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My plastic wife finale

. 💄My Plastic💄
😍 [ The Journey To Inner Beauty ] 😋
[ The Kidnap III ]
📍Author Nuella📍
😖😖Kaleb’s POV😖😖
• Ashley dropped lifelessly on the floor and that was our chance to escape. While Tricia was distracted cursing Ashley, we ran outside through the back door.
” We need to save Ashley.” Sydney said as went out.
” I never thought I’d ever say this in my entire life. But we need to save her, she risked her life for us and now we have to save her.” Amelia seconded.
” I’ve never liked any of Kaleb’s wives but her show of courage has proved her worthy of the Brixlar family name.” Mum added and I smiled.
” Okay, no time for chit chat now. Amelia, Sydney. I need you guys to get to the police as fast as possible.” I instructed and they nodded and went off.
” Nadia, I need you to go a bit far away from here and wait for Amelia and Sydney to be back with the police. When the come, take Janelle and Ashley to the hospital for treatment ASAP.” I added and Nadia went off.
” Mum, Dad, the son I didn’t know I had. Let’s go home and meet Mia.” I said and mum, dad, Jake and I rushed back home.
• We got home safely and began the search for Mia. We saw her pool of blood but she was absolutely no where to be found. We started looking for her all over the house but she was no where to be found.
🤔🤔Mia’s POV🤔🤔
” 555-678-980-547″ I imputed the numbers and pressed dial. The phone rang and I was hoping maybe one of the maids will pick the phone.
The line rung and when I was expecting no reply, the phone was answered.
📱 Hello.
📱 Mia, Mia, is that you?” I heard dad say.
📱 Yes Dad it’s me. Mia.” I managed to say.
📱 Where are you?
📱 I’m at the Central Hospital, come quick.
📱 Okay baby, we’re on our way.” Dad said and hung up.
” Finally!” I said and dropped the landline and laid back on my bed.
😖😖Kaleb’s POV😖😖
” Mum, Dad, I just got a call from Mia. She’s at the hospital, let’s go.” I said and grabbed my car keys and mum, dad and I went to the hospital.
” Dad, it was horrible. If not for Ashley I could’ve died.” Mia said with tears in her eyes.
” Well I really hope your aunties can save her.” I said to Mia
” I can’t believe mum was wicked. All this while, I hated Ashley because I thought no one was good enough to replace mum. But then Ashley came and she was good and nice but I didn’t wanna like her because I believed mum will be back. And now mum is back and she’s callous! And Ashley saved me, maybe she does deserve a chance.” Mia said and I smiled.
” Well I hope she gets well so you can tell her this in person.” I replied and she hugged me.
😈😈Tricia’s POV😈😈
• The other idiots left and they may tell on me and lead the police to me. So I’m packing up now and I’m going to Mexico. I’m just hope Adrian shows up before I leave.
” Hey babe.” I said as Adrian came in.
” Sugar.” He replied and we kissed.
” Oh, I see you’ve already done a good job here.” Adrian said looking at Janelle and Ashley’s bodies.
” Yeah, but the thing is that the other idiots ran away and we better leave this country ASAP.” I said and held his hand as we turned to leave but then, we faced our doom.
” Mr. Adrian, Mrs. Tricia, you’re under arrest for murder, kidnap, conspiracy and sabotage.” Some police officers said.
” Put your hands up where we can see them.” The cops said and we reluctantly raises our arms.
” Hand over your weapons.” The cop added and we handed him our guns.
” You’re advised to remain silent because anything you say now will be used against you in the court of law.” Another cop said.
” Seems like your days of crime are over.” Amelia said as she came into the light with Sydney and Nadia.
” You animal! You killed my best friend!” Nadia said and rushed to Janelle’s body.
” Quick we need to take them to the hospital.” Sydney said and Amelia and Nadia took Janelle and Ashley’s body outside.
” Officers, thanks so much. You can use them for whatever now.” Sydney said just before leaving.
” Come on criminals.” The cops said and moved both of us into their vans.
😶😶Kaleb’s POV😶😶
” Kaleb we’re back!” Sydney said as they entered into the room.
” Yeah, and we arrested Tricia and a dude who is absolutely cute!” Nadia said happily.
” What about Janelle and Ashley, especially Ashley.” I asked.
” They’ve been admitted and currently receiving treatment.” Amelia replied.
” Thank Goodness.” Everyone said in relief.
” Let’s just hope they’re fine.” I said and the door opened then the doctor came in.
” Good evening.” The doctor greeted as he came in.
” Evening doc.” We all replied.
” I think you guys will have to leave now. Mia has been through a lot and she needs to rest. And by tomorrow, I’ll be able to give a result of the diagnosis.” The doctor explained and we nodded to every part of it.
” Alright doctor we’ll leave now.” Mum said and we all left Mia’s room and went home.
🤥🤥Amelia’s POV🤥🤥
• We spent the rest of the day thinking about Ashley and Janelle’s predicament and praying for Mia’s full recovery! If Ashley dies, then we’re all doomed. She has a nice heart and when she goes to heaven and tells God about how bad we treated her, we are all gonna rot in hell.
• We even invited a priest and we prayed for their recovery and the mercy of God upon our lives for treating Ashley wrong and hope God forgives us and she forgives us too. Upon all that we have done to her, she still risked her life for us.
• The next day, we asked Kaleb, Sydney and Nadia to go to the hospital and see the doctor while the rest of us stayed at home. They left about two hours ago so they should be home any moment from now.
Just then, the doorbell rang.
” Who is it!” I yelled.
” It’s Mia’s teacher!” She replied.
” Okay, the door’s open ma’am.” I answered and the door clicked open and she came in.
” Sorry madam, Mia had an accident and she’s very sick so she can’t be here.” I said and she was disappointed.
” Well, I guess I’ll take my leave now.” She said and was about leaving when the door opened and Kaleb, Nadia and Sydney came in.
” Guys there’s good news, bad news and bad news.” Kaleb said as he came in.
” The good news is that Mia has almost recovered, the first bad news is that Ashley needs blood ASAP and the last bad news is that Janelle just died.” Kaleb announced.
” WHAT!?!”
” Yes, the bullet went straight into her brain and before one or two could be brought together to make her okay, her brain and nervous system was already toast and she passed away.”
” May the souls of all of the faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in peace.” Mum prayed.
” May their souls rest in peace.” We replied
” So have you guys donates the blood to Ashley?” Dad asked.
” No, our blood is not compatible with hers. She’s O+ and we’re all O-.” Nadia said.
” That’s true. All of us are O+ except Tricia and Mia.” I said.
” And Mia needs her blood and Tricia is in Jail.” Sydney said.
” I can help. I’m blood group O+.” Mia’s teacher said.
” Oh My God. Thank goodness! Let’s go to the hospital right now.” Kaleb said and he and Mrs. Gayle.
😖😖Kaleb’s POV😖😖
” Doctor! Here she is.” I said as I rushed into the doctor’s office with Mrs. Gayle.
” And you’re sure that she is O+?” The doctor asked.
” Yeah, you can do some tests on her to confirm.”
” Okay, I will. Excuse us please.” The doctor said and I left the office.
” I hope everything works out fine.” I thought and went out.
📍And Hour Later📍
• The doctor said I can come in and I went in. He must’ve been done giving Ashley the blood.
” Hey Doctor.” I greeted and sat down.
” Yes Kaleb, the woman’s blood has been tested and it was suitable. Ashley has been given the blood and is responding to treatment.” The doctor said and I heaved a sigh of relief.
” Although, I did come across something.” The doctor said and I was curious
” What is that doctor?” I asked.
” Well, I ran some tests on the woman’s blood and Ashley’s blood, you know to see whether it’s compatible.”
” And…”
” Well the DNA in Ashley’s blood is extremely similar to the woman’s DNA.” The doctor said.
” So what are you insinuating doctor?” I asked.
” Mrs. Gayle is Ashley’s biological mother.”
” WHAT!?!”
[ All That Starts Well, Ends Well ]
Note: This Epilogue is in a narrative form and all in The Author’s POV.
Author Nuella’s POV
Well, the doctor confirmed that Mrs. Gayle is Ashley’s biological daughter and that stirred a whole lot of trouble. Mr and Mrs. Williams, Ryan and Liam were summoned and were asked to explain what happened. They explained how their kids found a girl lying helplessly on the floor and they took her as their own and gave her a facial surgery because she was ugly…and her real name is Sylvia Meyers, daughter of Mrs. Gayle Meyers. The meeting was further postponed until Ashley fully recovers and is able speak for herself
Kaleb on the other hand, has been worried sick about Ashley and he welfare. He was also worried about Mia’s condition but at least she was getting better. Nadia had to fly back to Manchester, Europe with Janelle’s corpse so she can bury her. Nadia said she’ll like to stay a bit in Europe to mourn her best friend.
Ryan saw no use loving his sister, even though her real mother has been discovered and now Ryan can freely love Ashley, but she has found happiness in Kaleb, so it’s best for him to let her he. One day, he’ll find real love. To take Ashley and all this drama happening away from his mind, He decided to take a short trip to Europe.
Tricia and Adrian had their trial and they were both proven guilty. Adrian was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with hard labor and no option of fine. Tricia on the other hand was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor. She was supposed to be sentenced to death by beheading, but because of her young children, Mia and Jake and their need of a Mother figure, she was given life imprisonment instead. But Tricia couldn’t take it, one month into her sentence, she committed suicide and was forgotten by everyone.
That was how the Huggins Twins died.
Ashley and Mia fully recovered and were fit to come back home. Ashley was informed about Mrs. Gayle being her biological mother. In short words, she was puzzled and surprise. The people she took as her own parents were not her own parents and they failed to inform her of her past, instead they brainwashed her….LITERALLY!!
Ashley was so confused, who will she call her own? Her real mother who let her roll in mud and suffer or her foster mum who took care of her and made her who she is today.
Mrs. Gayle had pity on Ashley and told her to be with the Williams since she feels more secure with them and they’re rich enough to take care of her, then she can stay with them. But Ashley promised to always visit her mother.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen
Mr and Mrs. William apologised to Ashley for hiding the truth from her. Mrs. Gayle and Ashley hugged goodbye and Mrs. Gayle went home.
The Brixlar family felt sober and apologized to Ashley about being harsh to her.
Mia and Amelia especially apologized. Mr. Brown confessed to his crimes of attempting to rape Ashley and everyone was ashamed of him. After apologizing unendingly, he was forgiven by Ashley and others.
And everything was quite in the Brixlar Mansion.
Kaleb and Ashley started spending time together and sparks began to fly. They started falling in love and the current was strong.
I love you Ashley.” Kaleb said after staring at Ashley’s pretty face for minutes.
I love you too Kaleb.” Ashley replied and Kaleb leaned in closer. His cold breath resting on her skin, the sweet smell of his expensive cologne was intoxicating.
You look beautiful today and every other day.” Kaleb said and tucked loose strands of her hair behind her ear.
They stared at each other for what seemed like centuries and then they kissed.
I’ll never leave you.” Kaleb whispered to her and they hugged.


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