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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My romantic maid Episode 37 & 38

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Episode 37
😍My Romantic maid 💯
😋[ She’s sexy] 😊
By Blessing D writes


💖Nora’s POV💖
Be my wife Sylvia Ramon? I heard.

Is this a dream? But yea I no we were gonna get married anyways but so fast?

I stood up from the sit and kept looking at him in shock.

Tears were already building up in my eyes.

Y..Yes, I said and he smiled then took the ring and fixed it into one of my fingers.

He kissed my hand before standing up.

Thank you, he muttered and before I could say anything he covered my mouth kissing me as if his life depends on it.

I responded to the kiss and after a while we disengaged from it and hugged each other.

Tears were already flowing freely.

Thank you, he muttered again patting my back.

My pleasure, my pleasure.

★Rachel’s POV ★

This isn’t happening to me.


He engaged her? How could he?

I took my phone from the couch and placed a call to gray.

Hit him, I commanded immediately he picked and dropped the call.

There’s no way am leaving Sylvia alone.
Few hours later a call came into my phone.

I picked it up knowing it was Gray….

★Nora’s POV ★

Well we left the restaurant shortly after the proposal.

Gosh I am so happy.

I picked up my phone and called Ronnie.

He needs to no

about this.

His phone rang without him picking up and I guess he must he in a meeting.

I called Mabel second and told her about it and she was happy for me.

I think I’ll go to Ronnie’s house tomorrow morning then.

I really miss him too.

Next day.

I woke up in Marcus house and went down to prepare a meal for him.

I prepared a light meal for him since it was really early.

He said he needed to leave more early today.

He eat and left and I started preparing to go to Ronnie’s.

When I was done I left for his house in one of Marcus’s car.

I got to his house and input the password then went in.

Ronnie! I called.

Ronnie!! I called again and he showed up with a towel tied around his tiny waist.

Oh he was about to shower.

Hey Sylvia! He beamed and made to hug me but I stopped him.

Go put on some clothes I have news for ya.

He chuckled and left.

He gave back three minutes later.

What news? He asked and sat down on his couch.

He took a cigarette stick and lighted it.

I don’t no why he enjoys smoking.

Thank God Marcus and Dave doesn’t smoke.

Um..Marcus proposed to me, I announced almost yelling.

Really? He asked not sounding really happy.

I’m happy for you, he said and stood up.

He went to his wine bar and took a bottle of wine.

He came back with two glasses and offered me one.

I collected it of course. I needed to celebrate.

Um Ronnie you don’t sound happy, I asked.


said so? Am sorry for you, he replied and drank from his glass.

I’m sorry if I disappointed you Ronnie it wasn’t my intention you no I con….

Consider you more like my younger brother, he cut me off and scoffed.

Whatever, he added.

Ronnie, I called and went and sat beside him.

We’ve talked about this already, am really sorry if we didn’t end up as you expected but am really happy that you’re my best friend, I cooed.

Well I don’t like being your best friend Sylvia. No matter how hard I try I still see you the way I see you but if marrying Marcus is gonna make you happy then so be it, he said.

Thank you.

Don’t thank me Sylvia. We’ve been through a lot and I don’t want to be the one spoiling what we have built, Ronnie said.

I was right after all, I heard and turned to see Dave.

Dave! I called and stood up.

Ronnie also stood up.

You got engaged and didn’t even think of informing me. Always choosing him over me, Dave said anger resounding in his voice.

Hey watch your tongue, Ronnie fired at him.

And if I don’t? Dave asked moving closer to him.

Come on, you two stop this childishness, I yelled.

Let’s go Dave, I beckoned but he ignored.

Why do you always choose him over me? You seems to forget that I am your younger brother Sylvia, he said.

Am sorry let’s talk about this outside, I said and dragging him.

My phone started ringing and I picked it up realizing its Mabel.


What?? I asked in shock.


Episode 38

💖Nora’s POV💖

“How is he?” I asked with a shaky voice starring from Ronnie to Dave who kept quite the whole time starring at me as well.

“OK I’ll be there, I said and disconnected the call.”

“What is it?” Dave asked glaring hard at me.

“Its father, I mouthed.”

“W..What happened to him?” He asked softly.

He was shot but…


“But the bullet only met his arm so his been treated, I replied.”

“We should go, he is been treated at his private hospital, I added and looked at Ronnie.”

“Bye, I bedded and left with Dave.”

Few minutes later we arrived at his private hospital and met Mabel already there pacing about.

“Hey Mabel!” I called and moved closer.

“Has he regained consciousness yet?” I asked immediately.

“No, they are still operating him, she replied and I sat down in one of the hospital sit.”

Mabel sat beside me immediately while Dave stood.

“What exactly happened Mab?”

“I..I heard from the guards and people around that he was shot immediately he stepped out of his car, right in front of the company.”

“Uh.. Have they caught the person that shot him?”

“No, I think the person must be an expert, but who could have wanted him dead? Mabel replied.”

“Perhaps his business competitions?” Dave chipped in.


I was about to say when we heard clicking sound. We turned and saw Rachel walking towards us.

I stood up immediately looking at her.

Hey! She said and sat down opposite us.

Hey! Dave greeted and I sat down quietly.

“What did the doctor say?” She asked almost immediately.

“Nothing yet, Dave replied her.”

“And the person that shot him?” She asked again.

“Haven’t been caught, Dave replied.”

Seems its only you that can answer me, guess your two sisters has gone deaf, Rachel said and I raised my eyes to look at her.

She was also starring at me – coldly.

I took my eyes away from hers immediately.

“Its only you that have gone deaf here, Mabel said angrily.”

“And who are you talking to?” Rachel asked and Mabel wanted to reply but I held her hand.

She looked at me and rolled her eyes.

Whatever! She muttered.

We waited for few minutes and the operating room opened revealing the doctor who performed the operation.

He came out sweating.

We all rushed to him.

“How is he?” I asked immediately.

“Hmm your father is a fighter, the bullet is out and in no time he’ll bounce back to his feet, he said and I exhaled.”

“Oh thank you doc, Dave said and he nodded and left.”

“Well, since his okay, Rachel mumbled.”

“I’ll take my leave now, guess am not needed anyways, she said and left.”

“I don’t no what she’s proud of, she’s not even that beautiful, Mabel said after Rachel left. ”

Guess she’s still angry about the slap.

“Be careful there alright, Dave said and Mabel scoffed.”

You can keep supporting her for all I care but I don’t like her, maybe she’s responsible for dad’s condition, Mabel said more angry this time.

I turned to look at her.

“Will you cut that attitude of yours?” I asked.

“She might land you another slap if she hears it, Dave chipped in.”

“And you’re free to go tell her, Mabel said and eased.”

We stayed there silently.

Evening was approaching so I decided to call Marcus and tell him.

I excused myself and went to the washroom.

📱Hello baby

📱 “Hi sweetie, what’s?”

📱”I’m good, I heard the news. How’s your father?”

📱”Well, the bullet is out and he is recovering”

📱”Okay so you aren’t coming home tonight, huh!?”

📱” I don’t think so, I need to be here for my father and siblings. ”

📱”Oh alright, see you tomorrow then. Kisses.”

📱yea kisses.

I disconnected the call and smiled.

Thank goodness nothing happened to him. I haven’t even told him about Marcus and I been engaged.

“Who could have done that to him?”

“Could it be his business associate as Dave said or who?”

I know father is very strict and probably has a lot of enemies.

“Who could it be ?”

💜Rachel’s POV💜

I got home really angry.

I was able to hide my anger from them.

“Why is he still alive?”

That old man that wants nothing good for me but only his children.

I’ll have to end him in order to move to Sylvia.

If his still alive then that will be almost close to impossible.


I will need to find his Will first so when he dies everything will belong to me.

I’ll visit his lawyer tomorrow and somehow fake a false Will.

But now lemme call the stupid Gary to finish his job.

I picked up my phone and dialed his line.

He picked up at the second ring.

📱Hello ma’am

📱”You’re truly stupid. How much did I pay you , you loser? ”

📱”But ma’am I already explained what happened. I had to run so I wouldn’t get caught.”

📱”Oh shut it! Shut your miserable mouth.” You need to complete the task. He is gonna be admitted at the VIP ward. Disguise as a doctor and end him okay? I half yelled.

📱”Yes ma’am, he replied and I ended the call.”

Stupid illiterate.

He couldn’t even accomplish one simple task upon the billions he collected from me.

I’ll have to equally end him if he scale through with it. Don’t want my secret leaking out.

But for now lemme contact a professional that will form a fake Will.

By the end of tomorrow everything will be mine.

He’ll be dead and the Will will be read.

Its really easy accessing his company course I already have board members that will back me up .

The old fool gave me a lot of access so it won’t be a shock when they find out that everything is in my name.

💖Nora’s POV💖
Father was later transferred that day to a VIP ward.

We couldn’t go in course we weren’t allowed so I suggested that we all go home and rest and then come back early the next day.

Mabel and Dave agreed and we started leaving.

A doctor in a haste brushed my shoulder and I turned to look at him.

He didn’t turn to look at me but he was headed to the VIP side.

There maybe other patient to treat there anyways.

I ignored him and left with my siblings.

Hope he regain consciousness tomorrow.





What’s gonna happen now???

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