My ro-mantic maid Episode 21 & 22

Episode 21
😍My ro-mantic maid💯
😋 [She’s S-xy] 😊by Blessing D writes
😊Nora’s POV😊
He took me into his car and drove to his house.
I cried all throu-gh the ride. It’s not as if I don’t wanna tell him but I was warned not to reveal anything un-der any pressure whatsoever.
Ronnie arrived at his house and packed in the garage.
We got down and I went upstairs to sleep.
It happened after all. My fears c@m£ to pas-s.
💎Marcus’s POV💎
I watched throu-gh the window as Nora left. Yes Nora.
I can’t bring myself to call her Sylvia course it sounds strange to me.
She left with Ronnie not after crying on his arms.
“I wonder why they are that close. Or is there anything between them?” I wondered.
Lemme better be sure course I don’t trust Nora anymore.
I searched for my phone and found it then checked the net about the two.
Oh! They stayed in Ko-rean together. They lived together for a long time.
But a p@rt of me still don’t like their clos£ness.
Memories of what happened earlier flooded my mind again.
“Oh Nora! Was I too ha-rd on her?”
“But she refused to tell me the truth. I have every right to be mad.”
“But why isn’t she telling me the truth?”
I was still thinking when I heard a knock at my door.
“Its me man! Open up! Mason skrie-ked.”
I went close to the door and opened it.
I went back and lie on my be-d.
“Don’t you think you were too ha-rd on her?” He asked immediately he had taken his sit.
“Well, I don’t no. Shouldn’t I be ha-rd on her? Man she lied and kept on lying.”
“Okay imagine if Rachel didn’t see her here, we will still be at the dark, I said.”
“I no you. You’re just saying that to look strong in front of me but de-ep down you’re regretting your actions, he replied and I scoffed.”
“She just asked you to forgive her , didn’t she? ”
She only asked for forgiveness. Nothing more. she didn’t ask you to take her back, did she? He asked and I turned to look at him.
“What do you mean by all that? ”
Maybe you should just forgive her for lying in the first place and that’s it, he suggested.
“It’s like you’ve gone nuts mason. Or are you trying to get a go at her?”
“Am not, just advising.”
She doesn’t nee-d to ask me to take her back before I no that I will man okay. I want to forgive her right now Mason. I want to k!ssher and tell her how much I love and miss her but can’t alright.
Don’t make me the villain. You’re far worse than I am.
💖Nora’s POV💖
I’ve been here for the past two days.
I really nee-d to tell Marcus the truth.
I stood up from where I was lying and got to the sitting room to see Ronnie with two ladies beside him – probably bit*he’s he wanna scre-w.
Ronnie your car keys! I yelled due to the loud music pla-ying.
He left the ladies and walked up to me puffing out smokes.
“I told you to st©p smoking Ronnie! I yelled again.”
“What?” He asked.
“Don’t worry.” Car keys, I demanded and he handed them over to me.
“Where are you going ?” He yelled.
“To the mansion , I replied but he didn’t hear me.”
“Where? He asked again but am tired of shouting alre-ady so I ignored him and left.”
I took one of his car and left for my dad’s house.
Hope to see him at home.
I drove into the mansion after the securities discovered that I am the one.
He was walking towards his car with his guards before he turned and saw me.
I c@m£ out of the car immediately and went to him.
“Good morning sir, I greeted and he kept a puzzled look.”
“What are you doing here?” He asked after a long pause.
“Dad I nee-d to tell him the truth, I said going straight to the main point.”
“Dad” Did you just call me dad? He asked with a stern look.
Of course dad. You’re my father.
“I really nee-d to tell him the truth. His angry with me and won’t talk to me.”
I thought you said Rachel was un-der control but she saw me and they no who I truly am.
“He won’t talk to me unless I tell him the main reason for everything, I explained.”
“Well, I don’t think you’re supposed to tell him, he replied.”
“But, if I don’t tell him how will I continue with my plans?”
“Remember it isn’t accomplished yet so how will I do it?”
“Well, find another way out, he replied.”
“Dad am not lying to him ever again. He called me a liar and it hurts, it really does.”
“I don’t care if he calls you a liar but that plan nee-ds to be completed within this month and the next, he replied and I exhaled.”
“So, I should tell him then?”
“No. I’ll think about it, he replied and went into his car and drove off.”
“What kind of $h!t is this?”
Episode 22
💖Nora’s POV💖
I starred blindly as the car drove out of view.
“Sylvia!” I heard and immediately recognized the voice.
“Oh! Mabel how are you?” I asked and she walked towards me and k!$$£d my cheeks.
“Am good. You aren’t looking good yourself, she replied and I exhaled.”
“Why aren’t you coming in?” She asked and I shook my head.
I have something more important to do that can’t be put to hold, I replied and made to walk to Ronnie’s car.
“You’re staying in Ronnie’s house?” She asked and I smiled.
“Come see him once in a while sis. He misses you a whole lot , I said and she scoffed.”
“He should have thought of that before he started cheating, she replied with her hands at akimbo.”
I smiled and entered into the car.
“Come see him for my sake, I said and closed it.”
I drove straight to Marcus’s dads company.
I drove into the garage and requested to see Marcus dad.
“Who are you?” The secretary asked glaring at me.
“Just tell him Mr Ramon’s daughter and he’ll no its me , I replied in a harsh commanding voice.”
She called and told him and he let me in.
I opened his office door but surprisedly saw Dad.
“So you went against my command Sylvia?” Dad roared and I gulped down the saliva that has formed in my mouth.
“I couldn’t wait. Am sorry sir, I replied.”
“Come on, don’t be ha-rd on your daughter. Sit dear, mar dad said and I sat down on a vacant sit there.”
“So you said your cover is b!own?” He asked.
“Yes and he refuses to see me. The only way is to tell him the truth Sir, I replied calmly.”
“Go on then , he said and my dad glared at him.”
Are you serious?
You were did one that didn’t want him to no but what’s this? Dad asked anger resounding in his voice.
“Don’t you see she’s desperate. Come on. He won’t kill her, mar dad replied.”
“But the plan will be ruined once he knows the real truth, dad reasoned.”
“Did you say he fell in love with you dear?” Mar dad asked again.
“Yes sir, I replied.”
“Then go , he commanded and I couldn’t contain my happiness.”
If I had known I could have come straight to him.
I stood up immediately and went to his office.
I didn’t wait to ask the secretary any questions and he ran after me.
Ma’am you can’t just go…
He was about saying before the door open from the inside.
My heart missed a beat as our eyes met again.
“What do you want?” He asked rather coldly.
“I want to talk, I replied immediately.”
If you aren’t re-ady to…
“I am re-ady!” I replied and he exhaled.
He left the door way for me and I bec@m£ a little scared to enter but did anyways.
I entered and sat down. He locked the door and turned to look at me still leaning on the door.
“Marcus am sorry for everything. For hiding the truth from you, believe me am sorry.”
“I want you to go straight to the point, he replied still leaning on the door.”
I stood up immediately fiddling with my f!nger as I walked up to him and hvgged him but surprisedly he didn’t move.
He didn’t push me away or hvg me back.
I un-derstand that you’re angry and you have ever right to be but I was also f0rç£d to do what I did.
More like a command.
To the point, he husked and went to sit on his desk.
Your father and mine had a long lasting contract.
They promise to continue working together and one of the way to do it is to get you and I married.
Trust me I didn’t like the plan at all but they alre-ady decided among themselves.
It happened when I was very little. I was twelve then and didn’t even un-derstand what it was about.
“But the main point here is to make sure you fall in love with me and marry me, I said but he kept a straight face as if I didn’t say anything at all.”
“Is that why you c@m£ then?” He asked after a long pause.
He t©uçhed his fore head and exhaled.
“Was that so ha-rd to say? Why did you keep me in the dark?” He asked calmly.
I was scared. If you disobey one of my dad’s command he’ll punish you for it. Am really scared of him, I cooed.
“Why aren’t you reacting angrily? Aren’t you supposed to be angry?” I asked.
Am not strong enough to be angry at you. Am only hurting myself by been angry at you, he said.
I went close and held his hand.
I missed you Marcus. You can’t imagine what your words did to me, I..
“Nora is also my name Marcus, I’d appreciate if you continue calling me that name , I cooed and hvgged him again.”
I missed you too Nora.