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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My playmate Episode 6 & 7

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(Against all odds ❤️)

Chapter 6



🍡 LUKE 🍡
I opened my eyes the next morning. Silver was right there beside me still very asleep.

Hold on! Why are we still on the bed? I looked at the watch and I saw it was 8:00 already.

“Silver! It’s 8am.” I said tapping her.
“So?” She asked opening her eyes.

“Come on, aren’t you going to work?” I asked and she smiled.

” I guess I made you forget the days of the week last night. It’s Saturday Luke.” She said giggling.

” Ohhhh. I can’t be do sure.” I said looking at the watch again.
” Am I lying?” She asked looking at me.

“No you aren’t, I just wanted to be sure. Can’t afford to lose my job.” I said and she smiled.

” Good morning.” She said staring into my face.

” Good morning.” I replied planting a kiss on her lips.

“Did you sleep well?” She asked grinning.

” Of course I did. Last night was amazing.” I said and she laughed.

” I knew you would say that, but my p**sy hurts. You are one rough rider.” She said shyly.

” Are you just knowing that?” I asked and she spanked me slightly on the shoulders laughing.

“I ain’t, but last night? I don’t know what came over you.” She said

kissing my lips.

” Last night, i was damn h*rny and I needed you badly. Any big deal?” I asked and she smiled.

” No. It’s just that, having s*x in this house is banned for 3 weeks.” She said jumping up from the bed in haste. She had no clothes on her.

“What! 3 weeks! Why?” I asked in shock and great sadness.

” For me to recover of course. It isn’t easy you know.” She said giggling.

” You want to kill me right? Take a look at yourself, I can’t even resist you for more than 5 minutes.” I said staring at her b**bs and curves.

“Don’t tell me you are h*rny again.” She said with her eyes widened.

” I am.” I said standing up and walking up to her.

“Must my wife be so beautiful, it’s killing me you know. And now she is depriving me of my food.” I said grabbing her by the waist and pulling her to me.

“You call s*x food?” She asked furrowing her brows.

” Of course I call s*x food. It gives me joy and energy.” I said giving her a*s a slight squeeze.

“Don’t be bad Luke. I should make breakfast now.” She said kissing my lips. She wanted to withdraw but I held her back deepening the kiss.

I lifted her up letting her wrap her legs around my torso, she was stuck so I could move my hand up and down her a** freely.

I made her fall on the bed again and she quickly stood up pushing

me away.

She picked up her night robe and ran towards the door.

“Come help me in the kitchen.” She said giggling as she went out.

” Baby but I have a hard on already.” I said pouting my mouth.
I reached for my boxers and wore them, I also picked up my trousers from the floor I had left it last night.

I wore it, then I looked for a casual shirt to wear before heading for the door.

I love Saturdays. I have lots of hours with Silver, that’s enough to make me damn happy.

I got to the living room and I saw her in the kitchen already doing some stuffs.

I walked to her and the looked at me beaming widely.
“You left me when I am damn h*rny, that is mean.” I said making a puppy face.

“I had to Luke. I am hurting down there.” She said and i sighed.

” Fine. So what are we making today?” I saw as soon as I got inside the kitchen ring.

“Just pancakes and salad.” She replied placing a kiss on my lips again.

“Sounds yummy.” I said licking my lips.

“So where do I come in?” I asked looking around.

” Help with the Salad. That shouldn’t be hard right?” She asked looking at me.

” Of course not. This is not my first time.” I said proudly.

” I know, just wanted to be sure. All you need is right there in the drawer by your left.” She said before facing what she was doing.

“Okay. But….” I said and she sighed turning to look at me.
“What again Luke?” She asked.

“Just one kiss, just one more.” I said pouting my mouth like that of a baby.

She sighed and planted a kiss on my lips making me so happy.

“Thanks.” I said reaching for the stuffs to make my pancakes.
We were busy in the kitchen when we heard a knock on the door.

“I will get it.” Silver said cleaning her hands with the napkin.
She walked to the living room while my eyes followed her as she moved.

She got to the door and opened up.

“Hey Sis.” I heard a familiar voice Say.

” Oh she is here.” I said breathing out loud.





“Salomeh.” I called hugging her tightly. She looked so sad and stressed out.

“Silver.” She mumbled tearily.

“Am so sorry about what happened.” I said as we walked to the couch.

” It’s never your fault Silver. I guess the electrician was careless.” She said and I sighed.

” Wow, and what is the condition of the house now?” I asked in great worry and concern.

” Still worse. I am short of money and I don’t even know where to start from.” She said as tears dropped down her eyes.

“Salomeh am so sorry about what happened.” Luke said as he approached us.

” Thank you Luke. I am sorry for the inconvenience, once I get money I will move out.” She said and he sighed.

” It’s okay.” I said holding her hand in pity.
” Thank you.” She said nodding.

“Babe you left me In the kitchen.” Luke said pouting his mouth.

“Baby I am sorry. I will be there soon.” I said and he left us, I smiled and looked at her again.

“Luke is so sweet.” She said and I laughed.

” Yes I know. And when will you bring your man home?” I asked grinning.

” My man? Don’t even think it. That isn’t happening soon and you know that.” She said and I laughed.

” I am damn sure of that.” I said standing up.

” Go help him already.” She said and I nodded.

” Let me take you to the room.” I said and she nodded smiling.
I helped her with her few things and we walked to the first room up the stairs.

I opened up and we walked in.

“Wow this is big.” She said and I nodded.

“Of course, a big room for a big girl.” I said and she laughed.

” Thank you so much silver.” She said hugging me again.

” You are welcome, get ready for breakfast. I will be downstairs.” I said heading for the door.

” I walked down the stairs to meet Luke in the kitchen. He looked frustrated already.

“Luke.” I called smiling.

“I am confused, I don’t know what else to do here.” He said making a puppy face.

” Don’t worry, I will take it up from here.” I said and he smiled.

“Thank you, but I ain’t leaving here too.” He says pulling me to him and kissing me on the lips.

“Luke don’t even start.” I said against his lips.

” Or what will happen?” He asked moving his hand to my b**bs grinning.

“Baby I am yet to make breakfast, and I already told Salomeh it will be done soon.” I said pouting my mouth and he placed another kiss on my lips again.

“You remember you left me ho*ny earlier, have you forgotten?” He asked.

” That was then, you aren’t ho*ny anymore.” I said reaching for his rod which I found was still very erect.

“Seriously? Luke it’s been three hours!” I said in shock and he bursted into laughter.

“You keep tormenting me! Your nuhhy gown is transparent and you know that alone turns me on.” He said grinning.

” Luke that’s enough. I am sure you are hurting right now.” I said looking between his thighs.

” Of course I am. And I need that to stop.” He said pulling me to him again and kissing me on my neck giving me hickeys.

I moaned as his rod touched my thighs, I shut my eyes automatically enjoying his kisses on me.

“Hmmm hmmm.” I heard someone clear his/her throat. I knew it was Salomeh.

He left me sighing and I looked away shyly.

“Hope I didn’t interrupt?” She asked smiling.

” No, you came at the right time.” I said looking at Luke and smiling.

” I will help you.” She said.

“Yes thank you.” I said as she joined us in the kitchen.

“Baby I would be upstairs.” Luke said kissing my forehead.

” Okay my love. Breakfast will be done in a bit, trust me you are going to love it.” I said boastfully and he smiled.

” I trust my wife.” He said and I blushed as he walked away.

“I really envy your relationship, three years you are still this close?” Salomeh said and I smiled.

” Thank you, I can’t just wait to see you happy too.” I said and she said sighed sadly.

“I will try.” She said and I nodded tapping her before facing the pancakes.



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