My secret angel Episode 1

My Secret Angel
Prologue ????.
High school student Kim Sertori, a carefree girl who doesnt care whether white should go with black, she matches them all.
Troublesome and crazy to the extent of it.
Truly beautiful when she remebers to look so.
She has a mystery crush on a young pospstar Tyler.
She dreams and imagines her meeting with him every night. Pictures of him in her room will make a life albu-m.
He’s her crush she can never meet or so she thought.
Tyler, a world rated pop star, his world resolves round him.
He has it all, the money, the looks, the girls, all the girls in school dream of an opportunity to be with Tyler.
Evvery girl wants to impress him, every girl wants him.
Like a dream come true, Kim is transferred to one of the best schools in korea and it turns out to be the school where Tyler attends.
She doesn’t care if she is called the transferred student, being with Tyler is more than enough.
What happens when Tyler turns out to be in the same clas-s with her?
Tyler the God who ha-rd ly steps on the floor, does she stand a chance with him.
Follow the heart breaks of kim when she finds out that her Tyler is d@t!ngthe h0ttest girl In school, or so Christiana paints it to be.
Finally Kim plots out a list of agendas which she would use to get Tyler.
Number one on the list (being his secret angel )
Don’t you wanna find out the remaining ones?
What do you think?
Will her agenda favour her?
Can Tyler ever fall for her?
Can Christiana let her be with Tyler if she succeeds?
What about her crazy personality?
(oh no)
Is there hope for Kim Sertori?
re-ad this action packed, suspense filled story to find out.
My secret Angel
Episode 1 .
By Jennifer Owens
Kim’s POV
My name is Kim Sertori, I’m the dullest girl ever in Boston according to people except my dad who always considers me as an angel .
My mom died the day she birth me so I grew up with only a dad and he’s all I’ve got.
I bring him trouble everyday and he hasn’t st©p paying debts caused by me.
” Tésomormita” I screamed as I continued running.
It’s my first day in school and I’m alre-ady late, missed the bus and now I have to run to school thanks to Tyler.
Tyler is my dream crush, I spent the night imagining me and him together so I sle-pt late that’s why I’m late now.
I kept on running until I got to Mr King’s shop. His stuff is always blocking the way and anytime I pas-s, I always break something. I raised one leg up carefully so I can cross the vase on the floor but my other leg still kicked it so I ran fas-ter before Mr king would come out and hold me like a thief.
“I’ll come to your house for the money” I heard Mr king scream.
I got to the school alre-ady sweating like a Christmas chicken, I brou-ght out my map and located my clas-s.
A teacher was alre-ady in the clas-s teaching as I could see the clas-s from the glas-s door.
I slightly opened it and took only my head in.
Everyone looked at me.
” annyeonghaseyo” I greeted and went in fully.
“you are” the teacher asked
“a transferred student ” I said.
“coming late on your first day does feel good ” the teacher said and everyone laughed.
“introduce yourself ” the teacher said and I nodded and turned to face the clas-s.
I looked at their faces one by one and I felt my heart explode and my eyes wi-de-ned when I saw him.
” Tyler!! ” I screamed and everyone looked at me confused then bur-st out laughing.
“your name is Tyler or you are calling Tyler ” the teacher asked and I nodded yes then nodded no.
“I um I Tyler is… I am kim” I said and slammed myl-ips together.
“go get a seat” the teacher said and nodded.
My star shined today coz there’s a spare seat in front of Tyler.
“Appa, I’m sorry, enrolling me here is the best thing you’ve ever done coz my angel is here” I said in my mind.
I sat down and the teacher continued teaching.
I couldn’t st©p turning back and looking at Tyler.
I forgot that I’m in clas-s as I turned and watched Tyler like a movie.
He sighed, held my head with one hand and turned my head to face the board which made everyone bur-st out laughing.
I couldn’t still st©p looking at him and smiling.
“kim” I heard the teacher yell and I ran to her.
“um ye yes” I stuttered and everyone laughed again.
“go to your seat” she seethed.
I shyly walked back to my seat and sat down.
“stand up ” the teacher yelled.
I sprung up immediately.
“what was the last thing I said concerning what I’m teaching ” she asked.
OMG! What’s even the t©pic, I wasn’t paying attention coz I was busy staring at Tyler.
“um you said…… um……..what did you ask me again……. Ah the last thing you said…….um that Tyler is cute” I said it like a question smiling and everyone laughed again.
Ah why can’t I st©p being foolish.
“sit down and pay attention this time” she said and I nodded.
After some few lectures, we went out for lunch.
I ordered the food I could afford and took my tray in my hands eye searching for Tyler.
I was busy looking for Tyler that I bu-mped into someone and my food poured on the person’s clothe.
I looked up to see an old man, bald head, red eyes and wrinkled face.
“OMG I’m sorry bald head man……i mean wrinkled face I’m so sorry” I pleaded bowing my head.
“bald head man, wrinkled face” the man asked and I nodded positively.
“ah I mean no, I’m so sorry sir plea-se forgive me” I said and ran as fast as my legs could carry me.
I reached another p@rt of the school and st©pped to catch my breath.
I won’t go for the remaining lectures, I’ll just wait here till school close and I will ti-p toe behind Tyler to know where he lives.
After some hours, school finally closed and everyone started coming out in duos and trios.
I sighted Tyler and smiled.
I trailed behind him quietly until I heard some girls say “that’s her, Kim Sertori, the new pig who’s going gaga for our Tyler ” I st©pped on my track and turned.
Pig? Me? Kim? Sertori?
I glared at them and folded my hand into a fist and brou-ght it out like I was going to punch them so they ran away.
I looked back but couldn’t see Tyler again.
OMG I’ve lost him.
I searched all the school compound but couldn’t find him.
How could I loose my angel.
I ordered a coffee and went upstairs to the school ‘s balcony and stood looking down.
“aiish ” I scratched my head in frustration.
I looked at my coffee that I dropped on the wage where I rest my hand.
I pushed the coffee with my hand out of frustration and I watched it go down and landed on the head of a student.
The person looked up and OMG it was Tyler.
“you” he said between gritted teeth and I bent down to hide.
I stood up again to look at him but he wasn’t there but at the stairs climbing up to meet me.