My ro-mantic maid Episode 13 & 14

Episode 13
😍My ro-mantic maid💯
😋 [She’s S-xy] 😊 by Blessing D writes
Huh! Nora plea-se!
“I don’t un-derstand you one bit , just leave me be.” Quit trying to confuse me, I replied and stood up and headed towards my room.
I can’t believe she’s trying to ask me to beg her to stay – or am I wrong?
I told her I’ll double her pay but she kept on pestering me.
I walked into my room and shut the door to clear my head off everything that just happened.
💕Nora’s POV💕
I smiled to myself and went into my room after I had confirmed it.
I picked up my phone and dialed a contact.
“Hello sir, I greeted.”
“Sylvia how did it go?” He asked.
“It went as expected Sir, I replied.”
“Okay good job, get on with the second p@rt of the plan.” Time is running out Rachel I think will be back this week, he replied.

Oh $h!t! Can’t you hold her at least two weeks, I asked.”
“I’m trying okay but..she misses Mar a lot and wants to visit him , he replied.”
“Just try holding her for two more weeks , I replied.”
“I’ll see, he said and cut the call while I exhaled sadly and dropped the phone on the couch.”
I l@yon my be-d and closed my eyes before the sound of my ringing tone jo-lted me back.
I looked and discovered it was Ronnie.
“Huh! Why is he calling again , I thought I alre-ady explained everything to him earlier today.”
“Hello Ronnie ,what is it now? I asked feigning annoyance.”
“Am sorry to disturb Noona ,but I can’t get my mind off what you told me earlier.”I mean how’s that even possible? He asked breezily.
You see I’ll have to make it possible in any possible way, but right now you’re disturbing me from thinking, remember I’ll have to make everything look natural so j£rk off! I half yelled and ended the call.
I closed my eyes again but a knock interrupted my thinking.
The door opened and cal c@m£ in.
How many times have I told you to st©p coming into my room until I answer you? I half yelled and she bowed her head a bit.
“I’m so sorry ma’am but sir called, she replied.”
“What did he say? “I asked sitting up properly.
He told me to keep a watchful eyes on you and make sure you achieve your aim of coming here and that includes creating situations like…
“It’s okay you can go, I have everything un-der control , I cut her off and she bowed slightly and left.”
“I signed , got up and locked the door.”
I went to my be-d and l@ydown and just when I was about to sleep off a knock c@m£ at the door.
Thinking it was cal I ignored it and kept my eyes closed.
“Nora? I heard and recognize the voice.”
“Geez! What’s he doing at my door? ”
I stood up hastily and opened the door immediately.
“Sir? I called looking at him.”
“Why did you lock the door?” He asked and c@m£ in.
fuc-k! If not for his Marcus friend I could have showed him am not some bit*h he could scre-w.
He stood and starred at the room for a while before sitting down.
“How can I help you sir?” I asked.
Well you can help me by cooking course amfu-cking hungry . I didn’t eat at my family house, he replied looking at me.
So because he couldn’t eat at his family house he c@m£ to disturb my precious peace? I thought.
“So will you?” He asked when I didn’t give me a reply. course, I replied and cleared my throat.
“Why aren’t you going?” He asked.
“’re still in my room, I replied and he chuckled.”
“So? Is not like am gonna steal anything from you , or do you think am a theft?” He asked standing up.
“No, no, of course not, I replied and made for the door but st©pped course he said something.”
“You no you’re really pretty.” I wonder why you’re just a maid when men will pay millions and Billon’s to have you , he cooed.
“Well I guess am not lucky, I replied and he laughed.”
“Do you like Marcus?” He asked throwing me off feet.
Sir…I..I don’t get you, I stammered.
“You no what am talking about , he added and stood up and walked towards me.”
”You like him and that’s why you c@m£ to work as a Cook, isn’t it ? “He added and I bec@m£ more surprised to even talk.
“You no I searched you up on internet , you are her, he added and I gulped down nervously.”
“Sylvia Ramon, he said almost whispering.”
“Sorry who is she?” I asked pretendedly.
“You no what am talking about, he replied and closed the door.”
“Now tell me why you c@m£ here pretending you are a Cook? “He asked in a husky voice.
“Am not pretending, am simply not her, I replied and he laughed.”
“You can’t deceive us forever you no, he added with a grin and sat down on my be-d.”
“By now I was alre-ady sweating profusely, my legs were alre-ady shaking.”
“Is this how my plans will get ruined? What will they say when they hear this ? ”
“No no , am not her, I insisted.”
“Okay look, he said and showed his phone to me.”
In his phone was a picture of me with my name and other information.
“Gosh! I didn’t think they’ll ever search me up that’s why I didn’t bother telling them to delete my personal information from the net.”
“I insists that am not the one in this picture, maybe we look alike. “I am just a poor lady from a poor family, I replied and he laughed again.
“Why do you keep on insisting even when the evidence is pointing directly at you ?” he said.
“This is no evidence Sir, and with all due respect I want you to leave my room, I replied almost yelling.”
“You want me to leave? OK then but am going up straight to Marcus room to let him no about this , he replied and stood up and walked to the door.”
He unlocked the door and turned to look at me.
“But if you could consider allowing me get ti-ght with you , I won’t tell him . so what do you say?” He asked starring keenly at me.
I starred into his eyes and walked up to him.
“Go to hell?” I replied and he smiled and jammed the door.
I paced up and down in my room excepting the worse to happen.
A knock c@m£ at my door and I shrugged before answering.
“Who’s there?”
“Nora open this door this instant? “He yelled and I recognized the voice.
Oh gosh ! it’s Marcus!
Mason must have told him alre-ady.
I gulped down whatsoever and opened the door to see his angry face.
Sir… I can explain.. I stammered but heard a loud ban-g.
I opened my eyes to realize I’ve been dreaming and that someone was knocking at the door.
I opened the door to see Mason standing there.
Due to shock from the dream I couldn’t say a word but just stare.
The next thing he c@m£ into my room and sat down on the couch.
Oh my God!
Don’t tell me this is happening!!
Episode 14
💖Nora’s POV💖
I gulped down saliva nervously as he looked around the room then returned his gaze on me.
“Hi! He greeted.”
“Hello sir, what do you want? “I asked curiously.
“Am really hungry and tired, could you make something for me?” He asked starring keenly at me.
I gulped down saliva again immediately I heard “hungry”
“Wait ,plea-se? Don’t tell me my dream is repeating itself.”
“Okay sir,I’ll get going, I replied and headed for the door but paused when I heard his voice. ”
“Oh lord! Save me! plea-se don’t let him say it again! I prayed in my heart.”
“plea-se be fast , am really famished, he added and stood up then followed me out of the room.”
I got to the kitchen and realized he didn’t say anything like what happened in my dream. I bec@m£ relieved and re-leased the breath I’ve been holding.
Thank goodness!
The door opened and Mason entered.
I knew he was the one because no one dare open my door without knocking.
He sat down on the be-d looking tired.
“Hey! He called.”
“You look tried, what did you do? “I asked him.
“You no mom, she tried to convince me to start working, it was really stressful arguing with her , he chided.”
“Even I am restless myself, I added.”
“Um..why don’t we spend the weekend at the beach? “He suggested and I waved the idea off.
“Even tho I wanted so badly to go, I won’t be chanced.”
“I can’t, dad and his company, I replied and he chuckled.”
“Well if you don’t come, I’ll just go alone with Nora , he said and I flin-ched.”
“Nora? No, you dare not, I replied with a stern face.”
“Calm down, it’s just two days, he said.”
“No, but she’s my cook, I replied.”
Well I’ll tell her to prepare food for two days and keep it to be reheated by your other maids when you wanna eat it , he said and I didn’t say anything for a while.
“He just got me. “If I say something that’s out of point , he’ll get suspicious of me.
I bit my lowerl-ips and thought for a while.
No there’s no way am letting them be together for two days.
I no what mason can do.
I picked up my phone and texted dad if I could go and surprisedly he allowed it.
“I’ll come with you then, I said and he smiled.”
“But are you sure?” He asked again.
“Of course yes, I replied.”
“OK I’m really famished and told Nora to prepare something for me , I’ll go down to eat, wanna join? “He asked and I nodded and followed him down.
Nora served him his food and he started eating hungrily.
“Um..Nora , I called.”
Yes…sir, she draw her reply.
We’ll be going the beach this weekend so you’ll cook some food and pack it, you’re coming along with us , I told her and she smiled and nodded.
“Why is she smiling?”
We woke up early and prepared ourselves.
“I took some clothes and kept them into a small bag , alongside the other stuff I’ll be nee-ding. ”
Nora had alre-ady packed food into the car we will be taking.
With that , we hit the road in no time.
We soon got to the beach and reserved three rooms.
Mason and I went to the beach and sat on the sand enjoying the view.
A lot of people were also there in their bikini and so on.
Surprisedly Nora c@m£ out wearing a S-xy bikini.
People were starring at her, children st©pped pla-ying and went around her while she smiled and waved at them.
I continued starring at her until she got to where we were and sat down beside us.
“What in the name of holy ghost are you?”mason asked drooling seriously.
She pretended not to hear him and focused her gaze in the sea.
Some set of children were pla-ying by the sea and one of them fell down. Water started taking her de-ep into the sea.
“Not many people saw this , I looked and bec@m£ alert.”
I was about to stand up before I saw someone running ahead of me.
“It was Nora. she ran so fast to my surprise and dived in.”
She swarm speedily but steadily until she got to the girl.
By now people alre-ady gathered watching everything.
A girl was seen screaming in disdain. Guess it was her sister.
Nora c@m£ out with the girl and the girl screaming ran towards her and gr@bb£d the little girl.
“What is this? The girl screamed.”
“Do you want your dad to kill me Betty?” She screamed and finally turned to face Nora who was starring at them.
“Oh thank you pretty miss, she thanked.”
“Thanks for saving my daughter, she added and my mouth fell.”
“Did she just say daughter ? “Mason who was standing beside me asked.
“It alright look after your kid , a lot of people are seeking to have kids don’t let go of her , Nora replied and left.”
We watched her as we made her way back to the lounge.
I wanted to follow her and ask her how she learned how to swim perfectly.
“Um..mason I nee-d to make use of the restroom, I announced and ran after Nora immediately.”
She wra-pped her hands around her b©dy and shivered a bit.
“Nora! I called holding her and she starred at me.”
“Hi sir, she greeted.”
“Uh..I wanted to ask how you were able to do so fast?” I said and she smiled.
“I learned how to swim sir , she replied holding herself ti-ghtly.”
I could tell she was feeling really cold.
“You’re cold? I asked and she nodded negatively.”
“I’ll just go put on some clothe , she replied.”
She started going but couldn’t hold her balance anymore. She coll@psed immediately but thank God I was able to catch her before she got to the ground.
I carried her to her room and wanted to pu-ll off her dress but remembered she was a lady.
“Oh $h!t! What do I do?” I lamented but couldn’t think of any other thing but to pu-ll the we-t bikini off first.
I reached for a wra-pper and wra-pped it around her then slowly pu-ll-ed off her dress.
I wore new set of clothes on her and noticed she was alre-ady burning up.
“Lord! What is this?” Why the sudden sickness.
I asked for h0t water from the attendant there and was given.
I di-pped a towel into it and place it on her forehead.
After some minutes I checked her temperature but it was only raising.
I took out my phone and called mason to look for a doctor or hospital to take Nora to.
He c@m£ in few minutes later surprised to see Nora in that state.
Luckily he alre-ady located a hospital.
We took Nora to the hospital and she was admitted immediately.
The doctor checked her and prescribe-d some medicine for me.
“What happened to her? “I asked curiously.
Well cold isn’t good for her at all, you said she went into the beach . She shouldn’t have when she knew her condition.
So from now on make sure she doesn’t take cold stuff, at least for now, he said and left while mason and I starred at ourselves in surprise.
“So ,she went ahead to risk her life for someone else?”
What do you have to say guys?