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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My romantic maid Episode 15 & 16

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Episode 15
😍My Romantic maid 💯
😋 [She’s sexy] 😊



💎Marcus’s POV💎
Mason and I kept starring at her on the hospital bed without saying a word to each other.

I was engrossed in my thought so was he.

Minutes later she moved her finger and blink her eye open.

Mason stood up immediately and left. I guess he went for the doctor.

“Hey! Nora! I called and her gaze landed on me.”

Immediately she widened her eyes in shock and tried sitting up but I didn’t allow her.

“How are you feeling? “I asked but she kept mute.

“You passed out, I reminded her.”

“I’m feeling good sir.” Thanks , she replied a little bit embarrassed but I don’t no why tho.

The door opened and mason came in with the doctor who checked her and confirmed she was good to go.

He also reminded me to make sure she takes the prescribed drugs.

We got home with her and I took her to her room and made her lie on her bed.

Then I remembered we haven’t taken anything.

Luckily the food were already prepared so I took out some on a plate and gave it to her to eat.

“Thanks Sir I’ll eat it, she replied and sat up on the bed.”

I also sat down on the bed with her to ensure she

ate it but she didn’t.

“Why aren’t you eating? I asked curiously.”

Her head was bent and she was staring at the meal.

“Nora? Why aren’t you eating?” I asked again when she didn’t reply.

“Hey! I called in surprise when she still didn’t reply.’

I took my hand to her face and raised it up to see that tears already formed in her eyes.

“Why the hell is she in tears? I mean I didn’t do anything to her, did I?” I wondered.

“What happened? Why are you in tears? “I asked but she covered her face with her palm.

💖Nora’s POV💖

I hate this stupid sudden sickness I caught recently.

I still can’t believe am allergy to cold.

“F**k! And I thought I was getting better.”

I really hate it that he saw me in this state.

This is the last part of me that I want him to know of.

I couldn’t say anything as tears where building up speedy in me.

This other me I’ve been trying to hide is forcefully revealing itself.

“I was so sad and embarrassed that he saw me like this. “I just can’t look at his face.

“Hey! Nora.” Its okay am not mad at you , he said and removed my hand from my face.

“Tears were forcefully rushing down my cheeks. Why isn’t he leaving for f**k sake?”

I hate being pitied like hell.

“Hey its okay. Really, he said again and surprisedly hugged me.”

This way I couldn’t see his face nor could he see mine so I freely let down the tears but folded my lips so I

won’t make a sound.

He patted my back and kept on consoling me like a baby.

After a while I stopped crying and disengaged from the hug.

“You don’t have to be shy around me okay? “He said and I nodded.

He brought the food which was kept aside when he wanted to hug me and kept it back where it was – at my front.

Alright I’m gonna do you a favour so you can stop being shy now.

“I really can’t believe you can ever be shy, he added and I chuckled.”

He took the spoon from the tray and collected some potion of food and told me to open my mouth.

“I was shocked. Seriously? ”

I starred at him with wide eyes and my lips slightly patted.

He took that opportunity and forced the food into my mouth and before I realized myself. can..

I was about saying but he forced another one into my mouth.

“I told you. It’s a favour, he cooed and continued with what he was doing and I obliged to it happily.”
He successfully fed me the entire meal he collected and went to drop the plate.

Don’t bother about showering you can do that tomorrow when you’re more stronger, he said and sat down back on the bed.

“Thank you sir…but why are you being nice? I asked.”

“I’m not hard hearted Nora, he replied starring at me.”

“I take care of my employees , am not cruel okay?” He said and I smiled.

“And you helped that kid from drowning am so proud of you for that, he added and I blushed real hard.”

He starred at me for a while and took the duvet to covered my body.

“Lie, he commanded and I did.”

“His really nice. “Wow!

He used the duvet to cover my body as I kept starring at him.

He bent properly to make sure the duvet cover all my body and in doing so he got so close to me.

He starred at me when we were inches apart and our eyes locked.

Oh opportunity!

Quickly I did what I had to do.

I draw closer and planted my lips on his. I closed my eyes as I kissed him and surprisedly – not too surprising tho he reciprocated and claim my entire lips in his.

We kissed for a while before he broke the kiss.

“You need some sleep, he said and left immediately.”

“I closed my eyes and opened them as I couldn’t sleep. I was damn happy.”

He didn’t seem angry or anything close to it when he unlocked from the kiss.

He just looked really calm.

💎Marcus’s POV💎
“I couldn’t help it , I wanted the kiss to continue but I controlled myself.”

“I am gradually getting close to her, really close and I don’t feel like stopping.”

I was excited seeing her cry in front of me even tho she seems embarrassed.

Everything about her got me cringing and I hope its not what am thinking.

★Mason’s POV ★
I slightly opened the door to Nora’s lounge and saw them together. At first he was feeding her and later he kissed her.

“I knew it. His in love with her and he keeps acting all cool.”

Let’s see how long it last.


Episode 16

💎Marcus’s POV💎
I went to my room and lie down to sleep forgetting that am yet to eat my dinner.

“Well I suddenly fill full , my heart beat has really increased. ”

Since I left Nora’s room it hasn’t slow down a bit.

I closed my eyes and an image of Nora flashed through my head and I smiled.

Am suddenly missing her. Someone I just saw few minutes ago.

I turned to face the other side of my bed in hope that I’ll be able to catch some sleep but no.


My heart keeps telling me to go see her one more time.

I stood up when I couldn’t control the urge again.

I went for the door and reached for its handle.

“But what excuse am I gonna give to her for coming?” I paused and wondered.

Or maybe I don’t have to give her an excuse.

“I’ll just tell her that I miss her, a tiny thing in my head said.”

“That’s absurd . Snap out of it.”
How can you tell her that you miss her? Do you want her to think that you have feelings for her? another tiny thing said.

Well maybe I do have feelings for her course I need no other explanation for this.

“I really have feelings for her, I thought and opened my mouth.”

“Shit! You’ve gotta go. “Stop thinking too much, I thought and left the room without coming up with an excuse.

I hope she’s asleep. I opened the door quietly and entered.

She was on the bed and her eyes were closed. I exhaled relieved.

I wanted to walk closer and have a better look of her face but I stopped myself.

“What if she wakes up when you get closer?”

I paused and looked at her for a while but couldn’t go back.

I wanted to touch her face so I tiptoed carefully and sat beside her on the bed.

I took my hand to her face and removed strand of hair that’s covering her face.

I moved the hair to her ear and tucked it there.

I could feel my heart jubilating.

I starred at her for a while and thought of kissing her.

I took my finger to her lips and touched it.

They were damn soft and round.

Hope she doesn’t wake up, I thought and kissed her – quick kiss.

I exhaled again when I noticed she still didn’t open her eyes.

“Now it’s time to go, I thought and stood up. ”

I got to the door and opened it gently and quietly but couldn’t get out.

I was beginning to miss her just this few seconds I turned.

“Geez! I haven’t even left her room yet.”

“I think am going crazy already.”

“I’m really in love with her.”

I closed the door again and went to sit on the bed beside her.

This time I held her hand in mine and starred at her face for a while.

I finally decided to control myself and go.

I let go of her hand carefully and touched her cheeks.


Thank goodness she’s a deep sleeper.

I turned to go but felt a hand hold me.

“In realization that she woke up , I turned to see her starring at me.”

“Sir ,if you can’t bring yourself to sleep in your room then you can sleep beside me.” But the problem is I didn’t shower, she offered and I nodded negatively.

“Come on Sir, if you’re having a terrible nightmare then it’ll be best to sleep with someone so it won’t get worse, she added and it hit me.”

“Should I just pretend I had a nightmare since she brought it up? “I thought.

“Yea I should, because I won’t afford to loss this opportunity.”

“Em..yea am having a terrible horrible nightmare, I replied in one Swift.”

“Alright then , she replied and beckoned on me with her eyes to lie down.”

“I was really happy.” I think am acting professional, this way she won’t no my feelings for her.

I went to the other side of the bed and lie down beside her but she surprisedly stood up from the bed and made for the door.

“Were are you going? “I asked in curiosity and confusion.

“Do you want me to stay beside you sir?” Remember you’re the boss, she said.

Of..of course, I said.

“Alright. I wasn’t going away either , I just wanted to lock the door you forgot to lock , she replied and chuckled.”

I felt a bit embarrassed and wanted to go but I couldn’t help it either.

I can’t even control my own feelings.

She laid beside me and switched off the light and everywhere became dark.

I felt her cuddle me. I needed that badly so I grabbed onto the situation and cuddling her more tightly.

From there I couldn’t understand the rest.

I was kissing her and in one swift I was on top of her.

My d**k was really hard as rock.

I really couldn’t control myself.

I left hitches on her neck and slowly pulled off her dress.

I was doing it real fast and soon we were both completely necked.

I smooched her lips slowly, my heart beat tripping.

“I needed to tell her how I feel about her. “I wasn’t just yearning her s3x but for her – the whole of her.

I gave her ear little bit and whispered to her.

“You have no idea how much I love you Nora , I whispered and bit her nipple while she moaned. ”

“I love you too sir , she replied.”

“Just call me Marcus, am okay with that.”

Yes..yes..mar, she replied and played with my tiny breast which drove me nuts.”

I needed no one to tell me what to do again.

I love her and she loves me so what’s left.

Slowly I pulled into her.

To cut the story short , we had s4x and you won’t believe how sweet it was.

I was on cloud nine and the sweetest thing of all is that she wasn’t loss at all.

Still intact and very surprising.

I laid beside her and cuddled her tightly as if she was gonna run away if I let her go.

“So you were in love with me after all Mar, she cooed and I chuckled.”

“I really can’t believe it myself, I replied and kissed her hair.”

“What are you gonna tell Mason?” She asked.

“Just forgot about it , I replied reached for her lips again and kissed it.”


💎Mason’s POV💎
So he actually did it after all.

“Such a kid! thinking that his fooling me , he doesn’t no that I no him more than himself.”

Let’s see how he’ll deny it tomorrow.





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