My rich wife episode 14

*Episode Fourteen*
All my attempts to retrieve my credentials were futile. Getting a police report bec@m£ a headache for me. They wanted me to grease their palm before the report could be issued. But i was a new creature in Christ Jesus, so I couldn’t give bribe to them. Besides, the Bible is against it. All my years of labour in school were burnt by a woman I called my wife, just to get back at me for slee-ping and impregnating her younger sister.
Well, who was i to blame but myself. I felt that moment i was only swallowing what i chewed.
Many things I suffered in the hands of Jocelyn were unimaginable nad cruel. Some i had never shared with anyone, not even with Evans, my buddy. How could i tell people that my wife was beating me ? How could i tell an outsider that my wife denied me S-x for more than two years after our reconciliation ? How well could i explain my emotional pains and my secret gro-an ing ? My marriage was tantamount to living life in hell fire. Many times i had thought of committing suicide, but on secomd thought, it would hinder me from seeing my “pilot” [GOD] on the last day. I couldn’t endure the sufferings here on earth and still end up in he fire.
Jocelyn’s attitude towards me grew worse by the day. To further frustrate me, Jocelyn started bringing in different men into our matrimonial home. I would serve hwr and the men she brou-ght to the house meals at the dining table. These men she brou-ght home only saw me as Jocelyn’s houseboy, sonthey treated me like one. They did a lot of things in my pres£nce, yet i didn’t react, because i must not react. Most times, she hvgged them, k!$$£d them and they smooched my wife right before my very eyes, but I held my sanity. At night, those who pas-sed the night were given S-x by my wife. My own wife who deprived me of S-x for good two years!
At night, i would hear their m0@n and gr0@nduring S-x. Gosh! My head was telling me that moment to react, but my mind and that small voice kept me still.
After each night of free S-x from Jocelyn to those her men friends, she would go to work, leaving me alone in the house to clean up their mess.
I wanted to marry a wealthy woman, a wealthy woman i got.
When this continued and bec@m£ unbearable for me, i paid a visit to my pastor and told him i wanted a divorce. I told him i was re-ady to live my life outside marriage.
Pastor Lanre tried to discourage me from seeking divorce, but this time, the advice didn’t move me. I felt my patience was being tested and i was losing my sanity. Besides, my Christianity was not guaranteed with Jocelyn. Divorce was better than what i called marriage. I would have been ordained as a minister in the church but my marriage was a setback.
What would you advise me if i were your brother ? Don’t you think the punishment meted on me by Jocelyn was too much for my sin? If you were in my shoes, what would you do ?
Though the Bible discourages divorce, what would you advise i do? Should i endure this stupidity from my wife and wait patiently for her to die so that i could be free before i re-marry ?
What do you think ?😟😔😞😞
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Anyone that knows he/she isn’t here to re-ad but to condemn, you’re excuse plea-se. Just take your bag and leave. No one is forcing anyone to come to this group.
Insults and abuses is what I won’t accept from anyone in this group. Imagine, but I won’t mention your name, you knew yourself, if you’re here to condemn, plea-se leave and let there be peace.
What nons-en-se!
I should just have get you re-moved right away by myself but I’m just showing you I’m more matured than you. ru-bbish!.