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June 23, 2021


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My prince charming Episode 57 & 58

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🤝 Together forever 🤝

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

🌻 Episode 57 🌻




A month later

💓 Harry 💓

“I want some chocolates”

“Another one again” I signed in frustration

“I will go get it”

“Hurry up with the mangoes”

“Wha??? you said chocolates”

“I changed my mind”

“Arrrhgggg” I groaned angrily

This past months Tiana’s cravings is really out of this world

After this I don’t think I wanna get her pregnant again

“Shut it” I yelled at my inner mind

This is really annoying

I barely go to work because if Tiana’s tantrums but my mind is at rest cause my PA is doing a great job

I patted tiana as she sleeps I eventually got her chicken casserole at the end of the day

I was still staring at her beautiful face when I heard Kelly entered the house

You That girl will always make her presence known

“Brother in law in the making wassup” she said cheesily

“Hey kel how are you doing”

“Am good and fine and also bouncing”

“Good to know that”

“So what are you looking for here” I asked after a brief silence

“So I can’t come to my friend’s house anymore more importantly my sister’s fiancee” she said sacarstically

“This visit looks confidential” I said staring at the things she was holding

“Oh you mean this”

“Well yeah”

“It’s for your wedding preparations and it’s taking place in two


“I thought it was gonna be next week”

“Chill bruh she’s yours already…..we just need to make the whole event memorable” she was saying when mom and Tiana’s mom entered

“You have go shopping my son”

“Really this is my wedding am supposed to plan this” I groaned

“Too bad you have us” Kelly winked

“You’re planning my wedding without me” I heard and turn to meet Tiana’s sleepy face

“I thought you were sleeping”

“I was but I am now here” she said with a shrug

“You don’t have to worry Tiana dear everything has been set” Mom said

“Really” Tiana beamed

“The hall, the catering, the guests, it’s strictly by invitation though, the make up artiste and all even you wedding dresses has been bought all you have to do is to pick the one you like” Kelly said happily

“Oh my I can’t wait to get married” she yelled like an highschool girl with love

This is going to be one elaborate party

“Even your honeymoon has been planned out”

“That’s great news” Tiana twirled

“Be careful my babies are in there” I said pointing at her belly while she glared at me playfully

The doctor already said she should deliver any time from now

It’s her ninth month and I’d say I am

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of great expectation

“I can’t wait to see my baby boy” I thought

“It’s a baby girl” Tiana said and I look at her confused

“You said it out loud dummy” Kelly deadpan giving me a knock on the head

“We will get going now” Mom said pickings up her things


Five hours later


The atmosphere

was Serene and Tiana’s head was on my laps as I patted her while watching a movie

She’d laugh at regular intervals at the silliest thing

I felt happy and relieved not until she cried out in pain causing me to jolt up

“What happened”

“The baby” she squeak and I smiled thinking the baby kicked again but I received a resounding sl@p

“What was that for”

“My water just broke” she said and saw water trailing down her thighs and my heart jumped

“What should I do” I asked dumbly

“Take me to a hospital” she yelled angrily

“Oh my ! Where are my car keys”

I rushed up and I ran down Immediately my whole body is disorganized

I went to her carefully holding her as she breathed in and out and her legs slightly spread apart as we moved

“Walk fast will you” she said angrily glaring at me

I am beginning to wonder if i offended her the t©rture she’s giving me is not okay

She kept cursing, yelling and crying till I got into the car

I drove off like a mad man to my hospital

At the hospital 🏥

“Nurse” I yelled immediately I halted

The came running with a stroller which she was place on and wheeled into the theatre room

I was about going in with them when they asked me to stay behind

My whole body was tense up as I picked up my phone to call Mom

I kept pacing up and down praying for her safety

‘Mom and everyone came rushing in i just called her ten minutes ago” I thought surprised

“How is she”

“I don’t know”

“How long have you been waiting”

“An hour before I called you” I replied brushing my hair backwards in frustration

I was about sitting down when the doctor came out

We all rushed to him anxiously waiting for whatever he wants to say

“How is she” I asked worriedly and he had this stressed face that gave me a negative thought.

“Well…..” He was saying

“Just talk doctor” Kelly yelled angrily dying of suspense

“Congratulations.. your wife give birth to two wonderful girls” he said smiling

And I jumped up in happiness “I am a father”

“Wait did you just say twins and they are females” I asked again to be sure


Two little Tianas

I slurp as I fainted…


Episode 58


💓 Tiana 💓

I stared at my babies lovingly

I am a mother, a mother of two beautiful girls

“My beautiful babies” Harry cooed carrying them from my hands

“They are mine beautiful babies” I pouted

“They my eyes and beautiful face” he flattered

“You forgot the fresh skin too”

“Whatever at least they are cuties”

“Oh my goodness they are cute” Kelly yelled running in to the room

“Yeah duh what did you expect” I asked

“Well considering the fact that ya ugly I had my doubts”

“Did you just call me ugly” he yelled glaring at her

“Cool down Tia she’s just playing around” mother said walking in with my mom in law

Kelly was just giggling and playing with the kids on Harry’s hands

“What are we naming them” mom asked

“Ariana and Arielle” I said with a slight blush

“Ria and Riel I like the sound of that” Harry said

“I love it” Kelly squealed

We discharged sooner and we all went home

Three days after

“You Will be excorting the both of them to get their wedding dresses” mom said to Kelly

“That will be when”

“Later in the day”

It’s just three days after o gave birth and Harry has been shouting he wants to get married

He just can’t wait to get married to me
That thought alone got me blushing

Chloe is gone for good and I will enjoy my Harry all to myself

I tapped my legs as I brëastfed ria she’s been crying all day

I pity Clara the most she’s trying to oversee the cooking for the wedding and take care of my babies

She didn’t allow me employ a nanny she said she’d take care of them herself

I watched as Riel sleep peacefully at her back and ria sucking cutely as she drowse to sleep

I raise my head up to see Harry drooling already at the sight of my b.øøbs moving his mouth as if he was also scking

“Harry” I wined already affected by his look it was causing some $xual sen$ation in my b©dy and I can feel my own wetness

“I can’t just ignore it” he pouted

“You have to deal with the fact that this b©©bs is for three people now” I said smiling

“That’s cheating” he poured

“Whatever” I said standing up as I carried little Riel to her cot

Harry came closer cupping my still exposed b®©bs with his hands

“Harry we have to go”

“That can wait” he said placing soft ksses on my neck

I let out an involuntary m©an

I missed his touch but I want to save it for our wedding night

“Harry” I called but he shut me up with a kss with his hands wondering to my aßs are giving a light squeeze

Kelly suddenly barge in causing us to pull apart abruptly

“Oh my gracious God” she said dramatically and Harry scoffed

“Do you want to corrupt me”

“As if Adrian hasn’t fked you before” Harry said I didn’t fail to see the lopsided blush on her face


“What let get going’” she said changing the topic

“Young lady you are in some trouble”

“Yeah yeah meet me downstairs” she said running off

“Not today” I said and he growled


“This is so not fair”

“Yeah right?”


At the mall


“This is not good enough”



I kept saying as Harry picked his suit

“Will choose already” harry groan

Then I sighted a really cool and fancy suit and I went to bring it to him.

“Now this perfect” I compliment as he came out of the changing room

And he did the same to me whole I was picking my clothes

Let’s just say his was way worse than mine and Kelly isn’t helping matters at All

She has be chatting with Adrian all day

“You know he’s coming home today so cool down” I said in frustration

Finally we reach conclusion and we paid for the cloths as we went out

⚔️ Unknown ⚔️

I smirked as I watched the three of them come out of the mall

If I can’t have him then no one can

I wore back my glasses as I entered the car

I have a wedding to destroy 😁



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