My ro-mantic maid Episode 19 & 20

Episode 19
😍My ro-mantic maid💯
😋 [She’s S-xy] 😊 by Blessing D writes
💎 Marcus’s POV💎
I starred confusingly as Rachel held Nora and dragged her to where we were.
Nora kept mute and kept starring at me quietly.
“ how did you find me?” Rachel asked facing Nora.
Nora didn’t reply as she kept starring.
Her phone started ringing immediately and Rachel took it and looked at the caller.
“Oh its Ronnie!” She beamed and picked the call then stood up and left us.
I didn’t no what to say or do. Even mason was quite.
N..Nora? I stammered when I regained my voice.
Tears alre-ady filled her eyes. Are you Sylvia? I asked.
She quite mute still and use her thumb to clean her face.
She stood up when she heard Rachel’s foot steps.
She went to meet her, then collected her phone.
Without a word to anyone, she ran out.
I wanted to ran after her course I was really confused and curious about the whole drama.
Rachel sat down beside me.
“Oh sorry about that. I sincerely don’t no why she’s acting that way, Rachel said.”
My head was spinning with different questions so I ignored Rachel and went up to my room.
Mason followed me and locked the door behind.
“What’s that about dude? He asked.”
“How am I supposed to know?”
“Search her up, I said to him.”
“You mean Nora?” he asked back.
I mean Sylvia Ramon. Search her up.
He searched her up and showed me.
“Geez! Its her dude. Its truly Nora.”
I re-ad the inform about her there.
It says she travelled to Koran and stayed there ever since she was a kid and just c@m£ back last month.
The pictures were all her.
I covered my mouth with my palm and didn’t no what to say or do.
She’s truly Rachel’s Cousin and she’s a chef over there.
I dropped Mason’s phone on the be-d and he picked it up.
“Why? Why did she hide her true self from me? Why did she pres£nt herself as a maid?”
“I have a lot of questions to ask. This is really confusing me.”
“Man? What are you gonna do? Mason cut into my thinking.”
I shook my head indicating that I don’t no.
“She said she’s poor meanwhile her father Mr Ramon, is a multi billionaire, Mason said .”
“fuc-k has she been lying? But why? Mason kept asking and I feel like shutting him up.”
“I don’t no Mason! Just shut up lemme think, I half yelled.’
“Wait, I aren’t the one lying here so don’t take it out on me, he replied.”
💖Nora’s POV💖
I had thought that Rachel could have left.
“What thefu-ck was she still doing there?”
“I was shocked to the ribs when I saw her.” The look on Marcus face.
His eyes were filled with questions which am supposed to answer.
This was why I left the house and it seems my effort has gone wasted.
I couldn’t re-move my eyes from his the “whole time I was there. I felt really sorry that I had to lie.”
Is he going to hate me?
Does he hate me alre-ady?
Oh gosh!
plea-se I don’t want him to hate me.
I collected my phone from Rachel and ran out of the house to Ronnie’s.
I couldn’t bear it anymore.
I had to leave and if I say anything stupidly I’ll have to bear the consequence.
I got to Ronnie’s house and thankfully he was at home.
I ran to him crying.
“Oh my! When I heard Rachel’s voice I knew you were bur-sted. What happened? I thought she was supposed to leave huh!” He nagged me with questions.
“I don’t no. I don’t no, I replied and he took me to his couch and sat me down.”
“Did you tell him? Did he get mad at you?” He asked when I sat.
“I didn’t tell him. You no I can’t just tell him and that’s the most painful p@rt but the truth still remains that my cover is b!own.”
My identity is revealed alre-ady.
“Do you think he hates me alre-ady?” I asked Ronnie curiously.
I couldn’t think straight at the moment.
“Calm down. He’ll nee-d an explanation from you but if he loves you like you claim. He won’t hate you that easily.”
“I no I can’t even tell him anything. I know I can’t.”
“So if he asks you what are you gonna tell him? He asked.”
“I don’t no. I don’t no Ronnie. But am sure that I won’t be able to lie to him again.”
“Will he still trust me?”
“No, no, he won’t. “How will he after I told him lies after lies about myself, I replied myself.
“But how do I get him to forgive me Ronnie? I asked again.”
“Well, you’ll have to ask him to forgive you. Simple, he replied.”
It’s not that easy as you put it.
“You no what? You should rest, he said and dragged me to a room there.”
💎Marcus’s POV💎
Its been a week since Rachel left and Nora or should I say Sylvia didn’t show up.
I have search the net a hundred time about her.
People don’t really no her and that Mabel.
That Mabel is her sister.
She told me she was the only girl.
“How could She lie to me and still tell me that she loves me?”
“Have I been pla-yed all these while or was she trying to hide the fact that she’s from a wealthy family. But why?”
I c@m£ back from the office and went straight to my room.
“I’ve been feeling off ever since that incident.”
I nee-d to see her badly and I’m really losing my patience.
I regret not having her number and the other maids claim they didn’t have her number too.
“What was I thinking when I didn’t collect it?”
😊Nora’s POV😊
I was all alone at Ronnie’s house thinking about the possible way to go about this.
Am really scared he’ll hate me for this.
I continued thinking until I heard horns and figured out it was Ronnie.
Few minutes later he c@m£ in and k!$$£d me on the cheeks.
Come on. st©p thinking Noona.
“Why don’t I follow you to his house then?” He said and I raised my head to look at him.
“Really ?”
“Will you do that for me? “I asked .
“Come on. I’ll do anything for you, go dress up. It’s been a week now. You can’t hide in my house forever.”
“Are you indirectly s£nding me out of your house?” I asked feigning annoyance.
“Who am I?
Beside you’ll kill me if I try nons-en-se, he replied ma-king me chuckle.”
“Thank goodness you remember how I use to sp@ñk your a*s, I mocked and he made a baby face.”
I got dressed in no time and we got to his house.
The securities saw me and opened the gates letting us in.
I suddenly bec@m£ nervous all over again.
“Should we go back?” I seriously can’t do this, I said alre-ady sweating.
“This is not what you taught me Noona, you have to be strong, he said and held my hand.”
💎Marcus’s POV💎
Mason was in my room when we heard a car drove in.
“Who could it be?”
We went down together and Mason went to get the door.
He turned and looked at me with his mouth open.
“Who is it?” I was f0rç£d to ask when he kept mute.
Episode 20
💎Marcus’s POV💎
“Nora?” I asked in surprise.
“Yes. Nora, he said and left the door way.”
Ronnie the guy that c@m£ here looking for her walked in together with Nora.
I was really surprised to be honest tho I’ve been waiting for her to come back.
I kept mute with my hands at akimbo.
“She sat down starring at the floor. She couldn’t stare at me and I am really hoping she will.”
I looked at mason who was still standing at the door.
He was starring at Nora as well.
“Will you sit down plea-se?” Ronnie said to mason and he glared at him.
“Hey kid! You should no that am older than you, mason said and Ronnie rolled his eyes.”
“So, you should learn how to command me in my house, Mason replied.”
“In your house or your friends? I remember adding plea-se, didn’t I?” Ronnie fired back and I wondered what was wrong with the two.
All this while Nora kept starring at the floor.
I have a lot of things to ask her but I don’t even no how to start.
“Sylvia. I’ll get going now, Ronnie said and Nora raised her head immediately.”
She shook her head telling him not to.
He whispered something into her ear and left.
We focused our attention back to Nora.
None of us were saying anything. We didn’t say a word for about twenty minutes until Mason coughed – knowingly of course.
“So Nora or should I say Sylvia what’s up?” Mason asked but she still kept mute.
She quite mute for a long time before she mouthed.
“I’m sorry Marcus ” she said and raised her eyes to stare at mine.
The time I’ve been waiting for.
“Who are you really?” I finally asked.
“Sylvia Ramon b..but am also Nora you no, she mouthed again.”
“Why did you hide your identity from me? Why did you fool me ?” I asked anger resounding in my voice.
I swear I didn’t mean to b..but I had to , she replied.
“You had to? You had to make a fool out of me? So tell me which mother were you talking about? Course I know Sylvia Ramon’s mother is long dead?”
“No one. I just wanted to get away from here while Rachel was here, she replied.”
I chuckled and couldn’t believe it.
“So you knew I was engaged to your cousin huh! I half yelled.”
I didn’t recall telling you about her but since she’s your cousin you must have known.
“So tell me, did you come as a Cook to set me up? I asked coldly.”
“No. No plea-se , I swear that’s not the case, she replied tears alre-ady rolling her her cheeks.”
“But you lied to me. You told me lies upon lies. But still you look into my eyes and tell me you love me huh! Isn’t it?” How am I sure you aren’t lying about your feelings course all you ever do is lie, I hushed.
“No, I swear to you that I didn’t lie about my feelings. plea-se believe me, she cried.”
“I feel like the biggest fool ever, you made me feel that way.” You no I had plans for you. I fell in love with you before realizing it and I don’t no you were only a liar. A pretender. You deceived me and you continued deceiving me. Now tell me why you c@m£ here as an ordinary cook.
I want to no why. plea-se tell me.
I can’t.
“You can’t? Why can’t you? I mean you lied to me so easily but why can’t you tell me the truth?”
“I just can’t Marcus. plea-se forgive me and my feelings for you are true mar, they aren’t fake, she replied and cleaned the tears screaming down her cheeks.”
I sank my f!ngersinto my hair.
“Gosh! what is this?”
I never for once thought that I’ll get this angry at her.
“I’m really sorry. Am so so sorry, she apologized.”
“Tell me something at least. Did you come here to s£dûç£me?” I asked after a long purse and she kept mute for a while before shaking her head positively.
“Wow! Mason who hasn’t talked for a long time exclaimed. ”
Y… Nora, I said.
“And I fell in love with you as you planned it. Wow! You should be celebr@ting, isn’t it?” I said and scoffed.
“I swear it wasn’t intentional, am sorry plea-se, she pleaded.”
“I thought you were a good person. I never this is the real you, I muttered to her hearing.”
“I’m sorry plea-se don’t hate me , I promise to be truthful from now on , she cried.”
“From now on? Will there be anything between us from now on ?” I asked.
plea-se I beg you.
“Maybe you should tell me the main reason for all these and I’ll think about it , I replied.”
“But, I can’t tell you, she replied.”
“Then you leave me no choice Sylvia.” After all your father is a multi billionaire. You can ran to him anytime you want and you’ll be loaded with billions.
“Its over Sylvia.” I don’t want you as my cook, as my girlfriend or anything else. I no it won’t be ha-rd for you to find a man. I mean any man could go crazy about you so plea-se leave. I don’t wanna see you anymore, I cooed holding back the tears that was really threatening to fall.
W..what? She stammered.
“You don’t wanna see me anymore?” But I said am sorry Marcus plea-se think about it again. plea-se! She begged.
“I’ve made my decision since you alre-ady made yours to keep things from me, I replied coldly.”
Marcus I swear on my mother’s bones that I didn’t lie about my feelings for you. plea-se don’t do this to me plea-se!
“I can’t be with someone who isn’t truthful. Am sorry, I replied and ran up stairs.”
I couldn’t bear it anymore.
I locked the door and leaned on it finally re-leasing the tears to fall freely.
The last time i cried was when my mom died. I can’t believe am crying again but for the woman I love who isn’t been truthful.
Why Nora? Why?
💜Nora’s POV💜
“No Marcus. You can’t do this to me.”
Marcus plea-se. No!
I covered my face with palm and cried more ha-rder.
plea-se forgive me. Don’t hate me plea-se!
I heard foot steps and mason walked up to me.
He patted me on the back.
“It’s gonna be okay Sylvia. St©p crying.”
I raised my face to look at him immediately.
“plea-se help me beg him Mason. plea-se help me! Tell him that I didn’t have to a choice, I didn’t mean to lie to him, I pleaded.”
“I no, I’ll talk to him but in the mean time you’ll have to leave.”
“His just angry. He’ll come around, he cooed.”
“Give me your number then, he said and I handed my phone to him.”
He did what he did and handed the phone back to me.
I stood up and cleaned my face.
“plea-se tell him that I love him no matter what, I sniffed and left.”
“I really hate this. I never knew it will be this ha-rd .”
I no I hurt him badly but I had no choice either.
“If I were to turn back time. I could have just ran away instead.”
“I got outside and Ronnie was still there, leaning on his car.”
I ran to him and hvgged him again.
“Thanks for staying Ronnie, I said.”
“So I guess it didn’t go well, he muttered.”
“He hates me now Ronnie, he doesn’t want to see me, I cried and hvgged him ti-ght.”
“It’ll be okay. plea-se calm down , he cooed and took me into his car.”
Lying is not good.
But did Marcus over react?