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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

My nanny Episode 15 to 17

11 min read
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🍨She’s my best friend🍨

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊

🍓Episode 15🍓



Julia’s Pov:

Fear gripped me as Sir Ryan raised his voice on Betty.

Betty looked at him gobsmacked.

I couldn’t say a word.

Is this happening for real?

Is Mr Ryan really siding with me instead of his girlfriend?

He held her hands and their eyes kept peering into each others.

Betty quickly snatched her hand from Mr Ryan.

“I can’t believe you Ryan! Are you shouting at me because of this mere nanny?” Betty asked angrily.

“And I will give you a resounding slap if you refer to my daughter as a thing and if you talk to her nanny mannerlessly” Mr Ryan said

My eyes widened in shock. 😲

OMG! 😱

I was so short of words.

Ella smiled mischievously at her.

I could even see how anger burnt through Betty’s eyes.

She stared at me with total disdain and hatred.

I only gulped nervously.

I rushed upstairs with Ella who was holding my wrist tight.

Mr Ryan followed us upstairs and I could see Betty staring at us angrily.

I walked into my room…

It was so tattered and disarrayed.

“Nanny I can help you clean up your room” I heard Ella’s tiny voice.

I smiled broadly at her.

“Come on baby you can’t! Your little hands can’t” I teased

“Of course not aunt Julia! Am a strong girl you know” She said as I hugged

her tightly.

But then I frowned my face again.

“What is it nanny?” Ella asked anxiously.

“Ella don’t you feel sorry for Miss Betty?” I asked

Ella only snorted and rolled her eyes.

“I don’t feel sorry for her at all… Actually am very happy” She smiled

“Come on Ella… I really feel sorry for her! Your dad shouted at her” I said

“And defended you” Ella scoffed

I arched my eyebrows in confusion and turned away.

“But why did he do that?” I asked no-one in particular.

Ella roared in laughter.

“You know nanny! Am really very surprised too but I think I know the reason why” Ella smiled naughtily

“Really? Why?” I asked her softly.

“I think my daddy likes you” She winked at me.

I quickly covered my mouth with my palms and covered hers too.

“Shh… Don’t say that! You don’t know if Miss Betty is anywhere close” I whispered in fright

“Think about it nanny! My daddy defending you means that he is beginning to like you” She smiled as she walked out laughing.

My mouth widened in shock.

Could she be right?

Is she saying the truth?

Hell no!

I don’t think Mr Ryan will ever leave his very beautiful and sexy girlfriend Betty for me.

Am nothing but a common nanny….

I sighed loudly as I continued cleaning up.

Betty’s Pov:

“Arrrggghhh….” I screamed as I jumped on the bed angrily.

This is becoming unbearable for me….

I really have to do something about this…



Ryan….? My very own Ryan shouted at me because of his daughter’s nanny?

I shouted again in shock.

I couldn’t bear the thought of a nanny being chosen

over me.

I quickly picked up my handbag.

I brought out a tablet and smiled.

Am definitely going to make them pay.

They are going to pay for every tear that dripped down my face.

They I mean… Ella and her good for nothing nanny Julia.

I brought out the pack of cigarettes and took out one stick from the pack.

I lighted the cigarette and smoked deeply.

No-one can steal my Ryan from me.

I repeat no-one…


I walked into the kitchen and met the maids gossiping as usual.

“Did you see how Sir Ryan raised his voice at her? He shouted at her” Veronica clapped her hands in a gossip manner.

“Yes I was actually peeping from the kitchen door… I felt so happy” The other maid said

They roared in laughter and clapped their hands.

I felt really humiliated and insulted but I covered up and stormed into the kitchen.

“Hey! What’s the gossiping about? Don’t you have works to do? Bunch of failures!” I cursed them as they faced their works.

I just hate all of them.

I looked up and saw Veronica making a glass of milk.

“Who is that for Veronica?” I asked anxiously.

What the….

is she now taking milk glasses before going to bed?

I thought within myself.

“It’s for my friend Julia.. Am just helping her make it” Veronica said

“A glass of milk for Julia?” I asked in annoyance

“The doctor advised she take that for the meantime” She said.

Just then, a thought popped into my head and I smiled.

“Hey! That’s the glass I usually take my orange juice with, so I want to use it now” I said as I walked to the cupboard and brought out another glass.

I trickishly added a tablet into the glass and quickly transfered the milk into the other(written by Pinky Preshy Chioma) cup.

I was so fast and they did even notice.

I smiled within me as I handed the glass of milk to Veronica.

“Mission accomplishing…. 95%” I thought and smiled……


🍓Episode 16🍓


Julia’s Pov:

I was arranging my clothes into the wardrobe when I heard my name.

“Julia! Julia… Your glass of milk is here…” Veronica screamed from downstairs.

“OK Vero! I’ll be there in a jiffy” I said as I quickly placed the remaining clothes on the bed.

I walked out of the room and downstairs immediately.

Veronica placed the glass on the table in front of me.

“Here it is” Veronica said as I smiled broadly.

“Thank you Vero!” I said as I picked up the glass.

I was about to drink when I heard Ella’s voice.

“Nanny! Nanny!!” She cried.

I quickly kept the glass and turned to go upstairs.

“Hey Julia!” That was Miss Betty’s voice

I turned around in anxiety.

“Yes!” I answered sharply

“Why did you drop that glass of milk? Drink it before it pours away” Betty said

Why is she concerned? 🙄

“OK miss…” I said as I picked up the glass again but then Ella screamed more sharply.

I quickly kept the glass and rushed upstairs.

I rushed into the room and met Ella crying.

“What is it baby?” I asked anxiously

“I had a bad dream” She wailed.

I patted her hair softly.

“It’s OK baby… Am right here” I said as she hugged me tightly.

I laid her on the bed and covered her with the duvet.

And turned to leave.

“Aunt Julia!” She called in fright

I turned around.

“Yes Ella” I replied

“Please don’t leave me alone in this room… Lay beside me!” She pleaded

“But am yet to take the milk Vero made and…” I said but she was already shivering.

“Please nanny!” She begged

I sluggishly sat on the bed next to her.

Mr Ryan’s Pov:

I yawned hungrily as I walked out of my room.

You know what guys since Julia came home, I’ve had peace.

At least Ella no longer disturb me like before.

She doesn’t get angry anymore.

She eats very well.

She smiles all the time.

You know what?

Julia is such an angel.

She’s such a guardian angel

God bless her for taming that daughter of mine.

I just don’t know why I suddenly began to like her.


Should I use the word like?

Maybe it’s just because my daughter likes her so much.

I walked into Ella’s room.

I turned on the light…

As usual I saw Julia lying right beside her.

I smiled broadly.

Both are so inseparable…

They love each other a lot.

I kissed Ella goodnight on her cheek.

As I walked out of the room.

I didn’t bother to wake Julia.

I know Ella will wake up if she leaves.

I gently closed the door and walked downstairs.

Betty’s Pov:

I groaned angrily as I threw the cushion’s pillow away.

“Arrrgghhh….” I screamed in annoyance.

That little girl is getting on my nerves….

Just when I thought that witch is going to die.

I rolled my eyes.

I looked at the glass of milk on the dinning table and smirked.

Anyways it’s right here waiting for her.

She will definitely die once she takes that.

I can’t wait to get rid of her.

And I can’t also wait to get rid of that crazy little girl.

I picked up the packet of cigarette and lighted it.

I smoked deeply as I smiled.


I opened my weak eyes…

My goodness!

I fell asleep on the couch.

I rubbed my eyes tiredly.

I quickly turned around to check if the glass of milk was still there.

To my greatest surprise, I saw Ryan.

He was about to drink the milk.

The poisoned milk 😳😳.. .




OMG!! 😲😲

Mr Ryan? 😱

Will he die? 😢😢

Who wants him dead? 🙄🙄

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Stay tuned!💋My

🍨She’s my best friend🍨

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊

🍓Episode 17🍓

Mr Ryan’s Pov:

I walked downstairs….

I sighted a glass of milk on the table.

I quickly picked up the glass of milk….

I was about to drink it when I suddenly heard Betty screaming at me.

“Ryan! Ryan don’t!!” She shouted as she rushed to me.

I was shocked and short of words.

Why is she being dramatic? 🙄

She pushed the glass away and it fell from my hand.

It broke into pieces.

I stared at her in confusion.

The maids all rushed out from the kitchen.

“What the hell is wrong with you Betty? Why are you being so confusing?” I asked anxiously.

She only gulped nervously breathing heavily.

“Sir that glass of milk is Julia’s” Veronica said

“I want to know why you didn’t want me to drink that milk?” I asked

“Nothing! I just don’t want you to drink what is for the nanny” She blinked her eyes continuously.

I scoffed as I shook my head.

“Really? How does that even make sense?” I asked still confused

“It’s nothing Ryan…. I just wanted you not to take things meant for low lives” She said

“Low lives indeed! But you sounded scared” I asked

“Scared? ugh…. Scared of what?” She said as she walked to the sitting room.

“How should I know? And you even broke the glass as well” I said

“Am just trying to save you from getting infested by that good for nothing nanny” She rolled her eyes.

“Infested? When did she become a pest?” I asked

“She has always been” She snorted

I heaved a sigh as I walked upstairs.

Still wondering why she acted the way she did earlier.

Yes! I know Betty despises Julia.

But I never knew it was to that extent.

I shook my head as I walked into my room.

Betty’s Pov:

I breathed heavily in relieve.

Thank goodness!

What would have been my fate if Ryan had drank that milk?

I would have lost the love of my life just because of that useless girl that calls herself Julia….

I really need to get rid of that girl fast.

The most surprising thing is that Ryan seems to be supportive of her.

I have to think of a way to get rid of that witch.

Before she finally succeed and take away my fiance.

I glanced at the wall clock.

It was past 2am but I couldn’t sleep.

How can I when I know that stupid Julia is gradually becoming a big problem to me?

I kept on thinking… 🤔

Until an idea popped into my head and I smiled.

“I think it’s high time I put into practice that which my friend told me” I smiled mischievously.

After this, Ryan will definitely throw that good for nothing nanny out of the mansion.

And when that happens, I can finally squeeze life out of Ella.

I bursted into laughter and sipped my glass of wine.

Julia’s Pov:

The alarm clock rang noisily 🕒 🔔

And I quickly jumped up…..

Ella has to go to school…

She can’t be late for school.

I quickly knelt beside the bed and said my short prayer before rushing out of the room.

And I didn’t forget to put on my apron.

Few minutes later, I showered my little Ella.

Put her clothes on and combed her long curly hair.

“You look absolutely stunning baby” I touched her cheek softly and she blushed.

“Thank you aunt Julia!” She smiled.

I glanced at the wall clock..

It was 6:40am..

I led her downstairs to the dinning.

Sir Ryan was already there with Betty.

“Good morning sir! Good morning Miss Betty!” I greeted.

They nodded their heads.

I helped Ella sit as she greeted too.

“How was your night baby?” Mr Ryan asked smiling

“Super daddy! I dreamt of angels” She said childishly.

“Aww… That’s great!” Sir Ryan said as my face beamed with smiles.

Our eyes caught with each others and I quickly looked away.

“Uhm… Ryan! I thought you said you are going to give me some money for my face treatment?” Betty asked anxiously

I stirred Ella’s cup of milky tea as I placed the teacup in front of her.

I placed the slice of bread and butter.

She started eating hungrily.

I smiled at her and she reciprocated.

“Oh I forgot!” Mr Ryan said as he picked up his portfolio.

He opened it and started searching for something.

“What? Where could my golden bracelet be?” He alarmed

He sounded really very angry.

My heart skipped…

“What? That bracelet that cost a fortune?” Betty exclaimed

“No! I can’t take this!” He shouted as he banged on the table and got up angrily.


The maids were all summoned to stand round the sitting room.

We shivered in fear.

“Where is my golden bracelet?” Mr Ryan asked with a stern voice.

We were all stammering in so much fear.

“I SAID WHERE IS MY BRACELET?” This time his voice was so mean.

Our legs became jelly in shock.

“Sir! I saw her… I saw her steal the bracelet” One of the maids Cassandra said

We became stunned.

“Who did she see?” We thought 🙄

“Who are talking about?” Mr Ryan asked anxiously

“Sir it’s… It’s…” She stammered

“It’s who?” He yelled at her.

“It’s Julia sir!” She said as my eyes widened in shock.

Before I could say a word, the guards were already searching me.

“I didn’t…” I said as the golden bracelet fell from my pocket….






Julia’s lovers 😭😭

Gather here let’s cry😪😪

Who did this? 😢😢

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