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My ro-mantic maid Episode 3 & 4

Episode 3
😍My ro-mantic maid💯
😀[She’s S-xy]😊 by blessing D
“Herl-ips tasted so sweet , it tasted liked vanilla and I wondered if she actually took it.
“I opened up to her unknowingly to me and we engaged in a h0t k!ss.
“Our ton-gues battled and my conscious reminded me of Rachel again but I ignored it.
“I just wanted to feel her , I wanted to have a taste of her and slowly I found myself on t©p of her leaving hitches on her n£¢k.
“The fire burning in me was damn serious that I felt I might explode anytime soon if I don’t have her.
“My hand slowly found it way to her [email protected] and I pu-ll-ed it down slowly teasing her V .
“She mourned into my mouth and held me firmly to herself – this was my own maid.
“After teasing her V for a while I left it and su-cked on her b*obs throu-gh the night go-wn.
“She reached for my shi-t and started pu-lling it off in a haste , my shi-t was off my b©dy before you knew it and it was remaining my trou-ser.
“She went for it without wasting of time and pu-ll-ed it off immediately but I was putting on [email protected] inside as well.
“My di-ck sprang up at the t©uçh of her hand and I could feel it dancing excitedly at the sight of her now well expo-sed b©dy.
“She had pu-ll-ed off her go-wn to her [email protected]!stline and I could clearly see her b*obs – they were so big and hvge . I su-cked on her [email protected] n!ppl!s without wasting of time.
“She gro-an ed with plea-sure as she begged me to take over her.
“And by now I’ve totally forgotten about anyone bearing Rachel.
“I continued su-cking her [email protected] n!ppl!s and from there I went for her torso.
” I ignored the night go-wn on her [email protected]!st and pu-ll-ed it over having a full view of her V.
“I used my ton-gue to tease her V and su-cked on her cl!t.
“She started mourning loudly but used her hand to cover her mouth.
“I was sweating profusely even before pu-lling into her @ss.
“She drew me closer and used her f!ngersto trace my abs , I felt I was on cloud nine immediately she did that . Even Rachel doesn’t no how to do it as she did it and that made me wonder if she was actually just a maid.
“She continued with it and by now , my di-ck was alre-ady fully £r£¢ted and re-ady for action.
“plea-se! plea-se do it ! She begged in a whisper, she was also sweating profusely.
“And yes it was high time I st©pped with the whole romancing stuff.
“I adjusted properly in order to pu-ll in but heard a loud scream.
“I flin-ched and turned towards the direction the voice was coming from.
“I saw Lena ,the other maid standing there and covering her eyes with her palm.
“Geez! I actually forgot we were at the sitting room😂😂😂
Episode 4
😍 My ro-mantic maid💯
😀[She’s S-xy]😊 by Blessing D
“F**k! Get out!! I yelled loudly and she scrambled away.
“I turned and looked over Nora at the couch, she was looking scared as well .
I used my palm to rub my forehead before putting on my brief, I can’t really believe I almost did it with this maid – Nora.
I took my phone from the floor before heading to my room leaving her there.
I got to my room and had a meaningful bath. This feels so weird , I have to sack that Nora before she puts me in trouble, that’s the only way to solve this terrible problem.
I [email protected] my be-d and closed my eyes before drifting to sleep.
Next day.
A knock on the door woke me up.
“Sir! Sir! You have a phone call from your father wake up! I heard and lazily opened my eyes.
“What phone call?” I muttered as I headed to the door to receive it.
I opened the door and the person standing there was Nora, I collected the phone from her before closing the door to receive it.
“Hi dad! I greeted but heard a loud scream in return.
“Marcus!! I told you repeatedly that you’ll be handling today’s meeting while I’m away , didn’t I? I told you the meeting will be starting by 10:00 am but look at the time 9:45 am and you still haven’t arrived huh! He yelled even louder ma-king me wonder why he didn’t call me on my personal phone. And just as if he re-ad my thought.
“I’ve been calling you on your personal phone but you refused picking up so before the next fifteen minutes I want to see you here, he concluded and hanged up.
“I told you to get a wife for God’s sake old man , I grumbled and went to give the phone back to her.
I opened the door and handed the phone to her before getting into the shower. Dad loves punctuality a lot , says it’s the sole of business.
“I showered real quic-k, wore my suite and shoe, picked up my briefcase re-ady to leave.
I got down and remembered I haven’t eaten anything and I don’t like eating just any where.
Nora pack the food and bring it to my car immediately, I commanded and got down to the parking lot.
I entered into one of my cars and ignited the engine to live and wanted to drive out before Nora rushed down and got into the back of my car.
“What is it? I asked wondering what’s she doing in my car.
Uh..sir I can’t leave the food or its will pour away so..I’ll have to follow you to your dad’s company, she replied and before I could say the next thing , my phone started ringing again.
I checked the time and it was 10:22 am , I ignored the call and Nora and hit the road.
I drove real fast and got to the company and packed, I left Nora there and rushed to the Meeting room.
The meeting started immediately I got there.
The meeting finally [email protected]£ to an end and I walked lazily to my office.
I opened the door and was surprised at what and who I saw.
“Nora! I called with surprised and she stood up immediately.
That was when I noticed the dress she was putting on.
A red armless clingy go-wn , it looked really expensive and I wondered if she actually bought it when she’s just a maid.
My office was arranged properly and decorated with dishes.
“Wait, is the president visiting me at my office or what? I asked with wi-de eyes and instead of replying me , she walked [email protected] me and locked the office door.
What the hell is she doing?
Hmm Nora
I think she’s up to something, don’t you think?

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