My mind as teenager episode 75

My mind as a Teenager
episode 75
I got a new phone and a new sim after two
months. Reason being that mum and dad
didn’t want me communicating with anyb©dy.
The only place I went to was Vivian’s house.
And when they finally agreed to get the
phone for me was when I finally got
admission into IMT.
All these while,Raymond and I bec@m£ more
of friends with benefits. He didn’t even bother
to ask me why I’ve being unreachable for
I knew I wasn’t expecting him to come look
for me at home,not after I had ran to his
house and insulting my parents.
The day I had gone to tell him that I had
gained admission,we met at the decking
which had now become our meeting point.
Funny as it sounds,we alre-ady had a mat
which he always kept there for our mating.
Looking back at all this now,I laugh at myself
for those acts of lowliness.
We laughed as usual,talked a bit about our
relationsh!pand how distant we were getting.
We were still talking when his phone rang.
I looked at the screen of the phone and it
was a girl;Chinenye or Chizoba. Can’t really
recall the name.
I wasn’t angry because he answered the call,I
was angry because of the tune of his voice.
He didn’t even care that his girlfriend was
pres£nt. I stood up and made for home. He
didn’t even bother to follow me. I was alre-ady
half way home when he called but I was
alre-ady angry and burning inside so I didn’t
bother to pick.
Life in Enugu was fun. I stayed with my sister
who got engaged during that years’ Easter. I
made new friends but never got as far as
ma-king them close pals because I was scared
of them being like the people back home. The
only thing Raymond knew at that moment
was that I travelled. Our only conversations
starts and ends on either WhatsApp or 2go.
But I still loved him. Very much.
I went home after the second semester with
my sister so she can inform the family that
she was pregnant.
The family was thrown into happiness. In our
celebr@tion mode,I felt it wise to visit
Raymond and inform him I was in town.
I called him and told him I was coming.
He was very happy. He told me he would be
waiting at the deck.
I walked straight up there and we went into
each other’s arms. We went down to k!ssing
each other ro-mantically. The k!ss!nggot
fierce and we started feeling our bodies. He
helped me UnCloth,all the while locking his
eyes with mine. When we were both Unclad,I
knelt down and took his junior into my
mouth. He let out a m0an and I started sU-
Cking on it,ma-king slurping sounds that got
me we-t down my crotch. He squ-atted so he
can be able to feel my b0s0m while I gave
him head.
I sU-Cked him in,ma-king sure I took in his
whole length into my mouth. He was m0an!
ng gently while he used his free hand to help
in moving my head.
He lifted me up and we went back to k!ssing
each other again. I whispered to his ear what
I nee-ded him to do,and in the next minute,we
were on the floor,the missionary position with
his junior sliding in and out of my pu-ssy and
my legs curled behind him. I was screaming
his name,telling him how much I loved him
and he kept whispering sweet nons-en-se into
my ears.
I felt my o—-m coming. I asked him to
scre-w me ha-rd and he was glad to do that.
In a matter of seconds,we were both
¢v-ming……..and he had no c0md0mon.
We were getting dressed when his mum
started calling so he excused himself and
asked that I wait for him so we can walk
home together.
I too was bent on telling him that I wasn’t
only in Enugu,but that I was now a student.
Thirty minutes later,he was not back. I found
my way downstairs,peeped into his mum’s
shop but he was not there. I angrily got
myself home,promising myself not to see him
till he apologized for his actions.
Raymond never called back. Our chats
bec@m£ numbered. No calls and three
months later,Rose was pregnant.
Yes! I was confirmed pregnant. I had to leave
my sister’s house before she  finds out. So
with excuse of wanting to be near school,I
packed in with a friend who lived off campus.