My ro-mantic Episode 25 & 26

Episode 25
😍My ro-mantic maid 💯
😋[She’s S-xy] 😊
By Blessing D writes
Two weeks later
😊Nora’s POV😊
I was sitting down in Marcus sitting room alongside he and Mason.
The door bell rang and Mason got up and went to the door.
He opened it and shifted back.
Sara! He called and the lady pushed him in and dropped her bag on the couch not minding us.
“How could you mason?How could you cheat on me with some random bit**e’s huh! The Lady yelled.”
Mason just stood in shock with his mouth slightly patted.
“I..I..don’t no what you’re talking about?” He replied.
“Oh you don’t no!” The lady nagged and went to her purse brou-ght out pictures and sprayed it on him.
“So do you un-derstand now?” She yelled and t©uçhed her f!nger and started pu-lling off the ring on it.
Surprisedly Mason went on his knees immediately.
“I’m sorry. plea-se Sara don’t do this to me. I swear that I won’t do it anymore.”
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
A whole Mason kneeling before a lady.
I looked at Marcus and he held his mouth to prevent himself from laughing.
He was really holding himself but still laughed silently.
“Its over alright! The lady yelled ma-king the maids run out.”
She was really shouting on t©p of her voice.
“No, no, its high time alre-ady course am afraid you’ll continue this way even after we get married.”
“I won’t. I swear , Mason pleaded holding her legs.”
“Gosh! I really couldn’t believe it. So he loves someone to this extent despite his silly behaviour.”
“plea-se Sara. Give me another chance, he pleaded with a crack on his voice.”
“I won’t, alright.” Continue scre-wing those loss bit**e’s till you’re old enough to be called grandpa , she yelled more loudly and Marcus couldn’t hold himself any longer.
He was obviously enjoying it.
I tapped him and signalled him to st©p laughing.
Mason was in real $h!t and his busy laughing.
He st©pped immediately and composed himself.
Due to his laughter the girl Sara turned to our direction.
“Oh Marcus! Am sorry for ignoring you but am done with this cheat.”
I heard the rumour but didn’t believe it until I saw proves.
“plea-se Sara, mason continued begging but she did as if she didn’t notice him.”
Then her eyes drifted to mine and she g@sped.
“Oh! Is this Sylvia Ramon? Dave’s s£nior sister?” She asked and f0rç£fully re-moved Mason’s hands from her leg then walked towards us.
“Sure is, Marcus replied and wra-pped his arm around my shoulder.”
Oh my!
Its a plea-sure to meet you , she exclaimed and extended her hand to me for a handshake.
I took it and smiled.
“Nice meeting you too, I replied.”
“So can you give me Dave’s number?” plea-se am a hvge fan of his , she pleaded seriously.
I looked at Marcus then to mason who was still kneeling on the floor.
Then a felt pity for him.
“I’ll give you. Sure, I replied and she brou-ght out her phone.”
“Only on the condition that you forgive Mason, I added and she frowned.”
“Oh! plea-se I can’t, she replied.”
“I’ll get going then , she added and made for the door.”
“She held the handle and opened it, then st©pped and ran back.”
“I’ll forgive him, just give me Dave’s number, she said and I collected her phone.”
Mason’s eyes wi-de-ned in happiness as he stood up and without warnings hvgged and k!$$£d her.
“Really? You forgive ? He asked anxiously.”
“Mercy save your a*s, she replied and he hvgged her again.”
I gave her phone back to her after typing Dave’s digit and mason went out with her.
The maids equally left after watching the live show.
“So Mason is in love with someone and his always behaving that way?” I asked Marcus.
He shrugged and let out a light smile.
“Thanks for saving his tiny a**. He just doesn’t listen.”
“He loves Sara a lot, but you no him and his se-x style, he replied.”
“Thank goodness you aren’t a se-x freak, tho you are, I said and he laughed.”
“You aren’t serious Nora. Tell me how?” He asked and I rested my head on his shoulder.
My phone started ringing and I picked it up from the table and noticed it was a strange number.
📞 Hello
📞 Hello Sylvia, the person said and my eyes wi-de-ned immediately I recognized the voice.
📞R..Rachel! I called and looked at Marcus who was also looking at me.
📞How have you been? Why aren’t you at home? She asked.
📞Home? You mean the mansion?
📞 yes. I just returned from LA and can’t find you here, she replied and I gulped down the saliva that formed in my mouth.
📞 I’ll be with you , I said and disconnected the call.
“What did she say?” Marcus asked immediately I dropped the call.
“She’s back, I replied and stood up immediately.”
“Where are you going?”
“To the mansion , I replied and went to change.”
💜Rachel’s POV💜
I walked into the study room and met uncle there.
“Hi sir , I greeted him and he lifted his eyes to look at me.”
“Sit, he commanded and I sat.”
“You didn’t tell me your were coming, he said.”
“No, I c@m£ back for my fiancé, I replied and he focused his full attention on me.”
“You mean Marcus, he asked.”
“Yes sir, I c@m£ to get her from Sylvia, I cooed.”
You’ve grown up Rachel.
“Yes, and so have Sylvia.”
“How could you ask Sylvia to s£dûç£and take my man away from me sir? How could you?” I asked anger resounding in my voice.
“Have you gone nuts Rachel? Do you realize who you’re talking to?” He barked and I glared at him.
Yes. I worked my whole life for you while your daughter was cooling her a*s in Korean, I replied loudly which shocked him.
I’ve never dared to talk to him in that way.
“Rachel tell me something. Who told you to fall in love with Marcus when you knew perfectly well he was betrothed to Sylvia?” He asked harshly.
And you never dared to tell me that he engaged you huh!
I asked you simply to keep an eye on Marcus and study him but you went extra miles to show you are smarter huh!
“If I didn’t tell you to keep an eye on him will you have met him?”
But you got yourself involved with Sylvia’s betrothed and now you’re expecting something spectacular. I knew all this but kept quite waiting for you to tell me about it but you didn’t and now what?
They are alre-ady betrothed since you guys were kids and you were the first person that knew about it.
What do you expect me to do then.
Turn back time or go back on my contract?
Asking you to watch him was the worst mistake I ever made.
Rachel you can leave now before I do something terrible to you , he said and focused his attention back on the files he was working on.
I stormed out with so much anger.
I don’t care about yourfu-cking contract. All I no is that I’ll get Marcus back even if it means taking you both out – Sylvia and her dad.
Episode 26
😊Nora’s POV😊
I got to the mansion and walked into the sitting room.
Can’t see anyone here.
I was really nervous – what will Rachel do when she finds out about it.
“Hello sweet cousin, I heard her voice call from the back and my heart almost jumped out.”
I turned slowly with a smile on my face.
“H..Hi Rachel, I cooed and she ran to hvg me”
“Oh! I’ve really missed you Sylvia, she beamed.”
“Come on, she beckoned and lead me to a couch and we sat down.”
“Oh you look so nervous Sylvia. Where are you coming from?” She asked.
“ just around, I replied.”
“At the company?”
“No, no, just around , I replied with a crack.”
“OK I’ve really missed you. You didn’t tell me you no my fiancée Sylvia, she asked smiling.”
“Oh no! Why did she have to ask?”
Um..yea, I do.
“So what were you really doing at his place that other time?”
“I bit my lowerl-ips thinking of the best answer to give her.”
Sylvia! I heard and saw Mabel coming towards us.
“Oh! Rachel you’re also here,Mabel said and c@m£ to meet us.”
Yea Mab, we were actually discussing about my fiancee. Sylvia knows him – surprisedly.
“Oh! Mabel mouthed and left.”
“So Sylvia how did you no Marcus?” She asked focusing her attention on me.
My phone started ringing and Geez it was Marcus.
I quic-kly cut the call and place it aside.
“Isn’t he the one calling?” She asked.
“Excuse me?”
“Yes. That’s my Marcus calling you right?” She asked anger resounding in her voice.
I was becoming really restless.
Um..Rachel…I think you are mistaking here, I stammered.
“Shut your bloody mouth up Sylvia, she half yelled and I flin-ched.”
“What the hell?”
“Why do you have to do that to me huh? His is mine you no. Why do you have to be so wicked?” She asked in a husky voice.
“Hold on Rachel, I said standing up.”
“Will you sit?” She commanded and I sat down back.
“Why did you have to s£dûç£him? Tell me!!!” His the only guy I’ve ever loved but you appeared from nowhere and stole him from me Sylvia! She yelled so loudly.
I didn’t even no what to say.
“I’m sorry b..but I didn’t want to do it but dad commanded me to do it, I replied when I had regained my voice.”
“Shut up! When you knew that he was someone’s fiancée why did you go ahead with it?” She barked.
“I didn’t want to and..and I didn’t no from the very beginning. I swear plea-se forgive me, I begged.”
You’re nothing but a cheap slut who take advantage of other people’s happiness Sylvia.
I’m sorry.
Was the only thing I could say.
Bit*h! I swear that am gonna take him back from you cheap slut.
“Hey! St©p yelling at my sister okay?” It not her fault you couldn’t hold your ex- man, I heard Mabel say as she walked towards us.
“What did you just say?” Rachel asked.
I said you should st©p yelling at her. She said she’s sorry and dad f0rç£d her to do it. So you can st©p calling her a slut course she’s not, Mabel replied with so much boldness and a sl@p landed on her face.
I wasn’t shocked at all. I knew Rachel could do it considering their age gap.
Mabel bec@m£ really angry but couldn’t sl@p her back.
“I’m gonna tell dad about this , she Mabel yelled and stormed out.”
“I’m gonna show you, Rachel said and also left.”
I heard foot steps and Ronnie showed up.
“Hey! What happened?” Mabel looks like hell, he asked and c@m£ to meet me.
“Rachel alre-ady know everything,I replied and he g@sped.”
“Oh Sylvia! Am so sorry.”
“I feel horrible right now, I replied and he embr@ced me.”
“You don’t have to. Beside you were f0rç£d to do it, he cooed patting my back.”
“Oh Ronnie you’re the best friend ever, I said and he chuckled.”
“Friend indeed, he said and I was f0rç£d to look at him.”
“Come on, st©p it. You no why am like this, he said starring directly into my eyes.”
“I have to go, I said and stood up.”
I alre-ady know where his headed and I don’t want him to add to my problems.
😌Rachel’s POV😌
“Oh Rachel what is it this time?” Dave asked me.
“Its Sylvia, I replied and gulped down beer.”
“You mean Sylvia? My big sis?” He asked.
“Which other Sylvia do you no? I asked harshly.”
“Oh sorry , it’s just that I’ve not been seeing her lately so am kinda surprised.”
“She stole my fiancée from me, I said with so much anger.”
“What? He asked standing up.”
“No, Sylvia can’t do that, he replied.”
“So you no her a lot , I asked glaring at him.”
“Of course not b..but Mabel said that she’s a good person, Dave replied.”
A good person that steal other people’s happiness. I’m going to get Marcus from her no matter what, I said boiling.
“Wait, what are you gonna do?” He asked obviously scared.
“Watch!! I replied and a smile cringe up myl-ips.”