My ro-mantic maid finale

Episode 44
😍My ro-mantic maid 💯
😋[She’s S-xy] 😊
By Blessing D writes
(Semi final)
💖Nora’s POV💖
Two days later.
Sylvia! Come on listen to me. This is for the company’s growth, Dave kept on saying.
Shut it!
Shut the hell up! I really don’t no what that bit*h fed you with, Mabel screamed at Dave.
“She’s not a bit*h alright, so st©p Calling her one, Dave defended.”
“Oh really? I should st©p?” Then why did she snatch Sylvia’s betrothed and claim right, huh!? Mabel asked Dave.
“Well, I don’t no, she might have a reason for that, he replied.”
‘Maybe she fell for him mistakenly, he added.”
“Alright when she knew she was at fault then why did she try snatching him away again? Isn’t that what bit-ch*s do?” Mabel screamed again.
“Well, that doesn’t mean she won’t be beneficial to dad’s company.” I mean dad alre-ady gave the company to her cause he knows she’s take care of it.
“Why are you guys proving stubborn?” The company will coll@pse if someone is not in control.
“Or do you think the company is modelling?” Dave asked starring at Mabel.
“Whatever $h!t you say doesn’t matter.” It doesn’t change the face that we are the rightful owner and not that bit*h, Mabel replied.
I coughed to attra-ct their attention and they both looked at me.
“Sylvia, why aren’t you saying anything in defence?”
“Why aren’t you speaking s-en-se into Dave’s head?” Mabel turned and asked me.
I stood up and walked up to them.
I think what Dave said is true.
If we continue fighting over the company it will coll@pse at our very own eyes, I said and Mabel g@sped.
“Don’t tell me you have been listening to the $h!t his being uttering, Mabel asked in surprise.”
I know its $h!t, but that $h!t is right if we look at it.
Let’s st©p arguing this and hand over the company to her, it won’t st©p me from being the vice president, I said and Mabel shook her head.
“That $h!t won’t happen, she yelled and stormed out.”
“You made a good choice, Dave said and smiled.”
I also smiled at him and left – headed to Marcus house.
Oh geez!
Its gonna happen tomorrow – the board meeting where all the board members will be pres£nt and a new president will be selected.
I’ve made up my mind to hand over the company to her for peace sake.
Beside she knows more about how to run a company.
And maybe along the line I will take the company from her.
But for now we nee-d someone to save it first.
💙Rachel’s POV💙
Oh! You can’t imagine how happy I am.
I’ve been watching their own drama throu-gh the c@m£ra I secretly planted in the living room.
I did it to watch and listen to ever of their move.
I’m happy that Dave is doing his job properly.
He has been able to convince Sylvia.
That dull br@t.
I’ll still get her out of the way but not now.
It might raise suspicion if I do it now.
Tomorrow I’m gonna be the new president.
I’ll make sure I frame Mabel that.. I don’t even no what to call her.
I’ll surely throw her into prison for always running her mouth.
Can’t believe she raised her tiny voice at me.
Next day at the company.
I woke up early and dressed up elegantly.
I’m gonna become the new boss in few hours.
Don’t want anyone looking down on me.
I sprayed my perfume all over my b©dy and looked into the mirror.
Good luck, I wished myself and smiled.
I drove in one of my cars straight to the Company.
I got down and headed straight to the board room and surprisedly met all the board members there.
Sylvia, Mabel and Dave was also there.
Mabel was glaring angrily at me but I returned the look with a smile.
Yes. A smile of victory.
The meeting started in few hours and I was made to state the reasons why I should be the one handling the company.
I climbe-d unto the podium in front of them and repeated what I said the last time adding as many lies as possible.
I was done talking after a while and they were all looking convinced.
Sylvia was asked to climb the podium but she refused saying she didn’t come to compete with me.
She wouldn’t even win if she did.
I aren’t in any competition with Rachel but I have something important to show you all before you decide if you still want to make her the president, she said and turned on the big television screen in the board room.
I was even wondering what a television was doing there.
She took a remote and pla-yed it.
A voice rang out from the television.
Its wasn’t like a movie – more like a recording.
I immediately recognized the voice as my own.
But what??
“Wait, that was when I ordered gray to kill Mr Ramon – my uncle.
The first and second time.
At the company and at the hospital.
I can’t believe this.
Sweat broke out of my fore head immediately.
I wasn’t myself again.
How did they??
How the hell?
Everyone was looking at me.
What’s happening ?
Mabel was now smiling.
Sylvia just kept looking at me as if she wanted to pu-ll out my skull.
And Dave..
I could see disappointment in his eye.
The recording c@m£ to an end and there were noise everywhere.
So ladies and gentlemen what do you still say?
Is she the one you still wanna make the president?? She asked.
They started nodding In disagreement.
I can’t let this happen to me.
That recording – that voice isn’t mine, I suddenly yelled and all attention turned towards me.
“Its obvious I’m being framed.” She doesn’t want me to become the president that’s why she’s like this.
“Why on earth will I think of killing my uncle, the one who raised me?” I asked and Sylvia c@m£ to me and sl@pped me.
I was shocked.
She sl@pped me across the face.
I wanted to call and she landed me a second one.
Without Warnings a third one followed and the forth one landed after the third.
I held my two cheeks in disbelief.
You murder!
“How dare you?”
“You dare to lie after what you did??” She yelled loudly.
“I’m being framed! ” I yelled again.
“Alright, she replied and stretched her hand towards Mabel and Mabel handed her a few do¢v-ments and distributed the rest to the members.”
Sylvia took the do¢v-ments and placed it on my fore head.
There, we have the re-adings of how Rachel bought shares from two different board members.
She actually threatened them before buying it.
She bought 25 percent shares adding to the 40 she has and claimed my dad gave her 65 shares.
“Now how do you defend yourself from that?” Sylvia asked turning to me.
I couldn’t say a word.
I won’t rot in jail.
I looked at the door and a thought niggard at me.
I have to run.
I started running and got to the door.
I opened it only to see the SWAT, the police and other officials.
They all pointed their gun to me.
Your hands over your head! One of the said and cuffed me immediately.
I can’t believe this.
The workers and the board members who c@m£ out of the board room were all starring at me.
They started taking me out of the company and Dave ran up to us and st©pped us.
I never knew you were like this.
After last Tuesday you told me to try convincing Sylvia.
I did but the next day Mabel saw a hidden c@m£ra in the sitting room.
Sylvia also discovered those evidence and we decided to draw you right where you won’t be able to escape.
All those argument were only acting.
We knew you were watching and Sylvia agreed to hand over the company to you ma-king it easy for you to run straight into your tra-p.
You killed father.
How could you ??
I was the only one on your side but now I see the real you and I hate you so much.
Sofu-cking much!
Episode 45
Final episode
💙Rachel’s POV💙
Ifu-cking you so much.
“Sofu-cking much, he said with so much anger and pain.”
“You gotta help me, I promise to change plea-se, I begged him but he ordered them to take me away.”
I saw Marcus and my heart beat increa-sed.
“What is he doing here?” He gave me a dangerous stare and walked pas-s us.
Oh no!!!!
💖Nora’s POV💖
I watched as they took her away.
I sighted Marcus coming and I ran to hvg him.
Guess the plan was successful honey, he said and k!$$£d me.
“Yea it was, and she’s never getting out of prison. I promise.”
“Here take, he said stretching his hand towards me with a file.”
I collected it and opened to see what’s there.
Its a binding agreement.
Dad gave me today.
With that no one is gonna think you won’t be able to handle your dad’s company.
I smiled and looked at him.
Oh thanks a lot mar. Am so happy and I’ll go hand this to them immediately.
I left and handed it over to one of em – the head.
I turned to go back to Marcus but I started feeling dizzy again.
Not now plea-se, I thought and covered my eyes with my palm.
It seems my eyes will roll out of its socket anytime soon .
“What’s wrong Nora?” I heard Marcus ask as he held me.
“Well, just feeling dizzy, I replied tiredly.”
“Come on, let’s go to the hospital, he urged and I agreed.”
I think I nee-d to no what the heck is wrong with me.
We arrived at the hospital few minutes later and I was quic-kly admitted – Marcus idea.
Different test were carried out and the doctor later returned with the test result.
Mr, miss. He called.
I’m happy to let you that you’re one Month and few days pregnant, he said and I was surprised.
I looked at Marcus who was also starring at me.
★ Writer’s POV ★
2 years later.
Nora and Marcus got married together with Mason and Sara when they discovered about the pregnancy.
And now the baby is a year and few months old.
Nora heard the cry of Bob from the kitchen and ran to carry him.
“Oh! st©p crying and let me cook for your dad, will you?” Nora begged Bob while cudd-ling him.
The door bell was heard and a maid – cal went to get the door.
Ronnie c@m£ in looking as cute as ever.
Hey Ronnie! Nora beamed as he k!$$£d her two cheeks.
“Why is the little prince crying Sylvia?” Ronnie asked looking at Bob sadly.
Nora chuckled and continued petting him until he kept calm and she went to put him down.
“How have you been Ronnie?” Nora asked.
Being good and c@m£ to tell you that I’ll be travelling to Ko-rean tomorrow, he announced.
Huh, why!?
“For how long?” She asked.
Maybe five or six years, he replied and she g@sped.
Oh Ronnie! Am so sorry for everything, she apologized.
Come on, I love that you’re happy Sylvia and that alone gives me joy and I aren’t travelling cause of you alright, he said and stood up.
I nee-d to go now, I have a lot of things to put together, he said.
I’ll miss you a lot, Nora said.
He hvgged her then made for the door.
Make sure you take care of him for me alright. I’ll miss you to, Ronnie said from the door and left.
Nora sighed and realized her phone was ringing.
It was Dave.
Hello sis?
Hi baby bro.
“Aren’t you gonna make it to my concert again today?” Dave asked.
Oh! Am so sorry maybe next time, she replied and he gro-an ed.
“Alright then, he said and ended the call.”
The door opened and Marcus c@m£ in holding a lot of begs.
“Hi dear, Nora called and they k!$$£d for minutes.”
“Now how is my Prince charming doing?” He asked dropping the things he was holding and moving closer to carry Bob.
He has been crying the whole day Marcus, maybe you should take him with you tomorrow, Nora replied and they chuckled.
Marcus carried Bob up and k!$$£d him.
“Sure, he replied and they laughed.”
Nora left to continue what she was cooking.
Thanks for staying with me all the way.