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July 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My prince charming Episode 55 & 56

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🤝 Together forever 🤝

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

🌻 Episode 55 🌻



❣️ Tiana ❣️

I woke with a pang of headache with four eyes peiercing into mine

Those eyes i recognize are Harry’s and Kelly’s

I finally remembered everything that happened my face broke into a smile and I can see how relaxed Harry was

But it immediately went back to that of a frown when I remember that Harry broke the pact we made

To always trust each other
He didn’t trust me enough to believe me.
He believed my friend over me and that pains alot

As if realizing what happened he went on his knees with the bandage on his head and a plaster on his hands

“I am sorry” he said in a very shaky voice

It’s obvious he was trying hard not to cry but I just turned my back at him

I was supposed to be angry at him but surprisingly I wasn’t but I wanted him to feel what I felt not been listened to

“Tiana am really sorry” he said again touching my hands which I shove off

“Leave me alone and go meet Chloe whom you trust Soo much” I said with a pang of jealousy

“C’mon baby” he said making me smile

There’s no doubt I have missed him too much

Then he explained everything that happened after my disappearance

How he found out about Chloe but he’s yet to find her accomplices

Harry showed me how she was beaten to pulp from his iPod

He explained the br.utal punishment he had given her and I kinda felt outta for her

Not because I wanted to but my pregnancy hormones is something else

I later forgave him after all forgiveness is also an important key in every successful relationship

“Awwn love birds” our parents clapped
For a second I forgot that the were inside the same ward with us

“You passed out??” Mason yelled running into the ward

“Chillax bruh my husby is here” I said and Harry chuckled before wincing

He’s forgotten his head is still feeling pains

I guess the happiness was that much

“Mitchell come gimme a hug I really need it” I said to Mason’s fiancee

“But I am right here” Harry wined

“Just face your bruised self” I retorted

“Crazy tee is back” Kelly finally spoke

“I will still punish you for all this just get well soon enough” Kelly said facing Harry

“I thought you’ve dealt me with already” Harry pouted

He looked cute

“That was just an icing in the cake”


“Yeah” she replied with a childish glare


A week later


I was discharged that same day but Harry was after two days

He was now perfectly okay

I was happy to be reunited to my family
And I will be going back to New York City

I announced it to my coworker and some were sad but majority was happy

The happy ones was shocked when o was announced the new owner of the hospital by my overly dramatic mother in law

She bought it in my name so I can come visit anytime

Mason was sad I’d be leaving but elated that I’d be happy

“At least you’d be happy over there* he said

It was a great thing I met him

He didn’t take advantage of my state back then for his selfish desires

Now we are at my small house here I n new Orleans and this place is filled by the golds and Williams

Especially with Kelly and Harry’s bickering

I only sleep, eat and cry depending on the type of breeze of the morning cos my hormones are madly working

Finally we are going back home And I will get to see that back stabbing btch I call a friend


The breeze blew my hair up as we came down from Harry’s private jet

“The smell of New York is still the Same” I said and Harry scrutinized his eyes

“Does a place have a particular smell” he quizzed

“Whatever the smell is okay” I shrugged and everyone bursted into laughter and for no reason brought tears to my eyes

“Tiana why are you crying”

“You are all laughing at me”

“You were funny”

“So am now funny huh Harry am now funny and you don’t love me anymore” i said and bursted into more tears

“Oh c’mon Tiana I am sorry I won’t laugh at you anymore and for the record you aren’t funny”

“So you are saying am boring and not humorous” I asked childishly and he nodded

I bursted into another round of cry

“Oh my goodness* Harry sighed in frustration

❣️💟 Harry 💟❣️

I sighed dejectedly after Tiana’s round of another cry

Really pregnancy is not a good thing

Remind me not to impregnate her again this just a few of it and am tired

She’s close to giving birth according to the doctor

She should give birth this month or next

But right now I can’t wait to get married to her

But first things first deal with Chloe

We got home peacefully and my mom and her mom still followed us

According to my mom she wants to see the btch that caused her daughter in law pains but I have other plans

To find who her partner is


We got to my sitting room and I ordered the guys to bring her wretched self down

I had to cover my ears from Tiana and Clara’s deafening screams

They missed each other alot

I went to my room to bring Chloe’s phone so that she’d call whosoever her partner is

Chloe was brought down and she looked miserable

My mom was ready to pounce on her but I dragged her back

Tiana’s mom was just glaring her in a deadly way

Tiana just went to the kitchen to get her chilli peppers and emptied on her eyes causing her to cry out

Kelly wasn’t controllable cause she was dam angry and before I got talk she landed Chloe two heavy $laps whose mark stayed glued to get face

“Are you ready to talk now” I said squatting to her level and she nodded

I stretched her phone to her ” call him to meet you here”

She dialed the number the phone was on speaker


“Chloe where have you been” the voice thundered sounding oddly familiar

“I have been working on the plan and it’s done now I knocked Harry out and he’s unconscious just come over let’s dispose him” she said

“I’d be right over”

“Good girl” I said collecting the phone from her


Thirty minutes later


I saw the car pulled up at my garage

I went to sit down and we were all waiting patiently while Tiana was eating her third plate of pasta

Then he entered and my phone fell off my hands

UNCLE JOE!!!!!!!!??

🌻 Episode 56 🌻


❣️ Harry ❣️

Uncle Joe?

I can’t believe he did this

But why?

Why would he do this

I just beckon on the cops to come arrest them

He and chloe was taken out

All this while Tiana was just sipping her ice cream curled up like a baby

My mom was at the bridge if tears as my dad nodded pityfuly

I know how he feels to be betrayed by your own brother


At court
Three weeks later


“Miss Chloe you are hereby sentenced to death by hanging for the murder if Mr Davis and the attempted murder if miss Tiana the possession of illict dr.ugs and being an accomplice to act if fraud and swindle” the jugde said

“Mr Joseph gold you are hereby sentenced to life imprisionmet for act of fraud and swindle”

“I rise”


Uncle Joe was dragged out and he has no feeling of remorse what’soever

He still feels like he’s right

💫Uncle Joe 💫

I was the one wronged and not the one that’s supposed to be in jail

My brother is the one meant to he here

I only need to find a out of here so I can deal with him

“Prisoner 149 come over to the visiting room” a prisoner warden called

“Stop calling me a prisoner”

“So what are you huh” he said mockingly

“Just get the hella here greedy fool”

I walked into the visiting room to see my brother and Harry sitted

“What are you doing here”

“Get butt down Mr and cooperate” the warden said going out

“What did I do to deserve this Joe??”

“You are really asking me that”

Flashback 💮

I was done at the office that day and decided to come greet you at yours when I overheard a discussion at the entrance of your office

You asked your lawyer to transfer all the properties you own to your son

I wasn’t annoyed at least thats why we work for our children

But I got upset when you asked him to join my own portion of the the empires property to it

When he tried to question your ordered you yelled and I needed to take what was rightfully mine

Flashback ends

I saw a tear slipped his face after I narrated finish

“That wasn’t all I had in mind

You didn’t listen to the whole conversation you just assumed

I wanted to enlarge the company because it wasn’t more productive like before so I merge it with my

I stared running it and ensured it was booming

I asked him to hand it over to harry because I wanted to surprise you on 30th birthday

I wanted to gift it to you alongside one of my best rising companies that was father’s last wish” he said and I scoffed

“You want me to believe that crap” I said and he brought out some documents

He was right this contains all the documents of the two companies

A lone tear slipped off my face when I realized that I jugded quickly and I didn’t even ask or confront him

I jumped into conclusion I didn’t bother to listen to the end

I let greediness and love of money cloud my judgement

💫 Chloe 💫

The moment the judge made the pronucement I knew I was doomed

But I wasn’t ready to give up

I know this is the end if read but ain’t a giver uper

I was ready to take chances and by chances I mean I am breaking out of this prison tonight

The execution will be carried out tommorow

I waited till past midnight for all cops and prisoner to be asleep before I crawled out stealthily

My bruises weren’t healed up yet but this pain and risk was worth taking

I had gotten to the fence where the other side of the world was

I mean outside the prison walls

I was about to climb up when I felt bullets Pierce my skin

I my eyes became heavy I feel to the ground as I lost my last breathe




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