ” I screamed and st©pped running after the train cos it alre-ady reached the main rail way when only trains pas-s.
I scratched my head in frustration.
My phone started ringing again and it was an unknown number.
I pressed the answer bu-tton with anger.
“hello, who’s this idiot disturbing me, I missed the train because of you ” I yelled into the phone.
“Kim it’s me Tyler I ”
“Tyler ” I screamed not letting him finish what he wanted to say.
“what do you want ” I asked calmly, I don’t wanna act foolish because of him.
“Kim plea-se I wanna see you, I nee-d to see you, I’m very sorry for all the hurtful things I said to you, I’m sorry for all the times I hurt you, plea-s forgive me ” he said and I could s-en-se he was crying.
“Tyler ” I called as tears kept streaming down my cheeks.
“plea-se come back, I nee-d you now, I know everything Christina did, you are the one who gave me a second chance to live” he said over the one.
“where are you ” he asked.
“I’m at the train station, I’m living for Seoul ” I said and he yelled “what ”
“Kim plea-se don’t leave me plea-se I’ll be there soon” he said.
“don’t worry, I miss the train anyway, so just go to school, I’ll meet you there ” I said.
“OK ” he said and hung up.
I hailed a cab and headed to the school.
Tyler’s POV
I sprung up from my be-d and took my car key.
I opened my door to see Christina, she was shocked to see me, she hid her phone behind her like someone who was doing something bad.
“um Tyler I c@m£ to”
I ignored her and rushed outside then got in my car and drove off to school.
Christina’s POV
I c@m£ to Tyler’s house to apologize to him but I heard him talking with someone.
I put my ear on the door to listen to his conversation and it’s Kim.
He wants to meet Kim and they are gonna meet in school.
I brou-ght out my phone quic-kly and called my guards.
I told them to kidnap Kim and kill her straight away.
The other time I s£nt then to kidnap her, they said she alre-ady moved out.
“she’s heading to my school so make sure you get to her and kill her before she gets to Tyler” I said and hung up immediately when the door to Tyler’s room opened.
He c@m£ out and I quic-kly hid my phone behind me.
I wanted to apologize but he ignored me.
I just hope my boys get to her first.
Kim’s POV
I got down from the cab in front of my school.
I paid and the cab drove off.
I was heading to a corner close to the school to wait for Tyler but a car pu-ll-ed at my front.
Two hefty thvgs c@m£ out and they were the same people who brou-ght me home the day I was operated on.
I ran in full speed and they followed me.
They were very fast so they caught me.
I wanted to scream but one of them held my mouth and they carried me to the car.
I sighted Tyler’s car coming but the two thvgs alre-ady started the engine and we were leaving while Tyler was going in. Tears fell down my cheeks as I watched Tyler’s car drive past us.
The other man was still holding my mouth ti-ght.
Tyler’s POV
I got down from my car when I was alre-ady in school.
I looked around but there was no sign of Kim.
I brou-ght out my phone and called her but she wasn’t picking up.
Did she change her mind?
Oh plea-se don’t cause I can’t afford to loose you now that I know how much you mean to me.
I kept on calling but no response.
I say on the floor and kept on trying.
Kim’s POV
My phone was ringing and I’m sure it was Tyler but the thvgs won’t let me pick it.
They drove till they arrived at a deserted area.
I could see hill, valley and mountain like at the end of the road.
What are they planning on doing to me.
I know this is Christina’s doing.
They st©pped and dragged me out of the car then towards the cliff.
They brou-ght me very close and I alre-ady know what they wanted to do, they wanna push me off the cliff.
“plea-se let me go plea-se I beg of you ” I cried but my pleads were falling on deaf ears.
They pushed me off the cliff and my heart st©pped as I was in the air for some seconds then I finally landed ha-rd on the ground.
My head struck a rock and darkness overwhelmed me.