My pla-ymate Episode 10 & 11

🌼❤️ MY pla-yMATE
(Against all odds ❤️)
…. On Monday …
I got to the office very early, not as usual but it felt great. I woke up early and I saw Salomeh helped with the house chores alre-ady.
She is so sweet, I hate to remember what happened to her. Such a pity, it shouldn’t be her.
“Hey Babe” Tasha said smiling.
“Tasha. You are just coming?” I asked in awe.
” Surprising right?” She asked and I nodded.
” Of course. You are always the first to get to the office. What happened?” I asked as she sat at her desk.
” Some issues.” She said and I furrowed my brows.
” You wish to share?” I asked and she shook her head.
” Not at all. I don’t want you feeling bad.” She said and I furrowed my brows again.
“What are you talking about?” I asked looking damn serious this time around.
“Fine I will tell you.” She said sighing and I nodded.
” Go on.” I said folding my hands and staring at her.
“I felt weak as at this morning, so I had to get to the clinic, and I was told it’s the baby.” She said.
” Oh.” I said.
” I didn’t want to talk another it because of the way you acted the day I talked about the pregnancy and the rest. I don’t want you thinking again.” She said placing her Hand on mine and I smiled.
“Thank you Tasha.” I said and she smiled.
” So how is Luke?” She asked and I smiled switching on my PC.
“Good.” I replied as our Pcs began to boot.
” Tasha I forgot to tell you that my sister is around.” I said and she look back.
” The one you love talking about? Salomeh?” She asked and I nodded smiling.
” So you still remember her name hun?” I said and she laughed.
” Of course. Anything you tell me always sticks to my head.” She said.
” Thanks friend.” I replied.
“So what’s up? She is here for a job or what?” She asked punching her pas-sword into the PC.
“Her house got burnt.” I said and she looked back abruptly.
” What? Am so sorry.” She said in shock and I nodded smiling.
“I felt the same way too when she called and was crying on phone.” I said and she shook her head in pity.
“How is she?” She asked.
“Fine. At least, she has me to fall back on.” I said and she nodded.
” You are a really nice person, letting her stay in your house.” She said and I smiled.
” Who won’t do that for her sister?” I asked.
” Not everyone can bring their sisters into their home. Most especially the married ones. They are always scared of something..” she said.
” Don’t even go there. That can never happen, Salomeh will never do that. She loves our Communion and she always Prays for hers not mine.” I said confidently.
” I ain’t saying she would do something like that. Was just talking generally.” She said and I smiled.
“I totally un-derstand you Tasha. Thanks for watching out for me.” I said and she smiled.
” You are always welcomed friend.” She replied and I smiled.
” Mrs Progusten, the manager seeks your attention.” My junior colleague said to me.
“John I told you not to call me that again. I am Silver.” I said standing up and he smiled.
” My bad.” He replied walking away.
“Good luck friend.” Tasha said and I win-ked moving out of the office to the Manager’s.
I knocked on it twice before opening the door and walking in. I saw him sitting by his desk. He had a paper in his hand and his recommend spectacles on.
“Sir.” I said as I stood in front of him.
” Silver.” He called happily.
“Sir.” I responded wondering why he looked so happy.
“There is great news. Sit.” He said pointing to the chair. I sat on the chair and looked at him.
“I told you the other day that there is a deal coming right?” He asked and I nodded.
” Yes sir. I remember quite well sir.” I replied grinning.
” Here.” He said pas-sing me the paper that was with him. I collected it and began to re-ad.
“A trip to Poland? For arts?” I asked happily.
“Yes. And I would be nee-ding an as-sistant. I kept thinking of who to chose and I saw you are my very best worker so you would be going with me. It’s just for a month.” He said and I nodded happily.
“Sure, this is a dream come true for me sir. You will never regret choosing me.” I said happily.
“I am happy you agreed to it. Your salary would be increa-sed drastically and this would give you more opportunities to explore arts.” He said and I nodded.
” Very well sir.” I replied .
“We leave this weekend. Be prepared, plan yourself at home so as to avoid troubles since it’s coming a bit late.” He said and I nodded.
” Not to worry Sir. Everything is un-der control.” I said and he smiled.
” That will be all for now. You can get back to work.” He said and I nodded.
” Thank you sir.” I said heading outside the office.
This is so amazing, I know it would be ha-rd for Luke to re-lease me. I just have to make him un-derstand that this is so important to me. Thank God Salomeh is around. They won’t feel so bored when I am gone.
🍡 LUKE 🍡
“Silver can’t you just cancel this tour?” I asked as she wore her shoe. We just finished having se-x.
“It’s not a tour baby. It’s a business trip and I will be rewarded for it. We are running short of money, and we really nee-d this.” She said and I sighed.
” I don’t feel good about this.” I said sighing as I sat close to her.
” It’s fine Luke. My boss isn’t who you think he is okay?” She said holding my hand and k!ss!ngme.
“Just a month right?” I asked and she nodded.
” A month and I will be back to you.” She said holding my face in her hand.
” I love you, and I am going to miss you so much.” I said k!ss!ngher again.
” You know I love you right?” She asked.
” Yeah.” I replied smiling.
“You know things happen for a reason. Thank God Salomeh is around, she will kill the boredom if you give her the chance.” She said and I sighed.
“It can never be like when you are with me. I can’t tell her most of how I feel.” I said and she smiled.
” Look at me, Salomeh is my sister, I love her so so much. I have noticed you don’t talk to her at all, plea-se let this change okay? She is p@rt of the family. You should love her too, I don’t want her feeling left out when I am gone.” She said and I sighed nodding.
” Okay. Just make sure you always call and pick my calls. Don’t be carried away by the good things in Poland, and then forget me.” I said pouting my mouth.
“That would never happen. I would call every night and make sure you pick up.” She said and I nodded.
” Okay ma’am. Wish you a safe journey and trip Mrs Progusten.” I whispered and she smiled b!tt!g herl-ips.
“And don’t get too hor-nyMr Progusten. I ain’t around to satisfy you.” She said and I sighed.
” About that. I would try.” I said and after that we heard an horn from outside.
“Most be the driver the boss asked to pick me up.” She said gr-abbing her bag in haste.
” Bye love.” She said k!ss!ngme. I stood up and walked her out of the room. We got to the living room and I saw Salomeh watching TV.
“Am off Salomeh.” She said ma-king her look up.
“Awwwn, am going to miss you.” She said hvgging her.
” Me too. It’s just a month Okay? Don’t make me feel bad.” Silver said and she laughed.
” Good luck.” She said she she nodded.
“Bye, and take care of Luke. He is fun to be with trust me.” She said and she looked at me smiling.
“I will do just that.” She replied and I sighed.
” The driver.” I said and her eyes wi-de-ned.
” I almost forgot.bye!” She yelled running out on her medium heels and I followed behind her.
“One more k!ss.” I said as she dropped her bag In the car.
She planted a fast k!sson myl-ips before she finally got in. She bade me good bye before the car finally zoomed off.
I sighed and walked back into the house to see Salomeh still looking at the TV. She shifted her face to me and smiled.
I smiled back before heading for my room.
“I will have to act nice to her. She is my wife’s sister. She is p@rt of the family.” I thought laying on the be-d and shutting my eyes to sleep.