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*Rose’s point of view continues*

I gently knocked!

And their voices stopped immediately.

I could hear the hush crying of the girl.

I waited for twenty seconds and no one answered, so i knocked again.

“Who be that sef?” Harry’s harsh voice.

“It.. It’s me.” I said.

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He would certainly be shocked to know it’s me.

“You no get name?” He asked.

“It’s Rose, Jonny’s girlfriend.” I said.

“Rose?” He said. He was obviously suprised.

“Yes” I said.

“Okay, i dey come.”

Few minutes later, he opened the door.

And immediately the young girl ran out.

She wouldn’t be above fifteen years old.

I pretended to be shocked to see the girl.

She was wearing a black short skimpy skirt and a yellow top that stopped above her navel. I looked on as the girl crossed the road and disappeared out of sight.

Harry cleared his throat and i turned to him.

“Madam Rose.” He smiled and crossed his arms, as he stood at his door.

“Harry,” I said.

“You go come in? Abi my room go fear you?” He asked.

I wanted to decline and just go straight to the point but i nodded my head in affirmation and walked into his room.

God save me!

“Sit down. Why you dey stand when sit dey” He asked me as he sat on his bed.

I gently sat on one of the two plastic chairs i saw.

“Make i dey jolly now, abi?” He said, and laughed.

“For what?” I asked as i glanced at him.

Ugh! He was ugly.

Not so ugly tho.

“Say madam Rose finally finally come my house. You wey hate to even talk to me..”

I smiled, “I don’t hate you Harry but your manners and the way you live your life.” I said to him.

“For your pocket.” He said.

“Wetin you go take. Star? Life? Legend?” He asked

“Harry i don’t drink alcohol. Don’t even bother your self about offering me something. Besides i’m coming from Stanley’s shop. He offered me something and my stomache is filled up.” I said.

“See this one. Oyibo girl. Abeg yarn me for broken. Who english epp.” He said laughing.

I followed.

The guy is funny tho.

“You no say i sabi broken, the thing be say i no dey really like to speak am.”

“Na Warri babe you be. No be because you go university, you dey form intellectually.” He said and i laughed.

“Ah Harry, you will never change.” I said.

“You dey see me as bad guy na. Dey tell Jonny wey be my childhood paddy, make e forget me. Me Harry.”

“You won’t understand. I was scared he go dey follow you dey do all that thing wey u dey do.” I said.

“Wetin i dey do?” He asked.

“Like the one i just see run out of your room. Why she run like that sef? Na small girl be that oh.”

He laughed hard, “You say small?”

“Yes. I’m sure she’s not up to sixteen years.”

“That girl you see na small but mighty. Na small pin she be. E be like say you no know First street wella.” He said.

“Nawa o..”

“Na she come oh, day before yesterday. Wey i dey my shop dey barb hair. Na so she carry herself come say she need money. Say make we do trade by barter. I give am money. Say she go come for night.. I wait here she no show. yesterday, i wait, she no show. And today, i see her for this compound. She think say i go shop. Na so i catch am. She come dey tell me say she dey see her flower. She get luck say you come on time.”

“Luck?” I said with eyes wide open.

“Yes. I for fuck her. I no send.” I gasped.

“On her period? That’s a taboo Harry. No try am.” I said, not believing it.

“Who taboo epp.?”

“I dey serious oh. Make you just forgive her. How much you give am”

“Na two pin oh.” He said

“Two thousand.”

I sighed, “Abeg leave am. Make she see her flower finish. Or you just forget about the trade by barter thing, you do. She’s too small for this.” I said.

“I no fit forget am.. You dey pity someone wey dey share her toto seven times a day. You know how many she don give me the thing?”

I shook my head, “Harry.. Nawao. You no dey change oh.”

“Eh. I don hear. Rose you never tell me wetin make you come my house because me i no say you no fit just wear clothe and start to dey come my house. This na your first time sef.” He said.

“Na Jonny.” I said.

“Jonny my guy. He don become Lagos guy na. He don forget me sef.”

“Forget you?” I asked.

I hope it isn’t the same story that Stanley gave me. My coming here can’t be in vain.

“Jonny never call me since two weeks. I dey call his lines. they no dey reachable. The thing sef tire me.” He said.

“Same with me Harry. I don’t know what is happening to Jonny. I dey feel say something bad don happen to him.” I poured out.

“Some thing bad?”

“Yes. Abeg I need your help.” I Said


“Jonny’s address. I wan travel go lagos Abeg.”

“He tell me say na Lady B you borrow money give am.”

“Yes. I said.” Stanley didn’t even know of this but Harry do.

“Please i need the address. Im sure he gave it to you.” I said with hope.

“But why you no know your boyfriend’s address since ten months wey he travel.” He asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what i did to myself. I thought it wasn’t important to know.”

“Nawa o. Well i know am.” He said.

“Huh?” What did he just say?

“I know Jonny address.”

God! I saw myself in paradise.

“God! Oh my God! Are you serious?”

I rushed at him in a tight hug.

I didn’t bother that he was a bad guy.

I didn’t bother that i hated him

Or he was not good looking.

Or he dresses indescently.

I rushed at him and hugged him, screaming with excess joy.

“Thank you Harry, Thank you.. Im so happy you have it” I said before i realised we are still hugging, i quickly released myself from him.

He looked suprised and shocked at the same time.

“Sorry, na over happiness dey worry me.” I said.

“Ah, Rose. because Jonny’s address you hug me.” He said looking at me with astonishment.

“Abeg, leave that one. Just give me the address. Write am for me for paper.” I said, breathing hard.

“Ah no need to write am for paper. You fit carry am for your head. The thing no hard.”

“Okay then.” I said.

“Na lekki.” He said.

“Lekki what?

Where in lekki?

Which side?” I asked, looking at him.

“Na only Lekki he tell me.” He said.






😍😍Story by rejoice😍😍

*Rose’s point of view continues*

“What???!!” I yelled, not believing what i just heard.

“What did i just hear you say?” I asked.

“Na so.” He said.

Oh my God!

not after i just gave this fool a hug.

Not after all the hugging!

“Harry why naw? why you lie to me?” I asked, almost in tears.

“I no lie to you nah. No be address be that wey i just give you?” He said and i immediately felt like strangling him to death!

“Harry your father!” I cursed, “Make God punish you there for me.” I said and got up.

I have to be at the door incase i bite more than i could chew.

The guy no talk, He was just staring at me.

I grabbed my purse and headed to the door.

“Harry you be fool! U just use me play now abi, and i fell to the extent of hugging you. You Harry!” I asked once i was at the door.

I was so disappointed and ashamed of myself.

“Rose no be here i dey, you come hug me?. Wetin i for do nah?” He said, without minding how raged i was..


“You are insane! Your bad ways go die with you!” I cursed him again.

He was silence,

“I can see that i made a mistake by coming here anyway.” I said and stormed out!


“Aunty he don vex you? your face no good ohhhh” It was the small boy asking.


I hissed and walked pass him without turning.

Stupid things!


Oh God!

How foolish i had been to go to Harry for anything!

Now look at what i did.

I hugged that smelly pig!

That he-goat.

Why did i have to react that soon.

I should have calmed myself and hear the address before jumping on his Godforsaking body!

“Ah Harry you are a fool.

Me sef im such an idiot!”

All because of Jonny!

“Jonny look at what you’ve made me do!” I mumbled to myself in total regret as i walked through the dirty street, looking for a tricycle.

“Jonny, this is not fair. This is not fair at all. You didn’t give me your address neither did you gave it to any of your friends. Why did you do that. Why do you have to make me suffer to get it. And you switched off your lines for two weeks now. Whats wrong with you!? Have you gone crazy? ” It was rhetorical questions. but i knew this was all i was going to ask him when i get to Lagos.

He needed to tell me what i did wrong for him to switch off his lines for two weeks.

He needed to tell me what is wrong.

Why he stilll haven’t made the money.

Why he didn’t give his house address to any of his friends, not even Harry.

If he still loves me.

If he still misses me.

If im still the only one in his life.

I needed to let him know about Lady B threats.

And i needed us to… to be together..

I miss him.

And his touches..

His kisses.

Oh Rose, you are such an idiot.

Thinking about touches and kisses when you still have amount of money to pay to lady B.

I shook my head and as i looked up, i saw the girl, the Small pin coming towards me.

I quickly looked away, pretending that i’ve not seen her.

But then i felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned and it was her.

Why is she here?

“Hello Aunty.” She said.

She was a pretty girl with low cut.

I raised my eyebrows, “Hi?”

“Aunty no vex. I just wan tell you thank you for coming early to Harry’s room.” She said.

“Why thanking me?” I asked, pretending like i don’t know a bit.

“Ah Aunty, i for die today.” She said.

I looked at her,

So Harry would have truely killed her?

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

I needed the informations.

“Ah Aunty, that guy koko too big! no even near there.” She said, shaking her head.

Harry koko?

I swallowed the laugh that almost came out.

“What is koko?” I asked, pretending to not know. I needed to appear decent in this young girl’s eyes.

“Aunty you no know wetin be koko? His koko na. His thing. E big like this.” She said, giving me the shape of a Harry’s dick size with her right palm folded and arm stretched out.

The size was too big and the girl is kind of fat.

Oh God i don’t want to laugh. Please.

“God! why are you telling me this? And are you not too young to be saying all this?” I asked instead of the laugh that was intended to burst out.

“Na why i run.” She said.

“Really?” I asked, staring at the girl. I was dumbfounded.

“Yes o. Aunty you be him new babe?” She asked.

“God forbid!” I rejected loudly before i even thought of saying it.

She laughed..

“Ah, You don get luck. Na run without looking back, naa you go do if he show you him koko. Na wetin dey chase all the girls wey he dey get.” She said.

I decided to follow along.

The gossip was getting sweet.

“But how you take no say him koko big?” I asked.

“Ah, Aunty so you even dey speak pigin. ” She laughed.

“Yes na.” I said.

“I see the bigness and longness for him boxers.” She said.

“Oh really?” I asked, with eyes wide open in astonishment.

“Yes. Na so i dey take no koko wey big well well.”

I shook my head.

This one na small pin indeed.

“But shey he never do am to you before?” I asked.

“No oo..” She answered.


But Harry asked me if i know how many times he had done it to her.

“But he…” No! why should i ask her anyway. What’s my business.

I had my own business of getting Jonny’s address and paying back Lady B’s money.

“Wetin?” She asked.

“Forget about it.” I said.

“No o. I no fit. Say am make i hear.” Her face was in a frown.

“Okay, he tell me say, una don do am many times. But you no agree for this one because you say you dey your flower. He say you borrow am money to pay back with sex.”

“Yes that one na true. I borrow am money.”

“So are you seeing your period?”

“No. na lie i tell am so he fit leave me.” She said.

“So you mean, you freely went to his house to give him sex? He said it should be two days ago.” I asked.

“Yes, but i dey sick that two days ago. Na the money i even take go use buy medicine.” She said.

“What sickness?” I asked as HIV immediately came to my mind.

“Na malaria.” She said.


“Na wetin dey tell you?”

“No, na wetin i tell am.”


Just then, rain that i couldn’t point how it came about, began drizzling and within ten seconds it began falling.

“Heeh! Aunty come come make we go my sister shop. Na that one wey dey there.” She said, pointing at a shop not far from where we were.

I had no other option, so i followed her on. Besides no keke was coming.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Favour” She said.

“And your age?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, but instead she ran ahead of me.


Once we got to the shop, Favour introduced me to her sister.

The shop was a Hair saloon shop and they were four ladies in there.

“That one wey dey dey do the lady hair na my sister. Priye.” She said.

Priye was servicing a lady’s hair. She wouldn’t be above my age. and was on a blue flare gown, which stopped just at her thighs.

The third lady in the shop, was sitting with her eyes on her phone, chewing gum and making a hell of a noise with it. She was sitting just beside Priye who was standing.

“That one na my Sister friend. Queen. She be talk talk.” Favour whispered to me.

Just then Queen looked at us.

“Babe, your sis done bring you customer.” Queen said.

She is fair in but her skin is bleached. and her arms and her neck are full of tatoos. She had a long braid of orange colour hair attachment. And was putting on a very short blue jean skirt that i could see a little of her red pantie as she crossed her legs.

The singlet she wore is white in colour and she probably wasn’t wearing any bra cos i could see her nipples poke out wildly through her tight singlet.

My instinct immediately told me she must be a whore!

The fourth lady in the shop is a customer because she was sitting on the hair dressing sit as she combed her hair, looking at the large mirror.

“Ah favour, i trust you my sister.” Priye said, turning.

“Welcome sister. Abeg sit down. I get one hair style wey go fit this your beautiful round face.” She said to me, smiling.

I gave her a smile i knew wasn’t from my heart.

“Na even new face.” She added.

“Ehe, you dey serious?” Queen asked. As i found a sit on the only three-sitter couch in the shop, while Favour went to assist her sister.

“Abeg make una leave am. She no come to do her hair. Na rain carry am come here.” Favour said.

“Hmm okay.” Priye said, obviously not happy.

“Buy your hair need plaiting na abi?” Queen asked me, looking at me. But her look soon turned to staring.

“Not yet.” I replied and looked away

Why’s she staring at me like a fool?

“Wait, wait, priye. I hope say no be my eyes dey decieve me.” Queen said and rushed to me. still looking at me.

“Wetin you see?” Priye asked her.

Queen was still looking at me.

Is she a moron or what?

“Abeg, no be you be Rose? Jonny girlfriend?” She asked me and immediately i heard his name, my felt my heart skip.

I looked at her.

How did she know?

“Na you abi?”

“My boyfriend name is Jonny.” I said.

“You see! my eyes dey see well well. Jonny wey dey lagos. He fair,come tall, slim sha. No be him?” She asked.

“Yes he’s the one.”

I couldn’t believe it.

That this slut knows Jonny.

“Jonny na my neighbour for wey i stay for lagos.” She said and my heart fell.

“Neighbour? You mean in Lekki?” I asked.

“Eh you say lekki? Who carry Jonny go Lekki?. Jonny wey dey patch with person for wey i live for bariga, Face-me-i-face-

you yard.” She said and i heard chuckles from the ladies, including Favour.

I couldn’t believe Jonny lied to me.

“What are you saying?” I asked,still not believing her.

“Yes na. Jonny na my neighbour. Shey i resemble person wey fit give this kind lie?” She asked.

Ofcos you do!

“Infact. I get pictures wey i snap with am for my phone. Make i show you. Make you know say me i no dey lie for you.”

She said and brought out her phone.


Jonny took pictures with this slut?

I prayed so much that it wouldn’t be him, not with this whore! but at the same time i hoped it would be him so i would be able to get his address at last! no matter where he lives. I would go and meet him there.

“Oya see am. See the pix.” She said, showing me the pictures.

In the first picture, Jonny was holding her accross her waist and each of them had a bottle of alcohol in their hand.

God! i felt tears gather.

The second one was the worst! Jonny was sitting while Queen sat down on his laps! the white skirt she wore was so short.

No never! this can’t be my own Jonny.

This can’t be him!

But it was him. That was Jonny, allowing a slut sit on him.

I felt so betrayed.

She wanted to show me more but i declined.

“No, im.. im okay. It..it’s him” I said, my voice unsteady as I began shedding tears. They poured down even though i tried to hold them back.

I was shivering.

The cold was getting straight into my heart.

“You see wetin you don cause now!” Favour yelled at Queen.

“Priye warn this your sister oh. I go slap her oh.” Queen said.

“You no fit!” Favour said, advancing towards Queen.

“You dey dare me?” Queen asked her.

There was going to be fight this minute if i don’t do something.

I sniffled,“Please it’s okay Favour. She didn’t do anything wrong. I’m only sad because he lied to me that he lives in Lekki.” I said.

I know that wasn’t the reason for my tears. I felt betrayed.

Betrayed by someone i gave my whole heart to.

My life

My trust!

But there he was, cheating on me with this slut and probably a lot more!

Jonny i must get to you!

I will kill you!

“Queen please, can i get his address? I’ve been looking for it.” I said to her.

“No probs. You go get am.” She said

while Favour looked at her with scorn.


Immediately i got home, I went straight to my bed and began crying.

I cried for everything that Jonny had made me pass through this ten months.

I cried for my whole heart which i gave to him.

I cried for my parents. If only death had not taken them away, i would have had a companion. A person who would talk to me, advice me.

My mother! She was the sweetest mom anyone would love to have..

She was caring, very sweet to me.

She advises me to be careful all the time.

She made sure i lack nothing.

But my dad died in a fatal accident with my only brother and she couldn’t bear it so she died with them after two weeks sickness.

She loved my dad so much and My brother who was then three years older than i am. He was her only son.

We were a happy family.

That many family envy.

It was six years ago.

After their death, i wanted to die too. I wanted to go with them. But Jonny came around and held me from doing so. He stayed with me all day and nights.

Through the numerous times i fell greatly sick, He stayed awake in the hospital.

I began to love him.

I gave my life to him.

I gave myself to him!

But Jonny had betrayed me.

He had torn the remaining pieces of me which he stitched together six years ago.

But I would be strong, to face him there in his room.

In that tiny room he shares with who so ever..

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