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My nanny Episode 18 & 19

🍨She’s my best friend🍨
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍓Episode 18🍓
Ella’s Pov:
My jaw dropped as the golden [email protected] fell out from aunt Julia’s pocket.
“What? You stole the [email protected]?” Betty screamed
All eyes were on aunt Julia.
She couldn’t even say a word as tears gradually dropped down her cheeks.
I can’t believe this!
I also started crying.
My dad was stunned….
And everyone [email protected] in shock.
“You thief!” Dad yelled in disdain
“I don’t un-derstand! I don’t even know how this [email protected] got into my pocket” Aunt Julia cried
“You are nothing but a bloody liar… I saw you put the [email protected] into your pocket” [email protected] said
Tears kept rushing down her cheeks.
“I didn’t steal anything… I don’t even know how it ended up in my pocket” Nanny cried.
Betty walked up to her furiously and landed a dirty [email protected] on her face.
“You liar! You are so ungrateful… Thief!” She shouted.
I couldn’t bear it anymore.
I just know my aunt Julia can’t do this to me.
I believe her… She cannot steal…
Dad walked up to her burning up in annoyance.
He glared [email protected] at her with hatred written all over his face.
“Bloody burglar! Is this what you are going to teach my daughter?” Dad flared up
Aunt Julia was alre-ady on her knees…
She was crying her eyes out… Her hair was alre-ady tattered.
She kept pleading and begging.
“Sir I didn’t do it! I swear I didn’t!” Nanny Julia cried.
“St©p acting pathetic! You are nothing but a thief” Betty yelled at her.
Dad raised his hand to [email protected] her but I quic-kly held his hand.
“No daddy! plea-se don’t!” I cried.
Everyone stared at me in astonishment 😳
Dad [email protected]£ very shocked.
I quic-kly hvgged my nanny ti-ghtly.
They don’t really un-derstand how much I love my nanny.
She’s not only my nanny, but she’s my best friend.
Tears welled down our cheeks as we held each other ti-ghtly.
“And what’s the meaning of this Ella?” Betty scoffed
“Just mind your business Betty!” I barked at her.
She snorted starring at my daddy.
“Ryan? Did you just hear what your daughter said to me?” Betty asked feigning tears
“Ella… I know how much you love Julia but I think it’s high time we do the right thing! I can’t let you, my only child! Be influenced by Julia’s bad attitude! I can’t let a thief be your nanny!” Dad said as I bur-st into tears.
“She’s not a thief daddy! I know she didn’t steal it!” I cried.
“Sir I did not take it! I don’t know how it got into my pocket… Am innocent sir plea-se believe me!” Aunt Julia cried
“Isn’t it obvious she stole? It fell from her pocket… So which other evidence do you want?” Betty said
“It might be a plot daddy” I said not minding Betty.
“Plot? What do you mean plot? She is a damn thief!” [email protected] said
“My judgement is final Ella! She’s not worthy to be your nanny” Dad said.
“Yes! She has to go back to the slums where she belongs” Betty said
“In the next one hour I don’t want to see you in this mansion” Dad said as he walked upstairs.
I fell on my feet crying bitterly as I hvgged aunt Julia ti-ghtly.
“Serves you right burglar!” Betty said as she laughed hysterically and walked upstairs.
Veronica rushed to us and we cried together.
Julia’s Pov:
I packed my clothes into my bag still in tears.
Why is everyone disbelieving me?
Why can’t they believe me?
I don’t know anything concerning the [email protected]?
I can’t still figure out how the [email protected] appeared in my pocket.
I gnash my teeth in pain as I packed my clothes.
Am not feeling bad because am leaving the mansion…
Am only feeling bad because am being thrown out for stealing.
Which I know I didn’t do.
I kept on packing.
I locked my door because I don’t want to see my little Ella cry while I pack..
She has been knocking on my door for the past thirty minutes but I refused to open.
This is really unbelievable.
Tears didn’t st©p rolling down my face.
Ella’s Pov:
I wept silently as I walked towards the corridor.
I heard voices inside daddy’s room.
I quic-kly wiped off my tears and st©pped crying.
I walked closer to the door and started eavesdropping.
“Shut up [email protected]! Am only giving you twenty thousand pesos or nothing” Betty said with a hoarse voice.
“Huh? Ma’am you promised to give me twenty five thousand pesos if I lie that I saw Julia steal the [email protected][email protected] said
I covered my mouth with my palms.
I knew it!
I know aunt Julia didn’t do it….
I quic-kly brou-ght out my cell phone from my jeans pocket.
I quic-kly put the phone on record.
“Shh… Don’t raise your voice at me! Yes! We planned and plotted the [email protected] on Julia’s pocket and I promised to give you twenty five thousand pesos if you accuse her falsely in the pres£nce of Ryan but [email protected] it’s not like it’s a big thing to do.. You should be happy am giving you up to twenty thousand pesos” Betty said
“Ma’am Betty! This isn’t fair at all… My conscience is really disturbing me for what I did to Julia! She’s a good person and doesn’t deserve what I did” [email protected] said.
“This enough evidence alre-ady!” I smiled as I saved the records.
I smiled mischievously….
🍓Episode 19
Julia’s Pov:
I [email protected]£d my luggage and walked downstairs.
Tears didn’t st©p running down my face.
I don’t know why this have to happen to me….
I know am choiceless!
But I just want them to know that am innocent…
I heard a loud car horn.
Sir Ryan is back from work.
“Am going to miss you Julia!” Veronica cried as we hvgged each other.
“I’ll miss you too Vero! I have to get going before Ella comes downstairs” I said as I wiped off my tears.
Just then, [email protected] walked out of the kitchen.
She quic-kly threw her face away in guilt.
She hurried upstairs but I quic-kly [email protected]£d her hand.
“Why did you have to do this to me [email protected]?” I asked bitterly
“I don’t know what you are talking about Julia! I have to go” [email protected] said as she pushed me away and walked upstairs.
I started wailing and Veronica hvgged me ti-ghtly.
I headed out of the mansion with my luggage and Veronica helped me carry some.
Betty walked out of the house smiling mischievously.
She must be really very happy that am finally leaving the mansion.
She walked to Mr Ryan and k!$$£d him.
“Welcome baby” She said as she win-ked at me wickedly.
I didn’t care to look at her as I headed towards the giant gate.
“After using the gate, make sure you close it properly” Mr Ryan said to me without remorse.
“Goodbye Julia!” Veronica cried.
I only nodded as I quic-kly opened the gate to leave.
“Nanny! Wait!!” That was Ella’s tiny voice.
I quic-kly turned around.
Ella rushed to me and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
Surprisingly she was smiling excitedly.
Is she glad that am leaving?
“Daddy! Where is my nanny going?” Ella asked as everyone stared at her in surprise.
“Baby! Didn’t you see me? Can’t you welcome daddy first” Mr Ryan said
Ella rolled her eyes and sighed.
“Not with that witch right beside you” Ella said as I flin-ched.
Betty popped out her eyes in annoyance.
“Don’t you dare refer to me in that manner?” Betty yelled at her as she laughed hysterically ma-king Betty look stupid.
“And what makes you think you are not a witch?” Ella snorted.
“What’s wrong with Ella?” Mr Ryan said angrily.
“Whatever! Just answer my question daddy… Why is my nanny leaving?” Ella asked anxiously
That little girl is ridiculous 🙄
“Isn’t it obvious? Your so called nanny is a thief” Betty said as tears dropped down my face.
Ella turned to me and sm-irked at Betty.
“You don’t need to cry nanny!” She smiled
“You are not in any way my dad so learn to answer the questions you are being asked…. Am still asking daddy” Ella said
“Your aunt Betty said it all… Your nanny stole something” Mr Ryan said.
Ella bur-st into laughter.
“Have you gone crazy?” Betty sm-irked
“No way! You are the crazy one!” Ella said
“I have to go Ella OK” I said but she held my pinky f!nger.
“Am not done nanny!” She said
“What more are you going to do baby? It’s certain they won’t believe you!” I said as she laughed again.
Ella quic-kly brou-ght out a cell phone from her pocket.
“Uhm… You said my nanny stole right daddy?” She asked as Mr Ryan nodded.
She quic-kly put on a voice record.
🎥 Shh… Don’t raise your voice at me! Yes! We planned and plotted the [email protected] on Julia’s pocket and I promised to give you twenty five thousand pesos if you accuse her falsely in the pres£nce of Ryan but [email protected] it’s not like it’s a big thing to do… You should be happy am giving you up to twenty thousand pesos…🎥
The recorder said loud and clear.
And it was Miss Betty’s voice with Casandra.
Everyone [email protected]… 😳
“What? You planned this?” Mr Ryan asked in shock
Betty bowed her head in shame and guilt.
[email protected] quic-kly fell on her knees pleading for forgiveness.
My legs [email protected]£ jelly and I froze in shock.
Ella bur-st into laughter again.
“So who stole?” She asked still laughing.
Ryan’s Pov:
I stormed into the room fuming with anger.
As Betty followed still crying bitterly.
“How could you that to the poor girl? What kind of a woman are you?” I screamed at her.
“Am sorry Ryan! I just don’t like her” Betty cried as she sat on the be-d with her head bowed.
“And so what? How could you be so inhumane? You had the guts to plot evil against the innocent girl” I said in so much annoyance.
“Ryan! plea-se forgive me am really sorry” Betty cried
“Your sorry is not enough… It’s not even close to being enough! You didn’t just lie to me, you deceived me as well… You know I just feel like kicking you out of this house like right now!” I said angrily
Betty quic-kly went on her knees
“plea-se don’t do that to me! Have mercy on me Ryan!” She begged
“Don’t you dare come any close to me! Or even [email protected] filthy hands on me… Your sight alone disgust me…. Bloody witch!” I cursed her as I pushed her r0ûghly and walked away.
Betty fell on the ground crying and wailing.
“Am sorry Ryan!” She cried but I paid her a deaf ear.
I walked to the servants quarters and met [email protected] still crying.
Immediately she saw me, she quic-kly knelt down in tears.
“Sir plea-se have mercy on…” She cried
I didn’t let her finish before landing a resounding [email protected] on her face.
“Pack your bags and leave this house… I give you 10 minutes… re-ad myl-ips! Ten minutes to leave else I will have you thrown out! Wicked witch!” I said as I walked out of the room.
She continued wailing.
Ella’s Pov:
“Oh dear! How did you find out?” Nanny Julia skrie-ked in excitement.
“Very simple nanny! I know you just can’t do it… I know my nanny is not a thief” I smiled
“Aww.. Thank you so much baby” Aunt Julia said
Just then, we saw [email protected] drag her luggage to the gate still in tears.
“Hey!” I yelled at her as she turned around in shame.
“After using the gate close it properly” I mimicked daddy as aunt Julia and I roared in laughter.
She shamefully carried her luggage and walked out of the mansion.
Let her feel the shame 😅
Now I have to face Betty… she has to leave in shame as well 🤣
“Thank you again Ella! thanks for clearing my name baby” Aunt Julia said
We hvgged each other ti-ghtly… 🥰
😍 I love my nanny…. 😘
Aww…. 🥰
They are so lovable 🤩🤩
Lovely people….. 😘
Who else is in love with this episode? 🤗!

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