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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My romantic maid Episode 9 & 10

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Episode 9
😍My Romantic maid 💯
😋 [She’s sexy] 😊



“So you mean you have never had s*x before nor even being romanced or kissed? “Mason asked again.

Yes..I mean no , I have never had s*x before…. just that one, she stammered.

“Really?” Mason asked and throw a glance at me.

“Yea really, she replied playing with her fingers and biting her lower lip.”

“But why?” he asked again.

“Why haven’t you tried s*x ? Is it that you haven’t met the right guy or what? ”

“Uh..I’m sorry but I have to go , I just remembered that I have to call my mom to inquire about her health, she replied and stood up almost immediately and left.”

“Like seriously bro… She haven’t had s*x! Do you think she’s lying? “Mason asked immediately she left.

“I don’t no man, I replied digging my fingers into my hair.”

“But you said you almost had her, didn’t you….you no…he asked and I shook my head understanding what he meant.”

“Nope I didn’t, I replied and took a sweet from the tray and chewed it.”

“Hmm taste good, I mumbled to myself and took another one and another one until it finished.”

“So let’s play a video game for now, mason suggested and headed for the television remote control. ”

He picked it up and beckoned

on me to come over to where he was.

I stood up and went to where he was and sat down . I felt that I was sitting on something and immediately stood up and picked up the stuff.

Its a phone – Nora’s phone.

Guess she left it.

” I thought she said she was gonna make a call, mason chipped in when he saw me with the phone. ”

“Oh my! This is an iPhone , he exclaimed and dragged the phone from me. ”

“I thought she said they didn’t have much money, he added starring at the phone.”

“Was she lying? “He asked and we starred at ourselves at the same time and he made to open the phone but I told him not to, but being mason the big head , he opened it still.

“He opened the phone and there was no password to the phone luckily for us – or should I say that? ”

He went for the contact and all name there was saved with two letter words ; like DA, SA,MA, and lot more.

“What the f**k? “Mason exclaimed with wide mouth.

“Damn ! Seems like she keeps a lot of secret, I chipped in.”

Mason left the contact and went to gallery.

We saw different pictures of her with huge celebrities.

Oh lord!
Sweet Jesus! Mason and I exclaimed at the same time.

“What is this? “Mason asked facing me.

“How am I supposed to no, I replied sharply my attention focused on the pictures.”

She is really…I mean extremely pretty in her pics. Then I

saw a picture with she and the lady I saw with her the first time in which she said was her brother’s girlfriend.

The way they took the picture, they looked more like sisters and the lady looks pretty and familiar . Wait! She’s a model.

“This is Mabel man , a model , Mason said pointing at the lady which I kept staring at.”

“Let’s go to the video , he said and went to the video but all the videos were locked.”

“Damn! But you no what I do best man, he said and chuckled.”

“Mason is a computer Freck ! I give him that one , i no he will unlock the phone within secs. ”

He did what he did and all the videos became unlocked.

He smiled evilly and tapped on a video there and it started playing immediately.


Episode 10


He tapped on the video and it started playing immediately.

“Gosh! just a fashion show video, mason hushed and wanted to remove it .”

“Wait, if it’s just a fashion video why is it locked ?” I asked him.

“How am I supposed to know , he replied and wanted to change it to another one.$

“Wait, fast forward it to the end , there could be something at the ending…who knows , I chided and he fast forwarded it.”

It showed that she was with a middle aged man and they were talking with a documents on the table.

I gasped and looked at mason.

“Wait ,how did she manage to merge two video together? “Mason asked me.

“Wait , can you back forward it to the place this particular video started , I asked and he started back forwarding it and at the moment I heard foot steps and looked to see Nora approaching us.”

“Shit! Drop the phone , I whispered to Mason and he quickly dropped it and we both turned and started playing the video game we wanted to play.”

She walked in and went for the tray then left with it.

Mason turned and took the phone then cleared all the recent activities and locked it.

She came back few minutes and started searching for the phone.

“What are you looking for? “I asked pretendedly.

$Em..sir am looking for my phone , she replied still searching for it.”

“You kept it here, mason cut in and showed the phone to her and she collected it from him immediately and raised her brows to look at us then smiled and made to leave.

$You have such an expensive phone, mason said.$

“Yea I got it as a gift , she replied and I blenched.”

“What? What f**king gift?” So the clothes were also gift and all the pictures she took with those popular celebrities ,even saw one with her were gift too, I thought to myself but didn’t ask her.

“OK…alright, mason replied and she made to leave again.$

“I thought you wanted to call your mom, so have you called her? “Mason asked yet again.

“Uh…yea, I have another phone that I used in calling her, she replied and left.”

“So she even have another phone?’ Mason said.

“Dude! That beauty is hiding something, did you see those celebrities? “They can’t relate like that with just any body, he added and I nodded in response.

$Yes…I agree with you, I replied.”

We continued with the video game we were playing and the securities downstairs ran up to us.

“Sir, there is someone at the gate , he said.”

“Who is the person?” I asked.

“Sir, I don’t no, but its a male, he replied.”

“Let him in , mason replied and I rolled my eyes at him.”

“Buddy this is my house , you can’t just let anyone knocking at the door in, I cooed and he grinned.”


The supposed person came in and was putting on glasses, he looks really familiar.

“Who are you?” I asked and walked up to him.

He removed his glasses and I recognized him at once.

F**k! This is Ronnie man , a model, mason gasped and walked to us.

“Like seriously! What are you doing in my house? ” I asked and gestured for him to sit.

He grinned and sat down crossing his legs and looking around.

“Nice abode , he commented.”

I can recall we don’t no each other, apart from seeing each other on TV , magazine and newspaper , we don’t interact at all.

“Well I came to see Sylvia, he replied and mason and I looked at ourselves.”

“Sylvia?? Who’s she? “Mason asked.

“What do you mean who is she?” She stays here, he replied.

“Well we don’t have anyone named Sylvia here , I live here alone and my guy mason here visited me. “So who exactly is Sylvia that you came all the way here? I inquired.

“Sylvia Ramon! you don’t no her? “He asked.

“Sylvia? Who doesn’t no Sylvia?” Mason chipped in.

“But she’s out of the country, I mean she doesn’t live here, we don’t even no what she looks like , so why are you looking for her in my house? “I asked curiously.

“Em..she’s here.” I actually tracked her here and the red light says she’s here, if she knows that I tracked her here She’ll kill me but I took the risk and look, he replied and showed us his phone.

The phone was beaming and the red light showed that the lady was in my house.

“But how is that possible? “I inquired.

“Do you have any pictures of her? “Mason asked him.

“Yep , he replied and searched for her pics and showed it to us.”

Mason and I gasped at the same time and looked at ourselves.

“No, you’re kidding right?” I asked standing up to my feet with the phone still In my hand.

“Nora?? Mason shrieked in shock.”

“Who’s Nora?” The guy asked confused.


Hmm what’s happening.

Please I need better comment , stop commenting next. If a writer could take out time to write for long and yet some senseless people comment next and yet some people will comment too short , some will even comment just nice, good, great and short words but still expect the same writer to write a really long episode….Tell me who are you deceiving? Is it your ancestors or yourself.

NEPA did not give us light but I managed to write this one, am not even sure I’ll post romantic Prince. So all am saying is that I don’t want to see that comment next here. Comment and react with your brain and i might start making this story longer.




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