My rich wife episode 11

Episode 11
I ended my dry fasting with with dry bre-ad later in the evening. I had spent one week in custody, before I was charged to court and later s£ntenced to six months imprisonment. Six months in jail seemed like six years. No member of my family was aware I was in jail. Pastor Lanre and his visitation team c@m£ once in a while to check on me in prison. Visitors were allowed to bring food for us but it had to be cooked or processed food. Days when Pastor and his team c@m£ around were like days of jubilee to me. They didn’t just give me the physical food, they also fed me with the word of God.
Days and nights seemed longer in prison than outside the prison. 24 hours were like 240 hours. Prison life is better imagined than experienced. The isolation and boredom can not be overemphasised. No friend to relate with, no place to go to, nothing to keep one busy.
But Instead of just staying idle in prison, I began to invest my time in prayer and studying of the Bible. I bec@m£ a prominent member of the prison fellowsh!p, a very vibr@nt fellowsh!pof convicted inmates.
While in person, I began to retrace my steps back to my Lord. I bec@m£ closer to God and fully rededicated my life to Christ. Other Christian bodies and religious organizations always visited us in the prison to encourage us with God’s word and to pray for us. My commitment and dedication in the prison fellowsh!pgot me to the position of the as-sistant secretary of the fellowsh!p. My experience in the prison really humbled me.
Our fellowsh!ppresident bec@m£ my mentor and role model. Bro Ishaku was s£ntenced to life imprisonment and had spent twenty years alre-ady in prison. His faith and trust in God despite his condition, was a motivation to all of us who were his disciples. It really takes strong faith in Christ for a condemned inmate to talk about God the way bro Ishaku did when he gave us exhortations.
Pastor Lanre was not able to contact my people until a month to my freedom from prison. When my father was worried for not hearing from me for such a long time, he s£nt one of my uncles to trace me to Jocelyn’s family house where we held our traditional wedding but he was shut out on hearing he was from my kindred. When my father and mother finally visited me in prison, we all wept together when they saw my suffering. I as-sured them I will be fine knowing I would be out of prison soon.
Even though I stayed beyond six months in prison, I was re-leased on the 21st of August.
I, who was thrown into prison as a backsliding Christian, c@m£ out as a fire br@nd. I learnt my lessons well with hunger and ha-rd labour.
Upon my re-lease, I was warned never to step into Jocelyn’s house or anyb©dy close to her ever, else I will be s£nt back to prison. I c@m£ out of prison without a place to go. All my things were still in Jocelyn’s house but I was told never to step there again. Thanks to pastor Lanre, a man with a good heart. He admitted me into the church mission house. He gave me hope and a new life. My faith in Christ waxed stronger by the day seeing how pastor Lanre and the church rallied round me to give me shelter when I had no one, food when I was hungry and clothes when I was n-ked. Pastor Lanre tried to get me a job but that wasn’t realistic without my credentials. He begged Jocelyn to re-lease my credentials to me but she refused. She had since st©pped attending our church, after I was thrown into prison. Pastor Lanre engaged me as one of the staff of the church even when there wasn’t vacancy. I was engaged to do special duties. As special duty officer, my job was nothing more than running errands for the church and staff of the church. This time, I ran those errands not just because they were my official duties but I did them as a service unto God.