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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My prince charming Episode 33 & 34

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👅 She’s feisty he’s hot 👅

✍️ Written by Lois ✍️

🌹 Episode 33🌹



😋 Tiana 😋

“I am going to kill you!!” I yelled running after Kelly

She is here in a minute and already causing troubles

“Please sister I won’t do it again” she yelled while running

“noo i will get back at you”

Because of her I look like a ghost and a hedious monster

I was gaining on her when Harry entered the living room

Immediately he saw me and Kelly in that positio, he thought I was a ghost so he took to his heels


This guy is a coward

I stopped chasing Kelly and faced his direction walk-in like a mechanic robot

With my head twisted sideways he looked terrified

If care is not taken he’s gonna pee on his pants

“Arrrhgggg” he yelled and to took to his heels running upwards while I ran behind him

Okay this is fun

He got to the entrance of his room while I was just four feet away from him

In h0rror he ran inside and tried closing the door but I was faster

Soon we were in his room

And he was walking backwards slowly while I was moving towards him

Everything seemed like a slow motion movie with an absolute silence

But as I was about to sacred him the more that’s when

Kelly broke in and Harry heaved a sigh of relief

“Really Tiana did you wanna kill him” Kelly yelled seeing the shaking Harry

“What it was just a joke never knew he was a Scarry cat”

“Really scary he’s your boyfriend and you were supposed to chase me not him”

“Well you started it”

Harry was just looking at our bickering
With breaking sweats all over his body

We all bursted into laughter over our stupidity


It’s been over two hours since Kelly arrived and it’s has been crazy fun the only person missing this is Chloe I haven’t seen any sigh of her

she was supposed to be here since yesterday

But she called saying she was held up in some things and would be here today

And now it’s close noon but she isn’t here

“Are you waiting for someone” Kelly asked as she entered the living room seeing me pacing up and down

“Yeah she was supposed to be here since”


“It’s a surprise so chillax”

We were already on another topic when Clara walked in

“She’s here”

“Speak of the dev!l”

I rushed out and hugged her tightly

I urshered her in

“Kelly” I called

“Meet Chloe my best friend”

“Chloe Meet Kelly my sister”

I introduced but what I got was a cold stare from Kelly

They look at each other like the Known each other before

But Kelly covered it with a smile and went to give her a hug

“Welcome aboard”

Soon they were both chattering like they’ve known each other for ages

I felt happy that they were getting along


I felt my heart jump out as I sighted her

/> She’s the girl I saw with Tia the other day

So she’s her sister

I have a bad feeling about her and I won’t allow her step on my shoes

Soon she was all chatty with me and I wasn’t really comfortable but I had to pretend because Tiana was there

When Tiana and harry left the house
Leaving the both of us alone

Kelly offered too help me carry my bags

As soon as we both entered the room Kelly faced me and said

“I know you are up to something Chloe and I will get to the root of it”

“What are you saying” I said forming confusion

“Don’t Tryna pretend okay I know you know I am saying”

“You have no proof”

“I’d get one just so you know my eyes are on you” she said walking out

I think I have a problem here
I need to get rid of this girl she’s going to be issue to me

😋 Kelly 😋

It’s her again

The weird ev!l Aura around was high this time

I had to pretend to like her and it’s obvious my sister trusts her

So telling her won’t do me any good

She’d just think I was trying to get rid of her new friend or am jealous or something….

When I saw she was out with Harry I offered to help her to her room so I can give her a piece of my mind

“I know you are up to something Chloe and I will get to the root of it” I said

“What are you saying” I said forming confusion

“Don’t tryna pretend okay I know you know I am saying”

“You have no proof”

“I’d get one just so you know my eyes are on you” i said walking out

But before I look for proofs

I need to play some pranks on her

I packed out the coackroches I brought intended to pull a prank on tiana but now it will be for Chloe


It was already night and Tiana and Harry is back home

It was 10pm already and everyone had slept but I hadn’t

I tiptoed to the Front of Chloe’s door and release the coackroches inside

I ran back in to my room

Wait for it 1…2…..3….4

“Argghhhhhhu” Chloe yelled

Now that’s right


🌹 Episode 34 🌹


🌼 Authoress POV 🌼

A week was over, Chloe had gone back home same to Kelly though this past week has been filled with energy and pranks

Kelly made use of every opportunity she has to threaten, insult and scare Chloe off her sister

Tiana and Harry on the other hand has been oblivious to the bickering and display madness between these two people

Kelly succeed at one thing plantings fear inside Chloe

Chloe has become afraid of Kelly seeing how dangerous she can be if stepped on

They kept to their hypocritic friendship in front of Harry and Tiana but never forget to show their hatred when alone

🌺Two weeks later🌺

🌷 Chloe 🌷

It’s been two weeks since I left Harry’s house

My plans to get closer to him was aborted by Kelly

It was like Kelly already knew about my plans as she kept coming in and hindering it

💮 Flashback 💮

I had planned to barge in on Harry when he just finished bathing and maybe se.duce him to b.ed with me

But immediately I entered his room Kelly ran in too claiming to see a ghost

It was an obvious lie

Harry on the other hand had finished bathing and was dressed so my plans was drenched

I glare at her deathly but she giggled

💮 Flashback ends💭

It clearly shows she know my plans but the question is how?

I was still brooding when my phone rang

I checked the caller ID, it was Davis

📲 Hello baby

📲 Hey Davis

📲 Are you home

📲 Yes

📲 Ok I am coming now

Soon he was in my apartment looking like a completely different person

Well we had come up with the perfect plan to break their relationship once and for all

From my discussion with Tiana I discovered she hasn’t had sex with him

She was still a vrg-n

So I decided that she’d be lured to my apartment while I will set the camera to go live

I will drug her heavily and Davis will have sx with her

I know this will break Harry no doubt

And we are carrying out the plan this night

I already invited her for a ladies sleepover

The sleepover she will never forget


📲Tiana where are you I have been waiting for ages

📲I am on my way Bâé chillax am coming okay

I hung up the call feeling relaxed that she’s coming so I went back to the sitting room and started a discussion with Harry sipping vodka and eyeing Tiana’s drugged drink

Somewhere in Las Vegas
🎻 Kelly 🎻

I kept tossing on my bed and groaning
I am having that feeling again

Something bad is about to happen to my sister

If I call her now she won’t believe me

But there is no harm trying

I picked my phone and dialed her number

📱Hey sister can you please come to Las Vegas right now

📱What noo I promise Chloe today as girls night so ain’t forfeiting

📱Pretty please Tiana


📱 Please


📱 Please please please please

📱Erm…how about a capital N O no!!

She yelled and hung the call from know she’s cr.azy she won’t come

😋Tiana 😋

After I receive Chloe’s call for the second time I picked up my bags and dashed out

Can’t miss today’s fun for Kelly’s unseriousness

Gotta go

🤨 Drunk Davis 🤨

I was elated I was going to eventually today and also make her humiliated

I was already getting tipsy when the door opened and she walked in looking all beautiful

My vision was all blurry but who cares

Even though I was drunk I still remember where the camera was placed so I carried her towards the b.ed

She was also looking drunk

Good for me

“What are you doing” she asked with fear lacing in her voice as I traced my hands to her entrance

“Having f.un I bet you will enjoy it”

“No plea… please”

She was begging but I didn’t give a dmn …….

That was good

This v1deo will be trending by tomorrow

It was a live sx v1deo so Harry will be devastated

I used my legs to push the camera stand so it will crash

Purpose fufilled

I fell back on the b.ed and drifted into oblivion.



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