My pla-ymate Episode 18 & 19

😊❤️ MY pla-yMATE
(Against all odds ❤️)
I ran to the bathroom again to puke. It’s been five times today, and it’s beginning to piss me off.
Since the day Luke and I had se-x, he has been avoiding me.
He doesn’t sleep at home anymore, and anytime we see at all he is always drun!k.
I walked out of the bathroom after rinsing my face. I stood in front of the mirror looking at my face and a smile curved on my face.
My face was white and pale. I un-derstand Immediately what was going on. I smiled placing my hand on my stomach.
I am pregnant.
To be 100% sure, I picked up the pregnancy test kit I brou-ght right from the beginning I packed into the house.
I walked to the restroom and had my urine on it. I sat hopefully staring at it and hoping it would be positive.
I stared at it and then it c@m£ out positive.
“Yes!!” I yelled happily.
“Now I have a place in Luke’s heart. Sorry Sister, but I ain’t a barren like you are.” I mumbled Smiling wi-dely.
I walked out of the room and headed to the living room. I heard the door open and I saw Luke c@m£ in. He didn’t look drun!k, but he had that anger that has always been on his face anytime he saw me.
“Luke where have you been? I have been looking for you.” I said and he looked at me with disgust on his face.
He began to walk away and I knew it was time to tell him. Maybe he would love me.
“Luke wait! I am pregnant.” I said and he c@m£ to a sudden halt. He looked back slowly and I had this smile on my face.
“What?” He asked and I nodded smiling.
“I am pregnant Luke. For your child, our child.” I said walking to him.
“Don’t you dare. You are flushing that thing out of you.” He barked walking to me.
“What?” I asked and he nodded in anger.
“I don’t want that thing okay? I don’t want any child from you, so get lost with that thing in you.” He said and I felt hurt.
“Seriously? Have you forgotten you were the one that got me pregnant?” I asked and he smriked.
“After you took advantage of when I was drun!k? Look here, I will never leave Silver because of what happened. So get over it, get that thing out and get thefu-ck out of this house.” He said in anger.
“Really? So I am the bad guy now? Luke look at me, you want a baby. I know you do. You should be happy you have one now. I am giving you what Silver has not given you in more than three years now.” I said and I get that got him pissed.
“Don’t you dare talk about Silver that way. I love her like that, even if I want a baby, I don’t want it from a witch like you.” He said gr-abbing me by the hand.
“Luke you are hurting me.” I said in pains.
“I really don’t care right now. I knew you were a devil right from the time you stepped your foot in this house, and that’s why I will forever hate you.” He said before running up the stairs.
His face was very red and I knew he was damn angry. I sat on the couch helplessly as tears rolled down my eyes.
“Why can’t he just have a lite bit of feelings for me? I mean I am pregnant, carrying his child inside of me. And now he is asking me to flush it off? That will never happen.”
I am keeping this child no matter what happens. I don’t care what happens with Silver or Luke. This is my baby and I will keep him or her.
I sighed and then I heard my phone ring. I checked it and I saw it was Silver calling.
Why do i hate her all of a sudden?
📲Hey Sis
📲How are you? You sound sick.
📲Not too good. What’s up?
📲 Actually I am at the airport. I tried Luke’s cellphone but it isn’t going. Can you plea-se tell him to come pick me up?
📲You have arrived? So soon?
📲C’mon Salomeh, am even a week late. And I can’t wait to see my babies again. I have a very great news……
I hung up immediately leaving her talking.
Why would she come home now?!!! This isfu-cked up.
I heard Luke coming down the stairs again, it looked like he was going out.
“Silver tried your cell phone but I guess you are too guilty to talk to her. She is at the airport and she nee-ds you to pick her up.” I said walking up the stairs.
“You won’tfu-cking tell her anything right?” He asked but I ignored and walked to my room.
I nee-d to pl@ymy game clean.
I sighted Luke from afar as he approached me at the airport.
“Baby.” I called happily running to him.
“My Love.” He said smiling as we hvgged each other.
“I missed you baby.” I said hvgging him pretty ti-ght.
“I missed you more.” He replied and we smiled at each other before heading to the taxi that was waiting for us.
“Your boss?” He asked.
“He is still there. The business was prolonged than expected. Had to back out because of you.” I said and he smiled faintly.
“Thanks.” He replied and i shook my head.
“No. I thank you. For letting Salomeh stay in the house up till now.” I said and he looked at me.
“Did she tell you anything?” He asked looking at me.
“Just how much love you showed her. I really appreciate that you treated her as one of our family.” I said and he nodded.
“Anything for you.” He replied and I placed my head on his shoulders as the car moved.
After some minutes, we got home. There was an awkward silence admist us. He was really acting strange. I nee-d to know what’s wrong with him.
“Luke are you okay? You look tensed.” I said and he shook his head.
“Am fine. Totally fine. Let’s go in.” He said holding my hand as we walked into the house.
“I missed this house so much.” I said inhaling the air and smiling wi-dely.
“Silver.” I heard Salomeh call.
“Salomeh.” I said walking to her and hvgging her ti-ghtly.
“How was the journey?” She asked looking at Luke.
“Great. And I guess your stay here was wonderful.” I said and she nodded staring at Luke.
“It was one in million. Luke was so amazing.” She said and I heard Luke cough.
“I guess you should take your bath and freshen up before the talks right.” He said k!ss!ngme on thel-ips.
“Yes my love. Just so excited to be back home.” I said and he nodded.
“I un-derstand that.” He said leading to the room.
I waved at Salomeh before Luke carried me in his hands to the room.
“You missed my b©dy right?” I asked looking at him.
“Of course.” He said and I crushed myl-ips on his as we began to k!ss.
Suddenly he broke off breathing heavily.
“What’s wrong Luke? You are acting weird and it’s freaking me out.” I said and he managed to smile.
“I am hor-nyright now and I don’t want to take you now. You just arrived.” He said smiling.
“Okay you know what. I also want you, and I will just go into that bathroom and take a very quic-k bath then we can have each other.” I said k!ss!nghisl-ips.
“Okay.” He replied and when I turned to leave,he held me back ma-king me smile.
“Did you change your mind?” I asked chuckling.
“Silver. I love you so much, no matter what happens, I will always love you.” He said and I narrowed my brows.
“Okay now you are scaring me. Are you going away? Are you leaving me?” I asked in a shaky voice.
“No silver. No.” He said pu-lling me into a hvg.
“Then why did you say those words? You are scaring me. plea-se don’t hurt me Luke, i can’t bear it.” I said looking into his face and I could see tears in his eyes.
“I won’t Silver. I would never.” He said in tears and I k!$$£d him de-eply.
“That’s enough okay? I will take my bath now, then we can….” I said and he smiled nodding.
“I will be right here. Waiting for you.” He said and I smiled getting rid of my clothes.
He bowed his head staring at the floor as I undressed.
“Are you scared of seeing me n-ked now?” I asked smiling and he shook his head.
“Not at all. Just want to go easy on you.” He said and I laughed.
“You should he easy on me, I am pretty tired.” I said walking into the bathroom.
Immediately I got in, my contenance changed and I stared into space trying to phantom what was wrong with Luke.
“I will get to the root of this.” I though opening the shower.