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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My romantic maid Episode 27 & 28

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Episode 27
😍My Romantic maid 💯
😋[She’s sexy] 😊
By Blessing D writes


💎Nora’s POV💎
I got to Marcus’s house and found him having a drink with mason.

“Hey sweetie! Come sit over here, he beamed and pointed to a space beside him.”

I went and sat down.

“So how was it?” He asked starring curiously at me.

Bad, really bad, I replied and rested my head on his shoulder.”

“Oh! come on, nothing is gonna happen , you no that right?”

“Yes, but she threatened to take you back, she’s knows everything, I said sadly.”

“No, she doesn’t no everything. If she knew how much I love you, she couldn’t have said that, he replied stroking my hair.”

“Hmm I’m scared.” Scared of her , she looks really angry and I no she should but..

“Come on Babe.” Nothing is gonna happen, beside she hasn’t confronted me yet and when she does trust me I’m gonna end things with her, he assured and I sighed not knowing what else to say.

I shouldn’t have agreed in the first place but getting to know and fall in love with him is worth it.

“OK am gonna go take a nap so that I can get over this a bit, I said and pecked him.”

Um..Sylvie, sorry Sylvia thanks for what you did for me, mason thanked

as I began climbing the stairs.

“You gotta change mason, I cooed and continued.”

💎Marcus’s POV💎

I signed worriedly at what Nora said.

I need to end things quickly with Rachel before she does something nasty.

“I don’t no why she isn’t calling or texting me. She should have visited me by now, I complained to Mason.”

“She will, hold on a bit, he replied absent mindedly.”

“Wait, what’s up with you man? I asked and he sighed.”

“I can’t believe I almost lost Sara. Dude I could have been dead by now, he chided.”

“You need to slow down the rate at which you screw bit**e’s, I advised.”

“Yea , am finally learning my lessons.” I’m going back to my house tomorrow dude. Need to start been responsible, he said and I laughed.

“Like seriously?”
Woo! That’s awesome man.

“Yea, he replied slowly and sluggishly stood up.”

“Oh! He never thought that he’ll get caught.”

“I noticed he almost cried yesterday. It was a very big shock which he is yet to get over.”

Next day.

Mason left to his house early and I prepared for office.

Nora already cooked for me and not as a cook but as the lady which am about to propose to.

“Yea, I’m planning on proposing to her immediately I end things which Rachel.”

I had my breakfast and left for the office.

I had meeting with some client and got back to my office to look over some documents and sign those that needed my signature.

I was doing all this fast to leave for home.

“I’m missing Nora already. Wish she was here

with me.”

A knock came at the door and I beckoned on the person to come in.

“Sir,someone is here to see you, my secretary informed.”

“What’s the individual name?”;I inquired.

“Rachel sir, he replied and I gave him a surprised look.”

“Wait, Rachel?”

“I’ve been expecting her but not at my father’s company.” Maybe its for the best so Nora won’t get to see her.

“Let her in, I replied and he left.”

The door opened afterwards and she walked in elegantly.

“Hi babe, she said and made to Peck me.”

“Hold on a sec Rachel, I stopped her and she sat down facing me.”

I could tell that anger was eating her body and soul up but she maintained a cool look.

“So this is the time you’re finally showing up? I asked and she pouted.”

“Oh! Forgive me sweetheart but I had to settle some things before heading here. ”

And like I said before, we are finally gonna be getting married so I’ve been thinking of the best date next month…should it be on the 10th or 12th or 14th or…

“Listen Rachel, I called cutting her off. ”

There will be no wedding whatsoever.

I’m even grateful that she knows already. Making it easier for me to end everything with her.

“Why? She asked with a frown.”

You no why Rachel. My father doesn’t want you and..

“We have talked about that , haven’t we?” She cut in.

Lemme finish, I husked.

“No, no , I don’t wanna hear any of your silly talks.” What I no is that we’re getting married next month, she bragged and stood up to leave.

I’ll go fix everything.

Hey! I called and also stood up.

“Don’t get the wrong ideas Rachel. I’m in love with your cousin and you no it, I said starring intensely at her.”

“I’ll pretend not to hear that babe, she cooed and made for the door.”

“I’m damn serious Rachel.” Please forgive me but I love her and my father wants her so everything that happened between us is in the past , I explained.

She chuckled slightly and turned to face me.

“I’ll still pretend I didn’t hear that, she said and finally left.”

“Damn it! She’s really stubborn.”


I got home really worried course of my encounter with Rachel.

I decided to wear a happy face immediately I saw Nora.

“Oh Mar! You’re back, she cooed and came to hug me.”

“Yes baby. Back for you , I replied and kissed her nose then finally her lips.”

She disentangled from the kiss and started unbuckling my shirt.

“I think you should go shower now. You’re food is waiting for you.”

Hmm I want to kiss you some more. Please!

Just one.

Just one?

“Yea just one, I replied and kissed her again.”

OK OK Mr. Kisser, it’s time to bath, she said disengaging from me.

Her phone which was kept on the table started ringing and she went to get it.

She looked at the screen and picked the call immediately.

“Dave? She called in surprise.”

Oh! What’s up?

“OK, am coming, she said into the phone and hanged up.”

“Its Dave, he said his outside. His waiting for me, she said.”

“Why? I asked.”

“I don’t no mar, am coming.”

😊Nora’s POV😊
I got outside and looked to see a white porch parked there.

I walked towards the car and he opened the door for me to get in.

“Hey! What’s up?” I asked immediately I got in.

“Why did you snatch Rachel’s fiancée?” He asked facing me.

“Where did you get that idea from?”

“Just answer me Sylvia?”


I didn’t snatch anyone’s fiancée. Dad told me that he’ll be my future husband that’s why am close to him. I didn’t no from the beginning that they were engaged.

That’s the shit!

“She’s really angry. I’ve never seen her that angry.”

“You no I really love Rachel. She was the one that took care of me while you were in Korean with Ronnie.”

“Stop it Dave. I had to, I replied.”

Alright you can just leave her fiance alone course I don’t want her doing something to you. Just so you no I love you even tho we haven’t spend time together please just leave her fiancée for her. Since dad forced you into this I suppose you don’t love him so it’ll be easy or…

“Yes. I love him a whole lot Dave, I replied.”

Oh f**k!

“What are you gonna do about Rachel then?”

“I guess I’ll just get ready for her.”


Episode 28

💎Marcus’s POV💎
“After I had showered, I waited for Nora to show up and she did feeling off.”

“Honey what’s up? What did your brother say?” I asked immediately she sat beside me.

“Um he said that Rachel is really angry and is planning on taking you back, she replied sadly.”

I faced her and placed my forehead on hers.

I took her hands in mine.

“We’ll fight this together course there’s no way I’m letting you go Nora, I assured and kissed her lips slightly then hugged her afterwards.”

I could read her fears – she felt really bad.

“Sweetheart listen. I want you to stop feeling bad about this, you didn’t take me away from her.” I fell for you course it was meant to be alright so stop blaming yourself unnecessarily, I cooed and pecked her forehead then hugged her again.

“Have you eaten yet?” She asked after a while and I remembered I haven’t eaten.

“Oh come on mar. You should eat, she said when she noticed I didn’t eat.”

“Come on. Get up, she beckoned and I got up then we went to the dinning area.”

We sat and I began eating.

I was done with my meals and we went up to my room.

We engaged in a hot romance session and later laid down together and drifted off to sleep.

Next day.

We woke up side by side and decided to shower.

I helped mix her hot bath and she bathed before I did.

She left immediately to prepare what I was gonna eat.

“I bathed and came out afterwards, I dressed up and went to meet her in the kitchen.”

“Hi babe, I called and kissed her.”

“Give me a minute love, she said and I smiled.”

“She doesn’t use such names to call me.”

I think an upgrade.

I went to the dinning and waited for her.

Few minutes later she walked to me and served me breakfast.

I started eating the bacon, tea and bread.

“Um Marcus, she called.”

“Yes babe, I replied.”

“I..I want to go to the mansion and stay for a few days, she said and I paused and looked at her.”


I..I figured out I need to be there for my siblings too since am the eldest and I also need to protect them in case of anything but not to worry I’ll come over everyday to prepare meals and spend time with you, she explained.

“Huh! But am gonna miss you a whole lot, I mouthed sadly.”

“I’m gonna be coming over everyday dear. Not to worry at all, she replied and placed her hand on my chin.”

“Okay then, I said even tho I hate the idea.”

“Oh! Thanks love, she cooed and pecked me then stood up and left.”

💜Rachel’s POV💜
I walked into the study and sat down facing uncle.

“I heard what you did, he said and I twitched.”

“Don’t you dare confront Sylvia again. If you have anything I’m here for you.”

“Sir. I want my man back, I said.”

He didn’t reply for a minute then talked afterwards.

“Why don’t we make a deal? He asked and I starred confusingly at him.”

“What deal?”

“Are you sure you can get Marcus back?” He asked and I became more interested.

“Yes. Yes I can, I replied.”

“I give you two weeks to do that. I’ll send Sylvia away for two weeks and if you can’t get him back, then back off finally, he said and I gulped down nothing.”

Hmm I think that sounds like a plan.

But when you succeed in getting him back I won’t be the one convincing his dad to accept you. Whatever you see you take. Just two weeks Rachel and you’re gonna back out if you’re not successful okay, he said and I nodded happily.

Of course I’ll succeed as long as Sylvia is not in the picture.

Here I come Marcus.




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