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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My prince charming Episode 49 &:50

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🤝 Together forever 🤝

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

🌻 Episode 49 🌻




😋 Chloe 😋

“It’s been two months already when do we strike concerning the documents”

“I think you should strike now”

“Okay Then”


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“Good morning Harry how wAs your night” I asked but he didn’t reply

He has gone to a shell since he broke up with Tiana

It became worse when he discovered that they couldn’t find Tiana since he sent her away so he became grumpy and cold-hearted

But I felt happy since Tiana won’t be an obstacle again since she’s missing

“Ermm Harry”

“What do you want” he growled and I flinched

“The documents I brought three months ago you haven’t sign it”


“I really need you to sign the document I need them”

“Get out of my office” he growled


“Get out” he yelled banging his fist on the table

I scurried off maybe o should come back later

💔Harry 💔

Today makes exactly two months I broke up with Tiana and I have been miserable

It feels like I am the one that’s wrong

What made matter worse is that Tiana hasn’t been found since I sent her away

I have been trying to look for her relentlessly but I can’t find her

Chloe’s issue is just pathetic she’s be giving me greenlight since then and I failed to look at her

Now she wants me to sign a random document..

She doesn’t know how temperamental I am today

I sighed staring at Tiana’s picture enlarged inside my office there is doubt I missed her

I don’t think I care if she cheated anymore I want her back

I pick up my phone to ask from the private investigator I hired on her case

“Any lead”

“None yet”

“Okay” I sighed in fustration

I need to go home and I just keep missing her

I picked few things before heading to Chloe’s office to bid her good bye

🌹 Tiana 🌹

“Should I drop you off”

“You should go ain’t ready yet” I said cheesily

“You I can wait”

“And you get to work late nah-ah not happening”

“It’s my company”

“And you are lazy ”

“Fine I’d go”


“Bye”he replied driving off

That was Mason the guy who helped me at the airport two months ago

He’s been of great help since I have met him

He got me this apartment I am in Making me his next door neighbor

He got me into the best hospital here and I get to work to take care of my self

I must say he’s God sent

We have gotten close over this few months and he’s a great company

He’s funny humorous and good looking too

He has found the habit of dropping me at work before going to his and this morning is an exception

I haven’t done few things at home and I can’t just leave like that so I’d find my way


“Bring the files to the ward downstairs”

“Okay sir”

“And make sure the VIP patient document is complete”

“Actually it’s done”

“Then bring ’em’ along”

You know going up and down with a big belly is quite stressful but I have to work

No doubt my smartness and perfection has been noticed here and I have been given accolades

And it’s fun to have young children flock around you telling you what you mean to them


“Are you done”

“Yeah I am and am about to go home”

“Wait up I’d come carry you”

“You Know Amma have the start paying you as my driver”

“At your service ma’am” he replied and I giggled

“Just get ur butt up here in fifteen minutes or it will get spanked”

“Oh my butt” he said dramatically and I rolled my eyes before hanging up

🏵️ Chloe 🏵️

📲 He’s not paying attention to me

📲 I guess we’d have to go with plan B

📲 Yeah I think so even after I made him believe Tiana cheated on him which clearly was a lie he still misses her

📲 I don’t Think she’s an obstacle be she’s missing by the way

📲She missing but causing troubles over here let’s kill her

📲If we kill her how do we get Harry to sigh the documents

📲I get him to sleep with me and I will blackmail him by tagging it as r@pe

📲That’s a brilliant idea

📲I will get on with it

I hung up

😠 Harry 😠

I walked towards Chloe’s door and made to enter when I heard her call Tiana”s name

I halted thinking maybe she knows where she is and probably Tiana told get not to tell anyone

But my mouth dropped in shock when I overheard the phone conversation

Chloe’s I’d behind it and she’s even planning to kill her


🌻 Episode 50 🌻


🌹Harry 🌹

My blood was boiling in anger

So she was behind it and yet she was behaving innocent and supportive

Not only that she’s after my properties and the wealth I had worked hard to acquire

Women are dangerous

And it seems like she’s working with someone she’s not the only one in the game

I made to go back to my office when her office door opened

She was shocked to see Me there and probably thinking I overheard her discussion

I gave her a fake smile which she returned and her shock had reduced

“Fool!” I thought

“What were you doing here” she asked

“I wanted to inform you I will be going home now but I forgot something in my office that’s why I turned back” I lied smoothly

“Ohh” she muttered

“That means you weren’t here for long” she added again

“Nah I just got here” I said walking back to my office

🌹Chloe 🌹

I felt my heart jump outta my mouth when I met him at the entrance

But I heaved a sigh of relief seeing he’s still clueless about the whole thing

I just can’t wait to get my hands on this properties and flee

I am only using him

Once Harry signs the document I’d kill harry, tiana, and the idiot I working with

That way the wealth will be mine and mine alone” I thought smiling

But how am I gonna get him to sign the document

The only thing I can do is to follow him home and find a way to get him drunk

💕 Harry 💕

I sent messages to all my workers at home to get ready

It’s gonna be a long night

I was about going when the she devl barge in my office

“What do you want”

“I was wondering if I could follow you home”

“Why would you do that” I asked with a smirk

She can’t see me cause am backing her

“C’mon Harry since Tiana broke your heart you’ve been a shadow of yourself”

Tiana Broke my heart??More like I did

But I contended my fury so I can get her


“I can get to cheer you up a little”

“Okay” I said simply

Her punishment is going to he worse than Maddie’s because she made me hurt tia


I came down from my car while Chloe followed up like a lost puppy

It’s soo easy leading a rat to the Lions Den

Clara came to collect my briefcase but not without throwing Chloe a death glare

I know she’s has always dislike Chloe since the first day and she had Kelly’s back up in that

I wonder how Tiana and I was blinded by the facade she puts on

It all ends today anyways

I winked at Clara and by that she understood what I meant


I came back down after I had gotten claded in a tonic

I sat across Chloe at the bar side of the sitting room sipping the none achlolic in front of me

I served Chloe as well but hers was alcoholic and already sedated

In order to get her alined and unsuspicious I started a conversation with her which I Know in a matter of time she’d sleep off

“So you don’t miss Tiana” I started and I can tell the question took her of guard

“I do.. just that I disliked the fact that she cheated on you” replied with a shrug

“Really?? That means you prefer me to her as a friend because no matter what wheater good or bad I expected you to stick to your friend”

“You could say that” she replied slurry

I can tell the drug is already working on her

“So you became her friend so you could get closer to me”

“Yes….. exactly…I… never…kn..ew.. you..are(hiccups) smart” she said drunkly

*Of course I Am” I replied watching her drift to slumber

*Guys* I called

“Yes boss” the all replied coming out of the angles they were

“The two of you should carry her to the to.rture room”

*Yes sir” they replied carrying her dev!lish unconscious self

*Ken go activate the hallway camera and the to.rture room camera and it should be linked to all my gadgets”

“Upgrade the security of the room which means there’s no means of escape whatsoever”

“The two of you will guard the entrance of the room”

“And lastly Clara get in touch with my secretary I need a new PA in 2hours”

“Is that clear”

“Yes sir” they yell


I haven’t used this form if t0rture and in years and Chloe is gonna take part of it


In two hours everything is set

I can veiw the everything happening in the t0rture room and the hallway that leads to it on my phone or laptop

I dropped my phone and walked towards the room she’s awake a d it’s time to unleash my anger in her

I stop by at the entrance of Tiana room

I haven’t entered there since she left

I walked in and the place still had her scent her things were scattered on The floor showing how hurriedly she packed out that day

I felt hurt and this happened because of that Chloe

I was about going out when my face caught a document on the floor

I wanted to go but something pushed me to go pick it up

I find myself going through the documents as tears flows down my cheeks slowly

My Tiana was pregn@nt!!
She just got to know the day that I sent her out

And it’s all because of Chloe

I fling the documents abd storm outta the room


“Well well well the devil awakens” I said entering the room

She raised her Head up looking at me sleepily

Her hands and legs were chained to the wall and I don’t think she knows that

She tried to stand up but ends up falling back

“Harry what’s going on why am I on chains” she asked

*Are you seriously asking me that?”

“Yes I think so* she answered dumbly and I sent a sl@p across her face in anger

“Why did you do it” I asked but got no response

“Why did you do it” i yelled this time kicking her in the lower abdomen earning a winced from her

“Because I want you okay I was attracted to you and your money so what” she said with pain lacing out in her voice

“Who are you working with”

“I can’t tell” she said stubbornly

Seems this girl has a body that accepts pain as plea$ure

I gave her a pu.nch in the face causing her to spit out bl00d

“Because of you she’s out there with my unborn child and I have no idea where* I thundered trying to control the tears gathering

I began to her
I gave her several pu.nches and bl00d was all over her body

“You won’t burge right?? You don’t wanna rat him out and you are here getting punhised”

“Your partner is out there enjoying and you don’t want to expose him*

I gave her another kick at her abdomen before she finally passed out

I wiped her bl00d stains on my face walking out




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