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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My playmate Episode 1 to 3

11 min read


(Against all odds ❤)

Genre; Romance 🔞, Drama 😁, Suspense , Betrayal .





“…. Luke stop it! I am tired!” I said as we kept throwing pillows at each other.

“So soon? We haven’t even played for up to an hour.” He said pouting his mouth.

“You are so playful.” I said hitting him with the pillow for the last time before jumping on him.

“Ouch, that hurts. You have weight you know?” He said wrapping his hands around my a**.

“I think Mr Luke Progusten knew that before getting married to me. So you should complain.” I said smiling as he moved his head up to kiss me.

“I am not complete, I am just letting you know, so that you know how to jump on this thin body next time.” He said making me laugh.

“I told you to go to the gym.” I said standing up.

“I will love. I am just scared of carrying those materials. I could break into two.” He said and I bursted into laughter.

“Come on Love, you are not that bad. You are fatter than I am.” I said and he sighed looking at my b*TT.

“Not where that is.” He said and I spanked him on the shoulders.

“That is rude of you.” I said making him laugh.


Meet Mr and Mrs Progusten, two couples you will ever admire. You will forever wish your marriage can be like


They didn’t actually meet an an heavenly way, it was war for them to go against their family to be together.

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They family were of totally opposition of them been together because they had a fight and hated each other.

But Silver and Luke didn’t let this disrupt the love they had for each other, so they eloped to another country so start a new life.

Ignoring the complains and cries of their parent. They wanted love to prevail.

But will these sweet love continue this way?

What will eventually go wrong?

Will there be any wrongs at all?

Remember people will always put your love to test.



“Good morning Silver!!” Tasha said happily.

“Good morning Tasha. You look damn happy today.” I said sitting on my desk which was next to her.

“Guess what?” She asked.

“What?” I asked placing my bag on the desk, switching on my computer.

“He proposed!” She said she said showing me her finger which had a very beautiful ring on it.

“Omg! Tasha I am so happy for you.” I said smiling.

“I am so happy. Thank you.” She said looking at the ring again.

“Finally my only friend has an husband now. We are in this together.” I said making her laugh.

“I wish my marriage is like yours. Perfect and sweet.” She said breathing in with her eyes closed.

“Make your marriage the way you want it Tasha. No marriage is perfect without hard work.” I said and she held my hand.

“I really admire you and Luke a

lot. You guys are perfect together.” She said and I smiled.

“Thanks.” I replied.

“Get back to work!” We heard the manager and we quickly faced over desk punch the keyword without any aim.

I clicked on my Email messages and Luke’s was the first.


I clicked on the photo below and I saw a very seductive underwear. My mouth dropped open trying hard not to laugh.


I sent smiling widely. He is just so playful.


He sent again and I giggled.


I sent closing my email to avoid more messages from anyone.

“I see you are very close to tearing your cheeks. Why are you smiling so wide?” Tasha asked grinning.

“Its Luke. He is just so unbelievable.” I said making her laugh.
“Trust me, he is the best.” She said.

“Yes he is.” I replied smiling.

“Silver the Manager needs you in his office now.” One of the workers said.

“Sure thanks.” I said carrying some hard copies of the designs I made.

I walked to his office and knocked on the door before opening the door and walking in.

“Good day Mr Brim.” I said smiling as I walked closer to him.

“Good day Mrs Progusten.” He said and I smiled.

“Sit.” He added and I smiled sitting on the chair opposite his desk.

“Here are the samples Sir.” I said passing the hard copies to him.

He took them and examined them under the sunlight.

“Wow the colours are exactly the way I want it. These are perfect.” He said and joy overwhelmed me.

“Thank you so much sir.” I replied happily.

“You know what? There is a deal on the way, though it is yet to drop. Once it drops, I will want to you to be a partner.” He said and I stood up.

“Sir I will be so willing. Thank you so much.” I said and he nodded smiling.

“You can go.” He said and I nodded walking out of his office.
I got to my desk and sat happily.

“Did he like it?” She asked.

“He loved it.” I said happily.

“Go baby girl.” She replied making me laugh.





I rubbed my neck tiredly, sipping the last quantity of my coffee. I looked at the clock and I saw it was 7pm already.

“Time to go home!” I said happily. I can’t wait to see Luke, I was already missing him badly.

I shut down my computer after saving all my works and began to clear my desk.

“You couldn’t even wait for some minutes after.” I heard Tasha said as she walked up to me.

“Don’t tell me you are just coming back from the restroom.” I said and she slammed to her chair tiredly.

“Seriously my stomach hurts so bad.” She said holding her tummy.

“I will give you an advice. Go to the Manager, and explain to him how you feel. Ask for a leave and stay at home till you are very okay.” I said and she sighed.

“I can’t do that Silver. It will surely affect my salary at the end of the month.” She said and I shook my head.

“Its just for a day or two. Just for you to run checkups and then get yourself something to relieve you.” I said and she nodded.

“Don’t think about it. Go to him, my best friend can’t be in pains and still work from 8am to 7pm.” I said and she smiled.

“You are so sweet. Just like Luke, I wonder how your kids will be.” She said and I smiled.

“Don’t flatter me.” I said carrying my bag and standing up.

“I will go to him tomorrow, he checked out of the office since 5.” She said and I nodded.

“Make sure you go for some checkups. I beg you.” I said pouting my mouth.

“I will. Go on now, I am waiting for Reuben.” She said and I smiled.

“Make sure you have your things ready so you don’t keep him waiting.” I said walking to the door.

“Okay! I love you!” She yelled.

“I love you too!” I replied laughing.

I got to the car and opened up dropping my stuffs in it. I hopped it and ignited the engine and zoomed off.

I switched on my radio to keep boredom far from me. It was the news so I just ignored, just the voices will do.

I was still on the way when a call came in my phone. I picked up my Bluetooth and placed it in my ear.

I pressed the button and it got connected.

📲 Silver

📲 Yes my love.

📲 Where are you? I am so tired, bored, I need a massage, I am damn hungry.

📲 Come on Luke, don’t be Lazy. There is food in the refrigerator, just microwave it okay?

📲 No, I am too tired *pouting his mouth*

📲 Don’t worry love. I will be there very soon.

📲 Make haste or I am going to cry.

📲 If you keep talking to me on phone, I won’t drive well and fast.

📲 5 Minutes?

📲 No 10

📲 Why 10?

📲 Baby bye. I love you.

📲 Don’t go!

I hung up the call grinning widely. Luke will never change. I intentionally told him 10 minutes.

The house was already visible to me.

I got to the house and drove into the garage. I came down carrying my bag and headed for the door.

I opened up and I saw the lights in the living room off.

“Luke why do you love the dark? Or are you playing a prank again?” I asked looking around and grinning.

I waited for his reply but none came.

“Luke I am too tired for this okay? Come out already.” I said dropping my bag on the floor.

Suddenly the light came on and I saw the living room decorated with flowers and rose petals.

“Oh My God.” I said covering my mouth in amusement.
“You like it?” I heard him say behind me.

“I love it.” I said facing him and kissing him.

“Come on.” He said removing the coat I had on and walking me to the dinning table.

“You told me you were tired.” I said looking around me.

“Can’t I lie to surprise you?” He said kissing my ear.

“That is allowed.” I said as I sat on the chair.

“I hope you like it. I made it myself.” He said and I laughed.

“I hope so too.” I said picking up the fork and opening the plate.




🍡 LUKE 🍡

I looked at her as she devoured her food, she seemed to really enjoy herself.

“You love it right?” I asked and she nodded chewing on her food.

“Perfect.” She said smiling.

“I can’t wait for you to be done with the food.” I said grinning and she narrowed her gaze.

“I hope it isn’t what I am thinking.” She said and I laughed

“It is exactly what you are thinking. I got you something.” I said standing up and walking to the room.

I opened the closet and brought out the package I ordered for her. I walked back to the living room and I saw she was done eating and was packing the plates.

“So quick?” I asked and she nodded smiling.

“I need to give my husband what he wants on time.” She said biting her lower lips.

“Meet me in the room dear wife.” I said walking back to the room.

I shut the door and switched off the lights. I stood close to the door and opened the package I got for her.

Soon I heard her approach the room and I kept grinning uncontrollably.

She opened the door and walked in a little before I pulled her to myself making her scream.

“Luke you scared the hell out of me.” She said and I kissed her neck from behind.

“Sorry about that.” I said switching on the lights.

I saw her smile as we both approached the mirror.

“You really meant it when you said you like it.” She said as I rose up the underwear I got for her.

“I so much love it.” I said dropping it on the bed.

She smiled at me through the mirror.

“Time to strip. Raise up your hands.” I said and she rose up her hands.

I swept her blouse off her body leaving her in her bra. I reached for the hook and unhooked it letting it slide down her body.

I made her face me and I kissed her ni**les slightly making her moan.

I smiled as I saw how she loved it. I reached for her skirts and moved my hands inside them right from her knees.

I dragged my hand up to her opening making her gasp. I bent down in front of her and unzipped her skirt.

I pulled it down and she rose up her legs letting it off finally. . I also took her pants by the waist and pulled it down her a** where it got stuck.

“I told you, you a** is just too huge.” I said making her laugh.

“I will do it.” She said reaching for the pantie and dragging it down.

“Thank you.” I said standing up. I walked up to the bed and picked up the underwear.

“Here, have it ” I said stretching it to her.

“Thank you husband.” She said and I smiled sitting on the bed.

I watched her as she began to wear this underwear. It was a bra and a pantie joined together by a net.

A very transparent net.

She zipped it open and wore it from her legs making her b**bs dangle as she did.

“Can you stop staring at it like that?” She asked without raising up her head.

“I can’t. It is mine. Why can’t I stare at it?” I asked making her giggle. She pulled it up to her neatly shaved pu**y and wore it on her a*s.

She kept smiling as she did giving me an hard one already. It got to her br**ts and it fit perfectly well.

“How come you knew my size so perfectly.” She said walking up to me and turning her back to me.

“I have been seeing your body for three years now. Why won’t I know your size.” I said helping her zip up.

She walked back to the mirror and checked out herself in it.

“It is so sexy.” I said moving my hands from her tiny waist to her large hips.

“Yes.” She replied rubbing the side of her face on mine.

“You will be wearing it anytime I am at home. Seeing you like this alone is driving me crazy to be honest.” I said as my d**k twitched again.

“I want exactly that to happen.” She said facing me and smiling.

I grabbed her by the waist placing a hot and passionate filled kiss on her lips. She opened up almost immediately sliding her tongue into mine.

We both moved to the bed without breaking the kiss. I carried her and placed her on the bed carefully.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as she laid. I deepened the kiss as she pulled my hand to her my wrapping her hands around my neck.

She then pushed me to lay on the bed and began to unbuckle my belt. She sat on my thighs and bent to kiss me again as she kept unbuckling my belt.

She disengaged as soon as she was done. She pulled it down together with my pants. She moved it down but it got stuck at my ankles.

“Sh*t.” She said and I reached for it in haste pulling it off.
Immediately it wa off she climbed on me again kissing me deeply. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes as we breathed hard.

“I love you so much Silver.” I said and she smiled taking my lips in hers again. And this time I pushed her to lay on the bed taking Dominion.

“I will make you scream on top of your voice.” I said and she stared at me breathing hard.




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