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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My romantic maid Episode 11 & 12

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Episode 11
😍My Romantic maid💯
😋[She’s sexy] 😊 by Blessing D


😋Nora’s POV😋
I heard a familiar voice talking with Marcus and mason and decided to check the person out.

I tiptoed to the place and was shocked to see Ronnie.

Marcus and mason were backing me but Ronnie was facing my direction.

I waved at him as he was about to say another thing and he sighted me ran to me.

I pulled him to a hug and whispered to his ears.

“F**k Ronnie !what are you doing here? I asked.

“Don’t f**king say any thing , I’ll talk to them and my name is Nora understood? “I added and he disengaged and smiled.

He won’t f**king misbehave course I’ll kill him.

“Em..sir, I said smiling at the two confused faces.”

Em..this is my saviour Ronnie, you must be confused about how I knew someone like him but it just happened.

I said with smiles and dragged him out of the house to the balcony.

“What are you doing here? Are you crazy?” I yelled and he kept mute looking at me.

“Are you a maid here? “He asked after a long while.

“Why are you here? How did he find me here? “I asked Him.

“I wondered where you have been so I traced you here, he replied calmly.”

“See I have a business here, you

can’t spoil my business, you have told them who I am , you have spoilt everything! I hushed.”

“How am I supposed to no that you’re hiding your identity?” He asked and I glared at him.

“You shouldn’t have poked your nose ,you no.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll just tell them I was mistaken please don’t be angry with me, he pleaded.”

I exhaled softly and looked at him.

“What are you gonna tell them then? That you were sleeping when you said Sylvia Ramon? Or that a ghost was playing with your mind?” I asked him.

“Calm down , am sorry , I’ll find something to tell em Noona, he cooed.”

“You no what?” Just go I’ll handle this myself, I said.

OK but you still haven’t told me what you are doing here as a maid.

I'”m not a maid but a cook okay , I cut him in sharply.”

“And I have no choice , I’ll visit and tell you when next I get out of this house, I replied and he nodded.”

“Let’s go, I said and we went to the sitting room and met them sitting there.”

“Uh..guys I’ll get going since I’ve seen N..Nora , Ronnie said and left before they could utter another word. ”

“Oh shit! I’ll need a really good explanation to clear their doubts.”I no they checked my phone course it was hot when Mason handed the phone to me.

Uh…sir a model, someone I happened to know when my father was still alive. We were well to do then and I knew few

people through him not until he died last year, this expensive phone and all those dress were given to me as a gift from most of my wealthy popular friends like him , my mom fell ill and I didn’t want to continue depending on them that’s why I started working here , I explained as they listened keenly.

I didn’t want to tell any of my friends course I know they’ll not support me working as a cook so I did it without letting them no. And that’s why his here. And about him calling me Sylvia , my other name is Sylvia and my father’s name happens to be Ramon but I can assure you am not her, the Sylvia you are thinking of, I concluded with my head bowed.

I couldn’t look at them in the eyes – especially Marcus.

“Oh ! So that explains everything.”I was beginning to think something else, mason said and Marcus kept mute.

“I’ll have to go now then, I announced and left.”

“Hup…Gosh ! “That was a huge risk I took,I was afraid they were gonna find out I was lying.



“Man that explains everything, mason said again after she left and I heaved deeply.”

“Don’t you believe her?” He asked.

“Well ,its not like I have a choice, I replied standing up to ease myself. ”

I came back few minutes later and didn’t find mason there.

“Where did he go?” I wondered.

“I’m sure he didn’t come up, so where is he? ”

I went to the kitchen and saw him.

He was staring at Nora from behind.

Nora couldn’t see him nor I course she was typing away on her cell.

Mason moved to her and tickled her waist and she jumped up in fright.

S…si….sir! She stammered.

“Hi beauty, mason replied and moved closer to her.”

“Do you no how beautiful you are? “He asked but she just kept starring at him.

He moved towards her again and she moved backward with speed.

“Don’t touch me! She said as she couldn’t move again course her back was pressing against the wall and mason was standing at her front not giving her space to breath.

“Trust me honey, I’ll handle with care, mason cooed and kissed her neck line and she shivered.”

She looked really scared making me wonder if she’s not the same girl that seduces me. Wasn’t this what she always wanted? A man? I thought as I continued starring at them.

“You’re so beautiful that I think I might loss my mind anytime soon, Mason said again caressing her face.”

“Please! I heard her beg and it felt like someone stabbed me. ”

“I mean why am I watching this?”I went and looked for Cal and luckily I saw her with clothes probably taking them to wash.

Cal go and call Nora for me, tell her it’s urgent and I’ll be in my room waiting for her.

I went to my room immediately with my heart beating fast. Not understanding why I did that.

Few minutes later I heard a knock on my door and I instantly knew she was the one.

I know Mason will leave her when he hears I was the one calling her and it’s urgent.

I opened the door and she entered panting heavily.

I closed the door and turned to her.

“Are you a kid? “I asked getting really annoyed at her.

She raised her brows in surprise to look at me.


“Can’t you push him away or scream out for help ? Do you have to be so helpless when you don’t want it?”I shrieked without realizing.

She continued looking at me stunned.

“Am talking about what Mason did just now, why didn’t you do anything when he insisted? were you gonna let him have his ways?” I asked more calmly this time.

And she blinked out tears.

“Why do you care?” She asked her voice cracking.

“Why do you care what happens to me?” Am just your maid and his your friend, she said calmly.

I..I..just..since you work here, you’re my

“Is that why you helped me course I saw you staring at us? “She asked.

Oh ! she saw me!

When you couldn’t do it yourself you asked cal to do it so you won’t let mason know what you really feel, she added and I opened my mouth.

What do I feel then? Do you no my real feeling? Why I couldn’t let him have his ways ? Do you no why I did that? I asked almost yelling as I moved closer to her.

“Maybe you should find out yourself, she replied bluntly.”


Episode 12

“How I feel, like seriously? ”

“Why don’t you tell me? Explain my own feelings to me , I asked again moving closer to her.”

She brought her lips closer to my ear and said in a whisper.

“You’re beginning to like me, she whispered and I chuckled unbelievably and looked into her catlike eyes.”

“Really? Prove it then Nora! “I said.

“Those feelings are with you , you just don’t wanna see them, she cooed.”

“Alright its enough you can go, I’ve done enough already , I said already getting pissed. ”

“How can I have feelings for her? That’s absurd”. I have Rachel so what’s she saying?

She starred at me for a while and smiled lightly.


She turned and left and I sank into a nearby couch.

She has nerve to tell me that I Marcus is having feelings for her.

She’s so fearless. Just because I helped her doesn’t change or mean anything.

“Wait, why did I even help her?”

Well lemme forgot about why I helped her course thinking about it might give me headache.

I closed my eyes tightly and rested my head on the couch trying to forget everything.

When I was about to fall asleep my door burst open and mason came in.

I opened my eyes to stare at his grumpy face.

“What’s up? Why the face?” I asked.

“Well you left me down there, he announced and sat on the bed.”

“I came down but couldn’t find you, I replied adjusting properly in my sit.”

“Where were you?” I asked pretendedly.

“In the kitchen tryna get tight with her but she’s too stubborn, he replied.”

I chuckled.

“What happened?”

I saw her at the kitchen and made a move but..she act too innocent.

“Wait, wasn’t she the same Nora you said you almost had ? How could she be so difficult?” He grumbled bitterly.

I chuckled again and closed my eyes.

“Maybe she doesn’t like you man, I replied and I could feel his gaze on me.”

“Oh! Wait, she agrees to those she likes?” That means she likes you if you almost had her man , he said and I opened my eyes immediately.

Like me?

“Yes, you just said she couldn’t let me in course she doesn’t like me but allowed you , so? What do you think?” He asked.

“Wait, you mean she likes me? “I asked doubtfully.

“Come on ,if she likes you that’s Goodnews, but it could have been sweet to have her you no, he replied. ”

“No, no , it’s not possible I don’t no why she did all those but I don’t think she likes me , I replied flatly.”

“OK why don’t we try to find out?” He suggested.

“How? I asked.”

“How about you seduce her and see how fast she respond to you?” He suggested and I shook my head in negatively.

“No,am not doing it.”I don’t want to, I replied.

“Why? He asked.”

“Why? What do you mean why? OK if we confirm that she likes me what do I benefit from it?” I have Rachel man , I replied and he shook his head sadly.

“Gosh Marcus! Are you the one saying this? “You have a lot of things to enjoy. F**k ! I bet her p***y is sweet , he replied and I glared my eyes at him.

“Stop that mason , you’re losing it man.” All those bit*hes you f**k are getting to you, aren’t they? I replied and he busted into a serious laughter.

If you say so man , I won’t bother you about it but I’ll keep on trying to get to her as long as am staying here, he said and I rolled my eyes at him.

“You’ll never change, so how’s Sara? ”

“She’s good man, extending her greetings to you, he replied and lay on the bed. ”

A long silence took over for a long time.

“So when is she coming back?” He asked and I knew he was referring to Rachel.

Soon. That’s what she told me, I replied.




I went straight to the room provided for me by Marcus and lay on the bed.

My phone started ringing and I picked it up when I realized the person on the line.

“Hello sir, I greeted.”

“How is it going?” He asked.

“Well, the first part of the plan is falling into place, I replied.”

“So you mean his beginning to fall in love with you? “he asked.

“Yes , am sure of that but his denying it tho, I replied.”

“You have to put him to test then , after confirming it ,you’ll move to the next step, he said.”

Remember you have three steps and there are two more to go, I want you to do it fast , I can’t keep on holding Rachel , she’ll be back sooner that later, he added and I nodded as if he can actually see me.

“Alright then bye, I replied and cut the call.”

“Hmm how will I put him to test now?” I wondered and finally arrived at it.

Yes! I’ll have to wait till tomorrow when he gets back from work then, I thought and smiled to myself then my phone started ringing again and I looked at the caller to discover it was Ronnie on the line.

Ron! I called.

Noona! Aren’t you gonna come over ? am too restless you no, he wined like a kid.

“I wanna know the whole deal , please come over, he added.”

“OK free your schedules tomorrow from 11 okay?”

“Okay, kisses , he replied and cut the call.”


Next day




I woke up late and freshened up then went to work.

I did a lot of sighing course dad wasn’t around to do them.

That old man won’t kill me , I wonder where he went to.

Hours later I left for home.

I got home and mason wasn’t home.

Guess his still with his mom course his mom called early that morning and told him to come over.

Nora appeared and served me dinner , I couldn’t wait for mason.

I was damn hungry due to stress from that company.

I sat down in the dinning as I munched on my food hungrily.

I noticed Nora was standing beside me but didn’t bother asking her why she was standing.

“After a while , I was done and she cleared the table.”

I went up and freshened up then came down to watch television and await Mason’s return.

The door bell rang and Nora went to get the door.

She came back with a slim blond her girl that’s about her age.

I stared at them both as they stood in my front.

“Who is this Nora? “I asked starring at her.

Um…sir she’s gonna be your new Cook, Nora announced with smiles making me confused.

Meaning? I asked.

Uh..I got a job and pays well so..uh..I am quitting this one but I thought you’ll find it hard to find a new cook that’s really talented so I brought one for you, she replied and I became surprised.

“You’re leaving?” I asked even tho I heard what she just said.

Yes sir, I find a new job that…

“How much do they pay? How much ?” Come on tell me and I’ll pay you double , I cut her in and she became quiet and continued starring at me while I did the same.

Uh… no..

She wanted to say but paused.

“Wait ,why do you want me to stay?’ She asked sounding sharp.

“Why do I want her to stay?” I’ve not even thought of that but I just want her to stay.

Em..I..course you’re my cook and I..em..selected you myself and I wouldn’t want you to leave just like that, I replied sharply without thinking.

She said something to the lady and she left immediately.

Nora walked up to me and sat down facing me.

“Think about it and I might stay sir , she cooed.”

“About what? “I asked confused.

“Why do you want me to stay? “She asked in a voice that could crush someone’s heart.




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