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My plastic wife episode 1 & 2

🎀My Plastic🎀
{ A Journey To Inner Beauty }
❣Author Nuella❣
” Is she dead?” Liam asked me and I looked at her body which seemed to be lifeless.
” No her heart still beats.” I said after laying my ear on her heart and observed that they were still impulses.
” We should take her to mum.” Liam said and I looked at him confused.
” Why?”
” She looks lost, homeless and quite…”
” Ugly.” I completed Liam’s statement.
” Yes, she is very ugly.” Liam added looking closely at her.
“Let’s take her to mum.” I said and we lifted her and put her in the car then drove her home.
Ever wondered how it feels to be UGLY?
Well you should ask Sylvia Meyers who is termed the MOST uglies girl ever.
What happens when she tries committing suicide but nearly escapes death and is found by a loving family?
Because of her UGLINESS, she undergoes a plastic surgery to make her beautiful.
•Will she ever find her real family.
•Will she ever remember her past?
•Will she find love?
Don’t miss any episode of this Romance filled, Thriller and Mystery story!
Watch how an ugly-turned beautiful girl finds her roots and falls in love!
🐾Chapter One🐾
[ The Strange Girl
~🤔 Ryan’s POV🤔~
• We alighted from the car and carried the girl into the house. My mum on sighting us, stood up from her reading chair surprised.
” What is that?” She asked as she dropped her books.
” You mean who is that.” Liam said as he dropped her on the floor. She looked very dirty obviously so I won’t entirely blame mum fro addressing her as ‘What’
” Okay I’m lost. Can you explain to me what’s happening?” She said and we looked at the girl on the floor.
” Well mum as we were taking a ride round the street, we came across her lying in the middle of the road helplessly.” I said and mum came closer to the girl and looked at her.
” So…” She said expecting more explanations from us.
” Well, she looks hopeless and stranded so we wish that you can adopt her as your own daughter since we never had a sister.” Liam said and I nodded. Mum looked at us, then at the girl lying on the floor.
” Hmm…we don’t really know much about her.” Mum said and Liam and I looked at each other. We knew that with this statement made by mum, we’ll be able to convince her to take the girl in.
” Well according to the people who live around the area we found her, they said she is a hopeless orphan who has been wondering around.” Liam lied and I wasn’t comfortable with the gravity of that lie.
” Are you sure?” Mum asked and he nodded.
” Okay, she’s quite old. I believe she’s older than eighteen so adopting her will be hard. Since she’s an orphan, we can just take her as our own.” Mum said and smiles beamed on Liam and I’s faces.
” Beatrice!” Mum yelled the maid’s name and she scampered to where we were.
” Take this girl upstairs and bathe her, brush her teeth and make her squeaky clean.” Mum instructed and Beatrice nodded to every part of it and she carried the girl upstairs.
” Go tell the driver to start the car. We will need to take her to the hospital for checkups.” Mum said and Liam ran outside to meet the driver.
• Well, being Rich, Classy, Intelligent and Handsome is all I do! My name is Ryan Williams, I’m 27 years old and also the heir to the William Hector Enterprises owned by my father. My mum, Lady Jane Williams is one of the high society queens and also owns many businesses. My younger brother Liam is 23 years old and is his final year in College.
• All we ever wanted was a sister but sadly after Liam’s birth, it was confirmed that my mum can’t have anymore children. Leaving us ‘sisterless’. Seeing this girl lying helplessly struck me like as if it was my own sister. I thank God mum has allowed us take her as our own.
• After the maid finished bathing her, she was brought downstairs although still unconscious. Everyone stared at her, she was so ugly and you could puke looking at her. She was even less uglier when the muds were on her face.
” Uh…” Mum looked at her quite disgusted.
” She doesn’t look…so…uhm..palatable.” Mum said but I don’t want mum to change her mind about her.
” Mum can’t we give her a facial plastic surgery?” Liam asked and I actually like the idea. I mean we have the money for that.
” Yes mum, it’s a good suggestion.” I said and mum looked at us.
” Okay, I can tell my brother to do the surgery for her.” Mum said and Liam and I were so happy.
” Thanks mum.” Both of us said.
• We carried her into the car and drove to the hospital. Immediately we got there, a full body scan/checkup was done on her and in a fee hours time, the results were compiled.
” HIV Negative.
Two Kidneys working perfectly.
Genotype AA
Blood Group O+
Heart Beat steady.
Heart perfect condition.
Brain and Nervous system working perfectly.
Womb in perfect shape.
And…Virgin.” The doctor said and we were happy.
” Okay doctor. Thanks.”
• From there, we proceeded to Mum’s brother’s office where can commerce the surgery. We described how we wanted her to be, we paid him and left. We were to come back tomorrow to see her.
📌The Next Day📌
• When dad came back from work yesterday, we informed him of what happened and he approved it. We’re on our way to the hospital to see her now.
• We were immediately directed to the ward where she was. We sat down close to her and removed the duvet covering her face. She was 🙀🙀
” She’s marvelous!!” I yelled when I saw her.
” Extremely stunning.” Liam added.
” What is her name?” Dad asked and I tried remembering her name because someone had told me yesterday.
” Her name is Sylvia.” Liam answered.
” Well not anymore, her new name is Ashley.” Dad said and we all smiled and looked at her. It was just as if a baby was born.
” Ashley Williams.” Mum said and stroke her hair.
” Doctor when will she wake up?” Dad asked him and he smiled.
” Anytime you want.” Doctor said and brought out something that looked like an oxygen machine. He placed the cap(where the air comes out from) on her nose and switched it on. Some gaseous substance came out and she inhaled it. After some seconds, her eyes opened.
• Doctor Stark removed the cap from her nose and switched of the machine. She sat atop on her bed and looked around. Her gaze settled on us and she stared at us confused.
” Where am I?” She asked with a golden voice.
” You’re safe now.” Mum said with a smile.
” I wiped her memory as you instructed.” Doctor Stark said and dad shook him.
” Nice Job. Can we take her home?” Dad asked.
” Yes you can.”
” Okay, Ashley, let’s go home now.” Mum said and she instantly knew that’s her name and she stood up from the bed and we all went home.
• The next few days were about us teaching Ashley about her new life. We took family photos, family portraits and posted them on the internet so the world can know about our new sister. Well, all was going well until a week later.
📌One Week Later📌
• Ashley was applying make-up while Liam and I were planning on our next Business goal. The door opened and Mum, Dad and one of dad’s associates Mr. Brown Brixlar and his son Kaleb walked in.
” Good evening everyone.” Mr. Brown greeted as they came in and sat down.
” Welcome.”
” Please can you guys go to your room?” Dad said referring to us. Liam and I picked up our books and stood up. Ashley also picked up her makeup kit as well.
” Ashley, you stay. Boys you can go inside.” Dad said and we went in leaving Ashley behind.
~🤔 Mr. Brown’s POV🤔~
” Well, meet our daughter Ashley.” Mrs. Jane said and pointed to the pretty lady we saw in their pictures.
” She’s very beautiful.” I said and shook hands with her. Kaleb also did the same.
” Well, I told you I wanted to see both of you and your daughter.” I said and everywhere was quiet.
” My son, Kaleb has taken a liking in your daughter.” I said.
” Yes I really like you daughter, I’ve seen her pictures and she is stunning.” Kaleb said and the Williams looked at us surprised.
” Think of how strong our business and friendship will be if our children marry. Plus she’ll make a good mother to Mia.” I said and no one replied.
” Well, in short words. I want to marry Ashley.”
” WHAT?!”
{ A Journey To Inner Beauty }
🐾Chapter TWO🐾
[ She Can’t Get Married ]
~🤨Ashley’s POV🤨~
” Marriage?” Dad asked confused.
” Exactly. I mean what better way is there to strengthen our business and friendship.” Mr. Brown said and I looked at him disgusted.
” Well, the decision is entirely left to Ashley. Whether she wants to get married or not.” Mum said and I agree with her. They can’t just force me into a marriage.
” So Ashley, what do you think?” Dad asked and just as I was about to speak, Mr. Brown interrupted.
” Who would say no to this handsome son of mine? Kaleb is quite a paragon of masculinity.” Mr Brown said and I became infuriated.
” I don’t think Ashley is happy with this.” Dad said and Mr. Brown frowned.
” Well, that is not good. If our children can’t get married then I’m afraid our business partnership will have to be over.” Mr. Brown said and Dad’s eyes widened. I know he can’t afford to loose a partner like Mr. Brown.
” It’s not like that Brown. It’s just…”
” You have 24hours to decide what you want. Kaleb and I shall take our leave now.” Mr. Brown said interrupting dad. He and his obviously handsome son, stood up and went out of the house.
Such Impunity they display!
So now Marriage is now a condition for business..and I’m the BAIT?
I won’t partake in this nonsense. I won’t get married to a boy who I have no idea where he came from or who he is.
And it seems he already has a child outside marriage. Impossible!
” I’m going to my room now.” I said and went upstairs angrily.
~😔Mr. Hector’s POV😔~
” Did you just see what happened!” I said almost yelling and Jane just shook her head.
” Brown is being selfish obviously.” She replied.
” Ashley hasn’t even stayed up to a month with us and now she is to get married and leave us forever.”
” But honey, Kaleb doesn’t seem like a bad boy. There’s nothing to worry about.”
” Oh, I see you’re on their side ey Jane?”
” No, I’m just saying. If you loose Mr. Brown as your partner, be sure our empire has gone into the dumpster.” She raised a very important point. If I loose Mr. Brown as a partner, my business will crumble beyond repairs.
” Think about it sweetie. There’s nothing to loose.” Jane said then stood up and left the living room.
~🤨Kaleb’s POV🤨~
” Dad I’m honestly not in support of this idea of yours.” I said as we were driven home.
” Shut up! You’re just a kid. You won’t understand the intelligent tactics I’ve just played.” Dad replied and I rolled my eyes.
” You and Mum successfully frustrated Tricia and she ran away and left Mia with me.”
” Oh forget about Tricia, that girl is no good for you as a wife. She is not rich like us, I never liked her. Ashley is rich and beautiful. And she can take care of your Mia your child more than how Tricia would’ve.” Dad said and If not that he’s my dad, I would’ve knocked some brains into that bald head of his.
” Dad, now woman can take care of a child more than the mother.” I said and dad shot me a bad look.
” Take it or leave it. You will marry Ashley and there’s nothing you can do about it. Hector will not want to see his business crash, so he’ll marry off his beautiful daughter to us.” Dad said and I still have this feeling that there is a hidden agenda behind all of this.
~😤Liam’s POV😤~
” WHAT?!” Ryan yelled after Ashley finished narrating what happened downstairs.
” They want to get you married?” I said shocked as well.
” Well that’s impossible…at least for now! And I won’t let you get married into that sketchy family of the Brixlars!” Ryan said annoyed.
” But he threatened to cut of partnership with daddy’s business.” Ashley said and Ryan looked at her.
” Let him go to hell with his partnership! We don’t need it.”
” Actually Ryan we do, without Mr. Brown’s partnership we may go bankrupt in uhm…….256 Days, 9hours, 7minutes and 45seconds after the termination.” I said giving specific details.
” Hmm…quite specific Liam.” Ashley said and I smiled.
” Well, being a mathematician pays off once in a while.” I replied and Ashley and I high-fived.
” We’re doing something reasonable and you guys are ‘high-fiving’??” Ryan yelled in rage.
” C’mon Ryan. Why are so worked up. I’m the one who’s supposed to be angry here but I’m not, I know dad won’t sell me off just like that.” Ashley said and Ryan looked as if he calmed down a bit.
” Yes Ryan. Calm down. I don’t even know why you’re this angry.” I said and Ryan grunted loudly and stormed out of the room in rage.
~😣Ryan’s POV😣~
• Why can’t she understand that I care about her so much? Why can’t she just understand that I love her so much, and not just sisterly love but…Ah! I can’t explain.
I’m deeply in love with her.
From the very first time I set my eyes on her, despite her ugliness then. I loved her, and now that she has transformed into a beauty goddess, I seem to love her more. My love increases for her DAY by DAY.
• I can’t let her get married to that jerk called Kaleb. I mean, if Tricia could run away from him, don’t you think Ashley won’t like it there. I can never allow her get married. She will be for me and ME alone!
• I won’t let dad or anyone marry her off, especially if she will be married off to Kaleb.
I will have to go and talk to dad.
• It was already dinner time, but it seems like the preparation of the food was delayed because up till now, the food isn’t ready.
” This is my chance to talk to dad.” I said and rushed downstairs.
• If you want to ask dad for something and you want him to agree, just ask him when he’s hungry. He’ll agree to it so that you’ll leave him alone and stop pestering him.
” Good evening dad.” I greeted as I went downstairs.
” Evening son, haven’t seen you all afternoon.” He said and I sat beside him.
” Well, I’ve been busy with something.” I replied and he nodded his head.
” Well dad, I wanted to talk to you about something.” I said and he adjusted himself on his seat.
” Well I’m all ears.”
” Dad, Ashley told me about the whole marriage proposal stuff by the Brixlars.” I said and he looked at me.
” Continue.”
” Well, I don’t think it’s proper we agree to it. Ashley hasn’t spent up to a month with us, were still trying to know her and now you want to set her with a life commitment?”
” I know where you’re heading son. Is there anything else you’d like to say?” Dad inquired.
” Yes, actually I’d like to ask or should I say beg that you don’t agree to the proposal.” I said and dad chuckled a bit.
” Well? What do you say?”
” You’ll find out son. First, go call everyone. I have an announcement to make.” Dad said and I rushed upstairs to call my siblings. I know he will annul the proposal.
• After calling Liam, Mum and Ashley, we all assembled in the living room awaiting dad’s announcement.
” Good evening everyone.” He greeted.
” Evening dad.”
” Well, I’m sure everyone knows that matter at hand now. Which is the marriage proposal made by the Brixlars regarding your sister and daughter Ashley.” Dad said and there was silence.
” I have made my decision. And as the head of the family my decision stands and no one is to debate or argue on it. Agreed?” Dad said and we all nodded in agreement.
” Perfect. Now, I’ve considered everything and everyone’s pleas whether to get Ashley married or not and I’ve come to a conclusion.” Dad said and everyone awaited his decision.
” Ashley MUST get married to Kaleb!”
” WHAT!?!”
T B C😋😋


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