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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My nanny Episode 5 & 6

8 min read
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🍨She’s my best friend🍨

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊

🍓Chapter 05🍓



Julia’s Pov:

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks….

My ears was already ringing 🔔

He eyed me angrily as he walked to crying Ella.

“Baby! Stop crying OK” He said as he carried her.

“Don’t you dare make my daughter sad next time else I won’t think twice having you fired and locked up in jail” He said coldly.

I couldn’t hold back the tears so it kept running down my face.

He pushed me roughly and I fell on the couch as he walked out of the room.

I burst into tears…

What did I do wrong now?

I just told them that I helped Mr Ryan’s wife wash her clothes….

Why are they being so annoyed?

Even my little baby Ella who hardly gives me issues….

I picked up a towel and moped my face.

I walked out of the room still heartbroken and I must confess, my ears were ringing.

I walked straight to the kitchen still sulking.

“What happened Julia?” The maids asked as I fell on my face.

“I don’t understand! Why is Mr Ryan so cruel?” I said still in tears.

“That’s him for you” Veronica said

“Has he always been like this? I mean why does he and his daughter hate his wife so much?” I asked.

Veronica quickly covered my mouth with her palms.

“Shhh…” She placed her

index finger in between her lips.

“Don’t say it loud” Natalie the other maid said whispering

“Why?” I asked confused.

“Mr Ryan’s wife is long gone! She’s dead and late” They said as I widened my mouth in shock.

Oh my goodness…

Could that be the reason why Ella screamed?

“But what about the lady I saw and washed for earlier?” I asked anxiously

“That one…. Hmm! She’s just Mr Ryan’s girlfriend” Veronica said

“Oh… I see” I nodded my head.

“And she is nothing but a wicked witch! Very bad lady” Natalie added.

“She is surely! You need to see the kind of work she made me do today” I sighed.

“That is just the beginning! We had peace when she travelled abroad” Natalie said

“But what happened to Ella’s mom?” I asked anxiously

“She…. She got burnt in a fire accident” They said lowering their voices.


I gasped….

“And Ella was with her in the room when the house caught fire but luckily she didn’t die… Only her face was damaged but she went for plastic surgery” Veronica said.

“Ooh…. Now I understand” I said

“Then… I mean when Mrs Joanna Ramirez was still alive, Mr Ryan used to be a kind and loving man but since she died he became so cold and heartless” Natalie explained.

I nodded my head…

Betty’s Pov:

I sat on the bed in my flimsy underwear.

It was revealing all the parts of my body.

I need to be sexy for Ryan.

Besides he’s unaware that am here.

The light was off.

Ryan quickly opened the door and turned on the light.

“Hi baby” I said excitedly.

He was

obviously stunned but as usual he wouldn’t show it.

“What are you doing here Betty?” He asked coldly as he walked to the drawer.

My countenance changed…

What kind of a man is this?

Is that his own way of welcoming his girlfriend who he haven’t seen for closely two years now?

I frowned my face…

“Is that how to give a welcome kiss to your babe?” I asked angrily.

“How many times have I told you never to come uninvited?” He said rolling his eyes.

“Really? Are you for real?” I scoffed

“Do I look like am joking? When are you leaving?” He asked as he picked up the shaving cream.

“For goodness sake Ryan am your girlfriend not your secretary” I yelled at him.

“And so? I have a lot of work to do Betty!” He said as he walked into the bathroom.

I screamed crazily in so much annoyance.

I threw the standing mirror on the ground and it broke into pieces.

I stormed out of the room.

What the hell is wrong with Ryan?

I have been trying my best to make this relationship work but he’s just making it too difficult for me…..

I own you Ryan!

If I can’t have you, no one can…..

I gulped down from the bottle some whiskey.

Julia’s Pov:

I laid Ella on her bed….

And covered her with a duvet.

“Am really sorry dear! I know you must be hurt” I said as I pecked her.

I turned off the table lamp and walked out.

I saw Natalie with a cup of coffee.

“Oh thank goodness I saw you! Please help me give this coffee to ma’am Betty!” She said

“Oh Natalie! Why not do it yourself?” I said

“I really need to check the food in the microwave” She pleaded.

I sluggishly took the coffee and headed straight to the room.

I knocked on the door severally before she told me to come in.

I opened the door and walked in.

Not knowing that there was broken mirror in the room, I stepped on it and fell on the ground.

The hot cup of coffee threw all over my body..

“Ouch…. Aww!” I cried in pain.

My feet was already bleeding profusely.

Betty stood up in annoyance.

“You stupid girl! How dare you pour away my coffee just because of your carelessness?” She yelled at me.

I couldn’t even stand very well cos of the bleeding feet.

“Ma’am I was…” I said

But she didn’t even let me talk, She quickly pushed me roughly.

I was about to fall but someone caught me.

It was Mr Ryan……


🍓Chapter 06🍓


Julia’s Pov:

I was shocked to see Mr Ryan holding me….

Betty stared at him in annoyance.

She was burning up in so much anger.

Mr Ryan quickly dropped me and I landed my butt on the hard floor.


I thought he was gonna help me up…

I thought he was being a gentleman?

“You almost broke my eyeglasses on the ground” He said and picked it up.

Actually he caught me because he was saving his glasses.

He doesn’t want me to ruin in it.

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks…. 😭

My foot was all hurting cos of the pieces of broken mirror.

“You wretch! Get out of my sight this minute” Betty shouted at me as I managed myself up.

Mr Ryan was quite busy with his cellphone.

I was bleeding profusely but he didn’t even give a damn about it.

He sat on the bed still on the phone.

I managed to leave the room with my hurting foot.

I walked into Ella’s room to get the first aid box there.

“Aunt Julia” Ella said still lying on the bed.

I was startled!

I thought she was asleep.

“Oh baby! Are you still awake?” I asked

“Am sorry for screaming at you aunt!” She said

“It’s okay honey!” I said

“Why is there blood?” She asked in fear.

“I got into an accident” I said as I applied the mentholated spirit to the wound.

She quickly hugged me tightly.

Poor girl! She’s so alone….

I hugged her too.

“Okay baby you have to sleep now” I said but she shook her head in disagreement.

“Please sleep beside me nanny” She pleaded

“Uh…i can’t baby! Daddy will be mad at me if I do” I said

“Please nanny!” She begged as I lay close to her.

And we drifted to sleep.

Ryan’s Pov:

I rolled from one side of the bed to another.

I couldn’t sleep….

I kept thinking about what the nanny said to me earlier.

Thoughts of Joanna flushed back into my memories.

We were so happy until the fire accident happened.

She was roasted by the fire…

It was so painful because we had a lot of good times together.

22nd of November….

Three years ago…

And today is actually the date.

That was when she died…

Her death was almost unbearable and I almost took my very own life if not for the fact that I know Ella had no other than me.

I had to be strong for my daughter.

For our daughter actually.

Before she came into my life I mean Betty.

Though I never regarded the relationship but I know it’s quite important to her.

My main priority is my daughter and no-one else.

I got up from the bed and yanked the duvet off my body.

I walked out of the room and straight to Ella’s room.

I turned on her table lamp and gasped.

“Miss Julia!” I screamed in annoyance.

She quickly jerked up from the bed.

“What are you doing here?” I asked anxiously.

She rubbed her eyes.

“Am sorry sir! She wanted me to sleep beside her and….” she stammered

“Get out of here now” I yelled at her as she rushed out of the room.

What the…..

Why would she sleep close to my daughter?

I quickly covered my princess with a duvet and kissed her.

She’s so much like her momma and she’s her replica.


I walked downstairs still gnashing my teeth in annoyance.

I was filled with agony.

The fact that tonight made it three years of my dear wife’s death.

I walked to the wine bar and brought out two bottles of whiskey.

I gulped the drink through the bottle.

I didn’t care…

I emptied the two bottles and reached for another.

I kept drinking and drinking until I became dead drunk.

I belched loudly and reeked of alcohol.

But I didn’t stop drinking.

Julia’s Pov:

I walked downstairs to get myself a cup of water.

I was about to walk past the dark sitting room when I suddenly heard a noise.

Like a bottle fell on the ground.

I quickly turned on the sitting room light.

To my greatest surprise I saw Mr Ryan staggering.

I tried to help him up but we fell on the ground.

Our lips drew closer 💋…..



Hmm 🙄🙄

What is going on? 😬😬

This Mr Ryan oo….

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