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My pla-ymate final Episode

😘 MY pla-yMATE
💟{ Against all odds}💟
😋 EPISODE 20 😋
I really needed to act fast if i wanted to get rid of this sister of mine.her mere sight had began to get me irritated but unfortunately I have to keep acting up for the meantime till i Feel its time to strike.
All my life Silver had been the one with the good stuffs while I was always left the soar ugly things. Taking one good thing from her wasn’t gonna hurt yeah?.
What a relief. I actually thought I was gonna puke on her face if she doesn’t get outta my sight.
An idea cr!pp£dup and I decided to head upstairs. Was so anxious to know what that good news was and I ended up ears dropping on them.
“Oh my gosh you’re really tryna get me scared love.” Luke complained and I huffed. Why can’t he treat me same way?
I was also pretty and had well curved b©dy yet he won’t look my way.
” relax baby I just don’t know where to start from. ” I heard her chuckled like a child deprived of candy and i rolled my eyes at such dramatic being.
“Okay can you plea-se st©p giggling and go straight to the point ? Else this husband of yours is gonna die of curiosity.” Luke whinned.
“My love am 8weeks pregnant.” Her voice has become sober.
On hearing this anger surge throu-gh my vein, there was no way she could be 8weeks pregnant this has to be some kinda joke,
as I thought about the possibility of Luke asking me to terminate my pregnancy.
Now i was more than determined to take him away for good.
I left the doorstep when they both screamed happily.
Amidst all happiness my face fell. Guilt cr!pp£dup my che-st that I felt tear building up in my eyes. Silver was my life. She gave me the love and care no one could. She doesn’t deserve this from me.
“Luke! Why are you sad all of a sudden? Ain’t you happy about the news?” Silver frown at me with folded arms.
” am sorry I just don’t know how to react at the moment.” I blurted out with shaky voice as I tried to get a grip on myself.
She has to know. I was willing to take all the hurt and punishment she was gonna give me afterwards as long as she doesn’t st©p loving me and my child.
” I un-derstand you anymore Luke .you have been acting up since I [email protected]£ back. Tell me plea-se is something wrong? Or did I do anything wrong?” She cu-mpped my chin and that was it.
I lost every self control as h0t tears rolled down my cheeks.
On one hand i didn’t wanna hurt her by telling her what had happened but my inner mind had been tied down with guilt for she was gonna find out sooner or later if I decided not to tell her the truth.
“Am sorry silver. I hope you forgive me and don’t try to do anything stupid. I messed up pretty bad and I really hope you forgive me and don’t st©p loving me after hearing what am about to say.” I paused and I gulp down as beats of sweat had began to form all over me.
“plea-se my love tell me what’s going on, I’m scared.” She said with a worried expression.
” salomeh is pregnant for me .” I went over the details on how it had happened and went down on my knees immediately.
She looked at me with terror which got me even hurt.
I stood there staring right back at my husband not knowing what to say or do at the moment.
He was always against Salomeh staying with us but I paid less attention to him and his plea-s , I thought he was being selfish. Now my ignorance has cost me a lot.
“Am sorry😢.” He pleaded but I ended up giving him a [email protected]
Anger surge throu-gh me as I rushed outta the room ignoring Luke’s calling.
I went downstairs and found the devil herself seated comfortably watching TV like she own the house.
I dragged her hair from behind ma-king her gulp in pain.
“You ingrate!! You bastard!! How dare you f0rç£ yourself on my husband huh? I thought you’ve changed your ways but instead you decided to bite the f!ngersthat fed you ” I yelled still pu-lling her hair aggressively not minding if I was actually pregnant.
All I wanted at the moment was to deal with her.she started vomiting blood.
She [email protected] afterwards.
That was when I realized what have done..
“Omg!! Salomeh!!” I rushed to her aid and carried her up in my arms.
“How is she doctor?” I asked the doctor immediately he walked into the ward.
“Turns out she’s suffering from cancer of the wo-mb and am sorry to say she isn’t pregnant its just one of the many symptoms of the disease. She has just few days to live for she has gotten to the last stage .” he explained sadly and h0t tears rolled down my cheeks. What have I done??
Almost immediately Luke rushed into the hospital with tears in his eyes.
He down on his knees immediately.
“plea-se silver I’m sorry but don’t punish Salomeh for my clumsiness, punish me instead plea-se.” He voice cracked and I felt my heart broke into a thousand pieces.
I love him dearly and can’t imagine life without him.
He gave me love none other person in the world could give me. He was patient with me when I couldn’t provide a child for him. He gave me hope when there was no home.
What more could I ask for?
I helped him up and [email protected] him ti-ghtly. “I’m sorry Luke I’m sorry I let my anger take the best [email protected] of me. I didn’t mean to hurt her.” I cried.
“Ssh its not your fault okay? She’s gonna be fine.” He @ssured.
“Sil..ver..” I heard Salomeh’s voice. I pu-ll-ed away from Luke and rushed to her side.
“Am sorry sister I didn’t mean to hurt you. I promise you gonna be fine.” I rushed my words as I took her palm in mine and cried more.
Tears rolled down her cheeks as she tried to stay awake.
“No don’t .. Its the end for me. I’m sorry for taking advantage of your kindness towards me and tried to s£dûç£your husband. I sincerely hope you forgive me and enjoy your marriage life for this is the end for me. Am sorry Luke.” That was. It.
She st©pped breathing. I screamed out loud and the doctors rushed into her ward. They tried to get her stabled but it wasn’t working for she was dead all alre-ady.
I cried so much as Luke tried to console me . this isn’t happening .
Few months later..
Its been months since salomeh had been la-id to rest and I couldn’t help but feel hurt anytime I thought about her.
She didn’t deserve to die yet and not that way..
“Are you okay baby?” Luke sneaked his arm around my big tummy and planted a k!sson my shoulder.
“Yes hun just thinking about a few things never mind anyway, I didn’t see you walk in .” I smiled and turned to him slightly.
“Yeah you seem to be in a de-ep thought my love. I missed you.” He smiled and pe-cked my forehead then my nose down to myl-ips.
Respect people’s feelings. Even if it does not mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them.
No family is perfect, we argue, we fight, we even st©p talking to each other at times but in the end, family is family … the love will always be there.
Mistake is a single page of life but relation is a complete book. So don’t lose a full book for a single page.
The past can hurt but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.

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