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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My romantic maid Episode 1 & 2

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Episode 1
😍My Romantic maid 💯
😀[She’s sexy] 😊


💎 Marcus’s POV💎
I watched as she cat walked back to the kitchen , the white cloth she was putting on cling to her sexy body exposing her curves. Her name is Nora and she’s my new maid ; the one I employed just last weekend.

“She cat walked back after a while.

“Sir, am ready your credit card please? She asked in a sexy way making her voice so sweet in the ear.

“Uh..lemme go get that, I announced and left.

“I climbed up to my bedroom and took out my card, after getting it I climbed down and found her sitting down going through the newspaper I was going through. The worse of it all was that she was crossing her leg exposing her laps , her laps look so smooth and pleasing to touch. I think she’s doing all these knowingly.

“And what are you doing with my stuff? I asked with a stern voice when I got over my dreamy land.

She flinched and stood up immediately.

“I’m so sorry sir , I won’t try that again, she apologized with her head bent.

“I got to where she was standing and stretched out my hand to handover the card to her, she stretched her hand and instead of collecting the card she went for my hand.

“She used her hand to cover mine seductively while collecting the card


“And as if I was possessed , I kept watching what she did as I enjoyed it a bit.

“She finally collected the card and turned to leave and that was when I noticed she changed clothes.

“She was now putting on a multi coloured gown , it went pass her knee a bit but it also cling to her body.

“I watched as she swayed her butt and left the living room.

” I shook my head a bit. Marcus get a hold of yourself , at least for Rachel.

“If you wanna know ,Rachel is my fiancé but she traveled a year ago to stuff out whatever.

“Ah , I forgot to introduce myself . Well am Marcus Nimbus , age 26 , working at my father’s company as the Asst president, my mom died a long time ago and I’ve been persuading dad to get a new wife but he always refuses.

“I sat down on the couch and continued with the papers I was going through.

I heard the gate open and a car drove in , well that happens when my friends are around .

The securities dare not open the gate to strangers and my dad hardly come over to my place.

I heard foot steps and saw mason afterwards.

“Hey man! He greeted.

“Yo bro , what’s up? I asked as I shake him.

Everything’s cool , so where is that your sexy maid ? He asked making me chuckle .

“You came here for me or her?

“I came here for both , man I need

to see the girl , the way you described her I couldn’t wait to get back to town. He replied and sat opposite me.

” Are you sleeping over? I inquired.

“Nope, my girl is coming over at my place tonight, she says she misses me and you no I can’t miss such sweet opportunity, he replied happily and I couldn’t help but laugh.

The day she finds out your secret man you’re a gone.

“Well , she won’t, I will make sure or are you gonna tell her?

“Of course I will , I replied and he laughed .

“So seriously where is she? He asked looking around .

She went to buy groceries chill man , I said amidst laughter.

We continued discussing other stuff till we heard foot steps and Nora came into view with a lot of bags.

Immediately mason saw her , his mouth fell open.



Episode 2



“She’s gorgeous man! He exclaimed and stood up walking towards her.

She bowed little and walked pass him while he starred at her backside, the look on his face was so funny , I couldn’t help it , I bursted into another round of laughter while he continued gazing.

“Hey man snap out of it ! I yelled and clicked my fingers at his face.

He walked to the couch I was sitting on and collapsed.

“I swear to you man , if it wasn’t for my girl Sara I could have had this babe tonight, he said and I frowned.

“Have her where? I asked .

Here now ! Right in the guest room or my room , he replied and turned towards where Nora headed, maybe he was hoping to see her again and luckily for him she came out again in her formal white gown .

He adjusted properly to look at her but she didn’t give him a glaze instead she focused her eyes on me.

“Em sir, I wanted to ask if you’ll need anything to eat ? She asked in a sweet angelic voice earning a gasps from mason.

“OK you can serve mason a cup of decaf and cookies , I replied.

“What of you sir? She asked again.

Mai tai and cookies , I replied and she smiled out tiny dimples. I swear that I’ve never seen her with dimples, she has it and it looked really pretty.

She turned and left while mason did another round of examination on her body.

“Seriously man! He said and turned towards me.

After tonight with Sara , I’m returning here tomorrow to have her, he said with a smile.

“Really? I asked.

Of course , you no me man , I’ll make sure I get into her pant , he replied feeling himself.

We’ll see about that then , I replied and he shrugged his shoulders checking time on his wrist watch.

“Man its almost time , I gotta run , he replied standing.

Nora came in with tray and saw Mason standing.

See babe I’ll have that tomorrow night with you, he said with a wink and she rolled her eyes at him .

“Wait, doesn’t she like Mason? Mason is cute that’s why ladies flock around him and he uses them anyhow he wants.

She ignored him and served me mine and took the remaining away while mason continued starring.

“Man you’re running late , I remained and he took his phone from the table before leaving.

Few minutes later she walked in again.

“Sir, are you done ? She asked and I nodded for her to take the dish away.

She walked up close and I noticed she was wearing a night gown – not just anyone but the most sexiest .

“I gulped down nothing as I watched her approach me . I didn’t no when my phone fell from my phone and I didn’t even bother picking it from the floor.

My damn interest was in her , I suddenly want to touch her, I wanted to suck on her b*obs and Caress her but*s.

She bent down and started picking the cup and tray about to take them.

She turned to go but I suddenly held her – I didn’t how but I did .
And what’s worse? I held her in her waist . I literally grab her waist.

She turned to face me and our face almost met . I was drawing closer to her and almost kissed her but remembered that I had someone that I am engaged to .

I started drawing away from her but surprisingly, she kept the tray ,draw closer and landed her lips on mine.




Can someone explain what just happened?

Nora hmm ??

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