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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My prince charming Episode 43 & 44

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🤝 Together forever 🤝

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

🌻 Episode 43 🌻




❣️ Tiana ❣️

Despite how sick I feel I’d still go to the outing tonight

I already promised Chloe

I already took a month off from work because of my sickness

Because Harry won’t let me work

Speaking of Harry he’s gone to work leaving me alone at home

I was about eating when a call entered

It was Kelly

📲 Hello lil sis

📲Hey how are you doing

📲Am good since you decided to forget me here

📲You know I don’t mean it

📲 yeah you don’t but you did

📲Am sorry

📲Apology accepted

After chattering for like fifteen minutes I ended the call my
No doubt I missed her


At 🌃 night


I was waiting for Chloe at the club she said we should meet but I can’t see any sign of her

I kept checking my wrist watch at regular intervals cos the place was creeping me out

I was about going when a guy walked up to me

“Hey pretty lady” he said smiling while I forced out a smile

“Hi” I said looking around to see if Chloe was coming

“You waiting for someone”

“Yeah please excuse me” I said walking out

😁 Chloe 😁

I smiled mischievously seeing that our plans are in order I made sure the pictures are well taken

No Time for plan two


pick my phone to call her

📲Tia am really sorry I’d soon be there

📲What holding you up

📲 Traffic” i lied

📲 Okay am expecting you this place is creeping me out

📲Go wait for me inside the club

I dropped the call and moved out of my hiding place

❣️ Tiana ❣️

In less than five minutes Chloe was here and that was when I entered the club

The place looked okay it isn’t as bad as a thought except for the indecency and shameless attitude in there the place was cool

“Let’s have some drinks” Chloe said

“I am okay with water”

“He’ll no it’s my treat soo ya taking some drinks” she snapped

“C’mon Chloe”

“Stop being a big baby and get wasted you’ve been working for a long time now a little drink won’t hurt”

“I guess so”

“Give us two Bottles of vodka” Chloe said


I was here to convince her to drink

I signal the guys to add the sleeping pills into her drinks

I smiled as she gulp down the drinks

Tonight is gonna be a long one

Slowly am achieving my aim


It was past nine and she was really drunk and speaking gibberish

I guided her from the club so I won’t look suspicious

I took her to my car before entering and driving of

I arrived at my house 45minutes later

I was a long and Impatient drive

By the time I arrived home he was already there with the guys

I began to undre$$ Tiana as I laid her down on the b.ed

The pills I gave won’t allow her remember anything by the time she wakes


I admit I was quite jealous of her b.ody structure

She’s 5’ft tall with a radiant body though some side looked pale and he let me understand that I was as a result of the p0ison I added to her b.ody

Her br.ea$ts were full and plumpy than mine

She’s fairer than I am

This chick is one lucky girl

If I were a guy I’d make sure I fk her

I noticed the way the guys in the room were looking at her b.ody

Soon I was done removing her cl0thes leaving her nked I covered her with a blanket

“Take this picture” I said


“Jay get uncl@ded and lay beside her”

“Like this” he asked lying on to.p of her as if they were having a fk session


“Take the picture cutting his head off because Harry might wanna hunt you weren’t taking chances”

I made them have many sx style picture with different guys

I was about wearing her clthes back for her when he asked

“Can’t I fk her at least”

“No! Those pills aren’t that strong if you should thrust you bea$t in her she’d wake so no-no” I said and he groaned on fustration

I have an idea

I wore her cl0thes back

We left the room to another and I have him fk me editing the video to make it look like it’s Tiana

“I think we have all the things needed now to get him sign the documents” he said

“No we don’t”

“I still have something to do”I replied retiring to bed

💘 Tiana 💘

I woke up with a throbbing headache

The whole place looked blurry

I closed my eyes again and opened again sharply and everything was now clear

Right in front of me was Harry glaring at me angrily

“How did I get here and what happened last night?” I found myself asking the angry looking Harry

“You got drunk and Chloe brought you home around 6am this morning” he replied coldly

My head is blank I can’t remember everything that happened yesterday


🌻 Episode 44 🌻




For like two days after the drinking incident Harry didn’t talk to me

He was annoyed for two things I didn’t let him follow me and the fact that I came home drunk

I was able to earn his forgiveness after two rounds third day

The thing is that I still couldn’t remember anything that happened that day

All Chloe did was just to tease me about it saying I should never again and I think I should agree with her drinking isn’t my thing but she’s the one who cause it in the first place

But nevertheless everything is back to normal

Though I still feel that paleness once in a while

❣️Harry ❣️

I felt something amiss when Chloe brought her home

Tia doesn’t drink but she did that day
So definitely something is wrong

Besides are body was pale and weird
Like she’s sick or something

I wasn’t angry at her but I just wanted her to learn some lessons by giving the silent treatment but obviously it didn’t last because she knew how to get me

But this feeling that something is wrong is still there and I am gonna find out

******A month later*******


It’s been a month and my leave was over but I still did go to work

I wasn’t myself

My sickness has gone worse and I am trying my best not to let Harry notice

At times morning sickness neusea and dizziness

Now I can’t comprehend it anymore

I will go see a doctor by weekend but definitely not where I work because Harry will find out and he will lose focus from work

He’s got a big project at hand and it will cost a fortune if he looses

That’s why am keeping it to my self

“Baby”he cooed coming down

“Hey sweedums”

“Could you please get some documents for at the hospital

It’s right inside my office”

“Okay you Know I have resumed work so don’t you think they’d talk”

“The last time I remember you own the hospital so what plus you are my finance”

“Not technically we share the ownership and they don’t know that part”

“What ever just get me the docs”

“Alright Iover boy” I said as he gave me a goodbye kss before going


I was richly dressed as I alighted in front of the hospital

I held on to my purse and walked in

Few pairs of eyes turned to my direction

But two was really angry which were that of Dr Royce and Becca

The two wtches and wizards of the hospital

I kept walking and pretended as if I hadn’t seen them when they suddenly came to my front making me halt my steps

“What again this time” I said in a bored tone

“Why are you just coming because your leave expired a week ago and you aren’t even dressed in uniform” Dr Royce said angrily

“Well as you can see I didn’t come to work I came to pick something”

“Now you have some nerves because the boss has been using you has his personal $lut” Becca chirped and that does it

“Don’t you ever refer me as a slut again”dead panned and by now all attention is now on us and Dr Royce was just watching the drama since I already gave him his size

“Ohhh she’s angry” she said mockingly and everyone bursted into laughter

“Really do you realize that I am the boss here and Harry is my finance” I yelled with all seriousness leaving them in shock

“You think I’d believe that he’d rather date me than go fir someone like you” Becca said trying to build up confidence that’s clearly shaken

“That’s right she is” I heard Harry say walking in




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