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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My romantic maid Episode 41 to 43

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Episode 41
😍My Romantic maid 💯
😋[ She’s sexy] 😊
By Blessing D writes


💖Nora’s POV💖
After the burial of Dad everything started off again.

I am presently in Marcus house house since we haven’t been together for a week.

We all agreed to play adamant and watch Rachel to see her actual plan.

I mean my dad just died and she wants to take over his company in my place immediately.

We needed to no her plans so we played cool and waited for Tuesday – the day scheduled for the board meeting.

The doctor was still investigating the case as his father begged me to give him enough time to do it.

My phone rang from my bag and I opened my bag and picked up the call.

📱 hello

📱 hello miss Sylvia, do you mind coming to the hospital?

📱 of course I’ll be there, hope you have good leads this time.

I ended the call and got dressed, got into my car and drove straight to the hospital.

I must find the monstrous killer of my dad.


I got to the hospital and got down from the car.

I entered into the hospital and walking along the part that led to the doctor’s office and suddenly felt dizzy.

Gosh! This thing is becoming serious but I won’t let any sickness distract me.

If I fall sick

I wonder what Mabel and Dave will do then.

I got to the doctor’s office and got in.

Another doctor was there shaking.

A detective was also there – one I hired.

I sat down facing the doctor in charge.

“So have you found the person?” I asked and he cleared his voice.

No but I think you have to hear “what he” has to say, the doc said and pointed to the other doctor.

Um.. On that day and around that time your father was poisoned I got knocked out by a man who I thought was a patient, he explained.

He had complained of stomach pain and asked that I tested him so I was about running a test on him and he suddenly knocked me out and took my ID and my doctor’s wear.

I have never seen the man before, he explained.

“Will you recognize him if you run into him again?” The detective asked.

Of course, the doctor answered and my mind suddenly flashed to the doctor that brushed past me and headed to the VIP ward.

He seems to be in a hurry and the doctor in charge said that no doctor got to the VIP ward around that time.

Can you describe this man or wait, don’t you guys have CCTV?

We do have miss but the VIP ward part wasn’t functioning at that time, the doc in charge explained.

“Can you describe him then?”I asked the doc who explained things.

Um his tall, has a mark across his face and his hair is packed in a crazy way,

he looks scary as well, the doc explained. He was quite scared as his lips shook.

And wait, the person he described seems like the one that brushed past me.

Seems like I saw that person along the part that led to the VIP ward, I said and they all looked at me.

“Can I get the video footage of that part that led to the VIP ward?” I think we can catch him from there.

We all stood up and went to the CCTV room and we asked the person in charge to find the footage of that night.

💎Marcus’s POV💎

I got home from work and couldn’t find Nora.

“Where could she have gone to?”

I picked up my phone and dialed her number but it wasn’t going through.

A lot has really happened lately.

Can’t still believe that Mr Ramon is died.

Nora seems to be having a hard time and I couldn’t really do much for her tho I tried my best.

I pray we all come out of this so I can quickly get married to her.

She told me things Rachel was doing and I couldn’t help but fear for Nora.

With the way I’ve seen Rachel it won’t be a shock if she actually turn out to be the one behind Mr Ramon’s dismiss.

I’m afraid that Nora is gonna find out about what Rachel did those few days that she was away.

She might get mad course I didn’t tell her. I just hope that they find the killer so I can get married to her before things get out of hand.

I really can’t bare to loss her.

💙Rachel’s POV💙

“Huh, that Sylvia brat is investigating who the killer of her father is.” Well good luck to her.

She doesn’t even no am about taking the company from her.

Silly bit*h!

I brought out the Will of uncle and stared at it.

Hmm whatever!

I stood up and light a match stick then burnt the Will.

No one is ever gonna find out that the Will the lawyer will present is actually fake.

Made by me of course.

I took the fake Will and starred at it as smile formed on my lips.

Y’all be be shocked that your father left almost everything in my name.


A call came into my phone and realized it was my spy.

📱Any leads? .

📱yea, I think they are about to find out the person they injected him with poison.

📱hmm okay keep your eyes open.

I can’t let them get Gary or he might implicate me as well.

I think its high time I get rid of him and I’ll do it myself.

I picked up my phone and called my spy again.

“Gather about three boys we have something to take care of, I ordered and left the house and got into my car.”

I drove speedily to my spy’s house and he and three guys got into my car and I drove to Gary’s base.


We got to his base and he was watching the television and also smoking.

He got up immediately I entered looking surprised.

“Ma..Ma’am , he called but I only smiled and took out my gun.”

A silencer was already in it.

I pointed it at him and he made to take his own gun but the guys raised their gun at him and he paused.

“I’ve done everything you asked me to do, he said.”

“Well, not everything.”

I still want you to die course if you don’t then my secret will be out in no time and I can’t take chances, I said and shot him in the stomach.

I shot him again and he fell on his knees bleeding profusely.

“Do you think if you kill me your secret will remain hidden?” he muttered as he held his tommy.

“Of course dear, I replied and released another bullet as he was about to say another thing.”

He fell flat on the floor and closed his eyes.

“Dispose him, I ordered and left them.”

There is no way am letting someone ruin me. My secret must remain hidden forever.


Episode 43

💖Nora’s POV💖
I stood in shock as I starred at Rachel.

I can’t believe dad gave almost all his property to her.

“How could he?”

“Didn’t he think of his own children?”

Rachel kept on smiling happily.

“So, everyone already have enough prove , shall we continue?”

“No, you aren’t continuing with anything cause dad company can’t go to you, I interrupted and she glared at me.”

“Its not my fault sweetie.” Its not my fault that your father doesn’t trust you as much as he trusts me, she said almost in a whisper.

I fisted my hand angrily and stood in front of the board members.

“Can we at least shift the voting to another day?”

I will also be in a competition with her or what do you think? I asked starring at them and they nodded in agreement.

“OK then, till next week Tuesday, one amongst them said and they started leaving the board room one after the other.”

Rachel was fuming.

“What do you think you’re doing?” If no one is in control then this company will collapse, she rasped.

“Not that you care anyways, I replied standing at akimbo.”

“Yea, you’re only after my father’s money you bit*h, Mabel added.”

Rachel turned to Mabel.

“What did you just call me?$ Rachel asked and raised her hand up to slap her.

Don’t you dare touch my sis again except you want to be buried inside this board room, I said from behind and her hand suspended in the air.

Mabel grinned and smirked.

“Do you think I wasn’t gonna find out all that you’ve done, you animal without no sense of reasoning, I half yelled and walked to face her.”

“Oh! Which one of em dear?” She asked and also folded her arm.

“Lemme do you a favour by giving you 48 hours to disappear from our lives, I said and she pulled a puzzled look on.”

“And why is that? Are you scared am gonna be the one in charge?” She asked mockingly.

“I’ll do you a favour by keeping you in suspense sweetheart, I grinned and turned to Mabel.”

“Let’s go, I urged and we left.”

Just as we opened the door we saw Dave standing there.

I signed and walked pass him.

💙Rachel’s POV💙

“What the f**k Is giving her the strength to talk after reading the Will? Or did she perhaps find out that I killed her father?”

“No, not possible, I covered my tracks well. Maybe she’s just bluffing.”

The door opened and Dave walked in looking at me.

Oh! I no that look.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked when he got to where I was standing.

“Doing what?” I asked pretendedly.

“You want to take what does not belong to you? Is this you or someone faking to be you?” He asked.

Your two sisters are the ones taking what does not belong to them. Uncle gave me this company and I have proven it already.

Its not as if I stole anything or am trying to.

I just want to help build this company in his place, I replied as innocent as I can.

“Dave, believe me.” I won’t do things like this, I said and placed my hand on his shoulder.

It is necessary. I know a whole lot about how to run a company but your sis doesn’t.

If she becomes the president this company might fold up. Maybe you should try taking to her, I asked starring at him.

The way he was looking at me seems he’s getting convinced.

Dave. I no Dave’s back and front.

That’s no way he won’t listen if I speak to him like this.

Try convincing Sylvia. This company will crumble within our very own eyes if we don’t select a president who knows about how to run a company, I said and placed my other hand on his other shoulder drawing his closer to me.

Such an innocent kid.


💖Nora’s POV💖

We matched out of the company in anger.

“That pretender. How dare she?”

She made me think I was guilty while she’s the real devil.

Haven’t really been able to get what she did off my mind.


We got home – the three of us.

Dave walked up to me and stopped.

Maybe you should leave the company to her and see how she runs it, Dave suggested and I glared at him.

“Are you okay?” Mabel asked standing up from where she was sitting.

“How dare you say such a thing? What did she poison you with?” Mabel snarled.

“She didn’t poison me with anything mab, am just trying to be considerate.”

“I’m thinking about the future of the company okay?” Dave replied.

“Oh! You mean Sylvia won’t be able to handle the company, is that it?”

“Are you saying she’s incompetent?” Mabel asked him and he sighed and sat down.

“Why are you twisting my words mab?”

“Of course she is but she doesn’t know much about the company, does she?” Dave answered.

“Well, there is no way we are handing the company over to her, Mabel yelled and also sat down.”

They both kept quite.

“What do you say sis?” Dave asked starring at me and I stood up and walked up to him.

I looked at him for minutes and left the house without saying a word.

I’m gonna kill this bit*h one day.

Imagine she’s turning my brother against me.

I drove speedily to Marcus house and got down.

Next day.

I was in the sitting room thinking about the recent escapade.

My phone buzzed from the couch and I answered it immediately I realized the person on the line.


📱Miss we have something that might help.

📱 Alright I’ll be there with you.

I disconnected the call and rushed up to have a change of clothes.

I got changed and entered one of Marcus car and drove straight to the police station.

I arrived few minutes later and walked into the station.

I further walked into the detective office.

The doctor in charge of my late father’s surgery was there as well.

And a guy was also there.

I took a sit immediately and looked at them.

“You’re welcome miss Sylvia, the detective said.”

“Do you recall this face?” He asked pointing at the guy there.

“No, I replied.”

“Well, this is grays only friend.” The guy who poisoned your father, he said and I glared at the guy again.

“So anything?” I asked and the detective smiled.

“We have a lot of evidence as to who murdered your father miss, he said.”

This guy here firstly claimed that he hasn’t seen gray for a long time but he did anyways. When he discovered that we found gray dead he decided to open up to us.

He said that gray gave me a flash drive and some documents and ordered him not to open them except he dies, the detective explained and I listened attentively.

He decided to summit the flash drive and the documents to us saying it might be really important to us if we had it, he continued and showed the flash drive and the documents to me.

“Miss, I think we are about to find out about the killer of your father.” Seems the person killed him after ordering him or paying him to kill your father but the guy left some evidence to track the person behind his death.

“Well, so many criminals are like that. ”

So let’s check this out, I didn’t want to open the flash drive without you being present, he said and plugged the flash drive into the computer at his desk.

I smiled as I watched the computer.

I hope its not you Rachel or you won’t like what I’ll do to you, I thought within myself.



Be ready for the semi final guys.

Seems the truth is coming out slowly.

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