My ro-mantic maid Episode 23 & 24

Episode 23
😍My ro-mantic maid 💯
😋[She’s S-xy] 😊 by Blessing D writes
💎Marcus’s POV💎
I was really hoping and praying that what Nora has to say isn’t something that will separate us course I won’t be able to bear it.
I have missed her a lot.
Her hvgs, k!sses and all.
I was really dying to k!ssher.
“I miss you too Nora , I replied and also hvgged her ti-ght.”
We dis£ngaged from the hvg and I planted myl-ips on hers hungrily forgetting that we were in the office.
She turned and sat on the desk and wra-pped her legs around my w@!st while I held her ti-ghtly .
The k!sswas rou-gh – showing how much I really missed her.
Our ton-gues battled harshly and I didn’t think we’re gonna st©p anything soon but the sound of my ringing tone made us st©p.
I took my phone from the desk and it was Rachel on the line.
I sighed tiredly still catching my breathe and finally I picked it.
“Hi Babe, her voice boomed from the other end.”
“Hi, I replied flatly.”
“You no love, I’m gonna be back like next two weeks.” I’ve finally ended everything and can’t wait to get married to you. I no why you acted that way when I c@m£ back , its course I was gonna go back right? But not to worry just wait a little bit longer okay, she said.
“Okay. was my only reply and I ended the call.”
“Rachel? Nora asked and I nodded.”
She got down from the desk and sat down on a sit.
I sat down and also faced her.
“What are you gonna do about her?” She suddenly asked and I cracked.
“Are you gonna marry us both?” She added with a little chuckle and I sm-irked.
“Are you re-ady to share me with someone else?” I asked and held her hand.
Which normal lady will wish for that huh!
I left her hand and cu-mpped her face.
I looked into her eyes and k!$$£d herl-ips.
“She’s your cousin, you no, I cooed.”
“So?” She muffled.
“Don’t you feel bad about it? What if she finds out that you’re in love with me?” She asked.
“I don’t feel bad about falling in love with you. Everything sweetie happens for a reason, I replied and k!$$£d her again.”
She looked down at her f!nger as if thinking and I raised her face to look at me.
“What is it?”
“She’s going to hate me once she learns about it and to be honest am scared of her , she replied and I scoffed.”
“Why are you scared of her? She’s just a year older than you are, I replied and she smiled.”
“So you no my age?”
“Of course. I searched you up, you no.”
“I didn’t want to do it, she suddenly said after a pause.”
“Do what?” I asked .
“Do what father said. I didn’t no she was engaged to you until recently.”
You no I based in Ko-rean huh!
He gave me three months to make sure that I make you fall in love with me, get pregnant for you and marry you , she replied and my eyes wi-de-ned.
“Seriously?” I asked in shock.
“Yes. Seriously. It was really ha-rd for me throwing away my dignity, she said soberly.”
Oh! I didn’t no, I replied.
Yea, I no.
Am sorry but since it made me meet you then am happy course you’re a nice person and I think that’s what attra-cted you to me , I replied and she smiled.
She raised her hand to my face and held my cheek.
“What if she refuses to let you go?” She asked and a tear rolled down her cheek.
I held her hand and k!$$£d it.
Let’s just hope for the best course am really into you.
I leaned closer and k!$$£d her then cleaned her cheek with my thumb.
I was going to break the engagement but..
“I know, she cut in.”
“You no? I asked puzzled.”
“Yes, I heard you discussing it with Marcus, she replied.”
Oh! You did?
“Yes and so many other things, she said.”
“So you were always eyes dropping on me huh! I asked and she chuckled.”
“No, not me , she replied.”
Then who?
“Cal, she replied and I gave her a confused look.”
“My father s£nt her to work for you actually, she replied.”
“Geez! You don’t mean it, I asked.”
“I’m serious, she replied with little laugh.”
“Oh my gahd!!” I exclaimed and she continued laughing.
“There are so many things you don’t no mar, she added still laughing.”
And that her laugh got me hor-ny.
“You no what?” I asked.
“Why don’t we go home now?” I said and win-ked at her and she blu-shed.
“You’re gonna leave your work?” She asked still blu-shing.
“Of course. You’re more important than anything, I replied.”
Episode 24
💎Marcus’s POV💎
We got home and I carried her upstairs.
Thank goodness mason wasn’t around.
I opened the door k!ss!ngher and locked it.
I took her to the be-d and l@yher gently on it.
“Oh gosh! We nee-d to shower, I muffled in between the k!ss.”
“No, she said and held my collar then pu-ll-ed me to herself.”
She un-buckled my bu-ttons and soon my shi-t and singlet was off my b©dy.
I trilled k!sses on her n£¢kline and her back.
I k!$$£d her b*obs throu-gh the clothe she was putting on giving it a little bite while she mourned.
I sli-pped my hand into her clothe and Zi-pped down her Zi-pper.
I brou-ght down the go-wn she was putting on to her w@!stline and un-hooked the br@ coming in full contact with her mas-sive b*obs.
I bit my lowerl-ips as I starred at them properly before taking the right one into my mouth and su-cking the hell outta it.
She mourned and used her hand to scatter my hair.
I su-cked on her right b*obs for a while then made for the second one, giving it equal justice.
I trailed k!sses on her tummy and pu-ll-ed off the go-wn remaining on her pa*ts.
She re-moved my belt and pu-ll-ed down my trou-ser remaining just my bo-xers.
I planted k!sses on her n£¢k leaving hitches and at the same time pu-lling off her pa*ts.
I pu-ll-ed down her pa*ts to her th!ghs robbing her V with my f!nger.
Her mourns increa-sed as she shut her eyes ti-ghtly.
My mouth found it way to her V as I ate her out.
She was mourning seriously and I wished we had gone to a separate place course I don’t even no if the maids were listening.
I dug two of my f!ngersinto her hole and f!ngerfu-cked her.
Then slowly I pu-ll-ed off the pa*ts and pu-ll-ed off my bo-xers.
I adjusted her properly before in-serting my ha-rd c**k into her alre-ady we-t pu-ssy.
I moved slowly at first but later increa-sed my pace.
I also shut my eyes as I enjoyed it and joined her in mourning.
Then suddenly she st©pped me and c@m£ on t©p of me.
She took my c**k and pla-yed with it for a while ma-king me wonder what’s she up to.
She sat properly on t©p of me after a while and inser-ted it into her pu-ssy and started ri-ding me to heaven.
Geez! It was……
The plea-sure I derived was much as I mourned and continued mourning.
All this while she fixed her eyes on mine not breaking the eye contact.
After I while I c-umed into her and pu-ll-ed out.
We l@yside by side on the be-d wra-pped around each other with the duvet covering us.
And we sleep off few minutes later.
A knock woke me up and I opened my eyes.
“Who is there?” I managed to ask and a maid answered.
“Sir, Sir mason is waiting for you in the sitting room.” He told me to inform you , I heard Lena’s voice.
“Alright, I replied flatly.”
I rolled out of be-d and wore my bo-xers then went to the bathroom to shower.
I showered and c@m£ out and Nora was still slee-ping.
I covered her properly with the duvet and went downstairs.
I got down and saw Mason sitting with his leg crossed and his eyes on his phone.
“Hi, how was your time with “Nora” he asked ma-king Nora sound childish.”
I signed and went to the bar and got myself a wine with two glas-ses.
I c@m£ back and kept the wine on the table there and opened it.
“How did you no?”
“Did you maids perhaps tell you anything?” I asked and decanted little quantity of wine into my glas-s cu-p.
“Nope. was around when you c@m£ with her and you guys should learn how to keep it down.”
“Like seriously? I could feel your vibr@tion from my room, he said and I paused then looked at him.”
He also looked at me with a stupid smile and I was tem-pted to pour the wine all over him but held myself.
“You no you’re a devil, aren’t you?” I asked and he chuckled.
“Aha! I’ll be having two bit-ch*s that I met at the mall tomorrow, he said l!çk!ng hisl-ips.”
“How many did you have today?”
“Just one and I bet she wasn’t as sweet as Nora, he replied drawing the word Nora.”
I picked the couch pillow and throw it at him immediately.
“Are you crazy dude!” I skrie-ked and he laughed holding his che-st.
“If you could lend her to me for just one night, he added and I stood up immediately re-ady to really deal with him but he was quic-k enough to run upstairs.”
Bad a*s!
💜Rachel’s POV💜
My phone rang from my purse and I picked it up.
“Hello, I answered.”
“Hi ma’am you’re right about your suspicion, he said from the other end.”
I ended the call immediately fuming in rage.
“How could they?”
“How could they do that to me?”
I’ll destroy them if anything happens to my relationsh!p.
I promise.