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My pla-ymate Episode 8 & 9

🌼❤️ MY pla-yMATE
(Against all odds ❤️)
We finished with the pancakes and we served it on the table with the Salad I presumed Luke made.
“Could you call Luke for me plea-se? I need to clean this mess.” Silver said from the kitchen.
” Okay.” I replied and walked up the stairs to their room.
I knocked on the door waiting for his response but he didn’t respond.
“Luke.” I called but everywhere was silent.
I didn’t want to walk into their room but since he didn’t answer, maybe he was asleep alre-ady or using an headset or something.
I opened the door carefully peeping into the room to see if he was laying on the be-d.
“Luke.” I called calmly but he was nowhere to be found.
I moved in the more looking around the room. It was really beautiful. My sister is one lucky woman.
“Hey!” I heard someone call ma-king me jump. I looked back and I saw Luke at the bathroom door dripping with water.
He had a towel tied round his [email protected]!st. He looked extra h0t. I scanned him from his face down to where the towel was.
“What are you doing here? Where is Silver?” He asked looking at me.
” Ahh. Sorry to barg in, she asked me to call you, breakfast is re-ady. I stood at the door knocking and calling your name but you didn’t respond. So I thought you were asleep or something and that is why…..” I ra-pped.
” It’s fine. I get you.” He said and I nodded breathing [email protected]
” I will .. will go now.” I stammered before heading out of the room. I looked back to take a last look at his h0t b©dy before finally stepping out.
I got to the living room smiling wi-dely.
“What took so long?” Silver asked smiling.
” Nothing, was just examining the house again. He will be down in few minutes.” I said and she smiled.
” Thank you.” She said and I nodded sitting on the dinning chair.
I picked up the pancake with the fork and began to eat. I looked up and I saw Silver was just looking at me and smiling.
“You aren’t eating?” I asked staring at her.
” Not when Luke isn’t here yet.” She said and I smiled.
” Sorry I almost forgot.” I said and she giggled.
” It’s been 6years we sat on the same table to eat, remember?” She asked and I nodded sighing.
” Good six years. That is no pla-y.” I said and she nodded.
“Remember when you offend me and I [email protected]ñk you so [email protected] on your b**ts, when we were very young?” She asked and I bur-sted into laughter.
“I hated you so much then. But trust me immediately you left for college, I missed everyone of it.” I said and she smiled.
” Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? I missed that too. Hope you didn’t tell mother and father you are coming here?” She asked and I shook my head.
“No. I didn’t even tell what happened to my house. I don’t want them to get involved.” I said and she nodded.
” That’s true. They are quite annoying.” She said and I sighed.
” I heard about your marriage when I was in Paris.” I said and she nodded.
” They were totally against it,but I proved to them that I am old enough to make my own decisions. . They can’t keep babysitting me, I was 25 for crying out loud.” She said rolling her eyes and I just smiled.
“Maybe that’s why I don’t want any relationsh!pyet. Our parents, and even the [email protected] himself. What if he can’t go the extra mile just the way Luke did for you.” I said and she smiled.
” Men like Luke are rare. You just have to take yours.” She said and I nodded.
” Hey babe.” I heard Luke call and we looked up.
” Hey, what took you so long? I am starving alre-ady.” She said as he k!$$£d her de-ep.
” I wanted to smell nice so I took a shower.” He said after dis£ngaging. He sat next to her, while i just watched them Smiling.
“You took your bath without letting me know? Today is Saturday, we take our bath together.” She sai sadly.
” I know and I am Sorry about that. We will do that at night okay? You were busy in the kitchen and I was getting irritated by the smell that [email protected]£ out of my b©dy.” He said and she sighed.
” Fine, but that doesn’t st©p me from punishing you. You will feed me.” She said and he laughed.
” That is no punishment Silver. I would gladly do that.” He said happily digging his hand into the pancake ma-king Silver and I laugh.
“You guys are adorable.” I said and they smiled looking at me.
” Thank you, and I wish you find yours too.” They chorused like they planned it ma-king us laugh again.
“Soon I pray.” I said sighing and silver giggled.
We were done eating and Salomeh helped in clearing the dishes.
“Babe, I want to go see ra-phael.” Luke said walking out of the room looking fully dressed and handsome.
“I would have tagged along but my sister is here. I can’t leave her here all by herself.” I said and he planted a k!sson myl-ips.
“I ain’t asking you to leave her okay? Enjoy yourselves.” He said looking at Salomeh and she smiled.
“Thank you for considering this poor girl.” She said and I smiled.
” Come off it.” I said to her and she laughed faintly.
“Don’t stay long baby. I give you just an hour.” I said and his mouth dropped open.
” An hour? Come on baby. Three hours, we have a lot to discuss.” He said pouting his mouth.
” A lot.” I said narrowing my gaze.
“Business.” He said and I sighed.
“Remember it’s Saturday and you always give me a [email protected]” I said sadly and he sighed.
” Baby I promise to do that when I am back okay?” He asked k!ss!ngmy head and I smiled.
“Bye me cookies on your way back. Make it two, for Salomeh and I.” I said and he nodded.
” You don’t need to tell me that, I know that quite well. My Instinct would definitely tell me that.” He said boastfully.
” I ain’t arguing that. You can go now so you can come back soon.” I said and he headed to the door.
” I love you.” He said and I pouted my mouth.
” What is it again?” He asked sighing.
“One more k!ss.” I said ma-king a puppy face. He sighed and rushed To me and k!$$£d me faintly and wanted to rush *away but I rushed him back.
“Not that way.” I said* sticking my ton-gue into his mouth. He giggled and dis£ngaged running out of the house without looking back.
“You guys are so adorable.” Salomeh says coming out of the kitchen.
“You said that almost 10 times alre-ady.” I said laughing.
” Because it’s the plain truth.” She replied sitting opposite where I sat.
“I am missing him alre-ady.” I said fondling with my f!ngers.
” Its very obvious. You are yet to share how you met to me.” She said smiling.
” How I met Luke. Wow, it was very magical and ro-mantic.” I said before bur-sting into laughter.
” Tell me more.” She said folding her hands paying ra-pt attention.
“It was in college. There was this set of guys who almost [email protected]£d me this [email protected] night, they alre-ady la-id me down and tore my clothes [email protected]
They alre-ady [email protected] me and I had a cutl-ips which couldn’t st©p dripping blood.
” I kept trying to break loose, I screamed for helped but all was to no avail. The first one began to unbuckle his belt and la-id on me.”
” At that point in time, i gave up all hope about getting saved. And at that very minute, this guy [email protected]£ with a power bike, just like an angel and began to trash these guys.”
” He looked so h0t as he did this. I stared at him speechlessly till he was done. I wanted to run but the pain I felt in my head st©pped me.”
” I won’t hurt you, he said to me so sweetly. He [email protected]£ close, and I hid my expo-sed b00bs in my hand.”
” He re-moved his leather jacket and gave it to me facing back.”
” Wear this.” He said pointing the jacket to me.”
“I received it and wore it with my eyes on him to see if he would peep but he didn’t.
“I am done.” I said and he finally turned.
” Am sorry about what those guys did. Where do you stay, you shouldn’t be alone outside by this time.” He said giving me his hand.
I received it and he pu-ll-ed me up. I held my head in pain and he stared at me.
“I will take you home.” He said ma-king me seat on his power bike. We began to move and I held to him ti-ghtly ma-king sure I didn’t let go.
“he took me home and that was it… The chemistry started.” I narrated and she couldn’t st©p smiling.
“That was so good of him, and of course ro-mantic.” She said and I laughed.
” Yes it was really ro-mantic.” I said remembering everything like it was few hours ago.
“I hope to find someone like him soon.” She said and I smiled.
” I pray you do too. You would never regret anything.” I said and she nodded smiling.

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