My neighbor’s wife Episode 3 & 4

Guy think well na? ?
She was d@t!ngtwo men at the same time..Tunde said.
Tunde why are you like this you always steal the girl I like every time, now I have found someone that really love me, the same thing happened.
Ooh so you think she loves you and she was shagging another guy, wait oh ..Bayo what are insinuating? ??
That I always steal your girl??
Which girl have I stolen from from you? ?
You stole t©pe from me, or have you forgotten??
Which t©pe my cousin? ?? Abi you don high??
t©pe was your cousin but you never told me…
You never asked, so you were liking her and didn’t say anything, well she just likes to hang around with me since I am her favorite cousin. ..
Ok oh…but leave Amaka for me, we can’t be fighting over one girl na…
Hmm Bayo, shine your eyes, That guy Sean in the next flat is having S-x with her too…she never liked you my brother. …no fall my hand.
Its not true ..”
I don’t believe you, she loves me, she is the only woman that has made me feel like this after a long time. ..ap@rt from Maami , you know.
Sorry to Burn your cable, wise up Bro, check her phone. I c@m£ to pas-s the night at your hostel to confirm the text, I saw on her phone, plus messages, not knowing she was the same person you have been telling me about. ..
I picked her phone ,she was charging it in my house and since she ran out she forget it.
We both open her phone since Tunde knew how pas-sword and saw so many £r0ticmessages from different guys. .
The one that made me angry most was when I saw the chat between Amaka and same guy Sean , Tunde was telling me about….
Its says…
Hi baby
will I see you tonight, I miss your S-xy b©dy.
Sorry love, Am with Bayo ,I won’t be able to see you.
Why na??
Just find a way to come na, I am very hor-ny.
Don’t worry he will travelling in two days time and we will have all the time to ourselves before I travel..
Ok love. ..k!sses
I love you to baby , Amaka replied
You see what I was saying. …Tunde said
She has never or mistakenly told me she loved me at all , even in our chats and she was tell this guy? ?
Where have I gone wrong? ??
I really love her.
I have told you , you were just a fling. ..
And you were what? ?? I asked Tunde angrily
Ladies man na , I got no feeling for any woman, she give me I chop, I don’t care, I can have any woman I want, you know na….so we just dey catch fun. .
Hmm Mr Handsome. ..
I said
Mr Heartbreak, Pele.
I have told you to never fall in love, you see now , you no hear. ..
Waste of vir-ginity
Tunde bur-st into laughter
I couldn’t hold it, I bur-st in Tears.
So if you had no feelings for her why are you watching her or re-ading her text messages. ..I said
Guy you still dey learn…
The girl has been begging me to have S-x with her without c0md0mand you know say i dey like pl@ysafe, so I come find out weda na good girl before I think about am”. Na him I come see we-tin pas-s me oh.
Bayo hope you dey use c0md0msha??,
I dey use but she use to say she likes it raw but I always refuse.
Good boy. ..learn from the master.
No dey cry like baby for woman na? ??
I couldn’t hold my tears as they kept flowing..
When I was thinking I had met the right person for me .
Its ok lover boy. ..,she wasn’t met for you, I hope you’ve learnt your lesson. .
Did the same thing happened to you? ? I asked Tunde.
Yes it did. ..
Remember Tola from my clas-s??
Tola… I was trying to remember her. .
Yes, yes I do. James sister.
Yes ,she is the one, she was my first love, I would do anything for her, she just kept asking for more money and I was giving her all my saving. She kept lying to me. Until I found out she was slee-ping with and older man and giving all my money to her b©yfri£nd, Two men can you imagine??
How did you know? ?
Or how did you find out? ??
Well I followed her one day from school wanting to surprise her with a birthday gift. ..she entered the old man’s house that day. And as a street boy, I kept monitoring her until her b©yfri£ndthreatened me to stay away from her.
I just weak..since then I promised never to love any woman, just use them as I was used.
Hmmm it was really a sad one, I can feel your pain and now I know how it feels to be cheated on but plea-se change your ways, you might find someone who loves you for real..
Guy like you did right, he laughed.
Them no dey, na my money them want. ..
Hmmm its well, I said
Pastor Bayo, I don hear, what’s for dinner, I dey hungry?
Food is in the kitchen but I lost my appetite.
Why ???
Because na Amaka Cook am? ?
Yes ,I replied
Na you know, me I go chop, hungry never beat you.
That was how we knew Amaka, she moved out from our hostel and I never saw her since till today.
Tunde tapped me. ..
Guy we-tin you dey think? ??
I have been asking you if you knew that Amaka was staying here before you moved in? ?,
Hmmm didn’t you see how i was Amazed too.
Why you go talk that kin thing na. ??
I know weda una want continue una University love, Tunde laughed
Hmmm with married woman, Abi you know hear when she say her Husband or see the wedding ring on her f!nger? ??
Hmmm that girl never change oh, marry we-tin…that na cover up, you don’t know her like I do.
As we were both talking,
We both heard a knock at the door. ..
Who is it? ?? I asked from the window. .
Its me, Amaka
We were both shocked !
Tunde opened the door for her…
Behold its was Amaka, holding a food flask. .
Hmmm its history repeating itself? ?
I thought.
Hmm Amaka, Amaka always looking S-xy. …
What brings you here? ?
Tunde asked.
Well I c@m£ to visit my new neighbors and i brou-ght food too. She said
Welcome Amaka, Thanks for the food but I can’t accept it. I said to her.
we-tin dey do you Bayo, hungry dey beat person you dey say you no want food. She is now your neighbor ,so be nice to her.
As Tunde was talking, we had a knock on my gate.
Tunde went outside to see who is at the door.
Bayo, why are you mean to me?? its been years and you haven’t forgiven me? ? Amaka asked.
Suddenly Samson entered , O boy e don tee oh, nice place , he said looking at my sitting room as we both shake hands.
Samson was also our friends and course mate from school but he didn’t know Amaka.
I have been Procrastinating on when to visit but I guess today is your lucky day.
He turned to Amaka…
Who is this beautiful damsel? ?
Am Samson and you’re? ?
Am Amaka , Bayo’s new neighbor and old time friend , nice to see you.
You’re welcome, nice one, wow you even brou-ght food. Samson quic-kly collected the food from her.
I will see you later, Bayo.
Amaka said and left.
Guy why did you collect the food na? ? I said to Samson
Haba I dey hungry and I guess say food no dey your house … Samson said
Guy that Lady is danger, you for no collect her, may she carry her food go, Bayo go vex for you oh . Tunde said
But the babe set well oh, she fine too, is she single? ?? Samson asked.
Dangerously married, stay away no say I no tell you oh . .Tunde said.
Let’s forget about her. .
Samson welcome to my place, na here I say make I manage oh, till wifey go come.
This one pas-s manage oh, its a nice place…
But we go crash for this house today to open am well. Samson said
Guy you sabi am we go flex am for One week self before I go back to my place…Tunde said.
Its better for you na, since its close to you place of work. Samson said.
But Bayo as you talk about Wifey now, I hope you no dey plan to marry Queeneth ,that Girl is bad for you oh, na su-cking blood oh… Samson said
You and Baba family ni? ?
Una dey talk the same thing, Tunde said.
You see am even the Old man, get eyes. .
That girl just fine for nothing, she Empty Menn…Samson said
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Hmm i don hear una, I have broke up with her one month ago and she never bothered to call me since then.
we-tin happen? ? Samson asked
We had a small argument and she ditched me for a Yahoo boy …
No mind Bayo ,na lover boy, I don talk tire, Just have fun, no strings attached, he no dey hear, Tunde said .
What exactly happened? ? Samson asked.
She asked me to give her some money to register at a skill Acquisition center…
How much and we-tin she want learn? ? Tunde asked
200 k , she want learn Makeup, when me dey find money to rent and furnish my house, I told her to wait a while but she didn’t listen …
I told you Women are for the money, Tunde said
Not all woman. ..say majority.
Majority carries the vote na, Samson said
Hmmm there are still good women. ..
Bayo drop the matter, when you still dey start life you see who gree manage and start with you? ?
But make you just b!ow first, them go come like flies. ..Samson said laughing.
What about Beauty, that girl loves you oh, but you say na clas-sic you want…Tunde said.
You sure?? Beauty was d@t!ngsomeone, she just a friend.
Na you know oh..
Na from cl@p e take dey enter dance, Bayo sha stay away from Woman especially your neighbor since you no come get luck for better one. .Tunde said
Ok I have heard you…
But I no trust you too with her. ..
I don’t do marry women, haba Bayo, Single and Searching girls full town to explore …
Me I do anymore oh, if them fall for my tra-p, but she fine and she go sweet sha. Samson said
May God help you, you do people wife, them go do your own too. .vice versa
God forbid nob©dy go near my wife, forget that talk, e no dey happen..Samson said.
No say I no Warn you. ..
Guy’s make we drive out go buy food stuff to stuck the house.
True, ok let’s go. .
As we come out we saw, Amaka husband’s friend as she called him tapping her bu-ttocks and k!ss!ngher. ..
They were both shocked when the saw us and started pretending they were gisting together.
We ignored them and went for the shopping in Tunde’s car, we bought a lot of groceries and food items that will last for a long time. Tunde took some clothes from his place on our way back since he said he will be staying for a week.
After leaving Tunde’s house we went straight to my place.
About entering my Ap@rtment when I saw Amaka waiting at my door step.
Amaka Shee ko si (hope no problem )? ? Tunde asked
No I just to talk to Bayo. .
I didn’t pay any attention, I just opened my gate and was about to enter my sitting room.
Bayo plea-se wait. … plea-se i beg you ,Amaka said
Guy at least try hear we-tin she want talk. ..Samson said.
I c@m£ close to her. ..
Ok plea-se be brief, I had a very long day. ..
Let’s go into my place. ..she said
No Amaka, you are a married woman now I can’t enter your Ap@rtment. .
But my Husband is not around, he traveled Abroad…she said.
That the main reason I shouldn’t enter your ap@rtment, say what you have to say here.
Ok if you say so..
Amaka come close to where I was standing. .
plea-se forgive me. ..
I know you still love me. ..
I have wronged you by slee-ping with your friend, plea-se forgive me.
She started tou-ching my che-st and face…in a £r0ticway
St©p tou-ching me!! Amaka I screamed
To be continued. ..