My nanny Episode 3 & 4

🍨She’s my best friend🍨
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍓Chapter 03🍓
Julia’s Pov:
Tears rushed down the lady’s cheek as she bowed her head.
“Am very sorry sir!” She said again but this time she said it with a shaky voice.
But Mr Ryan didn’t feel any form of remorse for her.
“Shut the fu-ck up you animal! Why did you add ketchup to my pasta sauce?” He asked in a more mean voice.
My eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
😱 😱
💭 What? So only because she added ketchup to the pasta sauce, he sl@pped her? 💭 I thought as I shook my head.
Little Ella watched her daddy with a sad face.
“Am sorry I didn’t know you were…” She said but he cut in.
“You are nothing but a good for nothing idiot…. What kind of poison do you want to give me?” He said
“Daddy! It’s OK!” little Ella of just 5 years old said.
“No baby! You shut up! You have to keep quiet while I talk” He said fiercely.
“But daddy she just apologized and…” Ella said
“Ella keep quiet now!” He ordered.
Ella bur-st into tears as she hvgged me.
I feel really sorry for this kid growing up with a father like this? 😕😕
It’s suicidal I must say….
I hvgged her ti-ghtly as well.
Kristine was still crying on her knees.
Mr Ryan stared at her with so much hatred.
“You’re fired!” He said and backed her.
I g@sped but controlled myself.
“Sir plea-se… plea-se this won’t happen again… I promise I…” Kristine wailed
“Don’t let me repeat myself again cos you won’t like it! Vacate the premises this minute!” He said coldly.
“But Sir it’s really late and it’s raining, how on earth is she going to vacate the premises?” I said loudly before covering my mouth with my palms.
He stared at me in anger and I breathed heavily.
This my mouth will put me into trouble 😪
I watched the lady beg and beg but he refused.
She packed her bags and left un-der the rain.
He sat back on the dinning.
“Let’s go upstairs nanny! Am not hungry” Ella said still in tears.
“But you have to eat!” I said calmly
“Let’s just go!” She said as she walked upstairs.
“Ella….” Mr Ryan called
She stood at a place and turned around.
“Baby you have to…” Mr Ryan said
“No thanks! Enjoy your meal!” She said boldly to my amazement.
She walked upstairs.
I followed suit….
Mr Ryan re-moved his eyeglas-ses and scratched his head.
Ella’s Pov:
I sat on my large be-d in tears.
The door throw open and nanny entered.
“Baby why did you talk to daddy like that?” She asked
“Nanny you don’t un-derstand how I feel… Daddy is so cruel” I cried
“He’s not! He really isn’t!” Nanny said as she sat close to me.
“Why would you say that nanny? Didn’t you say how he fired aunt Kristine and s£nt her away un-der the rain?” I weep
“I agree with you… What your daddy did was… Was actually very wrong but he must have his reasons” Nanny said
“Hell no! There is no good enough for him to treat poor aunt Kristine like that” I cried
“Calm down baby!’ She said as she hvgged me ti-ghtly.
Actually I really like my new nanny a lot.
She’s so kind and caring.
I hope daddy doesn’t yell at her and make her go away.
Julia’s Pov:
Grnnnnn… Grnnnn 🔔
The alarm clock rang noisy and I j£rked up from the be-d.
I quic-kly said a short prayer before rushing into Ella’s room.
I woke her up…
Bathe her and dressed her up.
I glanced at the food timetable…
“Cereal and milk” I smiled
I prepared cornflakes immediately.
I quic-kly fed her with it then prepared some noddles for her as I quic-kly dished out the food into her lunch box.
I wore her… Her school bag and off we go downstairs.
But one thing that baffles me is that Mr Ryan alre-ady left for work.
Without food….
He only k!$$£d his daughter and left.
What kind of a father is he?
I walked her to the car and the driver drove her off.
I walked back into the house.
I heard my phone rang aloud from the kitchen.
“Julia! Julia!! Your phone is ringing” Veronica said.
I was rushing off to the kitchen when suddenly I bu-mped into someone.
I landed my bu-ttocks on the ha-rd floor.
I raised my head only to see a clas-sy looking lady starring at me with anger…
🍓Chapter 04
Betty’s Pov:
I pushed the stupid girl and she landed her bu-tt on the ground.
“Are you blind or something?” I yelled at her.
She stood up…
“Am sorry ma’am I was just…” She said as I pushed her aside.
“You were just what?” I cut her off.
She bowed her head…
“Thank your stars that you didn’t stain my dress cos you can’t pay for it even if your entire generation is being sold” I glared ha-rd at her.
She felt really bad but didn’t talk…
How come I don’t know her face?
Is she new or something?
She’s quite beautiful… Very beautiful actually.
And curvy…
I don’t like this kind of girls anywhere close to my Ryan…
They might just s£dûç£him with their charms.
I hate this girl alre-ady…
I walked upstairs slowly still lost in thought.
I suddenly st©pped and turned behind.
She was about to enter the kitchen.
“Hey! St©p!” I screamed as she gulped nervously.
“What’s your name?” I asked coldly
“Julia Roberts ma’am” She said humbly
That’s really a nice name…
“What’s your work here?” I asked again
“Am your daughter’s nanny ma’am” She said.
“You mean Ella?” I asked
“Yes ma’am!” She nodded as I shooed her away.
I smiled broadly.
💭 Did she just say my daughter’s nanny? I wish it’s true 💭 I thought
But since it’s not true, I’ll make it come to pas-s.
I walked upstairs swaying my h!ps….
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Julia’s Pov:
Why do all rich people lack manners?
I was still looking at my injured arm.
That lady is so arrogant….
But I know Mr Ryan is more arrogant than she is.
I saw Veronica washing the dishes.
“What happened to your arm Julia?” She asked with concern
“it’s Sir Ryan’s wife, she pushed me to the ground just because we bu-mped into each other” I sighed.
“Did you say sir Ryan’s wife?” She asked starring at me.
“Yes… I saw his beautiful but mean wife a while ago” I said.
“Oh plea-se Julia… She’s not…” Veronica said as the lady walked in again.
“Hey gossip mongers! Isn’t it better if you do your jobs” She said eyeing us.
Veronica quic-kly concentrated on the dishes she was washing.
“Bunch of useless imbeciles…. I don’t blame you guys, I blame my darling Ryan for employing beggars like you” She said as she walked to the fridge.
She opened it and brou-ght out a can of yoghurt.
She was about to walk out of the kitchen when I coughed slightly and she turned around.
“Hey! Julia or whatever you call yourself, seems like you’ve got no work to do” She sm-irked
“Am done for now till your daughter comes back” I said
She rolled her eyes.
“Well then, I actually hate lazy people and it disgust me when people do nothing but laze around so come with me, I’ve got work for you” She said as she walked out.
“What kind of a woman is this?” I gro-an ed.
I had no choice but to follow her anyways.
We walked into sir Ryan’s room.
Wow! 😲😲
I was gobsma-cked…
The room was so big and beautiful.
I was even saying my room is big but this one is more than big.
“Tch… Here!” She said as she put her hand into her bag and brou-ght out her undies.
Her p@n-ts 👙
Her br@👙
Her shorts….
She threw them on my face…
“I want you to wash my undies inside the bathroom… With your hands, I don’t wash my undies with machine” She ordered
“What? I should wash your what?” I stared at her in shock.
“Do you want to loose your job or do you want to do what you are asked to?” She asked furiously.
“O…. OK…. OK ma’am…” I stammered.
She brou-ght out more of the p@n-ts and br@ and throw them on me.
I carried them into the bathroom.
Does this mean that as big as this lady is she can’t wash her undies?
And she keeps wearing and dumping?
Ella c@m£ back from school very late.
I gave her food and bathed her.
It was dark alre-ady and be-dtime for her.
“Aunt Julia! Tell me a be-dtime story” She giggled
“Oh no! Ella not today! Am very exhausted… I’ve been working all day” I said tiredly
“Working? Doing what?” She asked anxiously.
I scratched my head.
“I’ve been washing your mommy’s cloth” I said
“What?” She screamed in fear
“I said I have been washing your mommy’s dress” I repeated.
She quic-kly covered her ears with her palms and started yelling and screaming in fear.
I bec@m£ very scared.
“Baby! Baby what happened? Baby?” I kept calling but she continued yelling.
The door throw open violently and Mr Ryan rushed in still in his office wear.
“What’s happening to my daughter?” He asked me anxiously
“Sir I just told her that I’ve been helping hwr mommy wash her clothes ” I said innocently
“What? Her mommy?” He screamed
I bec@m£ more confused.
“Yes sir! I’ve been helping her mommy wash her…” I said
Before I could finish the statement, Mr Ryan landed a dirty sl@p on my cheeks….
OMG! 😱
Our Julia’s big mouth oo 😥😥
Chaii! 😭😭
He sl@pped her 😪😪
But why? 🙄
Find out!